2017 Hong Kong Michelin snacks recommended

For many people, eating food is one of the indispensable meanings of travel. Not long ago, was "food biblical" and "Hong Kong and Macao Michelin guide 2017" freshly baked, paparazzi, pig skin radish, enteric ... ... are "on the list"! As long as you spend dozens of pieces, you can taste the Michelin referral of food, so good, how can we eat less big you?
michelin guide hong kong 2017 picture from the official website of the hong kong tourism bureau

"Michelin Guide": "Gourmet Bible"

 The Le Guide Michelin is the general term for food and travel guides published by Michelin, a well-known tire manufacturer in the world, with the most popular Le Guide Rouge in the selection of restaurants and hotels. Famous, can be described as the world-renowned "food biblical".

In 2009, this "Red Book" began to "settled" in Hong Kong. In addition to the high-level restaurant, it also introduced a number of civilians shop, making some popular restaurants become the world's most affordable Michelin star restaurant, set off a wave of food frenzy. Not only that, from 2016 onwards, "Hongbao book" Hong Kong and Macao version also designed street snack promotion project, to friends like friends recommend papaya powder, pig skin radish, intestinal powder, bean curd and other Hong Kong-style food, and Indonesia Skewers, hamburgers, Korean fried chicken and other "exotic."

Snack bar by @ time log

Recently, "Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2017" again! Now, as long as you spend tens of pieces, you can eat "Michelin Guide" to promote the authentic food, is not super heart? Let us go to the tourist attractions area to explore it!

Mong Kok

Eighteen paparazzi powder

Paparazzi powder, is the fifties and sixties appeared in the streets of Hong Kong, a fruit food, made from sticky rice, accompanied by thick soup and seasoning, full of fragrance. Noodles like dog tail, so its name. Although in the past, paparazzi powder is considered a poor life to save rice, inexpensive, to feed a lot of families, but now, it has become a mark of the times, a generation of memories of Hong Kong people. In addition to paparazzi powder, the store also fire duck wings, fire duck spleen, hodgepodge and other snacks, really have their own wonderful and delicious.  

Eighteen paparazzi by @ Lausanne Thai @ Rongrong Jun

No cuisine: famous paparazzi pink, fire, duck wings, roast duck and spleen
per capita consumption: HK $ 46
Hours: 12: 30-03: 00 (Sundays off)
Address : Tung Choi Street, No. 139, Shop B (Mongkok); Junior Dunning Bo underground street 27A (Jordan Branch)
transportation : MTR Mongkok exit B2, walk about 2 minutes (Mongkok); Jordan MTR station B1 exit, about 4 minutes walk (Jordan Branch)

Sweet potato

Although the sweet potato is just a newly opened more than a year of new stores, but this is definitely a meal you will praise the good shop. Crispy pizza, soft and smooth potatoes, with the Qiandao sauce and secret smoked bacon, and then sprinkle a little chopped green onion "finishing touch", that taste, really wonderful

Sweet potato (picture from the network)

No Food: Ah baked potato, steamed small burst of sugar    
per capita consumption: HK $ 30
Hours: 12: 00-21: 00
Address : Mong Kok, Kowloon water channel No. 30, Ground Floor, Shop 5
transport : Prince Edward MTR Station Exit B2, walk about 3 minutes

Wonderful cookies home

Located in the Garden Street of the funny home, began in 1984, Hong Kong is now the only fruit of a traditional Chinese bakery. Shop for more than 30 years, the boss has always insisted on the traditional way to do the pie, from morning till night, freshly baked dozens of daily characteristics of the Chinese-style cake, get the hands are warm. It is the signature of the brand red bean biscuits, glutinous rice to do the pastry wrapped sweet sweet stuffing, bite a mouth, soft glutinous sweet, full of happiness is a sense of happiness.  

Odd funny home (picture from the network)

No food: red beans fried Chicken Biscuits
per capita consumption: HK $ 15
Hours: 08: 00-20: 00
Address: Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon 135 (Mong Kok Road North)
Transportation : MTR Mongkok Station Exit B2, walk about 4 minutes

generally after 10 o'clock in the morning, the type of Chinese-style cakes will be more complete, but at least five or six in the evening basically left a few friends, so I want to eat friends get hold you

Joyful Dessert House

This is a very petty environment of the new Western-style dessert shop, so far since the opening of more than a year, but rave reviews, the store is often absent. It has three trump card products: green tea heart is too soft, mango Napoleon and burning pineapple snow, each one looks delicious, eat more delicious! It is said that the Michelin judges once in a week twice to the shop "try the food" green tea heart is too soft, green tea flow heart temptation, and then with fresh red beans and a green tea ice cream, sweet but not greasy, taste just right, not more "Points" a lot of "seconds".  

Joyful Dessert House (Image from network)

No food: green tea too soft, Napoleon mango, pineapple sorbet burn
per capita consumption: HK $ 57
Hours: 14: 00- 02:00 the next day
Address : No. 74 Hak Po Street, Mong Kok Hing Building, Arts 2 and No. 3 store
traffic : MTR Mong Kok Station E2 exit, walk about six minutes

Good to eat good service better, eat also want to eat.


Jiajia dessert

This is a traditional Hong Kong-style dessert shop, more than 40 years has been the main Chinese dessert, a total of seventeen sugar, each one is to adhere to hand-made, heart boiled. Come here, the most can not miss is its home signs: a bowl of materials full, fragrant soft waxy fragrant sesame paste. Here in addition to tourists, there are many local diners, and mostly repeat customers. It is said that even Chow Yun Fat "hair brother" also frequented.  

Jia Jia dessert by @ slow half of the butterfly @ Lin Ding

No Food: creamy sesame paste Dian delicate almond, walnut brain exposed (sign Sambo)
per capita consumption: HK $ 22
Hours: 12: 00- 04:00 the next day
Address : 29 Jordan Street, Ningbo (Wellcome Supermarket Opposite)
Transportation : MTR Jotun Station Exit A, about 4 minutes walk

As the owner of the rent, opened for so many years, "Jia Jia dessert" shop in March this year, moved to the Ningbo Street, so not in the original Baijia Shi street friends, we do not white run a trip!

Come here to taste dessert, really delicious, worthwhile two times we ran. Shop dessert can be described as out of 100 points ah, inexpensive, genuine, conscience quality.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Mummy Eggs

Eggs are Hong Kong can be seen everywhere authentic street snacks, but delicious to the Michelin promotion of only two, Mummy Egg is one of them. The head office in Hung Hom through the half of the sky, and later in Tsim Sha Tsui has a franchise, this promotion is the franchise. This store's eggs, eggs, skin coke fragrance, grainy egg full and crisp, egg fragrant, full of milk, every bite is to enjoy. In addition, it also introduced the green tea flavor, peanut cream flavor, gold sand chocolate taste and other flavors, can be described as "different".  

Mummy Eggs (Image from the network)

No Food: Original Egg, Egg purple potato
consumption per capita: HK $ 20
Hours: 12: 30-21: 30
Address : Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 8-12 Jiafen ground floor (opposite K11)
Transportation : MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station N1 exit, walk for about 3 minutes

This life has been eaten, it is best to eat the best to eat the best eggs to eat eggs!

The third generation of fat eating snack shop

In Mong Kok, no one does not know fat sister snack shop, and in Tsim Sha Tsui this hiding in the alley in the string of shops, is opened by his son. This snack shop follows the "fat sister" secret brine formula, and on the basis of the cold, so that raw intestines, turkey kidney, large intestine and other taste more fond. At the same time, and then with mustard and sweet sauce, just delicious to stop down.

The third generation of fat eating snacks by @ clear sky 澫 荲

No Food: Ace Package (niche intestinal cuttlefish turkey kidney)
per capita consumption: HK $ 29
Hours: 13: 00-0: 00
Address : No. 3 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui Bo Wah Commercial Building, ground floor G1
Transportation : MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station B2 Exit, walk for about five minutes

Look at the hotel near the fertilizer that snacks, or Michelin recommended, from the hotel to go for 5 minutes. Little door no seats, only put a small table outside the shop, you can stand there to eat. To recommend the big intestine and big squid, simply delicious to burst, super crisp, mustard is a perfect match ~

"Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2017" Hong Kong street snack promotion

See here, there is no evoke your greedy insects? The Heart as action, hurry up the package, set a ticket, come to Hong Kong to eat it!

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