The most Raiders take you to play all over the ancient city of Fenghuang in Hunan and the surrounding

Phoenix, a name beauty, the scenery more beautiful place. This was a famous writer in New Zealand, Louis Alley praised China's most beautiful town built in the Qing Emperor Kangxi years. As "Pearl of Western Hunan," it really is the name of its "small", as small as the city only a decent street, but it is a green corridor. Along the city wall, after the Yang Ancestral Hall, through the former residence of Shen Congwen, read the ancient city museum, slowly sink in this ancient city. Do you want to come here to see it? Do you have any questions? Let me explain it in detail for you.

Where is the ancient city of Phoenix?

Fenghuang is located in Fenghuang County, Hunan Province. Fenghuang County is located in the southwestern Hunan Province of Hunan Province. It is adjacent to Huaihua in the southeast, Tongren in Guizhou Province and Jishou City in the north in the west. Past traffic inconvenience to the ancient city enveloped a layer of mysterious color. For the first time, people know the ancient city of Fenghuang, usually from the book of a generation of writer Shen Congwen, but they still only hear the name but not the United States. With the rapid development of traffic in recent years, we can finally unveil its mysterious veil ~

How to go to Phoenix?

Fenghuang ancient city is located in the mountains, the traffic is not very convenient, there is no train station, there is a small airport around, but the flight is not too much. Therefore, tourists usually choose Changsha, Huaihua, Jishou, Tongren, Zhangjiajie as a transit city. Let me introduce you in detail to the traffic around Phoenix.
The choice of most tourists outside the province: First, Changsha to Phoenix
and Guangdong tourists choice:
Second, Huaihua to the Phoenix (Wuhan, Guangzhou and other guests recommended)
Third, Jishou to the Phoenix (Xiangfan, Hubei and other guests recommended)
Province Traffic choices: four, Tongren to Phoenix (Chongqing, Chengdu guests recommended)
five, Zhangjiajie to the Phoenix (first visit Zhangjiajie and then play Phoenix tourists recommended)
six, Tongren Phoenix Airport to Phoenix

First, Changsha to Phoenix (most of the guests outside the province): Changsha is a very convenient city for high-speed trains and airplanes. It is the city with the most transfer volume to the ancient city of Phoenix. It can fly directly or directly to Changsha by high-speed rail Phoenix from Changsha.

01. Changsha to Phoenix can also take a car at the Changsha West Bus Station, Changsha Automobile West Station to the ancient city of Phoenix car about 4 times a day, respectively, 8:40,10:40,15: 30,17: 30, the price is about 140 , About 6 hours by car. The final arrival of the Phoenix North Terminal, then take a bus or hit the city can reach the entrance (Nanhuamen, Phoenix Hotel).
02. At present, Changsha to Phoenix or take the coach at Changsha Railway Station more convenient daily departure time is 7:30 and 12:30, the fare is 120 yuan / person, direct access to the ancient city of Phoenix, and the whole tour guide on the car , About 6 hours by car, you can buy it directly in the ant cell.
03. Changsha to Phoenix can also take the high-speed rail from Changsha High Speed ​​Rail Station (Changsha South Railway Station) to Huaihua South Station, more trips, second-class seat price of about 150 (about 90 minutes), then take the bus from Huaihua to Huaihua West Bus Station (about 40 minutes), then take a bus from Huaihua West Bus Station to Phoenix North Railway Station (about 90 minutes), then take bus 1 to the entrance to the ancient city.
Tips: Huaihua reached the best time during the day, no bus to the Phoenix at night.
04. Changsha to Phoenix can also Jishou train, and then Jishou car to Phoenix, you need about 8 hours, then Jishou turn car to Phoenix need 1 and a half hours or so, this method is not recommended, unless at night to reach Changsha.

Most tourists outside the province choose the mode of transport

Hubei and Guangdong tourists choose the mode of transport

Second, Huaihua to the Phoenix (Wuhan, Guangzhou and other guests recommended): Huaihua to the Phoenix is ​​the second largest in the ancient city of Phoenix transit station, Huaihua has high-speed rail, but also to the Phoenix high-speed, be more convenient.

The tourists who intend to start from Huaihua basically first take their high-speed rail from the origin city to Huaihua South Railway Station and then take the bus to Huaihua West Bus Station (sometimes there are private buses at Huaihua High Speed ​​Rail Station, but the prices are more expensive). Huaihua West Bus Station basically from 7: 00-17: 00 every hour there will be a shuttle (the principle is full of leave), the price of 35 yuan, about an hour and a half to reach Phoenix North Station. Huaihua decided to transit from the tourists should pay attention to the time of high-speed rail to reach Huaihua, if at night, can only chartered or live in Huaihua a night out.
Third, Jishou to the Phoenix (Xiangfan, Hubei, Nanning and other guests recommended): before the high-speed rail and high-speed did not pass, Jishou is the largest transit station to Phoenix. But now Jishou only suitable for those who travel by ordinary train friends.

Jishou Railway Station card bound for Phoenix shuttle time is 7: 00-18: 30. Train station is full leave, 30 yuan / person, a half hour drive. If you do not want to wait, you can also Jishou North Bus Station (left hand side of the station 50 meters), or Jishou West Bus Station (train station taxi to about 5 yuan) ride. If you want to pursue convenient tourists, you can choose chartered, affordable and time-saving effort.

The province of transport

Fourth, Tongren to the Phoenix (Chongqing, Chengdu guests recommended): visitors from these two places are generally recommended transfer from Tongren, near Tongren Railway Station there are Tongren direct Phoenix car, the car time is 7: 30-16: 30 , With 1 hour, fare 25 yuan / person, the road is better.
V. Zhangjiajie to Phoenix (first visit Zhangjiajie then play Phoenix tourists recommended): If you first play Zhangjiajie, also think of the ancient city of Phoenix look, then the preferred mode of transport from Zhangjiajie to Phoenix is ​​the car. Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station has a direct car to the ancient city of Phoenix, about four or five classes a day (with temporary transfer), about three and a half hours to fare 80 yuan. Of course, you can take a train from Zhangjiajie Jishou, and then from Jishou car to the Phoenix.
VI. Tongren Phoenix Airport to Phoenix: Tongren Phoenix Airport is about 35 kilometers from the ancient city of Fenghuang and has opened up routes in Guiyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Changsha and Xiamen. At present, there is no fixed car in the ancient city of Fenghuang at Tongren Phoenix Airport. In the general case, we suggest that more people are involved, and it is more convenient to chart the car in advance. If you have few people, you can take a ride to Tongren City, and then take a bus from Tongren to the ancient city of Fenghuang.

What is the fun of the ancient city of Phoenix?

Fenghuang attractions are divided into the ancient city and the ancient city, let's start with the ancient city.
Alleyways in the ancient city, extending in all directions, just a walk you can go to where you want to go. You can walk in the streets of the ancient city, touch the ancient buildings, everywhere the aboriginal people left the vicissitudes of life and joy, but also to hear the resident singer gently played the guitar, singing a A pleasant song, as if telling his story.
If the ancient city during the day shows the distant past, then the night is noisy today. Alley to and from people, the bar sound of color, accompanied by occasional slippery sound of ears, looking at the Tuo River to enjoy the breathtaking night. Life, it should be so.

However need to explain a situation, Fenghuang ancient city from April 10, 2013 to April 9, 2016 is the implementation of the ancient city will be subject to admission ticket policy. However, from April 10, 2016 onwards, up to the current policy of the ancient city of Phoenix is: admission to the ancient city of scenic spots do not accept tickets, but into the ancient city attractions that need tickets. Inside the ancient city attractions are: Shen Congwen former residence, former residence of Xiong Xiling, Yang Ancestral Hall, East Gate Tower, Tuojiang River rafting, Longevity Palace, Chongde Hall, Chen Po Zhen old house, Hongqiao Storm House. The nine scenic spots collectively referred to as the ancient city of Phoenix nine King, the nine King is not separate from the ticket. The nine most worth playing on the number of Tuo River rafting and Shen Congwen's. Tuo River is the mother river of the ancient city of Phoenix, both sides have a century-old Miaoshi Diaojiao very characteristic.
Nine King tickets 148 yuan / person, student tickets 80 yuan / person, the ticket is valid for 48 hours.
Tickets: From the text Plaza near the north gate boating nearby attractions can buy every one.
In addition to the ancient city of nine ancient city of Phoenix, as well as Phoenix Shenfeng Cultural Scenic (South Huashan National Forest Park) is also worth a visit. Tickets 108 yuan / person, the ticket office in Hongqiao scenic entrance. As well as Tuojiang farmer boat, Huilong in the back of the boat down to Peach Island, if you do not intend to spend money shopping nine scenes, you can experience the ticket 30 yuan / person.

What is fun outside the ancient city?

To the Phoenix, in addition to playing the ancient city of Phoenix, the ancient city also has a wonderful to be missed. You can also:
First, visit the Miao
two, experience drifting
three, across the canyon
four, experience bonfire party

First, visit the Miao Village

Among them, the Miao Village is mainly composed of Miao Wangcheng, Slate Board Village, Shanjiang Miao Village, Miao Valley, Laozhai Village and Dehang Miao Village. If you want to enjoy Miao Village style, then I recommend Miao Wangcheng. If you want to enjoy the scenery Miao Ren Valley most recommended. These Miao Village different styles, each allows you to experience a different kind of ethnic life, and ultimately can be based on your schedule to choose one or two to visit on it.

Second, experience drifting

If you experience drifting Ximen gorge drifting, wanjiang river rafting, mengdong river rafting three choices. If you have time, you can choose the nearest Ximen gorge drifting from Phoenix. If you like thrills, you can go and experience the Mehndi River rafting.
Tips: rafting is a seasonal project, roughly the time in June-October, there will be a slight change according to the weather. Specific time to play can consult businesses before traveling.

Third, across the canyon

Near Aphrodite Avalokitesvara, Drifting Valley, Tian Long Gorge and Tongren Grand Canyon. One of the first recommended is the Aizhai Grand Canyon, because there are comparable to Zhangjiajie Aizhai Bridge, a total length of 1176 meters across the canyon, there is no piers, very shocking. When you drive over the bridge, you probably do not think anything, but when you look at the bridge, you realize it's a real architectural wonder. And do not use panoramic mode, you can not beat the whole bridge.

Fourth, experience bonfire party

Came to Phoenix, how can we not watch a Phoenix campfire. "Amidst the Phoenix" is the must-see party to the ancient city of Phoenix. The total investment of about 130 million yuan, took more than three years to create. Divided into songs, chasing love, parting, thoughts, nirvana, prayer six chapters, a total length of 65 minutes. Is based on Shen Congwen's "Border Town" adapted. Venue is located in the world after the Phoenix Hotel, the price of 160 yuan, the price of 80 students, starting around 8:00.

Recommended on the 3rd play

Want to play all over the Phoenix, usually arranged for three days is enough.
The first day: to reach the ancient city of Phoenix, free to visit the ancient city (if you want to see the attractions you can buy the ancient city of nine sets of tickets), watch the night campfire, after the party you can go enjoy the night view, overnight stay in the ancient city.
The next day: Choose a day trip around, such as Miao Village, a day trip to the valley, the most important Aizhai Bridge, ancient city of Qizhou, Ji Douzhai day trip. Afternoon return to the ancient city of Phoenix, bubble night, tasting Phoenix midnight, overnight stay in the ancient city.
The third day: arrangements can be a bit casual, wander around the ancient city, buy some specialty, ready to return to the city, the end of the three days of the Phoenix trip. If you reserve for four days in the local time, you can play on the third day drifting is not bad.
If you are traveling by car tourists, you want to go around shopping can choose to drive past. However, here to remind everyone that the best is now the ancient city of the hotel stores to buy tickets, because some of the temporary attractions attractions ticket, then the fare will be very expensive, and individual tickets can be issued immediately not much. Suggest that you do not listen to the local soliciting people talking about the discount tickets, if they do not give money to the vote, the complainant.
Tips: Tourists in the Miao and Canyon play time, we must respect the local customs.

Phoenix ancient city accommodation how to choose?

With the development of Phoenix tourism, now the infrastructure of the ancient city of Phoenix has been completed. If you are not on May 1, the National Day this Golden Week to Phoenix tourism, but also not too many luggage, and without the elderly and children accompanied by words, you can go to the Phoenix to find accommodation; if the summer, holidays travel season, do a good job online in advance Book a room.
Fenghuang ancient city accommodation is divided into the following categories:
River Diaojiaolou: Strictly speaking, the current waterfront Diaoyufen Phoenix inn is small, estimated at about 30, mainly in the North Gate to the East Gate. Features: Located in the heart of the ancient city of Phoenix, the scenery is good, the room decoration has a mood. However, the general room is relatively small, and across from the bar is a street, noisy before 12 o'clock, the room is difficult to book, the price is relatively expensive. Price 200-400 usually, more than 800 holidays.
Old Town Inn Riverside Room (Wangjiang Room): This is what we usually say that the riverside inn, the inn some rooms directly Linjiang, there are not Riverside. In addition to Diaojiaolou, the Tuojiang Inn are basically such. Features: mainly located in the upper reaches of Tuojiang River or downstream, to the ancient city center need to walk a few minutes, the scenery is not bad, the room depends on the specific inn grade. The room is not large, but the location of a good point is relatively quiet. Phoenix tourism, more recommended such rooms, cost-effective. Riverside house prices in the 140-300, holiday 400-1000.
In the ancient city of general Inn: located in the ancient city inside, but not in the waterfront (such inn generally Tuojiang are close, not a few minutes to the waterfront). Features: General Inn renovation miscellaneous, decoration is very good, there are also very general family inn. The inn in the ancient city is generally very quiet. Prices ranging from 80-300, holidays 300--800.
Metro Hotel: Phoenix addition to the ancient city, as well as the Metro, Metro Hotel is also more, mainly in Hongqiao Road, Ji Yuen Road. Features: There is no mood of the ancient city, the price is relatively affordable some of the ancient city, but to the ancient city needs to walk about 10 minutes. Price ranged from 80-200, holiday 200--800.
Star luxury hotel:Phoenix also has a small number of star hotels, such as Phoenix Hotel, Fengtian International, Garden Hotel, are in the Metro, or far away from the ancient city, the price is relatively high, relative to the holiday price changes little.
These are the ancient city of Phoenix accommodation, but need to be aware that, although the inn has air conditioning facilities, but not necessarily free to use, air conditioning need to add 20-30 yuan. And ancient city inn does not provide disposable toiletries, guests need to bring their own. At the same time in addition to the star hotel, the price does not contain invoices, if you want the invoice guests need to make their own taxes (taxes 8-10 points).

Phoenix What is worth buying?

Phoenix has many special snacks, such as essential blood table duck duck, bacon, bandit chicken, Tuo fish shrimp and so on. Need to give you some advice on eating: 1. Fenghuang eat a lot of places in the ancient city, but it is best not to eat in the waterfront restaurant, after all, where rent is higher, the same dishes sold here will be more expensive; 2. Before ordering a certain To see clearly the menu, plainly the consumption.
In addition to the delicious restaurant, Miao silverware, packaging and bacon, packaging blood duck, kiwi (recommended heart kiwi), ginger sugar, wooden hammer cake, batik, etc. are worth buying. However, if you buy silver ornaments, it is recommended that you go to the larger stores, street stalls rarely really large stores more expensive, under normal circumstances bargain, but cut depends on how much you skill. Bacon is the same, there is no protection of the street bacon, do not buy stalls.
Phoenix also has many other street food, such as fried shrimp, artichoke 粑, fried fish shrimp, rice tofu, sour radish, etc., these basic prices are not expensive, buy some taste different food.

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