When it comes to Hongye Manshan, let's swim in the Three Gorges!

The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River has a lot to be missed, such as Wushan Yunyu, unpredictable, adding flavor to the Three Gorges tourism; such as the most beautiful scenery in autumn and winter - Three Gorges Hongye. Welcome to the foreign cruises on the Yangtze River, with the family to touch the soul of travel!
three gorges

When the leaves are full of mountains, similar to enjoy the leaves, visit the goddess, tour the Three Gorges. The Three Gorges west of Sichuan Fengjie Baidicheng, Yichang, Hubei Province, east of Nanjin, a total length of 193 km, by the Qutangxia, Wu Gorge, Xiling Gorge Canyon section. In this 700-kilometer stretch of landscape painting, the fabulous scenery and historic sites adjoin each other in a crisscross pattern to make the ancient and modern viewers forget all about themselves.

Three Gorges leaves

Throughout the ages, many literati have also left many admiration for the scenery of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. "The rivers are exquisite, Ape can not cry, the boat has been million mountains "poem! Three Gorges is also a natural landscape, history and culture in a scenic landscape!  

Three Gorges leaves

There are many beautiful scenery in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, such as Wushan Yunyu, unpredictable, adding flavor to the Three Gorges tourism; such as the goddess, destined to be seen in the Three Gorges cloud graceful charm, can only hope Goddess and sigh. Three Gorges can not be missed scenery, such as the Three Gorges leaves. We strongly recommend early winter to go to the Three Gorges red leaves. Three Gorges Hongye widely distributed, especially along the Wushan most. Wushan Hongye can not be ignored most of the viewing area is naturally the second of Wushan small Three Gorges Pak Wun Gorge, here is the distribution of the most concentrated leaves of the Three Gorges. Numerous tourists will be impressed by the red leaves of the mountains, excited to be dancing in the woods. Flaming woods and green mountains and rivers at the foot of each complement each other, Chi Mei King let people stay and even back and forth. Wushan red leaves ornamental period of up to 3 months, Wushan steep slope, the minimum elevation of 175 meters, the highest elevation of 2,600 meters, is a typical three-dimensional climate. Wushan Autumn leaves from high to low from the beginning of November until the end of January next year, colorful, late autumn storied stained, early winter when a flaming.
The best of the Three Gorges to see the red leaves Time: Beginning in early November, the coming January.

Three Gorges leaves

Three Gorges leaves

Three Gorges holiday travel - cruise

Three Gorges cruise travel

Three Gorges Tourism has existed since ancient times, the ancients also had a boat trip Three Gorges! Three Gorges Tourism has its own particularities. Shi Baizhai, Fengdu Ghost City, Baidi City, Goddess Creek and other attractions are all over the Taiwan Strait, the mountains and mountains are not suitable for traffic, so the Three Gorges waterway is the most ideal, the general reference to the Three Gorges that For a boat trip. The most enjoyable way to enjoy the Three Gorges is to take a cruise ship and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river. Visit famous places every time you go sightseeing. This will save you from having to change your hotel every day, and enjoy different daily views of the window.
There are two types of cruise ships in the Three Gorges, one is a foreign-related cruise ship and the other is a domestic cruise ship. Now, two types of cruise ships are introduced as follows:

Three Gorges foreign cruise ships

Foreign tourists, also known as foreign cruise ships, luxury cruise ships, its original intention is to meet the requirements of international government affairs, designed to meet the hotel's standard cruise ship. Now fully open, people really enjoy the high quality and comfort of the Three Gorges cruise travel. Raiders here also focus on explaining the relevant foreign cruise ship for everyone.
The series of foreign cruise ships introduced: The Presidential Series (Presidential 688), Century Series (Myths, Legends, Diamonds, Precious Stones, Son of Heaven, Brilliant), Gold Series (Golds One, Two, Three, , The United States and Victoria series (Kai Zhen, Kai Lin, Keisha, Kai Na, Katie, Kai Lei, Ke Ya), Changhai series One, God two), other series (the Yangtze River Exploration, the Royal Princess) and so on.

Three Gorges domestic cruise

Domestic ships, also known as ordinary cruise ship in four compartments, etc. Third-class six rooms, second-class four rooms, first-class two rooms, especially for the double bed or standard room, ticket costs 450-1300 yuan / person , Diet costs at 200 yuan / person or so, consumption is relatively low, more suitable for economic travel. 

Introduction of the Cruise of Chongqing - Yichang Launch on the Three Gorges Vessel

Chongqing to Yichang water trip

4 days 3 nights downstream, boat thousands of miles, every sightseeing landing sightseeing, wind and water in the middle of the picture.
DAY1: 18: 00-20: 00 Chaotianmen dock aboard Chongqing, board the ship
DAY2: all-day tour, Chongqing to Yunyang, Fengjie segment, stay on board
DAY3: all-day tour from Fengjie to Yichang section, accommodation on board
DAY4 : 08: 00-13: 00, Tour the Three Gorges Dam, the end of the trip

Chongqing Chaotianmen Terminal boarding matters needing attention

Chaotianmen pier

Yangtze River Three Gorges foreign cruise ship launching itinerary will be docked in Chaotianmen in Chongqing, Chongqing Chaotianmen pier in the past, present or future, are a bustling waterfront pier, both the Three Gorges tourism terminal, but also the two rivers in Chongqing dock. Bustling, car to car, Chongqing Chaotianmen pier for many people who do not often come to the dock a little strange, can not even beat the direction. Coupled with the recent construction near Chaotianmen Square that will last a year or two, the transportation to Chaotianmen Pier has become extremely complicated and chaotic. In particular, you will sort out the traffic under Chaotianmen Pier and hope it will be helpful to you.
Chaotianmen Pier a total of 1-13 wharves, each wharf adjacent to the junction of the two rivers to distinguish: 1-4 terminal in the Jia Linjiang side, 5-13 terminal in the Yangtze River side. But all of them have to pass or arrive first at the vicinity of Nine Pier. Launched foreign cruise ships generally docked 4,10,13 pier, 5,6 pier generally docked two river cruise. Accurate boarding time and the terminal are on the day of travel to inform guests, guests carry valid documents in accordance with the specified time for boarding procedures, open the Three Gorges trip!

Sewage attractions introduction (according to ship's direction of travel)

Three Gorges tourism map

Fengdu ghost town: Fengdu ghost town, the country's first batch of AAAA-level scenic spots, called "Divine Comedy town, the soul of mankind," is located in the north bank of the Yangtze River, 174 kilometers away from downtown Chongqing, about 1.5 hours by car, The first scenic spot The scenic Fengdu Mountain, Ghost of the Shrine, double Guishan three parts. It integrates religious culture such as Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism and is an important carrier of Chinese folk culture. There are as many as 27 ancient temples in Fengdu ghost town. The statues of "Yin Cao Prefecture" imitate human rights suits, tribunals, prisons and torture, respectively. They are unique in design and lifelike and reflect the Chinese concept of gods and ghosts, paradise and hell.

Fengdu ghost town

Shibaozhai: one of the top eight wonders of China and one of the eight singular buildings in the world. It is one of the 30 best tourist new landscapes under the national AAAA level scenic spots, national key cultural relics protection units and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. Shibao Zhai is located in Chongqing Zhongxian County, the north shore of the Yangtze River, known as the "Pearl on the River", 45 kilometers away from Zhongxian County. There Linjiang a dozen high above here, steep cliff solitary boulder, according to legend Nuwa Kundian left a colorful stone, so called "Shibao." This stone-shaped jade India, also known as "Jade India Hill." Tan Hong uprising in the Ming Dynasty, claiming to be "King of Wuling", according to which Walled, "Shibao Walled" come from.

Stone Baozhai

Zhang Fei Temple: Zhang Fei Temple in Yunyang, the first batch of AAAA-class tourist scenic spots in China and the national key cultural relics protection unit. Located at the foothill of Feifeng Mountain on the south bank of the Yangtze River and 382 kilometers away from Chongqing City, the journey takes about 3.5 hours. Is to commemorate the three famous Zhang Fei and built the temple, known as the "three absolute" (peerless, calligraphy peerless, engraved peerless) reputation, known as the "Wenzao resort", "Bayu first wins." According to historical records, it was built in the late Shu Han, after the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties expansion, has more than 1700 years of history, due to the Three Gorges Project, according to the original moved to the present site.

Zhang Fei Temple

Baidicheng: Fengdi Baidicheng, the first batch of AAAA-class tourist scenic spots, national scenic spots and national key cultural relics protection units, 400 kilometers away from downtown Chongqing, about 4 hours by car, located in the Qiaotangxia Gorge , Is the starting point of the Three Gorges. Baidicheng because of the late Western Han Dynasty Gongsun Shu Shucheng in this building, since the number "Baidi" named; also because of the Three Kingdoms period Liu Bei crusade against Soochow defeat Baidicheng, the family, the country entrusted to the prime minister Zhuge Liang famous world.

White Emperor City

Small Three Gorges: Small Three Gorges that the Three Gorges Tourism Scenic Area, 1991 was named "Top 40 Chinese tourist destination," in November 2004 as "AAAA national tourist attractions," May 2007 was named "National AAAAA Level tourist attractions. " The Little Three Gorges of Wushan is a tributary of the Little Three Gorges on the tributary of the Dasui River at the Daning River. It is the name of Longtan Gorge, Qinwang Gorge and Three Gorge Gorge. The Little Three Gorges is a sister gorge of the Little Three Gorges of the Daning River, with a total length of 15 kilometers. Due to smaller Daning River smaller Three Gorges, hence the name "Little Three Gorges."   

Small Three Gorges

Goddess Brook: Goddess Creek is located in the southern bank of the Yangtze River, originated in Chongqing Wushan County official area. The upstream name of the official river, the downstream name Ziyang River, goddess Brook, in the goddess Peak opposite the town of bluestone into the Yangtze River. Goddess Creek, also known as the "Native American" Creek, 15 km long river, due to the rapid surface water, shallow stream shallow, of which 10 km for the inaccessible primitive valleys. After the third phase of impoundment, the depths of the canyon in the river can be explored. The beautiful scenery and the original ecological residents are "scrutinized" before the tourists. Only a few photographers known in the past as Qifenglijing will become the new highlights of the Three Gorges.

Goddess Creek

Qu Yuan Temple: Qu Yuan Temple is located 1.5 km east of Zigui County, north of the Yangtze River Xiangjiaping, also known as Qinglie Ancestral Hall, covers an area of ​​about 30 acres, built to commemorate the Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan Temple was built in Tang Yuan and fifteen years (820 years). When Gezhouba Hydropower Project was constructed in 1978, it was relocated to Jiaping and reconstructed as it was. Qu Yuan Temple Qu Yuan culture as the guide, is the Three Gorges reservoir area to the material and cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage protection and utilization of the full integration of key areas.

Quyuan hometown

Three Gorges Dam: Three Gorges Dam, located in Yichang City, Hubei Province, China, from the lower reaches of Gezhouba dam project 38 km; is the world's largest hydroelectric power project - the Three Gorges Hydropower Station main project, the Three Gorges Dam tourist area of ​​the core landscape, The Three Gorges Reservoir east end. In December 2015, the Three Gorges Dam was selected as one of the 30 best tourist attractions in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River.

Three Gorges Dam

Introduction of foreign cruise ships

Presidential series

 The "President Series" cruise ship is currently the most prestigious and competitive luxury cruise line currently cruising in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River in China. All of its cruise ships have passed the certification of China Classification Society (CCS) and the ship safety certification issued by the state (SMS ) Certificate, and was officially awarded China National Tourism Administration as a star luxury cruise ship. In April 2013, two cruise ships, the new paradigm of the world's river cruises, were put into operation in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. We took the opportunity to create a new generation of 10,000-ton luxury cruise ships. President's Flagship No. 7 President's Flagship No. 8 By the international Well-known ship designers to build, double-bottom double-shell, safety and security, the whole ship using green materials to create a more humane design, more entertainment facilities to experience the luxury of the cruise ship wheel operation and development.
1, cruise features: five-star foreign cruise ships, cost-effective. The President VI is suitable for business meetings and expositions, and there are more types of conference rooms. The President is suitable for holidays and vacations at a maximum of 580 passengers.
2. Suitable Crowds: Family-friendly,

President VII

Deluxe Standard Room

President Series product links

Century Series

Chongqing Crown Cruises Limited Liability Company (brand: Century Cruises) was listed in 2011. As the first listed company in Chongqing in 2011 and the only listed cruise ship company in China, it also means the birth of the first Chinese cruise line. Since 2003, our company has initially realized the market globalization business mode. We have set up a direct sales network system in the tourism markets of Europe, the United States, Asia, Southeast Asia, China and other provinces and cities. We organize tens of thousands of tourists every year to take our luxury cruises to visit the Three Gorges , Sightseeing in Chongqing, in Chongqing, the Yangtze River Three Gorges inland luxury cruise ship industry has maintained its leading position.
1, cruise characteristics: five-star foreign cruise ships, the only listed cruise ship company in China;
2, suitable for the crowd: the family travel, high school grades of all types of ships are equipped with;  

Century legend

Deluxe Standard Room

Century series of product links

Gold series

The cruise fleet set up by Chongqing Yangtze Gold Cruises Co., Ltd. cruises on the international gold tourism line of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River every day and will surely open a new era for the era of oceanification of the 10,000-ton foreign ships of the Three Gorges Project! As the flagship of the fifth generation of five-star cruise ships in the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River Cruises Series not only faces the opening of high-end European and American customers, but also meets the needs of domestic high-end customers. Each cruise is a floating water landscape, but also a moving water palace, it is a beautiful travel city!
1, cruise characteristics: five-star foreign cruise ships, currently has the world's largest and most luxurious Yangtze River gold cruise 7, respectively, using modern, business, Jane Europe, Southeast Asia, Chinese, fashion, North America, distinctive features such as decoration style;
2, suitable for the crowd: the pursuit of quality and luxury experience of the crowd, all ages;     

Gold on the 5th

Gold cruise ship facilities

Gold product link

US dimensional series

American series of Victorian cruise ships have Ka Na, Ke Ya, Kai Sha number, Kai Zhen number, Kai Lin number, Kai Lei, Kitty number of luxury cruise ships. By the United States Victorian cruise company to provide American management and services, arrangements for a professional bilingual sailors accompany the waiter, when the cruise through the Qutangxia, Wu Gorge, Xiling Gorge and other attractions, the ship will accompany the deck to provide visitors with bilingual explanations. Since it was put into operation in 1994, the Victorian America Series has always been catering to every boarding guest with high-quality American management and international service standards. For more than a decade, it has established the most complete fleet of software and hardware services in the Yangtze River, To create the highest satisfaction of the Three Gorges Tourism, but also won the global loyalty of tourists, repeatedly take the Company cruise the Three Gorges cruise ship, and the unforgettable experience of the Yangtze River in the Three Gorges beauty tour recommended to nearby friends and relatives.
1, cruise features: five-star foreign cruise ships, American decoration style, with a variety of grades of ships, every day;
2, suitable for the crowd: the pursuit of quality and price advantage of the crowd, more affordable;    

US Victoria Kay Jane

Deluxe Standard Room

US-dimensional series of product links

Changhai series

Yangtze River Ship Overseas Travel Corporation Yichang company under the Yangtze River Ship Overseas Tourism Corporation, located in the eastern Three Gorges Gateway, a professional management company's cruise ship assets and cruise terminal operations, the company owns the Yangtze River cruise ship liner 12 (Yangtze River No. 1, the Yangtze River Two, Victoria V, Victoria VII, Blue whale, the Yangtze River Angel 12 cruise ships) run in Yichang to Chongqing Yangtze River section.
1, the cruise characteristics: its dimension on the 5th and Victoria on the 7th is the only three-day trip to the foreign cruise ships;
2, suitable for the crowd: the elderly population, the pursuit of affordable prices and cost-effective crowd;       

Yangtze River II

Deluxe Standard Room

Changhai series of product links

Goddess series

The Yangtze River to "Three Gorges goddess" culture to decorate to create a five-star standard luxury cruise ship, with "Huaxia Goddess No. 1" and "Huaxia Goddess No. 2" two cruise ships. Cruise ship decoration is based on the Three Gorges goddess story culture, the establishment of the goddess sculptures, reliefs, drawings, tourists on the cruise through the appreciation of these cultures, a better understanding of the Three Gorges goddess stories and historical legends.
1, cruise characteristics: "Three Gorges goddess" culture as the main decorative style of foreign cruise ships, thematic strong;
2, suitable for the crowd: the pursuit of cost-effective and themed culture of the crowd, all ages;       

Goddess on the 2nd

Deluxe Standard Room

Goddess series of product links

Royal Princess series

The "Royal Princess" cruise ship now has a total of 2 sister ships: "Sinting", "Sinna", this series is built on the Yangtze River by the German ship, its excellent performance also now is now its comfort, safety and so on.
1, cruise features: four-star foreign cruise ships, the Three Gorges ship built only by Germany, Chaotianmen departure, Wanzhou embarkation;
2, suitable for the crowd: the pursuit of affordable people, cruise quality is better than the domestic cruise ships;    

Royal Princess cruise ship

Ordinary standard room

Royal Princess product link

Cruise Travel Notes

Boarding and check-in

1, please check in one hour before the deadline for boarding and check-in. The General Helpdesk provides you with various inquiries and arrangements, including your billing, diet and safety deposit box, 24 hours a day. In short, any questions you care about and need to solve can be consulted at the main desk.
2, understand the location of your room on board, please read carefully the emergency evacuation plan behind the door;
3, understand the location of the room lifejacket storage, familiar with wearable procedures and steps;
4, familiar with the schedule of activities, choose your own willingness participate in the activities, have your Three Gorges tour a general arrangement;
5, know your tour guide;
6, know that you are in the restaurant seats, seats are usually fixed;
7, the location of activities and facilities on board entertainment;
8 , Save your valuables;
9, familiar with the cruise ship service phone number;


1, Three Gorges stroke rain unpredictable, so rain gear is one of the necessary items.
2, on-board viewing, due to the larger winds, spring and autumn should be prepared thin sweaters or jackets; winter river is cold, should be prepared heavy clothing, such as down jackets; summer does not hinder, but need sunglasses and sunscreen as well.
3, some attractions need to disembark, every attraction, you need to listen to the radio and guide advice, remember the dock docked cruise and cruise sailing time, you must return to the cruise before departure, remember.
4, landing attractions almost all need to walk uphill, on the steps, you need to wear lightweight shoes.
5, on the boat you need to pay attention to personal safety and property safety. Boat trip river, should pay great attention to the occurrence of crashes, especially children. Leave the room (to the restaurant or landing ashore), carry valuables, while locking the door.
6, the location of the view is also very important, so pay attention to the radio or service personnel onboard advice.

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