Winter, be sure to look at the ancient city of Phoenix wrapped in silver

Phoenix has been very fire, very lively, so many honeycomb Tucao Phoenix too commercial, in fact, the phoenix also has a quiet time, that is, Phoenix's tourism off-season, from the end of October until March are Phoenix Tourism Off-season, that is off-season does not mean that does not mean that no one to travel, but relative to the crowded season, a lot less people, a variety of costs are relatively much cheaper!

First, let's talk about some of the misunderstanding of the winter Phoenix

Misunderstanding 1: Winter Phoenix is ​​not very cold ah?

Fenghuang four distinct seasons, it can be said that there are flowers in spring autumn months, the summer has a cool wind winter, all four seasons are suitable for tourism. The ancient city of Phoenix is ​​not particularly cold in winter, the maximum temperature can sometimes reach more than ten degrees, and the duration of the winter relatively short, but January-February has entered the depth of winter, need to wear cotton, plus warm clothing (not particularly thick) Gloves and scarves can also be brought out, away from home, as long as a simple warm and warm work winter phoenix no problem, a lot of cold in Guangdong are particularly afraid to see the snow to the Phoenix, even if you live in Inn Linjiang Open a blanket, but also certainly warm and harmony.

Misunderstanding 2: Winter Phoenix attractions are not closed?

Basically Fenghuang ancient city hot spots 365 days a year is a normal reception of tourists, some of the attractions in the off-season there are big promotions, experience Miao Village style, feel Xiangxi car body, to participate in bonfire, Tuojiang these elite projects are Open, less incoming crowds, off-season tourism experience higher, after all, do not need to line up!

Misunderstanding 3: Winter Phoenix stores are not closed?

Winter Phoenix, there are indeed a small number of shops closed, but most shops only shorten the opening hours in the morning and night, close early at night, this time some shop owners are leisurely enjoyment of life. Some souvenirs, snacks, restaurants, bars are open for business, the slightest from the off-season effects!

Second, the winter Phoenix there is a benefit is: special! do not! province! money!

Winter Phoenix travel is really a variety of price! All kinds of cheap! Various promotions! Various discounts!
[Traffic] winter season to the Phoenix big traffic either train or plane, you will find a query, want to train one day to go have a ticket, airfare to fly the Mainland winter Tongren Phoenix airport are basically a few hundred, at most Just a little over a thousand. At this time do not leave, more when?
[Attractions] annual off-season, major travel agencies are price promotions to attract customers, the lowest price to play the highest cost of attractions only in the off-season to have, and is free appointment, appointment-free Oh! This is really great, no need to Tuojiang rafting will row 2 small team!
[Accommodation] In winter, the major hotels and pubs in the ancient city of Fenghuang contend with the price cuts. Several well-known hotels in the Qianjiang Diaojiao Inn are in the peak season of 500 to 800 and are not even required for 200 now. The best hotel around the world is now around 1000 Also more than 200. Some non-Linjiang B & B Inn is as low as 50 dollars a room, a person only 25 yuan! You're right, 25 yuan per capita can stay in the heart of the ancient city of B & B! Although the price, but the service standard with exactly the same season, oh, will not encounter the peak season because there is no advance booking and can not find a place to live.

In the ancient city of Fenghuang 0.93 square kilometers in the heart of the ancient city, there are about hundreds of bars, more than 600 inn inn as well as numerous restaurants, travel products stores and small traders. Due to the high season tourists may affect you to understand the folk customs throughout the Fenghuang in Xiangxi, Manchuwang are tourists, you see only hawker barking, tour guide shouts, tourists loud noise. You do not feel the phoenix's heavy humanity and antique streets, but the off-season you can! !

Lifted so much misunderstanding in front, now you are not a bit tempted it? Do not worry ha, I have not said how to play the Phoenix in winter?

Third, then the problem is coming! Winter Phoenix how to play?

1. Fenghuang city tour within the city

Free activities during the day, you can visit the ancient city of Phoenix. Red hanging high hanging sling groups, lying on top of the Tuojiang Hongqiao stormy mountains, green mountains and water shadows in the wins Cui Lou --- Huangyong Yu studio, living in the Minjiang Tower. Walking in the ancient long green stone street, you will see a wide range of silverware, mouth-watering snacks, famous native products, amazing Miao Mulai paper-cut. If you want to experience the cultural connotation of the ancient city, it is recommended to buy tickets to visit nine scenic tour, visit Shen Congwen former residence, do not have a flavor in the Tuojiang core area rafting.

2. Attend a bonfire party

Fenghuang ancient city is not a place that will not be annoying town, although the tourist season are often tourists, Miao characteristics have been lurking in the commercial atmosphere, you can look for national characteristics only in the ancient city In the campfire show, find some feeling. If there is no activity at night in the Phoenix, you can also consider going to the campfire, dozens of dollars in fares can also be sent nearly 2 hours of time is also considered cost-effective.

3 odd hole

Qiliang Cave is located four kilometers north of the county, is a typical carbonate cave, the hole to odd, show, wide, quiet four famous features. Hole length 6,000 meters, is divided into five major scenic spots: the ancient battlefield, gallery, paradise, Dragon Palace and Yin Yang River.
There are mountains in the cave, there are holes in the mountains, and the holes are connected. It sets strange rock rocks, flowing springs waterfall in a hole, from a variety of stalagmites, stone pillars, stalactites constitute a very magnificent picture. Wonderful scenery Liangliangtong, a "wonders of the world received a" reputation.
Tickets are scheduled in the ant cell cheaper than the window a dozen dollars, just one hour in advance scheduled on it, it is convenient too!

4. Miao Village in Shanjiang, bandits cave Quest day trip

In the morning went to have the "Miao living fossil," said the Miao nationality original ecological and cultural protection base - Miao Village, Miao, Wang Miao Lunar New Year every 3,8 market, feel Miao's highest etiquette: barbed wine, barricade, barricades. Watch folk custom performances: Miao singing and dancing, Miao stunts.
Miao Museum Collection of more than 10,000 precious Miao collections Miao Museum collection of more than 10,000 rare Miao collections, is currently the largest and most private collection of private museums, Song Zuying any honorary curator. Participate in the jump flower Solitaire, catch the sidewalks and other interactive activities.
Miao Valley scenic tour in the afternoon (tickets 68 yuan, has been included), through the karst landscape of a century bandit hole, flying down the river, Qiang Niang waterfalls. There are breathtaking gangsters and so on.

5. Deben Miao Village, the ancient city of Qianzhou, Avalokitesvara Bridge A day trip

Deben Miao Village is located in the heart of Deben Scenic Area. Miao Village is built on the mountain. The Qianshan Waterfall encircles the house. The flying angle of the house, the semi-covered roof, the fire wall, the stilts, the carved windows, the peculiar shapes and colors Triumphant, colorful, all show the ancient legacy of the atmosphere. Glamorous ancient city of Qianzhou, with its ancient traditional culture to the tourists release charming colors. This ancient city with more than 4000 years of history, the vicissitudes of history, but still style. Quiet rivers, blue stone road all give a quiet and peaceful feeling. Aizhai Bridge is a great place to study Oh!

6. You can also go to sleep naturally wake afternoon departure Miao Village

Winter travel like to sleep late do not want to miss the essence of attractions, then you can choose to go to Miao Village in the afternoon, evening to participate in the Miao Village Solitaire party, but also a very memorable experience Oh!

Finally I want to tell you

Phoenix winter so many uninformed people discouraged, there are many cold people do not come, not the holidays do not come, not the courage not to, but as a senior tourist, I want to tell you that the Phoenix should go winter ! Qingshi plate path, delicate and elegant small courtyard, Tuo Qing Tuo River water, peace and tranquility of life, weaving lady, embroidered woman, such as ink-like landscape, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and some just pedestrian ease Footsteps, quietly flowing Tuojiang, everything seems so natural, so magical restless heart to calm down.

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