To Wudaoying hutong must go to the tea shop

The first time came to Wudaoying hutong, it was attracted by this high value of the tea shop, the antique wooden tables and those magnificent cups quietly displayed together
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The first time a sharp fruit to Wudaoying alley, it was the value of the high value of the tea shop attracted to the antique wooden table and those magnificent cups quietly displayed together, the door is not very large , But in fact is hidden, there is a big faint smell in the city.

Beauty is soul

They sit out of the window in the corner of noisy downtown

Whether you know it or not

You can stop

Come to feel the beauty of these hand-made items brought

Calm and fullness

Here, the owner will serve you a good white tea

Green tea is new, white tea is Chen's fragrance

You can be in the aroma of your teeth

White tea can feel the sweetness of time fermentation

White tea light brown

In addition to the taste of mellow Hong Hao

There is also to promote blood sugar balance, eyesight liver and other medicinal value

And tea lovers

In addition to the tea itself

Also pay attention to the beauty of tea brought

It is a sense of ceremony exclusive to tea

Maybe you can take a ladle to take a cup of coffee back to Starbucks

However, people who drink tea respect every sacred moment of tea drinking

Will be intimate three five friends and relatives

Must be exquisite porcelain

There are many hand-made tea sets from well-known masters in Taiwan

You may regret the lack of color of the master fingernails in the cup

That's the unique mark of hand-coloring

There are many masterpieces here

Such as the Taiwan potter Ye Minxiang Rabbit mm cup

You can feel a meditative mood in the flowing patterns of mineral glazes

Ambilight and starry

The mineral glaze contained in the cup can also reduce theophylline irritation

Let the tea soften

After each hand made piece of work

Have a master's mark

And every cup here has a unique beauty

With the firing time and color

Even from the same master's hand

Can not be exactly the same

There is also a masterpiece of metal art master Cai Dequan

He knocked the icy metal through temperament

Become a flesh-and-blood artwork

This exercise is a questioning of impetuous and dishonest people in the current commercial system

It is also a reduction of the craftsman's spirit of excellence

Most of the time he takes 2 years to produce a work

And beaten brass body

You can feel a Zen simplicity

Every work can see the traces of tempered

There will be long-lasting percussion sound

This deep and sweet voice

You can calm down the impetuous thoughts

Master Gao Zhenyu white white clay green glaze series

Evenly net natural, moist jade

As soft and delicate moonlight

Iron gate cup made of each are hand-combed

Through the light

You can see the delicate lines clear

And white porcelain itself, the gentle texture

Use the Master's fair cup to pour a cup of white tea

Into the belly not only the fragrance of tea

There are master perceptions of the beauty of life

Also like the Taiwanese potter Zhang Lijie fish cup

Black and white outside the yin and yang relative

Hand-painted fish and duckweed play in the bottom of the cup

Wan like a pastoral life dynamic ink painting

There are many masters hidden in this store

These tea machines range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars

But behind every beauty

Have hidden a love of leisurely life

Everyone will be hard to materialistic desire

Behind a small thing

It is your approval of this way of life

They can also support you

Make your life fun and easy

The store recently to re-design

Perhaps the value will become even more amazing

But behind the shop hidden behind the hands of these masters of things

Is the soul of the shop

Shift door · seek treasure

Shop Address: Wudaoying hutong 75

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