Yubeng trekking, take you to explore the last paradise!

Get in touch with the holy snowy mountain and enjoy the visual experience of "Rizhao Jinshan". Touch the melting millennium glacier and take a shower of gods and see the rainbow, and pray for happiness and tranquility for yourself and your family ... I think "there is paradise and rain Collapse "because it is the last paradise. Walking rain collapse, is worth everyone's life to do one thing. Why do you say that? What should be done on foot? I use this Raiders for you to explain!

First, why go to Yubeng?

Avalanche is a village at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain, divided into two villages, the rainy landslide and the rainy landslide. On the Yubeng village 3150 meters above sea level, the collapse of the collapse of the village 3050 meters above sea level, a total of two villages living dozens of Tibetans. Like Medog, it is not accessible to the rain and landslides. There is only one road leading to the outside world from ancient times. There is a need to rely on two legs to walk in. Therefore, some people say that this is the "paradise" written by Tao Yuanming. In the ALICE legend: do not go to heaven, went to Yubeng. The rain falls in the village can lead to the ice lake, and the collapse of the collapse of the village is the Yubeng waterfall, along the ancient seal scriptures can be seen along with the wonders of five trees with roots, feel the rare "chopping wood, feeding horses," the calm. Here also have the honor to watch Meri thirteen according to Jinshan, I heard Kawagebo "Snow Mountain God," the legend, which made the Yubeng has become a place to have to go trekking.

Second, where the collapse of the village?

Yubeng village is located in Yunlin Township, Deqin County, east of Meili Snow Mountain in Yunnan Province. It is located at the foot of Wuzi Peak of Meili Snow Mountain and surrounded by mountains. Yubeng village built by the mountain, leading to Kawagebo climbing Sino-Japanese joint mountaineering base camp and ice lake, the village is located in the mountain valley depression, can lead to Yubeng God waterfall.

Third, what are the Yubeng play attractions?

[South Zongya Pass] South Zongya Pass also known as Na Zong pull Pass, 3700 meters above sea level, is the only way to Yubeng. Upon reaching Namjong Pass, a large number of prayer flags will emerge, which is one of the customs of the Tibetan people. There will always be covered in the Pass prayer flags, because Yamaguchi wind, fluttering once every prayer flags is done over chanting. Namjung Pass is to watch the goddess peak and the five-Buddha peak excellent location in the Pass of the canteen has a wooden viewing platform, the viewing platform is very open, overlooking the two peaks.

① into the Avalanche Village must go 12 kilometers uphill and downhill of 6 kilometers, to the south of the mouth on the slope to finish, the No. 102 poles is ALICE hope. Here is the highest point on the road to Yubeng village, followed by a 6-kilometer downhill. ② Because it is plateau mountain, the actual difficulty of walking will be greater. Recommended to choose a pair of wear-resistant non-slip hiking boots and alpenstock began walking, ready knee pads, from here to go a long downhill, these equipment can well protect your knees downhill. ③ South Zong Ya Pass is a great rest area, you can rest here and then continue on the road. The mountain belongs to the Yubeng village, so when the West came up, the mule stopped its service.

[Laughing peasant camp] laughing peasant camp is located in the village of Deqin Yu collapse 13 km (near Meili Snow Mountain peak). Built in 1991 by the China-Japan Joint Climbers, it is a stronghold of the Cangbo Mountains in the Memei Snow Mountain. Here is a must to go to Yubeng village tourism will go to Meili Snow Mountain is an important tourist attractions, 3900 meters above sea level, there are cattle fence for rest. If you want to go up to 4,100 meters above sea level ice lake can laugh from the base camp starting this place. After the snow melted and flowed down from Kawagebo, the locals put their horses at the laughing farm headquarters and the scenery was beautiful. Here open topography, plateau meadows, holy snow-capped mountains, glacier waterfalls, alpine pastures and wooden huts and other components of the colorful picture of panoramic view.

[Bingbing glacier] Bingbing glacier also known as "base camp ice lake", ice lake altitude of about 3800 meters, about an hour from the base camp away. Ice Lake is the Meili Snow Mountain glacier melting snow gathered together to form the dark green Haizi, Yubeng village is the main source of water, known as Kawaborg's heart. On one side of the glacial lake is a ridge of mountain, on the other side is a vertical rock wall and almost hanging in the air glaciers, faint glaciers and green lake Jiaohui corresponding. Climb up from the rock wall to reach the main peak of Kawaborg, when the climbers climbed from the rocky side of the glacial lake. Huge glaciers and snow will continue to fall from the cliff to the ice lake, which continued to replenish the lake; while others spread to the lake glaciers, it is spectacular.

① near the ice avalanche occurs, when the mountaineering team is killed here. If you are inexperienced, do not walk to the bottom of the glacier. Whether you can reach the bottom of the glacier ice, it requires an experienced guide to judge, it is recommended to travel with experienced tour team or club. ② Ice Lake is the heart of Kawaborg, ice lake water can not be taken away, and here to take the water according to the rules, is to bow down to drink directly to the mouth, can not be held by hand, can not cry aloud.

Yubeng God waterfall】 【Meili Snow Mountain meltwater pouring from the hanging rocks formed under the waterfall, where you can see the goddess and Wu Guanfeng picture, God waterfall is the heart of the pilgrimage, Bathing as a pure spiritual practice. Ice and snow melt in general spring and summer, waterfalls flow increases, splashing into the ground splashing, more spectacular, usually just hanging down like a hakada mountain thread countless. It is said that the rain falls waterfall is Kawagebo deity recovered from heaven holy water, can fortune-telling people's destiny, but also eliminate disaster relief, grace beings. Tibetan Buddhists worship Meili Snow Mountain, depending on the waterfall as holy water, competing to bathe, drink, but also Sheng bottle into the home to worship.

① God waterfall falls in the collapse of the village, only from the collapse of the village Yuping or riding a mule. Riding mule Reference price: about 200 yuan, one-way 150 yuan. ② The legend is standing under the waterfall of God. The bad guys can drip without touching, and the good people will have a rainbow around. According to the tradition of Tibetans, they go around the waterfall three times in a clockwise direction to pray for happiness and tranquility. These are all worth a try. ③ best to bring a piece of spare clothing, if wet, you can change the clothing in the waterfall beside God Falls clothing, so as not to catch a cold.

【Ninong Gorge】 Located in the downstream of the Avalanche valley, it must pass through the craze of Ninong. One of the hot and dry valleys of a different style from the other avalanches, the Nunong Grand Canyon is hidden in virgin forest and is warmer and cooler in winter. Here is only one meter wide cut in the Jun mountain waist road, one side is steep mountains, the other side is the cliff deep stream, the roadside newly drained springs springs, the road is better.

① out from the nylon there is a parking lot, you can carpool to fly Temple, carpool price is about 30 yuan / person. ② The Ninong Gorge is located downstream of the Yasha Valley. It is the only route to get into and out of the Yubeng Village except for Xidang. However, it is very difficult to walk in windy and rainy weather. It is not recommended to take the Nongong out of the rainy landslide. ③ most of the canyon in the road only about 1 meter wide, in some places the width of only 40-50 cm, one side is steep mountains, the other side is the cliff deep stream, if the face of a horse or mule, we must stop tight By the mountain wall to avoid. ④ Nylon Road in the Grand Canyon is not obvious in some places, road signs are more subtle, it is easy to get lost, and the danger index is relatively high, it is recommended to travel with the group, there are guides and groups to help each other, safety first.

Fourth, the most classic walking Yubeng What is the route?

West (into) - South Zongya Pass - on the collapse of the collapse of the village - Glacier - God waterfall - rain collapsing village - Nong Nong (out)
Here is the traffic inconvenience, there is no steady stream of vehicles and the crowd, only absolute Quiet and beautiful scenery, ideal for hiking. I and ALICE time and time again proved that this route is extremely wise, the first bitter after the sweet, full of energy in the first climb, go through the most difficult route, the back will be more relaxed. This route also covers the most worth seeing scenery of the Yubeng, such as the South Zong Pass, laughing farmer base camp, Yubeng glacier, Yubeng God waterfall, Ninong Gorge and other attractions, is the most classic Yubeng hiking route.

Rainfall collapse trekking altitude, distance and time is what?

(1) Xindang - Nongzong Pass (3729 meters), a distance of 6.1km, an increase of 1000m and a journey of 3-5 hours.
(2) Nanzong Pass (3729m) - Shangyucuncun (3160m), distance 3.3km, drop 600m, travel 1-2 hours.
(3) Shangbaocun (3160m) - Xiaonong Base Camp (3623m) at a distance of 3.7km and a journey of 1.5-2.5 hours.
(4) Xiaonong base camp (3623 meters) - Binghu (3900 meters), a distance of 2.3km, itinerary 1-2 hours.
(5) Shangbaocun Village (3,160m) - Rainfall Village (3,090m) at a distance of 1.6km and a 30-minute trip.
(6) The collapse of the collapse of the village (3090 meters) - God waterfall (3657 meters), the distance 6km, travel 1.5-2.5 hours.
(7) Rainfall collapse village (3090 meters) - Ninong (2136 meters), a distance of 16km, itinerary 4-6 hours.
(8) Nylon to Deqin County (Feilai Temple): During the peak season, there will be many passenger cars waiting for customers in the Nylon parking lot. However, in the off-season, drivers need to be reserved in advance. Otherwise, the nylon parking lot can not easily be covered. Distance 40km, travel 1-1.5 hours, chartered (carpool) costs 180-200 yuan / car.

① This line usually takes 5-6 days, it is recommended that you Yubeng foot must leave enough time, so you can enjoy all the highlights of the Yubeng outside, rest time sufficient physical strength will not overdraw. As is the plateau mountain road, walking more difficult actually, do not take it lightly. ② easy to get lost in the Yubeng can easily walk, be sure to walk along the green trash. If you have no experience of rain and heat on your fellow travelers, it is advisable to bring a guide to the same road or go with the group. This is not only safe and secure, but also guides you with accurate and timely handling of any accident. ③ Yubeng may be power outages, in the rain avalanche must be prepared in advance treasure, and a power cut will be no cell phone signal. ④ If you anticipate yourself may be physically exhausted, then start riding from the West when the hot springs, halfway generally not allowed to find horse riding. From the hot springs to Yubeng 225 yuan, 185 yuan Pass. It is recommended to ride to the Pass, came from the Pass to Yubeng (Hot Springs to Pass 12 km elevation of about 1300 meters, Pass to Yubeng only 6 km, all downhill). ⑤ West Hot Springs did not rent a racecourse, Yubeng mules racecourse between rain and fall, you need to be in the West when the village was about to rent a horse thing, so as not to wait too much time at the horse riding point; horse riding to consciously abide by the lottery Provisions, the way can not be exchanged people riding, riding fee to the end and then pay. ⑥ Xidang village, Yubeng village and Yubeng village as the distribution point of this line, there are inn and hostel for accommodation. Yubeng village accommodation electricity, network, accommodation can meet the basic requirements of the daily end of the walk can return to the inn with Tibetan medicine foot bath, you can lift the day's fatigue.

Fifth, how to reach Yubeng village?

Yubeng village is located in the hinterland of Meili Snow Mountain, the remote location, so to maintain a good natural environment, but to reach the original landslide more trouble, starting from all over the country to Avalanche Village need to Shangri-La, and then transferred to Deqin County Temple, Temple in the temple after reading Mount Merit sunshine Jinshan, and then chartered from the Temple to the West when, began to walk into the Yubeng village. Transfer to the bus in general trouble, if you have time, then you can choose to shuttle. It is recommended chartered to go, the price difference with the bus is not big, you can save the trouble of turning the car several times, and went straight to the area not only save time, but also save a lot of physical trekking for the Yubeng.

Shangri-La - Flying Temple

① Bus: Shangri-La Terminal 8: 20,9: 20,12: 00 and 14:30, respectively, a train sent to Deqin, about 67 yuan fare / person, drive 5-6 hours. Deqin to Feilai Temple no shuttle, but also carpool or chartered to the chartered price of 30 yuan, carpool will be based on the number of cost-effective.
② chartered: From the Shangri-La Terminal can be chartered directly to the Deqin County Temple, the average cost of the highest van, one-way price of 400-600 yuan / car, different models, light season travel prices will fluctuate, you can negotiate with the driver bargain .

【Flying Temple - West】

① shuttle: Feilai Temple no bus to the West when, therefore, need to return to Deqin Bus Station take the shuttle. Deqin to the West when the village only 7:00 and 15:00 daily two bus fares 20 yuan / person, about 1.5 hours by car. In general, if there are more people in the landslide-prone villages, they will continue to depart for Wudang. However, they will be more random, and the frequency and time will be uncertain. If in a hurry, it is recommended to chartered to go.
② chartered: flying to Temple chartered to the West when it is convenient, ALICE together flying in the Temple carpool to collapse. There are usually many van Lanhuo, the price of about 100-150 yuan / car, the driver can bargain appropriately.

Six, Yubeng village when to play the most suitable?

Yubeng village has three best time to play, each period of Yubeng can bring you a different experience. May-July: Lush trees and azaleas all over the mountains are very seductive, but in June and July is the rainy season of rain collapsing, mountain road will be more difficult to go;
September: buckwheat blossom, lanatus turn red, when the Yubeng into a sea of ​​flowers, the scenery pleasant;
October-November: Fall rainy fall, mountains are golden, but also to see Meili Snow Mountain is the most beautiful season. In addition, in December the Yubengs on the pavement will have snow, and the Spring Festival is likely to be closed because of heavy snow, it is not recommended after December to Yubeng.

Seven, walking Yubeng quick question answer

Q: Will there be a plateau reaction when hiking in the avalanches? Must bring oxygen bottle?
A: The plateau reaction varies from person to person, the key to see their own body, attitude is also very important to maintain a normal heart, without strenuous exercise, pay attention to adjust the respiratory rate, rest, in general, there is not much problem. If you are worried about anti-high-level, you can take Rhodiola capsules 7 days in advance, after taking the Yubeng can take blue tablets or local butter tea to help ease. Personally think there is no need to bring oxygen bottles, the body can be relatively poor quality with one.
Q: What are the necessary equipment to bring on foot?
A: ① laundry articles: jacket, Fleece, fast drying, disposable underwear, hiking shoes and high slip raincoat because go uphill or downhill is also preferable to bring knee;
② assistances articles : Small flashlight, commonly used drugs, sunscreen or sunscreen scarf, alpenstock and a fully charged treasure;
③ food articles: trekking to consume a lot of physical strength, it is best to bring some dry food, such as chocolate, beef jerky, both Recharge energy and easy to carry. But along the way there will be a canteen selling instant noodles, Red Bull, etc., but after all, the goods shipped to the mountains is not easy, the price will be expensive;
④ Psychology articles: be sure to bring your relaxed and happy attitude and safety first concept, set foot on the road .
Q: how to solve the problem along the way to the toilet?
A: There will always be toilets at the rest, but the tissue needs to be prepared. If on the way, because they are taking the mountain road, find yourself a remote corner to solve it.
Q: Is the local Tibetans friendly, what needs attention?
A: The local Tibetans are very friendly. The dishes are delicious and tasty. Basically, they are more hospitable. They will certainly respond to you as long as they have a smile on their faces.
① When receiving guests, whether walking or speaking, always let the guests or the elderly first and use honorifics, such as adding a "la" character after the name to show respect and cordialness, to avoid being called by their names; Guests, bowed and knees, smiling. Indoor sitting, cross-legged to sit, not legs straight, feet toward the people, can not look around. King tea, wine, tobacco, to offer both hands, fingers can not be put into the bowl.
Accept gifts, hands to pick up; give gifts, bow to the waist and both hands over the top.
② The biggest taboo in Tibetans is to kill, Buddhist disciples are more strict in this regard. Although eat beef and mutton, but they do not personally slaughtered. Tibetans absolutely forbid eating donkeys, horse meat and dog meat, and in some areas they do not eat fish or meat.
③ food to eat dissatisfied mouth, bite not sound, drink no sound.
④ drink butter tea, the owner pours tea, guests must wait until the hands of both hands before the host can take to drink.
⑤ bogey spit in the back of others, clap your hands.
⑥ road encountered monasteries, Mani Heap, pagodas and other religious facilities must be detour from left to right, Bon religion belief from the right detour. Do not cross the law, brazier.
⑦ after the tube, the wheel can not be reversed.
⑧ taboo others touch his head.
⑨ into the temple, taboo smoking, touching the Buddha statue, turn the book, ring the bell drum. For lamas wearing amulets, prayer beads and other religious artifacts, but not to touch; in the temple to be quiet, sitting body to be corrected, should not sit Living Buddha seat; avoid loud noise near the temple, hunting and casual killing.

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