Choose the time to visit Yunnan | Yunnan points of interest

Yunnan Province, including China from south to north climate. Ten miles different days, four different seasons, the election of time, the election of the season, in order to see the most beautiful Yunnan. Different season to Yunnan, were the most suitable where to go, let us to talk about in detail ~
luoping rape sea

Yunnan month destination recommended in different months

March - May: Luoping, Dali, Shangri
- La 6-8 months: general black, ancient city of Lijiang, Lugu Lake
9 - 11 months: Tengchong, Nujiang Grand Canyon, Pudacao
12 - February: Yuanyang terraces, Xishuangbanna, Dali Denno

3 - May, blooming everywhere, enjoy the spring of Yunnan

Yunnan's Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau climate so that cherry blossoms lit up Cangshan, its unique karst Danxia landform to Jinjiao Feng is unique, vertical elevation caused by mountain mountain alpine cuckoo. 3 - May is the best view of Yunnan period, vertical flowers, shoot large to go!

1. Jinyu Man Tang - Luo Ping rape sea

Every year from February to March, endless rape in Luoping in full bloom. From the beginning of February, part of the rape can not contain the heart to blossom; wait until late February, into a piece of rape open, you come up with the camera overlooking the moving heart and soul of the sea, you can also along the field trail, Into the flowers bounce; to March, many rape has begun to turn green seed, then the rape although not into a piece of Huang Cancan to have a visual impact, but a little green and a touch of yellow is also exciting.

See the flowers will go:
(1) Golden Rooster: here rape field relatively flat, far from a small hill raised, endless. Suitable for sunrise shooting and into the sea to take pictures.

Golden Jungle Rape.

(2) screw field: rafting in the terraced fields , from the mountains down to see, terraces like a piece of screws, the field also mix some trees, and Jinjiao Feng's spectacular impact is different, but also do not have unique The The best time to watch is from afternoon to sunset.

(3) In addition to the above description of the Luoping rape field, Luoping there are two equally not to be missed: Kowloon Falls: 22 kilometers northeast of the county to block the village; multi-river area: 40 kilometers southeast of the county.      

Kowloon Waterfall.

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【Arrival mode of transport】
car: Luoping is a county, need to go to Kunming. Can take the plane or high-speed rail (Kunming South Railway Station) arrived in Kunming, then to the east of Kunming passenger station, take the bus to Luoping County (every 40 minutes rolling start, 07: 00-18: 20), fare 72 yuan / Averaging 4 hours. Luoping returned to Kunming (every 30 minutes rolling start), which during the annual rape festival, will also open Kunming to Luoping tourism train.
Train: Kunming (Kunming Railway Station) - Luoping Express takes 3 hours (hard seat fare 37.5 yuan / person), 6 hours to slow down (hard seat fare 27.5 yuan / person), the earliest hours of 7:30, the latest To 21:05. Luoping returned to Kunming, the earliest hours for the 4:39, the latest flight of 17:03. It is recommended to buy tickets early in the season.

2. cherry sea - Dali Cangshan Erhai

Dali University cherry blossoms

As the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties of the Dali, in addition to the ancient city of the wind, the reputation of the town outside the town, there is a place, when the spring comes, in the blue sky, the pink cherry blossom over the mountains. This place is located at the foot of the Cangshan Dali University. Around the institutions have their own style, Dali University cherry blossom road and the big cherry blossom comparable.
March Cangshan there are snow, people less Jingmei, where there are snow where to find? As one of Dali ten, there is no reason to not see. In the vicinity of the school there are many local snacks, cheap, it is suitable for backpackers, looking at the scenery to save money correct.

March will go:
(1) Cangshan : Cangshan is located in the west of Erhai Lake, it is recommended to ride to the horse wharf cableway that is Cangshan large cableway, in March to see Cangshan back mountain azaleas, overlooking the Erhai Lake.
Cangshan big cableway tickets: Package 282 (including Cangshan tickets, Tianlong eight film and television city tickets and video car battery car costs)

smart electric car tour Erhai sea.

(2) Erhai : March weather without rain and wind, it is the most beautiful season of Erhai Lake, on the side of the barren leaves are open, rent a bike or electric car, to ring around the Erhai Lake, patted the photo, no more than This is more enjoyment of things.
Erhai surrounding bicycle rental: 20-40 yuan / day, electric car: 50 yuan / yuan. If it is a family trip, you can rent a smart car similar to smart. PS: Erhai surrounding the whole in the dressing, the current part of the Haidong to play along the coast, the rest are in the repair sewer, not recommended to.

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【Arrival mode of transport】
Train: Kunming station every day, ranging from 5-7 hours, fares for the hard seat 64, hard to 105.5 yuan, in addition to the summer and summer holidays when it is difficult to buy tickets in advance, the rest Time ticket is not tight. From the train station to reach the ancient city of Dali can choose the bus or micro-car, bus for 2 yuan, chartered about 50 yuan.
Car: Kunming West Bus Terminal to Dali a lot of daily flights, can go directly to the purchase, the time from: 07: 50-21: 00. Tickets for the 127-192 yuan, about 4 hours. After arriving at Dali Bus Terminal, bus or taxi to Dali city, taxi costs about 30-40 yuan. (Dali can use drops)

In addition to the season, Dali accommodation options range, Dali ancient city inn prices ranging from 150-800, Erhai Lake accommodation due to Erhai in the rectification, there are only a few operating qualifications of the inn in operation, the rest are Closed down rectification.

3. Shangri-La small Zhongdian, thousands of hills, alpine cuckoo

Follow the movie to travel, once the Promise of the secret is thousands of mountains and mountains. Every year in mid-May to late June, thousands of hills and small Zhongdian different from the traditional hot spots in the northwest of Yunnan, azaleas here full of mountains, because only to off-road vehicles, tourists scarce, photography enthusiasts fascinated here , The depth of the tour of the addicts can not miss here.
Evergreen alpine fir and full of purple alpine cuckoo, it is like a magnificent picture. The same time point, Shangri-La's small Zhongdian pasture is also no less, although there is no tall and straight alpine fir accompanied, but the traditional Tibetan villages and small Zhongdian closely dependent.

See the flowers will go to:
(1) one thousand hills : every year due to conservation restrictions, a thousand hills, only received about 2,000 visitors, while transportation is also used for off-road vehicles to climb on, there will be a sea of people for thousands of hills, Only everlasting the vast sea of ​​sea and azalea sea, hundreds of small and small ice lake embellishment which.

Thousand Lake mountains

Thousand Lake mountains

(2) small Zhongdian: small Zhongdian pasture has been no reputation is not obvious, but as a way to Shangri-La must be on the way to the dust pearl, as long as you close, it will be stunning by it.    

Small Zhongdian

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[Arrival of the way of transport]
 first arrived in Shangri-La, Qianhu Mountain is located in the small Zhongdian Township unity village, due to road restrictions, only through the SUV, from Shangri-La City along the Yunnan-Tibet Highway to the south line 50 km. You can stay with the inn or the only grams of ancient city around the club to choose the car, off-road vehicles a round trip about 800-900 yuan or so. Small Zhongdian can be used as a way to visit the day.
Qianshan Lake did not provide accommodation, ALICE can bring their own tents, but sleeping bags require relatively high.

6-8 months, summer new place, cool summer drunk Yunnan

Zhejiang high temperature warning, Sichuan high temperature warning, Guangzhou high temperature warning ... Finally, the African people have left China to return home summer. The average temperature in the summer of Yunnan is not more than 32 degrees, Dali Lijiang Shangri-La average temperature of 24 degrees, do not open air conditioning can sleep well. The best summer resort, no one Oh.

1. Passion of water, lotus "feast" - Pu people black

Pu of the black meaning of the Yi language "fish and a lot of ponds", in this piece of water growing acres of wild lotus. At the end of June, the pink and white lotus stars began to appear in the general black lake. Wait until July, into a piece of lotus filled with the lake, beautiful. In addition to the Dutch can let their hearts calm and hot weather confrontation, as well as the most passionate water fight minutes to help you refreshing. In August, the rainy season in Yunnan basically ended, blue sky and white clouds, reflecting the lotus, in the green rice walk is also a kind of enjoyment.

Pudong black tourist map

The heat will go:
(1) the general black fight water battles : two docks can sit as a boating water fight starting point, respectively, Qinglongshan pier and Pucao terminal. Such as the yellow part of the map for the boat to fight the water line.
Tour ticket fare: 210 yuan / person, you can go to the scenic area to buy. (Travel tickets contain the torch hole tickets, cruise tickets) to fight the weapons of war can be purchased at the terminal, 10-20 yuan, kegs the greatest power.

The general black water fight

(2) Sansei San shooting : you can choose to walk from the inn or by car, after the bridge must walk into the walk time is about 30 minutes, here is not the ticket Oh.

Sansei San shooting

(3) Qinglongshan panoramic view : from the Qinglongshan terminal to go 100 meters to see the climbing junction Qinglongshan, to reach the peak of half an hour, a total of four viewing platform, see the scenery is not the same.  

(4) torch hole : karst cave landscape, smaller, but there are unique "mirror effect".   

(5) Yi bonfire party : scenic bonfire every night, the address is located in the immortal village entrance right. 8:30 to 30:30 pm. Fare 100 yuan / person. Some pubs will also have small bonfire party.   

Yi bonfire party

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【Arrival traffic】
High-speed rail: high-speed rail has been opened, from other provinces (mainly for the Shanghai-Kunming line) take the high-speed rail to the plane or arrived in Kunming, then take the subway to the high-speed railway station (Kunming South Railway Station, (07: 13-20: 00), second-class seat price of 75 yuan / person, time for 1 hour and 20 minutes, after the arrival of the need to chartered or contact the inn in advance.
Pughe black station - Pu people black village with about 40 minutes, one-way about 80-100 / car. 7-8 months in case of the weekend recommended ahead of schedule car.
Aircraft: may first go to Kunming, by the Kunming Flying Hill, contact the inn or chartered to the general black village.
Pu Zhe black accommodation conditions are limited, mostly bed and breakfast, high-end hotels or fewer inn, the season for the 6-8 months, to be booked in advance, ordinary guest house price of 200 +, high-grade inn for the 800 +.

It is difficult to take the next door, want to play all over the essence of Yunnan and China? Long distance bus do not know how to set? Holiday high-speed rail can not grab votes? Car rental, charter is not familiar with road conditions? Hot area is scheduled to stay too hot?
It is better to follow the Ranger together with the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, all the troubles a solution, the knight-friendly travel, not dull very happy off! More playing Ma Ci, bamboo pole pick, ignition and other authentic folk experience, come and Yi compatriots together with the bonfire it! ↓ ↓ ↓  

2. Historic city, Naxi culture - the ancient city of Lijiang

In the eyes of Yunnan people, Lijiang has never been what Aventure, but a good place to relax. Summer summer has never been used to describe the Lijiang, the whole summer, Lijiang never more than 24 degrees, at any time to take a thin coat is necessary. Yulong Snow Mountain in June or will be snow, beam river town of bridges, white sand town quiet quiet far, Yuhu village also has a traditional Dongba ritual. Wait until the evening, standing in the Qingxi Reservoir quietly watching the reflection of the Yulong Snow Mountain, everything is free of fireworks free time.

Refreshing essential:
(1) Jade Dragon Snow Mountain : even in the scorching summer, or Jade Dragon Snow Mountain will occasionally be times heavy snow, 5596m above sea level will be brought unforgettable mountain experience;
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Package price is about: 480-680 Yuan / person, the price includes ropeway tickets, Blue Moon Valley, fares, lunch, you can contact the inn or the ancient city of the club to ride.

Yulong Snow Mountain

(2) beam River town: town style and a small amount of commercial combination, useless surging crowd, quiet summer will send you not the same summer leisure;
tickets 40 yuan / person, in principle, need to buy tickets to buy Lijiang Of the ancient city maintenance fee of 80 yuan receipt, but generally only for team visitors, the basic does not check self-help traveler (after 17:00 every day generally do not check votes)   

(3 ) Dawn Laojun Scenic Area: Sanjiang Concurrent World Natural Heritage core area, similar to the Qiantang Mountain peculiar Danxia landform, blowing the cool breeze at night the number of stars, during the day to a Rada is a combination of work and death (fear Do not go too high). Lijiang can choose the day trip, about 500 yuan. Radar is divided into primary and intermediate, the price is not the same.    

Dawn Laojun area

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【Arrival mode of transport】
Train: Kunming to Lijiang every day many times the train, the fare is 89-152 yuan / person range, 6-8 months for the season, need to advance booking. The evening if the ride is Lijiang travel line, there are Ktv train. Lijiang can be selected after the drop to the ancient city.
Car: from the western Kunming passenger train to Lijiang, time for 08: 00-21: 25, duration of 6-12 hours, the price of 184-252 yuan / range.
Aircraft: the country have more than fly to Lijiang aircraft, but also choose to transfer from Kunming, a lot of flights, the summer fare of 400-800 ranging from
chartered: to Yulong Snow Mountain proposed car tour, June - August for Lijiang season, Yulong Snow Mountain day tour for 680 yuan; Laojunshan recommended chartered to the car from the cost of 600-800 range; beam River town from Lijiang Dayan ancient city about 6 km, can be rented or the ancient city gate bus ride.
Lijiang can choose to stay in the ancient city of Lijiang or beam town, 6-8 months prices are floating 150-1000 range, need to book in advance, stay in the ancient city of the need to pay attention to the inn location, contact the inn in advance to avoid the wrong exit, Drag the bag to take the long way to go. If you want to stay Laojunshan, can be reached after Laojunshan choose, there are youth hostels and hotels, the price of 80-200 yuan / room, tents hotel 1000-5000 yuan / room.

3. Mosuo legend, the daughter of the East - Lugu Lake

"The magic of the East daughter of the country" - Lugu Lake, in addition to Mosuo people unique matriarchal clan marriage system so that Lugu Lake is different from other places outside, Lugu Lake natural scenery is also unique. At the end of June, you can see in the clear Lugu Lake "water-based Yang Hua", because the water vapor is relatively heavy, from the viewing Taishan to see the Lugu Lake is likely, such as ink painting in general, feeling in addition to the word Wonderland can be described, has not found better Alternative words. Summer Lugu Lake and autumn and winter is not the same, if the autumn and winter is a thorough beauty, the summer will give you a little hazy feeling.

Summer heat will go to:
(1) Lugu Lake viewing platform: the viewing platform is located in the entrance area left, you can see the panoramic view of the lake, it is a good place to take a group photo. Lugu Lake tickets 100 yuan / yuan, if the car to the door is not parking.

Lugu Lake View Terrace

(2) mileage in the island: can experience the ride to the pig trough, about 20 minutes, the island has a temple. The boatman will recommend the boat around the island, in fact, no big meaning, each 20-30 per person fees, not recommended around the island. Pig slot fare 50 yuan / person.  

Pork Boat Tour Lake

(3) lattice female goddess Hill: most of the scattered fight does not take the cableway to the lattice gods mountain, you can see from the cableway Lugu Lake can give you the surprise is not where to find the beauty of the picture. Ropeway price of 110 yuan / person.   

Gum goddess mountain road overlooking Lugu Lake

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[Arrival of the way of transport]
car: first arrived in Lijiang, Lijiang ancient city of Yuhe Plaza parking lot every morning to the Lugu Lake tourist green car, can reach the large Luo Village and Riga Island, round-trip fare 160 yuan / person, one-way 100 yuan / person, 8:00 am departure, about 3 hours by car;
Lijiang Express bus station every day two buses were sent to Lugu Lake Lakura Village, respectively 8:00 and 8:30, about 3 hours by car, fares About 100 yuan / person;
Lijiang bus station every day two buses sent to Lugu Lake Duo water village, respectively, 8:30 and 9:00, 3 hours by car, the fare of about 106 yuan / person;
from Lijiang City to Lugu Lake Can own car rental, the general off-season for the 350-550 yuan, the season for the 550-800 yuan.
Aircraft: Kunming every day a direct flight Lugu Lake, flight number is 8L9827,11: 05-12: 10, the fare range of 600-1600 range. Airport is not in the area, need to contact the hotel or inn transfer.
Lugu Lake has many boutique Lake View Inn, 6-8 months higher prices, ranging from 400-1000, need to be booked in advance.

Although a person riding a chic, Luyu beauty want to take pictures, always rush, have not thought to use 3 days to complete 360 ​​° panoramic lake? Have you ever wondered the professional photography leader full record moments? Sometimes travel with travel, only the following a link ↓ ↓ ↓

9 - 11 months, autumn, stop and stop to stop in Yunnan

1. Golden fairy tale, ginkgo yellow all over the village head - Tengchong ginkgo village

As a combination of humanities and landscape and another destination, because a drama and quickly filled the people's attention, this little town, quiet and serene, simple and leisurely. And because it is located in the Burma-Burma border, Yunnan is connected with Myanmar, India, Pakistan and other Southeast Asian countries business port, both from the border town of Yuan and Ming, and because of its unique geographical location and 23 ethnic minorities are full of mystery color.
To catch the tail of the fall, to Tengchong Ginkgo Village and then fit. Ginkgo in general began to turn yellow in November, surrounded by ginkgo trees in the village, like a golden castle, the ground is ginkgo leaf paved golden carpet, feel a golden.

Tengchong must go:
(1) Ginkgo Village: Golden Fairy Ginkgo Village, ginkgo season, tickets 50 yuan / person.

Tengchong Ginkgo Village

(2) Heshun town: one of the largest rural libraries in the country, once on the ancient city of Tea Horse Road. Tickets 80 yuan / person.  

Heshun town

(3) Tengchong North Sea wetlands: stepping grass the best place, authentic ecological wetlands, all year round there are wild flowers in full bloom, autumn when the grass turns yellow, far from the mature rice fields like. Tickets 110 / person, discount ticket half price.    

Tengchong North Sea Wetland

(4) Tengchong volcano geothermal national geological park: volcano and hot sea is Tengchong a geological wonders. Inside the park there is a volcanic geological museum, you can understand the volcanic knowledge. Tickets: 40 yuan / person, discount ticket half price.  

Tengchong Volcano Geothermal National Geological Park

(5) Warlord Cemetery + West Yunnan Anti-Japanese War Museum: the only country to see the KMT flag two places is a Nanjing, one is here, to go again history, cherish the heroes. Free tickets.    

West Yunnan Anti - Japanese War Museum

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[Arrival of the transport mode]
 car: recommended Dali - Tengchong, the price of 118 yuan, Dali two bus stations have a bus, Dali Bus Passenger North Station, two shifts a day; new station has three classes; Kunming to Tengchong, from the Western Bus Terminal Departure (09: 00-21: 00), there are nine classes a day.
 Aircraft: the country have more direct flight Tengchong flights; which Yunnan Province to Tengchong aircraft: Lijiang - Tengchong, every day; Kunming - Tengchong, 13 classes a day.
Tengchong and Shun there are many boutique bed and breakfast prices ranging from 200-1000, ginkgo season to be booked in advance. Tengchong hot springs are also quite well known, autumn and winter stay at the hot spring hotel is also a good choice.

2. Turtle Canyon, the gods share the Peach Blossom Spring - Nu River Grand Canyon

Surrounded by mountains and mountains, the mountain people said that you can not understand, they will be from the river on the cable across, when you look at them, get will be smiling or calm face. There are secular, there are gods, this is the place where people and gods live together - Yunnan Nu River Grand Canyon.
Autumn, green river from north to south out of the border, the two sides of the canyon filled with colored wild flowers mixed in the shrubs and meadows, blue sky in the background of the clouds under the Nu River Grand Canyon is like a huge color three-dimensional painting. Autumn there is no summer rainy season frequent debris flow collapse, there is no spring sudden burst of Blizzard, but also to avoid the winter biting cold wind and depression, it is the most beautiful scenery and the best weather season.

Autumn will go:
(1) Nu River Grand Canyon: more than 300 kilometers of the Nu River Grand Canyon in the fall of the beautiful weather has become extremely gentle, clear green water, cross-strait vegetation color level, the road conditions are more good;

Nu River Grand Canyon

(2) Dulongjiang Canyon: Gaoligongshan and Tamakan Mountains between the Dulong River brought the last to be found in the nation, the unique pattern of female customs complained about the mystery buried in history;    

Dulongjiang pattern female

(3) Bing Zhongluo: where the gods living, we condescending down the first floor of the Nu River, you will know the beauty of the autumn of this place. 11 am to 1 pm Nujiang first bay of the best light, but also the most suitable for taking pictures    

Bingzhong Luo overlooking the first floor of the Nu River

(4) autumn bucket: Peach Blossom in the depths of the pastoral scenery, autumn golden wheat waves one after another, the Catholic Church is also located in the village

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【Arrival mode of transport】
car: Nujiang area tour order Whether it is free or with the regiment are along the river, starting from the six treasures, after Fukong arrived in Gongshan, Gongshan choose to go to Bing or Dulong , Then return to the original road.
First need to arrive in Dali (Dali arrived before the above), from the Dali Express Bus Terminal to the six library (bus 07: 20-19: 30, fare range of 65-88 yuan, about 5 hours) Six library bus station - C in the town (a day bus, 8:30 start, travel 9 hours, the fare of about 75 yuan / person), to Dulong River because of the tunnel, only allowed to pass the following nine cars.

Nujiang area tourism traffic map

Usually, six library and Fugong can find Samsung standard hotel, the price range of 150-300 range. Culong Lu relatively compared to the original ecology, accommodation conditions are poor, the independence of the standard price of 120 yuan from top to bottom, Dulongjiang hotels are equipped with air conditioning, but the winter in order to stabilize the power supply, the general hotels are prohibited to use air conditioning, switch to electric blanket The National Day, Spring Festival season, the room will rise 20% -50%.

3. intoxicating autumn, colorful - Puda measures

Shangri-La Pudacao National Park is the first national park on the mainland of China. Visitors can only visit the area of ​​only 3% of the total area of ​​the park. All year round is suitable for Pudacao, spring flowers, snow in winter, summer Cool, and autumn, color, autumn, the color of the forest has become colorful, yellowish, yellow, red, lavender, dark green, the form of the color of the Puda measures painted into a colorful picture. Autumn rain is also much smaller than the summer, transparent blue sky, make you feel the sky at your fingertips.
Puda measures tickets for 265 yuan / person, including Jingjing delivery, the proposed play time of 4 hours.

Pudate will play:
(1) are Lake: into the scenic area by car about 15-20 minutes to reach the first stop is the lake are, a good place to take pictures, with a wide field of vision, to a big photo And then fit, but the fall of the capital Lake is the most beautiful, the surrounding trees are beginning to turn yellow, the lake reflects the blue sky and white clouds, how to shoot are large.

Belong to the lake

(2) Bitahai: here more like the plateau forest park, where the need to slow down, because walking on the path along the cliff has a certain slope, if you go too fast, easy to cause high resistance, along the road can see small squirrel Oh.

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[Arrival of the traffic]
First of all, first to Shangri-La, Shangri-La passenger station to Puda measures, every day 08: 00-14: 30 and 09: 30-16: 00 two classes, round-trip fare of 30 yuan. You can also choose to chartered to a commercial car the average price of about 120-150 yuan, 30 minutes by car.
Pudaci mainly rely on Jingjing car and trekking, foot about 3-4 km. You can also choose to take a boat, the price of one-way 50 yuan / person.
Pudacuo no accommodation provided, need to return to Shangri-La County residence.

A person to the plateau, snow mountain panic? Yunnan terrain complex, want to go to the attractions difficult to reach? May wish to try the Ranger guest Lijiang station, Yunnan station dual station logistics support, the depth of pure play, do not enter the shop is not shopping, specifically to people less Jingmei small public attractions, a circle powder you ↓ ↓ ↓

12 - 2 months, the south of the border, warm small Yunnan

1. God gods, world heritage - Yuanyang Hani terraces

Hani people with generations of flesh and blood sweat cast, after more than 1300 years, and finally presented in front of us is this one million acres of distribution in Ailao Mountain Yuanyang Hani terraces. After the winter terraced fields, Yuan Yang terraced as if the sky under a huge mesh mirror, every sunrise and sunset, smooth terraced surface reflects the magic is full of light, countless photography lovers whom captivated.
Magnificent terraced terraced terraces, delicate human mouth Qingkou terraced fields, magnificent steep tiger ladder terraces, sunrise trees by terraces, which are Yuanyang Hani terraces of the most representative landscape terraces, such landscapes The impact is larger, when the weather is not good, it is very difficult to see the panoramic view of moisture, so and most of the same attractions, the winter is the smallest season of rainfall, compared to 3-4 months is more suitable for taking pictures.

Yuanyang terraced tickets are divided into two kinds of tickets
1. Tickets are 100 yuan, that is, the various attractions into the time (four attractions are Qing mouth, dam, multi-tree, tiger mouth) four viewing platform can only enter once. Effective day, punch void. Attention should be paid to arrange the tour time.
2. Zhou votes 180 yuan, one week into the four attractions within seven days of infinite access. Tickets are half price.
Tickets can only be bought at the Qingkou visitor center, the four viewing platform is not selling tickets. If you plan to arrange more than 2-3 days trip, it is recommended to buy weekly tickets.
In addition to the four main viewing platform, there are many other viewing platform is set in the scenic road side, do not vote, but also to see the beautiful scenery

Terraced fields will go:
(1) dam terraces: Dam area includes Qingkou, Quanfuzhuang, Ma Li Village, the main Lu and other contiguous 14000 acres of terraced fields. Standing in the Ma Li Village tea factory view terraced fields, nearly ten thousand acres of terraces like a slope sea, glowing sparkling light, rushed to the eyes, the scenery is very spectacular, when after 4 pm, the vast expanse of the sea with the sunset , Gradually turn into pink, red, and then into pink, white, is to watch and shoot the terraces change with time changes

Damida terraces sunrise

Damida terraces sunrise

(2) Tiger mouth: Tiger mouth is definitely the main event to Yuanyang. Here is a good place to shoot sunset, even if the weather is not good, the tiger mouth spectacular lines will make you shocked. (Experience: if dam fog rush to the tiger mouth, if the tiger mouth fog went to dam). Sunset time about seven o'clock, around four o'clock in the past can account for an ideal location.

(3) Jingkou national village: the village looks good, the village behind the large tracts of terraces, you can go inside the terraces. In the road side of the Jingkou wetland viewing platform can also take a good photo, about 5 o'clock in the afternoon can take a blue terraced fields.    

Jingkou national village

Pure dry goods push

[Arrival of the traffic]
 car: Yuanyang has two counties, one called Nansha County, is the new county, is in the foot of the mountain. Another called the new town, is the old county, in the mountains. To see Yuanyang terraces, you need to Yuanyang old county (Xinjie town), and then in the new street to transfer into the scenic area. Recommended Kunming direct Yuanyang New Street, every morning 10:20 minutes in Kunming, south of the bus station, arrived at about 5 pm New Street. Arrived in Xinjie town, from the tiger mouth and other trees and other scenic spots there is a distance, about 10 km.
Yuanyang overall accommodation is relatively poor, there are electric blanket in winter, can choose to live in the village, more bed and breakfast, the price range of 120-200 range. The village often power outage, good psychological preparation.

2. Wonderful paradise, the only tropical rain forest - Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna is located south of the Tropic of Cancer, with its same latitude area is not the desert is the ocean or savanna area. Its particularity is due to the vertical elevation of Yunnan caused by the span, so the weather and tropical, like the whole year only comfortable and hot two seasons. In the north when the snow swirling, the version of the people still wearing slippers drinking ice beer live a nightlife.
12 - February of the most suitable for cold. In addition to the climate, Banna can attract the eye where there are numerous, Dai style, outdoor resort, special food, high-end characteristics of the hotel, etc., of course, it also has a pronoun, south of the border.

  The temporary shelters will play
(1) Wild Elephant Valley: National Nature Reserve. Xishuangbanna is the only habitat of Asian elephants in China. There are domesticated Asian elephants, but also have the opportunity to see the elephant on the path along the cliff. Wild elephant Valley tickets for 65 yuan / person, student tickets 50, sightseeing one-way cableway 50 yuan / person.

Xishuangbanna wild elephant valley

(2) virgin forest park: Forest Park is located in Jinghong 8 kilometers. The most characteristic of the park is the peacock flying, as well as an original tropical rain forest, for a large family travel and want to feel the most primitive tropical rain forest tourists, virgin forest park is the most suitable, and the park there are all terrain Car ATV Valley Wizard and Asia's largest jungle leap. Tickets: 65 yuan / person, student tickets 40 yuan / person.

Xishuangbanna virgin forest park, jungle leap

(3) Dai Park: scenic area preserved typical Dai style, as well as a long history of Manchu Man Temple. You can choose to catch the afternoon to 3:30 pm splashing water carnival activities (splashing clothing rental 20 yuan), then in the Dai Park residential residence within one night is a good guest experience. In the evening you can also visit the Lancang River to see the sunset. Tickets 65 yuan / person, scenic battery tickets 40 yuan / person.

Dai Park

(4) hope days tree: hope tree This tree species is the core of the tropical rain forest. Xishuangbanna Wangtian tree scenic spot is located in Mengla County, about 13 km from Jinghong City, is the only way to experience the rain from the full range of rain and rain. Tickets: 75 yuan / person, air corridor 100 yuan / person, South River tour boat 40 yuan / person.

Wangtian sky air corridor

(5) Xishuangbanna Zhongke Botanical Garden: Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, also known as Menglun Botanical Garden, there are more than 3,000 kinds of domestic and foreign tropical and subtropical plants, is a tropical rain forest-based, scientific research, plant germplasm conservation, science and eco-tourism as one China 's largest botanical garden. Recommended to stay in the botanical garden hotel, participate in the botanical garden night tour, you can see the firefly Oh.
Tickets: 104 yuan / person, half price 52 yuan; Park West battery car 40 yuan / person, the whole park battery car 100 yuan / person, rent a bike 5 yuan / hour, double 10 yuan / hour.

Xishuangbanna Botanical Garden

(6) other small public attractions:
Shizhuang West Shuangjing: Tuzhuang night market is the largest Banna night market, Daji tower is also located here, surrounded by a number of specialty restaurants.
Jingmai Mountain - Millennium ancient tea garden: early winter Jingmei can head blue sky, overlooking the sea of ​​clouds.
Meng Jing to - China and Myanmar First Walled: different from the Dai Park, fewer tourists, the village is very quiet like quiet visitors can choose to stay here for a long night.

Jingmai Mountain Ancient Tea Garden

Pure dry goods push

[Arrival of the traffic]
car: Kunming Southern Bus Terminal has a direct trip to Xishuangbanna (08: 00-21: 30), the fare is 223 yuan / person, time is about 8-9 hours. Kunming city can take the subway to the south bus station.
Recommended aircraft: the country have more flights to the Banna flights, but also choose to transit from Kunming, about 20 flights a day from Kunming - Banna. The fare is about 300 yuan -700 yuan range.
There are many hotels in the city, but most hotels are older. The price is 200-600 ranging from
Zhuangxi double view of the new Thai-style inn, the price of 150-600 ranging from the
National Day, Songkran Festival, Spring Festival, need to advance booking, prices are off-season twice.

3. Millennium Bai village, "the tip of the ham" - Dali promise Deng

If you do not eat so much, holding out the "tongue on the Chinese", I believe that no one will know that the Millennium Bai Village "promise Deng." Nuodeng ancient village is located in Yunnan Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Yunlong County northwest of the valley, since the Tang Dynasty Nanzhao period since 1000 years "Nobuo Deng" village name has not changed, so called "Millennium Bai Village". In addition to ham, there are 24 more than 100 years of protection courtyard and Yuhuangge. Winter Reno Deng, you can see how the villagers marinated well-known ham, but also the best time to watch Tai Chi water.

Connaught Deng will travel:
(1) Connaught Deng village: Village located on the hillside, to spend one hour a careful tour taste this village. There are salt wells at the foot of the village, still in use.

Connaught Dun Village

(2) Tai Chi lock water: Nuodeng River and the Lancang River tributary of the intersection of the river, around a "S" type of big bend, forming a similar Taoist "Tai Chi map" of the natural landscape wonders, the ancients called "Tai Chi Lock water ". In the winter can see the wonders of Tai Chi lock water. Sea of ​​clouds from time to time to cover Tai Chi map, and slowly spread out, can not meet to see luck.

Tai Chi lock water

Pure dry goods push

[Arrive] transportation
car: Connaught Deng Yunlong County, Dali, starting from Kunming, if can take the shuttle bus to the western bus terminal, there are two classes, the fare is 175-189 yuan / person, about 7.5 hours;
if from Dali , From 07: 30-16: 30, every 40 minutes rolling start, the fare is 39 yuan / person; arrived in Yunlong, you can take a mini-car to Nobuo, about 7 km, the price is about 15-40 yuan The
Connaught Deng overall accommodation conditions are poor, there is a inn on the top of the hill called the Great Green Inn, antique, inn boss four generations are Chinese medicine, do traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy, herbs are from the mountains before returning to Noble's stars are living here, only public guards. The price is about $ 100-120.
There are other hotels in the village, the conditions and large green trees almost, the price is about 100 yuan.

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