How to play for the first time in Yunnan?

Yunnan so big, the first time to play the route how to choose? Tell you so play do not regret it
yunnan lijiang ancient city

Yunnan is not a time to travel, the first time to have a choice

Yunnan can be said that the current domestic tourism resources the most abundant places. Perhaps you would like to go to Yunnan once, but do not know how to arrange itinerary? Little partner, do not worry, your problem is very common. The reason is the following:

  1. Yunnan is great.
  2. Yunnan fun place is too much. Lijiang, Dali, Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Lugu Lake, Shangri-La, Erhai Lake, Dianchi Lake, the three major snow-capped mountains, Tengchong which is not a famous, which is not the beauty of the bubble?
  3. The distance between the various attractions is very far, are also high mountain road, traffic is very convenient. Kunming to Xishuangbanna 537 kilometers, Kunming to Lugu Lake 540 kilometers, and Beijing to Hohhot as long as 470 kilometers. Because there are mountains, most of the attractions between Yunnan no train route, long-distance car at every turn to take a night, the plane is on the plane for 1 hour, 1 hour flight, the plane 1 hour rhythm, not enough tossing the wood Have!

If you agree with this, please adjust your mind, do not mind the mother nagging: "wow! Kunming and Xishuangbanna are not what to go to Yunnan!" Do not worry about the small circle of friends, said: "wow! Pu Zhe black not to Yuan Yang terraces you are not silly! "This is your first trip to Yunnan, choose really suitable for their own routes and travel like.


The first time to Yunnan, it is recommended to play northwest Yunnan, that is, around Lijiang


There are three reasons:

  1. Northwest Yunnan has the most intensive and best attractions. Lijiang, Dali, Erhai Lake, Lugu Lake, Shangri-La, the three major snow-capped mountains, Tengchong, these most famous places are covered, 5-7 days of the trip can play very comfortable.
  2. Northwest of the internal and external traffic is relatively convenient, thanks to many attractions, to Lijiang as the center of the road transport network in Yunnan relatively perfect, from Lijiang to the major attractions of the route are very mature. And Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou and other big cities and have direct flights to Lijiang route, so Lijiang as their northwest trip to the northwest of the starting point / destination / base / base camp. It's just a good fit.
  3. The northwest of Yunnan scenic development is relatively mature. Do not get it wrong. Not to say that there are copper smell, not the original ecology, but that there are some things here, it is suitable for the first time to Yunnan people to play. I will say that in the next section.

The first Yunnan line is suitable for election 1 - 2 day tour rather than complete free exercise

Said so much, you do not let me free exercise, but let me play with the group?

Do not worry, 1 - 2 day tour is not with the tour, you have considerable freedom of flexibility, 1-2 days of short - term travel, eat two or three meals, live a night or live, you have a full choice right. You can interspersed in a number of 1-2 days interspersed with their own arrangements in the city of Dali or Lijiang free exercise, the whole trip loose loose, work and rest.

As for why the attractions to the northwest of Yunnan 1 - 2 day tour better, and listen to me slowly Road to.

  1. Yunnan ethnic minorities, the average of every three people have a minority, in Lijiang Dali these cities Fortunately, if to go to the natural scenery known attractions, will listen to Mandarin, will speak Mandarin less, communication is very difficult The When someone else to reach out to you when the money, you only find yourself just to do is to consume, this time you regret too late. So you first came to Yunnan, you need someone to play with you.
  2. Yunnan scenery is good, some beautiful scenery, but not the locals do not know, some King is pit It is not easy for the locals to spend money. Some places have this story, some places have that legend, some places suitable for taking pictures, some places suitable for dinner, have to be the kind of local people will know.
  3. Yunnan traffic inconvenient, also mentioned in front. To the far point of the attractions, free of words, nothing more than two cases: 1, by car to go, mountain rugged, nine eighteen bend, not only to pay attention to traffic safety, but also all the way to worry about navigation is not accurate, nervous to open, Fart; 2, the car to go, whether it is chartered, carpool, or a taxi on the road always have to worry about two things, one is not encountered bad guys, and the second is worried that he is not paid more money. If you find a reliable 1 - 2 day tour, a long way to send a microblogging, brush WeChat friends circle, make up the feeling, it is not Mei Zai?


Several Lijiang departure from the classic 1 - 2 day line introduction

Lashihai day tour


Lashihai is the toast of the toast and the horse farm, tea horse trail must pass through, Lijiang outside the scenic scenery of the most beautiful place, now is the Lashihai wetland park. Lijiang ancient city has a lot of soliciting to pull the city of the sea, and some people even under the banner of a free, to find all forced consumption, forcing you to ride two steps a dollar "watch table price" of the horse, do not dig a few hundred Do not want to go.

It is better to consider the official travel agency's price tag 1 day tour: commercial car transfer +90 minutes riding + Naxi folk cottage hot pot + kayak, pure play no shopping, driver and tour guide accompanied by the whole, tell you where Where the fun for the camera, will not let you eat dumb loss.

Shangri-La 2 day tour

Shangri-La two-day tour has three different routes possible, each has its advantages.

A. the Yangtze River First Bay + Tiger Leaping Gorge + in the small Austin pastures + only grams of the ancient city + possession of the king feast + Pudate + subordinate Lake + Bita Sea + Shambhala when the wheel altar

B. the Yangtze River First Bay + Tiger Leaping Gorge + Moon Bay + Meili Snow Mountain Sunset + Tibetan King feast + Meili Snow Mountain Sunrise + flying Temple + only grams of ancient city + Shambhala time wheel altar

C. the Yangtze River First Bay + Dai Village + the only grams of ancient city + stone card snow mountain + blue moon valley + possession of the king feast + Shambhala time wheel altar + Tiger Leaping Gorge

Three routes have gone to the famous "Three Parallel Rivers" Yangtze River first bay, "paradise on earth" Shangri-La, "stormy sea" Tiger Leaping Gorge, the fire in the ancient city of Tibet alone, the Tantric Buddhism Shrine , Eat Tibetan feast, all live business hotel one night. Here to talk about the difference.


A route more attention to natural scenery, known as the "beauty harvester" route. Pudacuo National Park is China's first national park, autumn and winter scenery is particularly beautiful, can be described as photography. In the small pasture is a real pasture, the wind chisel see cattle and sheep. Spring and summer are the lake is a piece of flowers, winter morning lake is a dream of white mist. Bitahai is a rare coniferous forest ecosystem in China, half lake and a half lake water.


B route to play Meili Snow Mountain. Meili Snow Mountain is the mountain of Tibetan Buddhism, with our southern latitude south, the lower glacier of the modern glaciers, when the sun when the snow-capped mountains temperature rise, glaciers heat melting, hundreds of huge ice crash crash down, Such as thunder, earthquakes shake, it is shocking. General tourists have three Aspect: 214 National Road to see the panoramic view of the Meili Snow Mountain, fog top view of the mountain to see the foot of the mountain, flying Temple to see the snow-capped mountains sunrise.


C route main play stone card snow mountain. The stone is not like the Meishan Snow Mountain is so unattainable, between 3km and 4km, its beauty lies in the snow-capped mountains, Linghu, forest, meadow close, sandstone, limestone, slate and siliceous wood staggered distribution The A simple walk can see a variety of mysterious canyons, ice lake, meadow streams, gravel caves, corner peaks, "U" shaped valley, impact fan, glacier moraine and ancient glacier.


Dali + Erhai 2 day tour

Butterfly Spring - Erhai Cruise - Bai nationality three tea - Nanzhao style island - Bai nationality soil eight bowls - three-star hotel - Dali ancient city - foreigners Street - Chongsheng Temple three towers - ring Erhai riding

Dali and Erhai Lake is a stop in northwest Yunnan. A fairly thoughtful 2 day tour route, basically the essence of the attractions are to go. Thousands of butterflies flying butterfly spring, beautiful scenery of the Erhai Lake, Erhai Lake on the Pearl of the South Shuo Island, more than the ancient city of Dali Dali ancient city, Wensheng shops everywhere foreigners Street, thousands of years of history Chongsheng Temple three towers, There are leisurely ring Erhaihai riding time. Free to play the pure play group does not shop, not more than their own play, the whole trip includes Dali three towers Chongsheng Temple tickets 121 yuan, 60 yuan butterfly tickets, Erhai big boat tickets 142 yuan, three meals, there is a night Three-star accommodation, so a comparison to understand it.


Finally, do not forget to add your free trip to Lugu Lake on your itinerary. Such a 5-7 days of the trip on the baked! Find a small holiday leave it!

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