What are the best places to visit in Yunnan?

Yunnan this piece of beautiful magical earth every day to attract countless people to the four seasons of Kunming, romantic and passionate Lijiang, mysterious charming Shangri-La ... ... are painted with their own national colors, warm summon each of the tourists come here. Yunnan beauty is ready, you need to do is to find a simple and easy way of travel.
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Why do you want to take a 1 day tour / 2 day tour?

Yunnan is worth a visit to a lot of attractions, and there are some places such as Lashihai, Shangri-La their own words to traffic is not very convenient, not to mention the free exercise you need to do every point of food and shelter Raiders, but also to deal with the trip Unexpected circumstances, so go out in fact more labor, and participate in day trips, you keep the freedom of the journey, you can freely splicing, unlike with the group was limited to the daily itinerary.
But also avoid the trivial journey and worry about. Easy access to the vehicle, the tour guide will tell you where there are delicious fun, you do not need to plan their own lines, connecting attractions, do not worry about being bullied, you need to do is to enjoy the scenery,

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Travel to Yunnan, many people will choose to go to Kunming, and then transferred to other tourist destinations. Kunming as the capital city of Yunnan, there are many worth a visit to the attractions, it is recommended to set aside 1-2 days, visit the Kunming city of Green Lake, Western Hills, ethnic villages, as well as the Kunshan Shilin, Jiuxiang and other geological landscape.

Suitable for 1 day tour route 1: Western Hills, National Village, Green Lake

"Did not climb the Western Hills is not equal to Kunming, less than the gantry is white climb the Western Hills." Located in the western suburbs of Kunming, 15 km west of Kunming is bound to attractions. National village condensed the essence of the ethnic minorities in Yunnan, and the green lake is the center of Kunming city card will visit the land.

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Western Hills
on the Western Hills can overlook the entire Kunming and Dianchi Lake, the mountains have Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Sanqing Court and other attractions, the most important attractions are thousands of cliffs on the cliffs, it is the largest and most beautiful Taoist caves in Yunnan. From the sea ridge park ride on the cableway to the Western Hills gates, along the way to enjoy the Dianchi Lake scenery. To the gantry after the transfer cableway, then walk to visit the small stone forest, along the inscription and other landscape, and then back to the gantry ride cableway back.

Yunnan ethnic village
tour of the Western Hills, you can go close to the Western Hills of Yunnan ethnic village. The ethnic village is the epitome of the cultural customs of the ethnic minorities in Yunnan. The village has 25 villages of ethnic minorities such as Dai, Bai and Yi built by 1: 1, and they have different folklore and craft performances. Yunnan many ethnic customs.

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Lake Green Lake is the center of the city tour, where the original was once a lake in the lake, after the water level and become a Wang Qing Lake, it is "Tsui Chai Chunxiao" famous Quartet. To the Green Lake, summer view lotus, winter see seagulls, the surrounding army of the Church and the beautiful cloud campus can also be strolled.

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Why recommend 1 day tour?

1, from the city center to take the bus to the Western Hills about one and a half hours, transit to other scenic spots, but also tossing on the road, so the time to visit the scenic area is reduced. Day trips can go through a number of scenic spots, to solve the traffic problem, there are more time shopping area, more efficient and reasonable time schedule.
2, if you plan your trip, you need to plan in advance to the hotel to the Western Hills of the bus line, the purchase of Dianchi cableway round trip ticket (70 yuan / person), Longmen scenic tickets (40 yuan / person), Longmen scenic cable tickets (25 yuan / person ). Tour of the Western Hills have to plan a good way to the national village, the purchase of national village tickets (90 yuan / person), and then ride back to the city center. To participate in day trips, these trivial things do not need to worry about their own.
3, the price is more affordable. Do not participate in day trips, need to purchase a separate cable, scenic ticket a total of 225 yuan, 150 yuan taxi, lunch 30 yuan, a total of 405 yuan. The price of a day trip is 360 yuan.

Suitable for 1 day tour route 2: Stone Forest, Jiuxiang cave

Travel to Yunnan, there is a saying spread widely: the ground to see the stone forest, the underground Jiuxiang. The beauty of stone is the peak, the beauty of Jiuxiang is the valley.

Stone Forest:
Shilin County is under the jurisdiction of the suburbs of Kunming, known as the territory of the Stone Forest Park, Yunnan Stone Forest to preserve and show the most diverse karst form, almost all of the world karst forms are concentrated here. Stone Forest is the main tourist area here, Shilin entrance Shilin Lake, Shimen on the right side of the stone peak engraved with the "Stone Forest" two official script characters, as tourists will take pictures of the place. Stone Forest Scenic Area there are small stone forest, Lake, Lake and many other attractions, need about 4 hours tour.

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Jiuxiang :
Jiuxiang Scenic Area in Yiliang County, Kunming to Shilin in the gold tourist line, to here mainly to see the cave. Jiuxiang cave group originated in the ancient dolomite of 600 million years ago, the total size of the cave hundreds, cave quality is very high, holes in the hole, the hole in the river, the hole in the day, is very worth a visit Cave landscape.

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Why recommend 1 day tour?

1, Stone Forest, Jiuxiang two scenic spots more dispersed, visit the two scenic spots, to participate in the day tour of the traffic advantage is very obvious. Count to take the time of public transport, from Kunming to Shilin to spend 2-3 hours, Shilin to Jiuxiang need to rent a car, from Jiuxiang return to Kunming to take the bus from Jiuxiang to Yiliang, and then from Yi Liang by Pakistan back to Kunming The Travel more transit, not only tired and time-consuming, there is not enough time to visit the area. To participate in a day tour throughout the commercial car shuttle, to avoid travel transit, convenient and quick.
2, Shilin and Jiuxiang are Yi Township, to participate in a day tour with the old driver with a play, do not worry about not familiar with local customs, do not understand the local language, and my heart more practical.


Lijiang can be considered in the northwest of Yunnan tourism distribution center, and Lijiang local and around the attractions can play more, the ancient city of Lijiang, Lashihai, Yulong Snow Mountain, far away, such as Lugu Lake, are many tourists longing for the scenery, from Lijiang North can also go to Shangri-La. Because the relative dispersion between the attractions, it is recommended to book a day trip in advance.

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Suitable for 1 day tour route 1: Lashihai

Lashihai is located 10 kilometers west of Lijiang City, Yunnan Province is the first to "wetland" named nature reserve. Bird watching, boating, horse riding experience Tea Horse Road is the main way to play here, riding in the city can enjoy the auspicious meadows and Naxi field scenery, in the clear water can enjoy the landscape of the boat. You can also visit the Temple of Buddhism, which is the ancient Buddhist hills to Tibet before the prayer of the Tibetan Buddhist holy places.

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Why recommend 1 day tour?

1, Lashihai City, not far from the ancient city of Lijiang, about half an hour drive from the ancient city of Lijiang wallet to about 70-100 yuan per vehicle, tickets 30 yuan / person, riding a rowing to be paid, plus riding a row of expenditure, Cost about three or four hundred dollars. Participate in the day tour price is 160 yuan / person, including shuttle, play and lunch.
2, to participate in day trips, play quality is more secure, you can pull the sea in the most beautiful horse riding horse two hours, rather than casually go to a racecourse horse. Go to the city of sea boating and professional coach Professor kayak skills, make you happy play.

regular day travel through the low price to attract with the group of tourists, do not sell horse food, gloves, hats, etc., limit the number of people will let you truly experience the free exercise of free exercise experience, less than 100 yuan day Do not think about it.

Suitable for 1 day tour route 2: Yulong Snow Mountain

Yulong Snow Mountain is located about 15 kilometers north of Lijiang, about 40 minutes from the ancient city of Lijiang. To the scenic area, you can take a large cableway to more than 4500 meters above sea level, along the scenic road to the glacier park, enjoy the snow-capped mountains scenery. After the mountain can visit the Blue Moon Valley and Baishui River, go to the natural meadow pasture Gan Haizi enjoy taking pictures. If you are interested in national performances, you can also enjoy by Zhang Yimou hand Wang Chao song, Fan Yue co-directed the "impression Lijiang" large-scale performances.

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Why recommend 1 day tour?

1, the ancient city of Lijiang to Yulong Snow Mountain about 15 km, one day tour throughout the transfer, easy to save trouble.
2, to Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area tickets to be 105 yuan, 20 yuan environmental park, glacier park tickets 180 yuan, "Impression Lijiang" tickets 190, only need to spend more than 495 yuan. Yulong snow-capped mountains low temperature and high altitude, mountaineering and winter clothes and oxygen, Yamashita rent of about 100-200 yuan rent. To participate in the day trip trip price is 499 yuan, and provide cold clothing and oxygen and drinking water, more cost-effective.

Suitable for 2 day tour line 3: Lugu Lake

Compared to the Lashihai and Yulong Snow Mountain two scenic spots, Lugu Lake is far away from the ancient city of Lijiang, but the scenery is more charming, it is recommended to arrange 2 days tour, the first day of the lake, go to the Rige Peninsula and Valentine's Beach to play , The evening to the big Luo water along the lake plank road walk, enjoy the sunset beauty, the evening can also participate in the warm daughter of the country bonfire party.
The next day you can take the pig trough to enjoy the grass sea and sea beauty. Lugu Lake is known as the "magic of the East daughter country", the lake residents mainly Mosuo people, enjoy the natural scenery of Lugu Lake, you can also go to Mosuo people, visit Mosuo culture. Lugu Lake beautiful scenery, where accommodation to choose the lake view room is considered a worthwhile trip.

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Why recommend 2 day tour?

1, from the ancient city of Lijiang to Lugu Lake need to go high mountain road, the journey takes 3-4 hours, a separate car rental, then can not guarantee the driver's professional, but also worried about their own more fares. If you take the bus, the departure time is too late, and the road to spend more time than the professional driver shuttle, will delay the trip. To participate in a two-day tour with a professional driver lead the way, you just rest in the car, enjoy the scenery along the way, do not worry about the driver cheating or go the wrong way.
2, the hotel is a major highlight of the two-day tour. If you want to stay in the lake view room, you can choose the freezer of the village of Galan and Man, the hotel has a viewing platform, allowing you to enjoy the scenery, tour guides and managers will also be Tell you what place is suitable for taking pictures, or take the initiative to help you take pictures.
If you want to choose a place to stay in Riga Village, then the animal husbandry village is a good choice. In addition, to participate in two-day travel cost-effective, packaged purchase business services, than you book a separate business hotel to be much more cost-effective.
3, Lugu Lake in a remote place, choose a good quality pure play group to Lugu Lake, the quality of personal travel and personal safety more secure.


Shangri-La and Yunnan other tourist destination compared to the scenery, more original ecology, but also rich Tibetan style.

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Suitable for 2-day tour route: the Yangtze River First Bay, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Pudacuo national public

From Lijiang ancient city to the north, you can go to Shangri-La. Shangri-La is the heart of the paradise, where the scenery is very worth a look. It is recommended to arrange 2 days to visit Shangri-La, starting from the ancient city of Lijiang, along the way you can enjoy the first Bay of the Yangtze River to "insurance" known as Tiger Leaping Gorge and other famous attractions.
To Shangri-La, you can go to Kameyama Park to watch the world's largest turn tube, about five floors so high. To Shangri-La is the most not to be missed Pudacuo National Park, where the original ecological environment preserved intact, in the capital Lake, grassland viewing platform and Bitahai can see people praise the scenery.

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Why recommend 2 day tour?

Jinsha River by Bastet Evita

1, the way the attractions are more scattered, and the road is complex, the Yangtze River First Bay, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Kameyama Park these places need to stop and stop to visit. To participate in day trips, there are cars lead the way, eliminating the trouble back and forth, you only need to see the scenery, the journey is also very easy.
2, Shangri-La high elevation, prone to altitude sickness, choose high-quality group, the tour guide to take care of more attentive, will pay attention to the physical condition of tourists, in the event of an accident will take timely measures, the journey more secure and assured.
3, tour guides and drivers familiar with the attractions on the line, can take you to the most suitable place to enjoy the local scenery, to introduce you to what the attractions of what the local story of the local ethnic customs which customs. Tour guides will also recommend local authentic cuisine, delicious than ordinary dishes.

Currently on the market this type of two-day travel more products, uneven prices, low-cost products will inevitably lead by tourists to shop for profit. If you want to comfortable free exercise, the best choice for pure play no shopping trip.


Dali is Yunnan gold tourist line of the station, the local has a unique Bai style, many famous artists in this, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

The ancient city of Dali by clouds 33701827

Suitable for 1 day tour: Cangshan, Erhai

"Romantic" is Dali four absolutely, that is off the wind, Shangguan flowers, Cangshan snow, Erhai month, if you go to Dali, must not miss the scenery of Cangshan Erhai Lake.

Cangshan Cangshan landscape is a must, winter snow-capped, the summer does not eliminate Deng Cangshan can enjoy the charming scenery along the twists and turns, and there are deep pools and streams in the mountains. Mountain clouds change, "Wang Fuyun" "Jade Cloud" has become a big landscape, along the jade belt cloud covered jade belt road tour, like walking the clouds, clouds scattered, you can view the scenery of Erhai Lake, the vision is very broad.

Cangshan map by flying

Erhai Lake
Erhai and Cangshan depend on each other, blue sky and white clouds under the Erhai a blue, beautiful and charming. To Erhai Lake can try to ride around the river, you can also boat tour. You can go to some white villages to experience local folklore, enjoy local snacks, boat trips can not only enjoy the scenery, you can also see the wonderful Bai song and dance.

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Why recommend 1 day tour?

1, to participate in day trips, climbing Cangshan when the professional leader led the team leader is generally local people, familiar with the line, and can be introduced along the Cangshan flowers and trees and cultural landscape, along the beautiful scenery you will not miss, so play can make you Know the difference between Cangshan and other places of the mountain, so that the journey is more rich and interesting, and do not worry about losing.
2, the ring Erhai can also have a lot of games are played, choose a day trip to take a car tour, you can concentrate on the scenery, their riding, while riding a side of the tour, not safe enough. Some of the trip with a professional photographer with the film service, where the place for taking pictures, what the scenery, you will not miss.


Yunnan beautiful scenery too much, not once you can read. Want to know it really beautiful, put the trivia along the way to the professional people to worry about, you just enjoy the beauty.

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