You have a chance to visit a real border town phoenix!

Hong'an Town and the Border Town are located at the junction of Chongqing, Hunan and Guizhou provinces. Hong'an Town is under the jurisdiction of Chongqing Municipality. The border towns (formerly known as Chaya, Chadong) belong to Hunan Province. The two towns are separated by a Qingshui River and Guizhou迓 drive town landscape connected. Shen Congwen's "Border Town" in that poignant love story happened here.

How to play?

First, Laladu

Also known as Hung On crossing, seen "border town" people should have an impression. Laredo today is a formal means of transport, quaint ferry equipped with monitoring and some of the necessary equipment, just like a bus. Ferry boat ferry across the river, the fare as long as ¥ 1. But for tourists, Laladu is a beautiful landscape. After boarding the boatman will be like the book depicted in the same, with a special wooden climbing the cable, ferry passengers ferry to the other side.

Second, the cruise

Cruise is also a major feature here, in the cool water when traveling by boat is still very comfortable. But to note that the price, ¥ 10 / person can sit cruise, if the town side did not give this price, go to the opposite Hong Anzhen try.
The border town may be more famous, more tourists, the asking price is generally higher.

Third, the border town market

Every mantissa date mantissa is five, ten are the town bazaars, get up in the morning to feel. In the market can buy the local corn curry, is wrapped in corn leaves, taste a bit like corn bread buns.

Fourth, a pedal three provinces

Below the bridgehead of Tea Hong Bridge (near Chongqing), there is a triangular gazebo, a monument in front of the pavilion, which reads three steps of pedaling and three provinces smell cock, which is where the three provinces of Yu-Xiang-Qian border.

Five, three regardless of the island

Has now developed into a resort hotel, next to the ancient town of Hongan dock. Since this island is located on the Shimizu River, the Yamen in the former three provinces was out of control. Therefore, people who have problems that can not be solved have come to this island.

Six, Hung An ancient town

Hong An Quandi go straight up is the ancient town of Hong An, no one, very not lively, is indeed a very ancient town. There are some attractions on the street and the old shop, such as the city of calligraphy and painting academy, Yongcheng cloth line, Bank of revival, are in the old building, it is quite worth stroll.

Seven, border town

On the other side of La Ladu is the ancient town of the border town, walking along the river to the ancient town. The coast is a renovated antique building with several bars and pubs and more restaurants. At night the lights are on and the night scene is beautiful. There is a verdant island on the border town with a green statue on it. It is a memorial island built according to the "Border Town". It costs 25 yuan for a ferry boat to pass.

The town at the end of the waterfront has a water conservancy project, there are two water tankers, and a small dam, very chic. Next to the water conservancy project is the White Tower, "Border Town" which mentioned, of course, this is a posterity repair.

Eight, Jiulongshan

From the main street of the ancient town of Hong An, there is a mountain along the direction of Chongqing. It is called Jiulong Mountain on the map. There are repaired trails and observatories on the mountain and you can see the panorama of the entire border town. The weather is too hot, we did not go up, do not want to miss the students look forward to long distances.

Nine, Qingjiang River

Come here you will find people here are very fond of water, especially in the summer. The whole bank of the Qingshui River has been filled with water, morning and evening, young, old, dressed, undressed (usually children) have been. Come here again have interest, it may be a play, but must pay attention to safety.

how to get to?

Border city no train station, only the car. The only direct Xibao Xiushan, Huayuan and Songtao Xun drive town. For the moment, except for those who drive by themselves, all over the city come to these three places by car, and here are some common routes.
First, the starting point - (train / car) - Xiushan - (car) - Hong'an Town (Biancheng)
If you take a train to Xiushan, outbound after the roadside bus station (Wuling Square) interchange 8 bus or rental Xiushan Bus Station (bus routes to change if the bus station signs subject). If the car arrived in Xiushan Bus Station, station transfer can be. In Xiushan Bus Terminal you can take a direct bus to Hongan (border town), is a white minivan, usually first through the Yajiang, and then to Hong'an.
PS: Into the bus station directly to go to Hong An's car, do not go to the ticket office line up to buy tickets. Go to Hong'an is to buy tickets, rolling start, fare ¥ 16.
Second, the starting point - (car) - Huayuan - (car) - the edge of the town
Huayuan to the edge of the car is not inside the bus station, but stopped near the station on the side of the city square (about 10 minutes walk), is a Mini bus, fare ¥ 7.
Third, the starting point - (train / car) - Jishou City - (car) - Huayuan - (car) - side town
Jishou Station, in addition to Xiushan station outside the only bound to the border city train lines. If you take the train to Jishou, out of the station in the front plaza to find the car to Huayuan (fare ¥ 30). After the flower wall see 2.
PS: If Jishou Railway Station Square in front of not to Huayuan car, you can take a taxi to the West Bus Station take a bus to Huayuan.
Fourth, the other
Phoenix departure: Phoenix take the bus to Jishou, fares ¥ 22.
PS: I do not know if the Phoenix has direct access to Huayuan car, if there is no need to Jishou turn friends.
Changsha: Changsha South Bus Station has direct access to Huayuan car, 3 classes a day, fares ¥ 150.

Xiushan railway station is large, outbound when passing a taxi on the waiting area, where waiting for the general asking price will be higher. Even if you want to take a taxi, you can stand out on the roadside after the train.

how to eat?

Qingshui River both sides of the restaurants, noodle restaurants quite a lot, along the town of riverside restaurants overall more expensive than Hongan town. Here are some recommended local specialties. (Pure tourist point of view, if more delicious, please contact me to make up)

First, rice tofu

I guess the name is used to make tofu way out, but the raw materials into rice. Taste tastes a bit like jelly, cool, dip hot sauce.

Second, angle fish

Many shops are dotted with horn fish signboards, restaurants in the town along the edge of the town is about ¥ 50 / kg, I do not like to eat fish and the price is not very cute, so there is no taste, do not know how the taste. But it is indeed a local specialty food, friends who are interested can try.

Third, shredded squid

Is the food on the barbecue stand at night, we were in Hongan town side to eat barbecue, grilled, do not let any seasoning. After dipping sauce seasoning to eat, due to the taste of mustard in the seasoning, I'll eat it. Clear taste to eat in general, the boss can help you brush some barbecue hot sauce, the next table guests eat so relish, it should be more authentic way to eat.

Fourth, breakfast

According to my observation, the noodles are not special snacks here, but at this moment, I only found the noodles for breakfast, and when there were bazaars, I saw some fried and skewered corn. The taste here is not bad, so recommend it.

About living

Online booking: Ants cellular channel can be found "Hong Anzhen" (Chongqing Xiushan that), where to go online search can not find Hong An, the border city of these two places, "location" to search Xiushan or Huayuan, and then "landmark" inside Input edge city or Hong An only to find. Ctrip above found Hongan town, but can not find the border town, the same way to where.

Where live: side of the town side of the lively some light at night, a little light to light the feeling of the Phoenix, Hong some simple quaint town, is a not how to develop the ancient street, only the white street lights at night. Want to live where to look at their own feelings, in short, where to live will not be inconvenient, because the two towns are not large.

Accommodation Price: General online set about 80 or so you can live in the standard room, air conditioning alone Wei, but the conditions are not too good, better to ¥ 200 ~ 350 between. If you do not book directly in advance, some of them may be cheaper than online.

Here the network popularity later, many hotel owners do not love to order from the Internet, so even if the success of online orders have to call to confirm whether there is a room. In addition, a lot of accommodation near the edge of the city, do not book directly to live.

About purchase

Amazingly, Hongan and Border Town I did not find a store selling ancient town postcards, many other ancient town there are gift shops there, but there are a lot of selling the book depicting the edge of the city. There are some local grocery store, I think inside the bottle cans and bamboo baskets sold is a good match, rich in local characteristics and also very good looking, the key is different from the gifts sold in other ancient towns should be local of.

Raiders on the edge of the city temporarily to this matter, if you have more information or questions about the local direct messages, we will promptly feedback, What Mody.

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