Young artists must beat cards - Qingdao University Road store and watch summary

University Road is a way for young artists to visit Qingdao. As it is the earliest modernization road in the history of Qingdao, it is called "Qingdao First Road."

University Road is a way for young artists to visit Qingdao. As it is the earliest modernization road in the history of Qingdao, it is called "Qingdao First Road." The University Road was built after Germany invaded Qingdao and was called Ostrava Street. After the German occupation of Qingdao, Qingdao Mt. Simashan was set up and Bismarck Barracks was stationed under the mountain. After the Beiyang government took back Qingdao, it used the barracks to open a private Qingdao University in 1924. The road before the university was called University Road.

In 1930, Shandong University moved from Jinan to merge with private Qingdao University to establish National Shandong University. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Shandong University moved to Sichuan; after the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, the school was re-established in Qingdao. After Shandong University moved back to Jinan in 1958, it established the Shandong Ocean University on the original site of Shandong University in 1959. It was renamed Qingdao Ocean University in 1985 and was renamed as China Ocean University in 2002. It is still a university road outside the Western Wall.
University Road hosts too many memories of Aboriginal people, because Aboriginal students are enlightened at University Road Primary School. In the minds of Aboriginal people, the university road is always quiet, elegant, and comfortable. As long as you walk around the university road, no matter how many troubles it harbors, it will eventually vanish.


There are many cafes, western restaurants and grocery stores along the University Road. Friends can take the 6th, 25th, 26th, 202nd, 214rd, 223rd, 228rd, 231rd, 304th, 307rd, 312nd, 321rd, 367th, 501st, 801th buses Get off at University Road Station.

Unmissable University Road "Signature"

University Road and Yushan Road Corner

The first thing that catches the eye is the corner of the University of Hong Kong, the University Road and Yushan Road. A red wall divides the two roads clearly.

University Road

The university road was built after Germany invaded Qingdao. It laid a modern road along the Qingdao River, and built a stone bridge at the intersection of Huangxian, making it extend northwards, called Ospas Street. But the Qingdao people call it Dong Guan Street. University Road connects Longkou Road, Yushan Road, Huangxian Road, Huashan Road, and Qixian Road from south to north; both sides are combined Chinese and western residential buildings; along the road there are Yucai Middle School, People’s Hall, Dongfang Hotel, and Qingdao Urban Construction Archives along the road. Museum, Qingdao Museum, University Road Primary School, Qingdao Ocean University, etc. University Road is located in the southern part of Qingdao City. The building has a distinctive Western style. There are many attractions such as Ocean University, Art Museum, Wen Yiduo’s former residence, and Kang Youwei’s former residence.

Qingdao Art Museum

Surrounded by the Red Wall is the site of the original “Wanzi Club” and is now the Qingdao Art Museum. It focuses on three types of Roman colonnade, Chinese palace, and Arab style architectures in a three-input layout. It not only has a history of sedimentation and cultural thickness, but also is a sightseeing spot with great browsing value. Friends can register for a free entry after checking in with an ID card.

Qingdao Museum of Fine Arts interior highlights.

The roadside trees on both sides of the university road have been a hundred years old and are a veritable boulevard.

Qingdao Art Museum

The Qingdao Art Museum is located on University Road and was built in the old building from 1934 to 1940. The Chinese and Western architecture of the Museum of Art is a three-in-one arrangement. The Roman colonnade, Chinese palace, and Arabian style buildings are located here. Here, the sightseeing photos are very sentimental. At the same time, various exhibitions are regularly held in the museum, free of charge to visit, and there are not many people at ordinary times. It is an artistic pleasure to stroll through them.

Former Residence of Qingdao Lao She

What I need to tell you is that the former residence of Qingdao Lao She, also known as the Xiang Bangzi Museum, is on the 12th Huangxian Road adjacent to the University Road. Mr. Lao She was employed by Shandong University in Qingdao in 1934 and left Qingdao in 1937. Most of the time he lived here and wrote the famous novel “The Camel Xiangzi”. It is now a key cultural relics protection unit in Qingdao (closed here on Monday.) Hall) Friends can visit for free.

Lao She's Former Residence (University Road)

From 1934 to 1937, Mr. Lao She lived and worked in Qingdao for three years. Introduced by Mr. Shu Yi, this was a golden period for Lao She’s life and literary creation. Here is one of his three places of residence in Qingdao. The other two are on Laiwu Road and one on Jinkou Road. This former residence of Lao She is located in a quiet alley. The house is small but very elegant. Lao She's eldest daughter, Shu Ji, lived here from three to four years old. The former residence is a two-story building with a north-facing south facing downstairs. In contrast to the previous year, the hospital installed the “Camel Xiangzi” sculpture and Lao She bustling statue that were being pulled by the cart, and used 26 pottery prints to move Mr. Sun Zhijun’s “Camel Xiangzi Painting Biography” to the wall. There are not many visitors here on weekdays. You can walk slowly and slowly.

Cafe Leisure Hall

University Road, together with the adjacent Huangxian Road, has now transformed into a coffee lounge area. The whole area seems to be filled with the scent of coffee and lazy breath. Indigenous people will take you to meet the various pavilions scattered here!
No.11 Huangxian Road, Kent Kitchen Western Restaurant -

Kent kitchen

Huang County Road No. 12 C, seeking books · coffee tea ya -

Seek Books

1st Floor, Building 1, No. 14 University Road, Xiao Wu Coffee -

Little Witch Cafe

University Road No. 1 Building 8, Building 1 Cafe, Small Road Cafe

Small Road Cafe

No. 14, Huangxian Road, We+ coffee -

Vega Coffee

35 Huangxian Road, Shapu Courtyard Coffee -

Shapu Courtyard Coffee

University Road 14, Giraffe Coffee -

Giraffe Coffee (Old University Road)

One of the top ten recommended cafes in Qingdao, the owner of the coffee shop is a pale-bodied Qingdao man, because he spent a few years in Sichuan chatting with a lot of interest. He said that half of the cafe was opened for his girlfriend. Half is for himself, because he is designing and designing. This café is decorated and decorated with his own ideas.

No. 14-2 University Road, Matsujuya -

Matsu Izakaya

University Road No. 14, Coffee Space, is the first coffee shop in University Road, which is the highest rate of praise here -

Coffee Space (University Road Shop)

Warm decoration, a lot of plants, and murals are lovely. The environment belongs to the type of clear bar, suitable for reading, surfing the Internet, taking pictures, in a daze. It is worth mentioning that the coffee here is freshly baked, freshly grated, freshly brewed, richly aromatic, and homemade banana cakes are also delicious.

University Road No. 14-1, Coffee on the Shore -

Coast of the Coast Coffee

University Road No. 18, Zhu Li House cat coffee -

Bamboo House Cafe Coffee Bar

University Road No. 20, Coffee and Coffee -

Coffee Coffee (University Road Store)

No. 22 University Road, new tea language -

New tea language

University Road No. 24 South, Checkered Coffee -

University Road No. 26, Directory Coffee -

University Road No. 32A, Small Court -

Small Cafe Coffee Bar Cat Joy Coffee

36 University Road, spend time coffee grocery store -

Room 103, University Road 40, Pinecone Dessert Coffee -

University Road No. 40 B, non-fish coffee -

The University Road No. 48 is a veritable “coffee shop”, where two restaurants, Meigao Coffee and Laneway Coffee, are huddled together to warm up.
Miga Coffee -

Michael Coffee Bar (University Road)

Laneway CEDAR Coffee -

Zixian Road No. 14, Latitude 36° -

The fragrant coffee gives the university road a strong literary atmosphere, but the taste of the mellow alcohol can hardly conceal the survival of the fittest. In fact, many cafes on the road have already changed their minds. Some of them have long since changed their face. From time to time, Aboriginal people will see a restaurant suddenly replacing its old signboard and reapplying new makeup. At the time of writing this post, the indigenous people discovered that the “corner coffee” that was once one of the most famous cafes on the university road had quietly changed into the stars of the previous night, leaving only an empty courtyard and a touch of memory. Maybe, when you came to Qingdao, you could no longer ignore this post from Aboriginal University and ask for it on the University Road. The Absolutely-wanted Posts will not completely disappear.

University campuses

University Road Primary School

The No. 54 University Road, which is separated from the wall by 36 degrees north latitude, is the first alma mater of the Aboriginal life, the University Road Elementary School. Its predecessor was the Qingdao Two Lakes Hall. For Aboriginal people, this building resembling a fairytale castle is full of wonderful childhood memories. I hope that when my friends come here, they will be able to see it more.

Ocean University of China Yushan Campus

From the entrance of University Road Elementary School, follow the uphill road for another 100 meters and you will come to the intersection of University Road and Hongdao Road. At this time, you are asked to fold eastward into Hongdao Road. Indigenous people should invite you to visit the Yushan Campus of China Ocean University, one of the top ten most beautiful campuses in China” .

China Ocean University is a key university in China. Before 1958, it was the seat of Qingdao University. Earlier it was the German Bismarck Barracks. Affected by this factor, the campus still retains many centuries of vegetation and German architectural features. The campus is full of luxuriant forests and boasts the most perfect Western-style buildings in domestic universities. It reveals ancient and strong historical deposits everywhere.

Many famous writers such as Lao She, Liang Shiqiu, Shen Congwen, Wen Yiduo, Wu Bojun, and Hong Shen had taught here. The famous poet Zang Kejia was still a student of the original Qingdao University. His teacher was Wen Yiduo.
The main entrance of the Yushan Campus of Ocean University of China is at No. 5 Yushan Road. Due to its large area, many bus stops are located around it, such as Qidong Road, Yushan Road, Huangxian Road, Longjiang Road, Daxue Road, and Red. Island Road, etc., friends can take a multi-bus to go, but ask the driver to consult carefully before boarding.

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

The towering trees with a hundred-year-old tree are found everywhere on the Yushan Campus of Ocean University of China.

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

China Ocean University Yushan Campus View——

Ocean University of China (Yushan Campus)

Built in 1924. There are many historic buildings on campus, such as a geology hall and aquarium, where Bismarck Barracks was built when Germany invaded Qingdao and there were Japanese junior high schools. Next to the university road is Qingdao's earliest street, with historical and cultural heritage.

Yushan Road

【Tour Route】 After visiting the beautiful Yushan Campus of the China Ocean University, take the No. 1 school gate, which is the Yushan Campus, and walk out to the Yushan Road.

Yushan Road Food

【Red Restaurant - Huachun Restaurant】 There are two red restaurants on Yushan Road that need to be introduced to you. The first is Huachun Restaurant , which is located at No. 20A, Yushan Road. Although the restaurant is small, it is well-known for its iron egg tofu, peanut paste, cabbage fried prawn, and quail meat with eggplant.

【Red Net Cafe - Brown Time Cafe Another is the Coffee Time Cafe located at No.17 Jinkou San Road, just across the alley entrance of Hua Chun Restaurant. This is an old villa that has gone through vicissitudes of life, but it is organized and managed by the owner. It is most suitable for nostalgia.

Yushan Road


As the name suggests, Yushan Road is named after Xiaoyushan. But what is embarrassing is that the specific location of Xiaoyushan is not at Yushan Road, but at Fukuyama Branch Road No. 24.

Xiaoyushan is a famous classical style attraction in Qingdao. Although it is only 61 meters above sea level, it is a famous tourist attraction on the front line of Qingdao Qianhai. Overlooking the mountains, the Zhanqiao, Xiao Qingdao, Lu Xun Park, Huiquan Bay, Badaguan Scenic Area, and the beautiful scenery of Qianhai.

Xiaoyushan Park

· Xiaoyushan Park is the first classical style Shantou Garden Park in Qingdao City. This hill was originally named after the mountain and was later known as “Little Fish Mountain” due to its proximity to Yushan Road. · Although the mountain is not high but can overlook, climbing overlooking, trestle bridge, small Qingdao, Lu Xun Park, bathing beach, Badaguan and other landscapes panoramic view.

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