3-13 days of the trip to Tibet, there is always a suitable for you ~

Work very busy, but a lot of small holidays. Many people have a lifetime to come to Tibet's dream, but the funds will feel time is limited. In fact, three days can play in Tibet, of course, thirteen days can play more comprehensive. How do I schedule a trip? Then look ~
cloth house by lisah

In everyone's mind that Tibet is so big, we must meet enough for half a month to play it. actually not! Then let's talk about how to play Tibet in a limited holiday. This tour will detail the three days to 13 days above the holiday itinerary, from the central city of Tibet, Lhasa, Tibet, Tibet, Tibet, Tibet, four regions of the four places to play attractions, covering Nyingchi, Shannan, Shigatse, Nagqu, Qamdo, Ali several major scenic spots. Then let me go and see it. The

If you have only three days in Tibet

Some tourists come to Tibet to play the way to play, maybe only three days, we call it "punch card tour." Then we recommend the trip as follows:
program one: the                                           
first day: cloth palace + Jokhang Temple + Barker Street day trip the               
next day: Namtso day trip the                                
third day: sheep Zhuo Yongjun half day tour + Lhasa city    

Option 2: the   
first day: cloth palace + Jokhang Temple + Eight Ridge Street day trip the   next day: Namtso day trip Day 3: Lhasa City 

Cloth palace is going to be, known as the "roof of the world pearl."
Off-season November - April: do not have to line up without booking, direct purchase tickets; tickets full price of 100 yuan / Zhang.
Peak season May - October: need to be 1 day in advance to the cloth palace reservation or official website booking; tickets full price of 200 yuan / Zhang.
The most busy season July - August: reservation ticket limit, one vote hard to find. It is recommended to participate in day trips (relatively high cost) or to find travel agents to buy tickets.

Tickets preferential policies:
① domestic 1.2 meters below the children can be free to visit;
② full-time undergraduate and the following students with domestic student ID, disabled with a disability certificate, active military soldiers with military permits, domestic teachers with teacher certificate, age 60 years old and older elderly people with ID cards can enjoy the price of the week ticket prices half price preferential policies.

The next day you can choose Nam Day or two day tour. Day trip back to Lhasa time at 7-8 pm; two-day tour at home in Namtso watch the sky and the sunrise after the next day back to Lhasa time in the afternoon 2-3 points; the
third program is Chartered tour of the two holy lake in Tibet: sheep Zhuo Yong measures and Na Mu measures (overnight), advantages: do not go back to the road.

The spring, summer, autumn and winter

Day 3 City tour. Lhasa three temples: salad temple (see the Bible), Drepung Monastery, Ganden Monastery; there are Norbulingka (Tibetan garden), Zaki Temple (Lhasa only God of Wealth Temple) are hot; another set Program: morning sheep Zhuo Yong Yong half-day tour, afternoon back to Lhasa to start the city tour. The last day you can go to check out the food, such as: sweet tea, yak yogurt, Tibetan meal, Nepalese meal, Tianhai night market in the northwest barbecue are very authentic.

Yang Zhuo Yong measures BY Lisa.H

Sweet tea 8 cents a cup, really good to drink, and our milk is very similar, but more delicate, a little bit of the taste of butter, and a little black tea astringent, I like. Money is casually still on the table, drink a cup is still a dollar, the boss will come to help you renew the cup, and then find you 2 cents. Genuine.

Gourmet BY Lisa.H

If you have only four days in Tibet

4 days time we can walk out of Lhasa, to the surrounding tour a tour.

Scenario 1: Pilgrimage Everest 4 Day Tour
Day 1: Lhasa - Shigatse (Sheep Lake, Koruo La Glacier Group) (Shigatse) The
second day : Shigatse - Everest - Concord - Everest base camp Everest Nature Reserve (on foot or by car) (live stronghold)
Day : Everest Base Camp - Shigatse, the Panchen the pagoda, Zhashi Lun monastery (Shigatse live)
fourth day : Shigatse - Lhasa (Brahmaputra The
main attractions: Yang Lake (Yang Zhuo Yong measures), the Koruo La glacier (red valley shooting), Everest base camp, Tashilun cloth Temple (Tibetan Buddhism Gelug Sect in Tibet's four One of the monasteries and the largest temple in Shigatse)  

The first day: starting from Lhasa in the morning, over 4600 meters of the post of Barak Hill came to Tibet, one of the three holy lake "sheep Zhuo Yong measures" (also known as "sheep Lake"), the way the card Ruo La glaciers, anti-British sites "Zongshan Castle" after the trip to Shigatse.

The second day: the most important is the "Everest base camp". Into the Everest Nature Reserve after all the way hovering mountain road, after several viewing platform to everyone to see the photos on the base camp. On both sides of the row of the inn, which is Tibetan through shop, the evening is living here.
Sit on the green car to 5200 meters of Mount Everest, more close watch Everest. Come back to post office postcards, go to the velvet temple to see, and then wait for the sunrise at night. Although the accommodation is limited, but many tourists feel very interesting. Some of the evening will be sitting together to talk, and some holding the camera out to shoot the stars empty, so life experience rare.

The third day: early morning up to see the sunrise, then went to the Tashilun cloth temple. Every year in July the Buddha Festival, there will be gathered a lot of Tibetans is very lively.

The fourth day: is all the way to see the beauty back to Lhasa. This line with tickets, meals, accommodation, border card for the whole do not you worry about, just look at the scenery can be friends.  

Sheep lake, Everest, Tashilun cloth temple, Namtso BY fuser

Option 2: Tibet Jiangnan Nyingchi 3 day tour (plus city 1 day / sheep lake 1 / sheep lake + Pu Mo Yong measures 1 - winter to) the
first day:  Lhasa - Mira Yamaguchi - the mainstay - Lulang Linhai - Zhaxigang Village The
next day:  Lulang flower pastures - Sejila Mountain - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Nyingchi
Day 3:  Nyingchi City - the first village of Tibetan folk (Millennium Walnut Park) - Basongzao - Lhasa (scattered group) The
main attractions: Mira Yamaguchi, Lulang Linhai / flowers, the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, Basong measures.

If you first came to Tibet, we propose to go to the elevation of only 3100 meters of Nyingchi to adapt. Lin Chou has always been a "small river in Tibet," said, especially every year 3-4 months of Peach Blossom Festival will attract domestic and foreign tourists to watch "Sheng Tao Tao."

Nyingchi, Basongo, Namjagbarwa, Brahmaputra BY Anderson

Option 3: Nyingchi + Shannan 4 Day Tour
Day 1: Lhasa - Mira Pass - Basongzao - Bayi Town The
next day: Bayi Town - Lulang (two viewing platform) - Mountain Scenic Area - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Solomon Village
Day 3: Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Ram Lazo - Garcia Day 4: Gacha- Dagang Canyon - Measures - Lhasa main attractions: Mira Yamaguchi, Basong measures, Lulang Linhai, Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, Ram Laja, the ancient canyon, Yongbulakang, sheep Zhuo Yong measures. In addition to Nyingchi, Shannan is also a very fun place. Such as Ram Lula, every visit to the Dalai Lama, the Panchen Lama and other large living Buddha reincarnation of the soul before the lake to this view. It is said that the people who worship the lake can also see the image of the lake from the illusion of the fountain of the founding and the afterlife, is the countless good faith to explore their own fate. And the ancient ancient canyon, sheep Zhuo Yong measures are well-known attractions in Shannan area. Shannan Gacha County walnut is also very famous oh.

Ram Lazuo BY snow of the storm to go, Suo Song Village BY father, Yongbulakang BY apple

If you have only five days in Tibet

5 days of time just to visit the West Link. Way: sheep Lake, Tashilun cloth Temple, Everest, Namtso, covering the three major attractions in Tibet, worthy of a classic line. First visitors to Tibet can choose this line to play, and commercial vehicles to play a small group more comfortable. The specific day is as follows:
Day 1: Lhasa - Sheep Lake - Koruo La Glacier - Man La Reservoir - Gyangze Zongshan Castle - Tashilhunpo Temple
Day 2 : Shigatse - Ghawal Pass - white dam - Rongbuk - Everest base camp
Day : Everest Base Camp - white dam - Lazi - Shigatse
Day : Shigatse - Namu measures
the fifth day : Namtso - Lhasa

phase Than the Everest four days of the trip, this more than the Namu and scenery along the way. Namtso is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, is also the highest elevation of the salt lake, known as the "place with the whisper." Every time the Tibetan calendar year, the pilgrims will travel thousands of miles to participate in the Namtso Shanda Festival.  

Mana Reservoir, Zongshan Castle BY ManZ

If you have only six days in Tibet

The longer the time, the more you choose. 6 days of travel arrangements can be varied, for you to recommend the following:

1. Lhasa + Shigatse + Namtso + sheep Zhuo Yong measures + Everest base camp six day tour (Tibet West Link + Lhasa city) The
first day: Lhasa day tour (Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, octagonal street)
The second day:  Lhasa, sheep Zhuo Yong measures, Koruo La glaciers, Shigatse
third day:  Shigatse, Everest base camp The
fourth day:  Everest base camp, velvet temple, Shigatse
fifth day:  Shigatse, Namtso
sixth day :  Namtso, Lhasa
Xiaobian first came to Tibet is this line. Chartered so that the overall trip is not very busy, you can first play in Lhasa to adapt to a high altitude, and then the daily travel of the elevation gradually increased, and not because of the high but the impact of a good trip. 

Huang days pays off, in the way we go back, and saw the day sewn, and this day is the Everest seam, we are very excited, said: "In Tibet, what miracle will appear"

Velvet temple BY apple

2.  Lynch, Shannan, Shigatse Line Six Day Tour
Day 1: Lhasa, Mira Pass, Kaida Ditch, Bayi
Day 2: Bayi, Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, Sejila Mountain View Lulang Linhai, Long County or Gary the
third day: Long County or Garcia, Ram Lazar, Dagang Canyon, Ze when the
fourth day: Zetang, Laguna palace ruins, Yongbulakang, sheep Zhuo Yong measures, Shigatse
Day 5: Shigatse, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Lhasa
Day 6: Lhasa Day Tour (Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Octagonal Street)

This is a small ring line in the southern part of Tibet. Shigatse has a building similar to the Potala Palace, called "Sangzhuzi Zong Fort". Many Shigatse called the small Potala Palace, built in 1360, has a history of more than 600 years. 

If you have a holiday of 7-8 days in Tibet

So, we will not hesitate to recommend you for Ali's trip: Ali
South Line: In fact, you have 7 days time can also travel Ali south line, that is, in the evening of 7 days to take the Shigatse back to Lhasa train. Chartered, then you can adjust the trip to 7 days (of course, we recommend the arrangements for 8 days, after all, travel is a slowly enjoy the things).

Shigatse - Lhasa train schedule:
Z8804: 12: 05-14: 40, no seat 40.5;
Z8802: 18: 40-21: 33, hard seat 40.5.

Gang Rinpoche

If you have a 9-13 day holiday in Tibet

In addition to Ali South Line, we recommend you to visit the depths of southern Tibet. The entire line covers most of the attractions in southern Tibet, especially in the Bomi, Medog region. The
first day : the first day: Lhasa City Tour: Potala Palace - Jokhang Temple - Zaki Temple - Norbulingka the
next day:  Lhasa - 318 line - Ganden Temple - Mira Pass - Basong measures the
third day:  Burson-Sejonga-Lugang Linhai-Bomi
Day 4:  Bomi -Mizu Glacier-Ran Wuhu-Bomi
Day 5:  Bomi-Gawa Tunnel - Ancient Township Lake - Tiger Tiger Waterfall - Medog County
Day 6:  Medog - Primitive Forest - Bomi
Seventh Day: Bomi - Tung-Mai Day  Advent - Lulang Linhai - Yibi Mountain - Grand Canyon
Day 8: Grand Canyon - Milin County - Ramra measures - plus check
ninth day:  plus check - up ancient canyon - Yongbulakang - Shannan - Changzhug - Zetang
day 10: Shannan - Samye Monastery - sheep Lake - Lhasa

scenery along the way too much. The first day after the history of Lhasa, religion and humanities, the next day began to enjoy the beauty of Nyingchi; then Bomi's glaciers and lake, Medog's virgin forest has been to the famous Tongmai days, Raja and Shannan's Yongbulakang, for you slowly opened the unique and mysterious of Tibet.

Mud in Glacier, Medog Forest, Ran Wu Lake BY ManZ

There is no no area of ​​the Ali North line! Ali higher altitude, usually a few times to visit the tourists will choose this "adventure trip." Ali North line of the general travel in 12-13 days, of which 2-3 days is no man's land, but also the most beautiful scenery.

On Ali, see "Tibet Ali bag car free exercise Raiders (tell you how to play the most fun Ali)"  
Raiders link: http://www.mafengwo.cn/gonglve/ziyouxing/18630.html

If you have more than 13 days of vacation in Tibet

Then, Ali North Line + Shuanghu need 15 days. Shuanghu no man's land, also known as Coca-Tibet Tibetan no man's land, an average elevation of 5,000 meters. In addition to mountains, lakes, grasslands and wild animals, almost desolate. 
But the two lakes no man's area beautiful natural scenery, blue sky and earth color contrast, air transparency, without any pollution, so everything looks very clear. Where the beauty of the original and natural, the United States will be beyond the experience of many people in the past, can not tell when the first time is excited or amazing. 
Shuanghu no man's land can be said to be a huge natural wild zoo, where you can often see the hordes of wild horses and antelope, and other such as deer, possession of wild donkeys, wild yaks and even wolves, bears and other wild animals. The beauty of the masterpieces, the lovely animals together constitute a stunning picture. 

The Puguanggang Glacier is located 90 kilometers northeast of the Shuanghu Special District in the northwest of Qiangtang, and is the core area of ​​the national Qiangtang Nature Reserve. 560 km from the town of Tuqu. Pu Nuogang glacier is in addition to the Antarctic, the Arctic, the world's third largest glacier, known as the world's third pole, is the largest latitude glacier.

Qiangtang Plateau BY haironghua, Pu Ruogang Glacier

If you have a longer holiday, consider going from Ali to Xinjiang, to Nepal

From Ali to Xinjiang, you can chart the car can also take the bus in the past. First to change the defense, and from Xinjiang to Ali is also. There are a lot of detail here, not more than one said, if you need help can consult me.
There are also many tourists traveling from Ali to Nepal, and since the Nepalese earthquake, the port of entry has been changed from camphor to Kuala Lumpur. You can run a visa in Lhasa to go, if all the way to play can not take the bus directly to the port and then re-entry; all the way to play the car can be car or car, the car to you to the port to their entry. To Nepal after not afraid to find the car, but still pay attention to safety first Oh The

Xinjiang BY joy, Nepal BY shallow run

Concluding remarks

Tibet is so big, in addition to the attractions mentioned above, there are a lot of fun place, has not been developed or even not found. Take advantage of the holidays Come on!

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