Chongming Island flower sea sunset two-day tour (with travel tips)

If you live in Shanghai, be sure to spend the weekend in the spring or the summer solstice Chongming Island degrees weekend to see the Pik-day, purple sea; to see the sunset, Heaven and Earth gull!

I want to say before departure

TIP1.  Do not go to Chongming Island alone!
Endless flowers, butterflies fly, the air is filled with the taste of love. Go with dear TA, cloud tide, Xia Guang sandbar, all direct education people long for eternity, looks together.

TIP2.  Must go by car!
Although public transportation can reach the island, the area of ​​Chongming Island is too large (the third largest island in China) and driving is the most appropriate way to play. In Chongming Island by car is novice and the old driver are intoxicated thing. The road is straight, with a wide field of vision and scarce people and vehicles. Flowers of more than a foot tall and different varieties of flowers, including hydrangeas, are planted on the green belt. Several rows of fir trees are planted in even the most common bougainvillea. Have fun in the highway between the romantic love drama and easily cross it!

Chongming Island two-day trip to open the way

my itinerary

AM: Zihai
Heron Romance Love Theme Park (stroll along the flowers during the Lavender Festival)
or Dongping National Forest
Xisha Wetland (catch crabs, sunset)
Dongtan Wetland (See Sunrise, Ride, Bird watching)

According to the distribution of attractions, this route is almost just around the island 3/4, both to see the sunset and sunrise, but also to avoid backtrack. Purple sea egret edge of the park close to Dongping National Forest Park, located in central Chongming Island. This trip we did not have time to go to Forest Park. If you visit the island after the "Lavender Festival", you can choose Dongping National Forest Park as your first stop.

Chongming trip first stop: flowers of the ocean

Which girl's heart does not have a Provence dream? If you say that the dream is a bit far away, then you and Chongming Island purple flower sea just separated by a "say go" at first thought.

Investigated, Chongming Island's "Lavender Festival" unworthy of the name, because although the island planted a small amount of lavender, but that sea of ​​waves of purple, in fact, verbena. Verbena less fragrant than lavender, but when you are in the flowery, one meter tall verbena flower lavender is more magnificent momentum.

No straw hat, folding a verbena a wreath; large deep pink light pink cosmos, instant melted your girl heart; happy sunflower field, but also many girl's dream!

Park season opening hours 9:00 ~ 20:30 (personal advice off-season simply do not go). As early as possible in the morning park, afternoon rush to Xisha wetlands to see the sunset.
Park tickets are 50 yuan and 78 yuan two, 78 yuan can play archery, escaped, bumper cars and look at alpaca.
You can buy 50 yuan, because the game is very simple, alpaca can have been free to see (and I have never seen such an ugly alpaca ... ...) There are restaurants in the park, affordable, good taste.

Chongming trip second stop: Xisha sunset

We leave Huahai to Xisha wetlands is about four o'clock, more than five points to the destination, the park has closed its doors. It is not known in the park whether or not to enjoy the sunset, but we found the place to see the sunset all the way west.

There's a trestle here, perfect for enjoying the sunset. Here far away from the people, the west of the Yangtze River estuary, wide and wide sky, four fields lonely, the wind whirring through the woods, stroking long grass beach 唦 唦, and the birds in the woods, spectrum fantastic background music. Occasionally a large ship passed, greeted with a whine.

In this misty world, nestled between the world, feeling the vast sky, as long-term vision, long kiss can not vindicate.

This day is June 17, sunset time is about 7 pm. We waited here for more than an hour, but did not feel boring. The sky is changing, and we are afraid to miss the sunset. We look forward to seeing the sunset like a naughty child bathing in the sea, never thought he was shy, dragged on the thick cloud shower curtain. We only saw a glowing red shadow quickly sink into the clouds, sink into the water, glimmering, quietly he was caught in the bag from the woods beach.

It took another 2 hours to walk along Chenhai Highway from Chenjia Town where Xisha to Dongtan Wetland Park was located. Xisha wetlands all the way pastoral and fruit trees.

Xisha wetland park open until 16:00 in the evening, tickets free. If you intend to play in the park, at least one hour in advance from the Dongping National Forest Park departure.

Chongming trip third station: sunrise in Dongtan

3:30 to get up, 4:00 from the residence to the eastern end of the East starting. According to the sunset time of the previous day, we must arrive at the observatory before 5 o'clock. Of course, Dongtan Park did not open so early, we are looking at the navigation route. Wetland is different from the beach, can not go to the waterfront to see the Jianghai rose red, to catch up with slow catch 20 minutes in advance to find a plain Kuang fields, or feel late, the sky is too bright.

The car gallop on the East Beach, we feel like racing against time. The sky is like a hazy behemoth, and we want to clean our eyes to see. Like crabs, birds, dolphin-shaped trilobular clouds like 3D effect, floating in the sky above the red fire, we have time to take pictures in the car.

Looking east, like the day before the dusk, thick clouds piled up on the distant horizon. We are almost disappointed, that red fireball suddenly jumped out of the ground, as a jumped heart, any thick clouds can not hide his blazing. He quickly rose, but also rapidly peeled off the red crown clothes, emitting bright white light.

Sunrise rising from the horizon can not match the magnificent sunrise at sea, but I still strongly suggest that you go to the East Beach to see the sunrise Chongming. From the town drove to the wilderness along the scenery unpredictable mysterious beauty. Dongtan Avenue, the middle of the widest green at more than ten meters, as small forest park, River Bridge Pavilion pavilion. Trees, birds tweeted, this is the city you can not meet in the morning.

Chongming trip fourth stop: Dongtan Wetland Park

After watching the sunrise, we went back to sleep in a place to return to sleep, and then went to Dongtan Wetland Park after we had enough energy. Dongtan Park area incredible, we must rent a bike! Large area of ​​natural waters, so that the East Beach has a city park can not simulate the original style.

Large water lily lotus is open, Ipomoea pond planted thanks, and full of pods. Park on both sides of the road along the periphery of the park, tall and lush oleander bloom must be unbridled. South is the vast expanse of farmland.

The more into the park, the more feel more surprises. We rode the wooden bridge, riding the path of the gravel, on both sides of the trees are mixed trees and shrubs, is a gorgeous or fragrant flowers, swans and wild ducks play a vast expanse of water, is an endless variety of reed pond ......

There are also large areas of purple verbena suddenly appear and disappear, there are also brilliant golden sunflower suddenly disappeared again. Even as a child in rural areas common high steadily, but also as lined up the Niang Jun generally discharged a crimson, showing awe-inspiring momentum.

Dozens of acres of lush reed fluttering in the wind, constantly issued shy whisper, people can not help but listen quietly. That's the sound we've heard on numerous recorded music. That reed deep sandbar, straight arouse the ancient poetry in our memory: "蒹 葭 gray, white dew frost, the so-called Iraqis, in the water side ...".

Forests lush, flowers flashing, but also reminds me of the oil paintings of Hirschkin, so peaceful and far away ......

Dongtan Wetland Park holiday tickets price is 80 yuan, online 85 yuan can be purchased in advance, including bicycle rental fees, including the package.
If you want to rent a tandem bicycle, you must purchase tickets to the ticket office.
Rental bikes need to pay a deposit of 200 yuan / car, please prepare cash. Be sure to rent a bike, or the soles of the skin!
We ride and take pictures, shopping in the park more than 3 hours. Attractions entrance restaurant.
In addition, Dongtan Migratory Bird Sanctuary adjacent to Dongtan Wetland Park can bird-watch.

The last wave of tips

About budget
For tourists departing from Shanghai or Chongming, Chongming 2-Day Tour is a very cost-effective route. Chongming Island restaurant, accommodation costs are low. Take a car for 2 people as an example, the total budget 1000 ~ 1500 yuan can swim. If you bring a small child, be sure to bring your child to bring a bicycle or scooter, or children will be tired to walk on foot.

Equipment on the
camera, self-stick indispensable, in the field with Selfie shot overcast, so beautiful! In addition, colorful flowers, white dress will be very wild, girls with a straw hat concave shape will be very suitable Oh ~

play, with a tent spare is not bad. Purple sea egret edge of the park and the East Beach Wetland Park do not have to enter with a tent, there is no time to take a tent rest! But when we went to the Xisha wetlands, we played tent in the grass on the roadside. Children should also like it. Then there is thin shirt tunic walk in the flowers, something with a little toilet water is also be prepared.

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