Yue Qin Park Resort, Chongming Island to meet your photographic desire farmhouse

The most unscrupulous season in the blue sky and white clouds Meet the weekend to the farmhouse Chongming Island holiday! ! Good weather, free time, friends, camera. Let's go!

Way beyond the car on the island

Po Yang Road Pier, almost every hour there is a shuttle to the south gate of Chongming.
The 40-minute voyage is less than halfway through the tunnel and the ferry, which has gradually faded out of Shanghai's daily routine of transportation, occasionally reclaims childhood memories.

Car by Chongming South Gate Ferry out of about twenty minutes, then to the "farmhouse" door, appearance seems appropriate, at least enough low-key.

Yue Qinyuan Resort Catering Center

Next is a patch of Metasequoia forest, along only for a car through the trail ahead, a car with a small surprise looked out, all eyes are green. Perhaps the educated youth will not think of them, when they personally planted saplings, now already towering.

Further to the depths, a red roof cottage jumped into the picture, I turned to ask friends, this is your mouth farm music? But in exchange for his bad face.

Through the forest, but also a huge piece of water. The car parked in front of a small square, single-family five-bedroom lake view villa, this is actually our night's accommodation.

Dinner arrangements in the main restaurant on the lake, surrounded by three lakeside, revealing chic and delicate from the inside out.
The dishes are exquisite and authentic Chongming local delicacies. Compared to the Chongming private restaurant in downtown Shanghai, Yuexianyuan's dishes are clearly orthodox in terms of taste, wobbler and choice of ingredients.
Crabs, small crabs, drunk crabs, only a crab, it is so rich. And sweet millet this unique postprandial fruit, only authentic Shanghai diners to know how to taste.

Restaurant exterior

Chongming private kitchens

Crabs and crabs

The perfect environment for photography

After satiated, do not have to rush back to the room to rest. Take a stroll outside the lobby on the terrace or take a walk along the yinqin trail on the lake. Even in such gloomy night, the sky is full of fascination.

Lake night

For those who love photography, no matter how late at night to sleep, at dawn, will be on time waiting for the sunrise. The gorgeous sky and strange clouds are always the greatest compliment to photographers.

Complete and comfortable facilities

If you are otherwise good, jungle jungle, swimming pool, reading on the terrace there is always for you. Can also take a few steps to go to the forest tea room, soak a pot of Qi Lan, quiet look duckling water, the kind of escape from the leisurely, and who do not love.

The so-called "knowing place do not have to be in the far, suddenly Lin, we have Ho Pu Jian also, birds of poultry birds, from relatives" for this reason, why not choose the island on the 1st, rest in Yi Qinyuan deep Oxymoron between the degree of a Qin Qin heart of the weekend it?

Address: 2089 Beianyang Road, Chongming District, Shanghai (south of Dongping National Forest Park).

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