Travel around Shanghai, Chongming Island purple sea egret edge theme park

Nowadays, the convenient traffic makes many people choose to spend the weekend in Chongming Island for a day or two staying in the clean and lively farmhouse opened by the locals. Authentic original Chongming farmhouse dishes and relaxing Fan.

Perhaps in many people's memories of Chongming Island can be used as a travel destination without exception, Dongping Forest Park, Dongtan wetlands, Xisha wetlands, Pearl Lake Park these popular sites, it is true that the coverage rate of the forest park trees More than 90%, is suitable for wild fresh air.
However, during the holidays, the flow of people in the park is too large, presumably play experience will be greatly reduced, this time we open a new path, choose a relatively low awareness, relatively small flow of people purple sea egret, accommodation is set online Very good reputation Liu Village Farmhouse.

Chongming purple sea egret edge

Zihai Heron Romance Theme Park ticket points a lot of sets of specifications, we choose the ticket is 90 yuan, which can play karting, barbecue, bumper cars, water balloons, etc., can be said that the basic entertainment programs are included, if If you buy entertainment programs alone, the cost will be more than the cost of the system.
Zihai Heron Romance Theme Park is open from 9 am to 7 pm , however, when more than 5 o'clock, many staff members have already got off work, and tourists can keep playing inside.

Experience the passion of karting

Kart here divided into single seat and double seat, one person can open a circle, you want to re-open the extra charge, double kart is received twice the vote, if timid MM can not open, you can let GG Open, a circle of distance is not very long, but you can feel the go-kart throttle in the end, the courage to move forward.

Wits and courageous room escaped

Do not look here is an outdoor theme park in the theme park, as well as secret room.
There is only one room in the secret room, if less people, the Chamber of Secrets is not open, you need to open up to 8 people, when we go there is a pair of lovers waiting for the other can be, we line up exactly 8 people, plus they 2 Individuals just form a team, secret room for 15 minutes, if the wrong password three times, it failed, we basically know the password, but lost a wrong password three times, and ultimately failed, if passed, There is a small prize.

Recall childhood bumper cars

Bumper car is a child often play in the amusement park project, there are oh, here a total of 6 cars, playing time is 5 minutes, and friends know more fun, if you play with strangers, then Not so open, so natural smile.

Cool cute alpaca

Just opened in the manor, there are two alpacas, a white, a brown, and now only a brown, and quite lonely, alpaca flavor is still very strong, but also On the interior, visitors can feed the alpaca, but it is advisable to feed it with little leaves and not to feed their own food. Photo and sacred animal is also very memorable.

Manor named "purple sea", so here you can see a large lavender, but I went to the wrong season, lavender is in July and August every year in full bloom, and we see, mostly purple verbena, but Appears on the scene but it is also very beautiful, wedding photography here is also very small.

Colorful water balloon

Water balloon is a very fun item, the balloon floats on the water, people simply can not find the balance in the balloon, tumble over and over in the tumbling, people will be crazy to play, next to see people will be very fun, but time is a little bit Short, only 5 minutes, just mastered the skills, it is over.

In addition to these wonderful entertainment facilities, because the location here is the original eco-manor, the park there are other attractions as the shooting point, the same aesthetic and romantic.


If you do not want to holiday in the flow of people struggling, a good waste of leisure time, may wish to come here to see it ~

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