Chongming Island Sea Flower Island Resort, tricks to play

Since it is leisure, no spots to catch the sorrow, time is also very casual, in addition to eating and drinking, is to find fun in various places. Say the sea can spend the island point. After staying at the hotel, you can stroll to include: windshield, outdoor picnic area, one meter vegetable garden, Baicao Park, catching chicken forest; there are live CS, SUV expansion area; Finally you can go to the Rose Garden incense, dragon fruit Picking and see adorable da da lamb.

Manor pastoral, wild dejected

Just as through this door, entering is like another world. Outdoor floral wilderness, Warbler Yingge Universal, homestead brook murmuring, deep forest criss-cross deep. Like a martial arts world, came a fairy sister, bowling Fuqin hear Xiao, the wind Xiao Xiao, waves surging.
Autumn wind yellowed grass, but can not change the rich autumn. Hanging hammock next to the tree breeze pavilion, leisure time, with a book leisurely pass an afternoon time.

Very heart of the road signs, less a boring. Calligraphic fonts on the sign, vigorous and powerful. When I recalled primary school, I had also learned ink brushstrokes from the teacher, but I still did not understand the essence. Now I still write or climb.

There is a very unique place in the resort, it is outdoor 2 Bubble House. Bubble house is inflatable, a total of two zipper doors, into the first layer must be pulled by the second floor door, so as not to discourage, and vice versa. Maybe you will be worried about how people breathe inside? However, this worry a bit superfluous, people have long solved this problem.
Bubble house is not large, but placed a set of sofa tables and chairs, which is enough to accommodate thirty-five friends to tea, tea enlightenment. If it is rainy, see the wind and rain Xiaoxia outside, then laugh a few spring breeze, we must do not have a taste.

Next to the bubble house, there is a scattered garden of flowers. Flowers in the garden, colorful flower bones competing open. The bees make clear the shadow, accidentally captured a busy bee in this.

Field fun, catch chicken goose

Tree-lined, always Yingge dance. The resort has a large area of ​​lush woodland. There are some hundred herbs planted in the woods, but also a group of chickens and ducks. The whole resort is an ecosystem. In this area, you can catch chickens and goose. Of course, you can also experience the pleasure of being a farmer, such as going to a one-meter course to grow some vegetables

One meter garden, like its name, in only one square meter square, you can sway sweat, planting cultivation. As before to play the happily happy farm, here you can come offline true version of the experience. Can grow some green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, radish and so on. Do not mind the green leaves of insects eating insects, that did not play pesticides, safe food.

In addition, you can still capture the live chickens themselves, feel the stimulation of chicken fly eggs. But do not underestimate these chickens and ducks, because the long-term are kept in the woods, so there are wild, a little afraid of strangers, so it is not easy to catch Oh. Furthermore, these chickens, ducks and geese ate the caterpillar fungus in the woods and would eat some cereal plus long-term "exercise" so the meat was delicious.

Gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance

Rose, represents love. And different numbers, meanings are not the same. However, this 1,200 acres of roses, which means overflowing flowers here. Even play the butterfly dance, comfortable Jiaoying just cry.

Rose and Rose I always not easy to separate, because they are too long like. Fortunately, there are close to bring us to play with the small fresh meat, science know. Rose is not generally rich roses, rose more and more bright words, the thorns will be less. Listen to the boss said that in previous years, but their rose production but one of the best in Taobao.
The entire rose garden is large, inside and outside the greenhouse are planted with different varieties of roses, some even more rare species. However, the roses can not be picking, because if you do not pay attention will hurt the rhizome. Rose fragrance, do not do "picking flowers thieves."

Sunset west, Selfie horizon

Not knowing that the snow, only dark incense to. Not for Selfie, but the flower here, the forest in front, the sunset in the distance, each frame is beautiful, had people stop taking pictures. In the huge space, the photos taken, it is so elegant. Facing the sun, backlighting the silhouette, so that the whole picture more atmosphere.

Sweet juicy, fire dragon holy fruit

Dragon fruit was originally tropical and subtropical plants, hi light shade tolerance heat and drought, so we met in the greenhouses in Chongming Island. Dragon fruit is a climbing perennial succulent plants, summer and autumn fruits mature.
The key dragon fruit, sweet. However, the picking is the need to charge, picking well, you can stand to eat, mouth like a bloody mouth, because the sea dragon flower here Huadu, is the heart. However, dragon fruit is cool fruit, so do not be too gluttonous. Here is also a small suggestion, picking, you can choose some full, but it looks ugly, but the taste felt good enough.

Live-fire, Cross Fire

Said in front of the single can be completed, the following to introduce a team game. If you come with a small partner, you can come to a fight, in the woods to play a CS war. The material of the bullet is what we are familiar with, just like the kind of pachinko we used to play in childhood. However, in order to safety or need to wear goggles. When armed, the game can begin.

Motorcycle ride, playing cool off-road

Good thing to stay in the end, this is my favorite item to play. Riding the off-road model stroll avant-garde village, is the most avant-garde, a kind of crab rampant illusion, because there are always tourists will give you pictures.
However, before playing cool, really strenuous time. Although the operation is not difficult, because the first ride, so still a bit slow hands and feet. Riding is not difficult, open fire or toss several times. The beginning did not grasp well, U-turn also feels like a skill, use smoothly, the trip is over, this is a sad topic. However, this does not affect. After all, stimulation also requires hard work.

I believe such a trip down, you will be a little sad to give up this field pastoral life. Look forward to come here again next time, sprinkle wildly.

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