Do not go back to the road, draw a circle to play Tibet ~ (with the classic ring recommended)

The season to play more and more people in Tibet, and routine day trips, two-day tour, has been unable to meet the travel experience more and more demanding people. In recent years, Tibet's tourism development is also progressing, the road is getting better and better, playing more and more. For example: ring play, do not go back to the road.

One, why take the ring?

1. Saving time to travel in Tibet, the province is more necessary. 
2. Saving Lhasa hotel budget, has been on the road, living in the line to stay in the county or scenic area.
3. Play more attractions, see more scenery, why not.

Second, why choose Lhasa as the starting point and the end, rather than Nyingchi?

Reason one:

Lhasa in and out of Tibet convenient transportation, from the mainland aircraft train trips. Nyingchi is currently only Chengdu Chongqing flight, many people think: the first time to Tibet to fly to Nyingchi, low altitude can better adapt to the plateau environment. However, Linzhi local tourism companies rarely, in the local start of the regular operation of vehicles almost no want to go to the surrounding attractions to play, most can only package black car, because the competition is small, so not cheap. A very small number of regular travel companies to develop short-term lines, the tour is also very high. But also from the Nyingchi Jin Lasa can only choose a shuttle or plane, the road can not stop to take pictures of beauty.   

Reason two:

Lhasa is the capital of Tibet is the most prosperous city of Tibet, hotel catering, shops and other facilities are relatively complete, arrived in Tibet, to choose the accommodation or living and outdoor supplies more.

Reason three:

Lhasa is a religious and cultural center of Tibet, rich cultural landscape, especially the Potala Palace Jokhang Temple, is every place where the Tibetan pilgrims will go. Tibetan temple everywhere, octagonal street turn, the local sweet tea, yak yogurt and other Tibetan food are worth many days to stay thin experience.

What are the classic lines of Tibet?

Anti-high reverse loop A1:

Linzhi Shan Nanyang Lake Shigatse Five Day Link

Day1: Lhasa starting - Mira Hill dumb - Basson wrong - Bayi town [distance 474KM]
Day2: Bayi town starting - Sejila town view Lulang Linhai - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon Namjagaba Peak) - Long County / Caixia [distance 530KM]
Day3: Long County / Garcia - Ramla wrong - Gacha - Dagu Gorge - Ze when [travel distance 255KM]
Day4 : Jedang - Yongbulakang - Sheep Lake - Koruo La Glacier - Gyangze - Shigatse [distance 349KM]
Day5: Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Temple - Brahmaputra scenery - Lhasa 【Travel distance 269KM]
along the elevation: Lhasa 3658M-Mira Pass 5013M-Bayi Town 2800M-Gacha 3230M-Shigatse 3840M-Ze when 3580M
along the tickets: Barsong wrong 170 yuan, the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon 290 yuan, Lu Lang Linhai 60 yuan , Ramra wrong 50 yuan, Yongbulakang 60 yuan, 100 meters of Tashilun cloth temple.

Anti-high reverse loop A2:

Nyingchi Mountain Nanmu Lake Nam wood wrong five ring line

Day1: Lhasa starting - Mira Hill dumb mouth - card ditch - Lulang Linhai viewing platform - Bayi town [Driving distance 514KM]
Day2: Bayi town starting - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon (Namjagbarwa peak) - Long County - Gacha [distance 454KM]
Day3: Gacha - Ramla wrong - Gacha - Dagu Gorge - Yongbulakang - Ze when [travel distance 278KM]
Day4: Ze when - sheep Lake - Nepalese Alpine meadow - Na Mu wrong (overnight) [distance 528KM]
Day5: Namco wrong - Na Ragan mountain dumb mouth - Nyainqentanglula viewing platform - Lhasa travel distance 225KM
along the elevation: Lhasa 3658M-Mira Pass 5013M-Bayi Town 2800M-Garcia 3230M-sheep Lake 4441M-Namco wrong 4718M
Tickets: $ 29 in the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, $ 60 for Lulang Linhai, 50 yuan for Ramra, 60 yuan for Yongbulakang, Nam Co wrong 120 yuan.

More than two anti-high anti-line, the reason for high resistance, because the first under the Nyingchi area, the average elevation of nearly 1000M higher than the Lhasa, Nyingchi is located in southeastern Tibet, the special terrain just for the Indian Ocean opened a big gap, along the river Of the Indian Ocean warm and the northern cold in the eastern part of the Nyainqentanglha Mountains meet together to form a relatively humid climate, forest trees, oxygen enough, is a very suitable for the first to the plateau of the play place. A1 line elevation basically stable at 3000 +, 99% or more people can easily adapt; A2 line from the fourth day of the sea rose to live Nam Co Lake, after the first three days of oxygen, more than 95% of people over The mountains that are satisfied that the mountain is also acceptable to accept the changes in altitude. If there is a slight discomfort, do not worry, the next day is to return to Lhasa, the elevation also will come down.
This two line attractions tickets expensive, it is recommended to choose pure play fight group, tickets and accommodation groups have a cooperative price, independent business small group, a full package, the price is relatively high. The

Tianyuan small ring line:

Yanghu Lake is the third day of the road

Day1: Lhasa - Shepherd
Jade - Cazorla Glacier - Tashilhunpo Monastery - Shigatse [Distance 337KM] Day2: Shigatse - Shigegrave Mountain - Majiang Wetland - Nimi Prairie - Yangbajing - Nam Co 【Travel Distance 420KM]
Day3: Namtu - Na Ragan Mountain dumb mouth - Nyainqentanglula viewing platform - Lhasa travel distance 225KM
along the elevation: Lhasa 3658M-sheep Lake 4441M-Shigatse 3840M-Nagaran Pass 5190M-Namco wrong 4718M
Tickets: Sheep Lake 40 yuan, 100 kilometers of Zhashilun cloth Temple, Namco wrong 120 yuan.

Peak five-day loop:

Everest base camp + Namco wrong five ring line

Day1: Lhasa - Sheep Lake - Koruo La Glacier - Shigatse [distance 337KM]
Day2: Shigatse - Panshan Road (full asphalt) - Everest base camp [distance 378KM]
Day3: Everest sunrise - Shigatse - Tashilun cloth Temple [distance 378KM]
Day4: Shigatse - Nepal grassland - sheep eight wells (to send hot springs) - Nam Co wrong [travel distance 420KM]
Day5: Namco wrong - - Naiqing Tanggula Pass - Lhasa [distance 225KM]
along the elevation: Lhasa 3658M-sheep Lake 4441M-Shigatse 3840M-Everest base camp 5200M-Nagaran Yamaguchi Yamaguchi 5190M-Namco wrong 4718M
along the ticket: sheep Lake 40 yuan, Cloth Temple 100 yuan, YORK base camp 180 yuan, Namco wrong 120 yuan.

Conventional Shigatse two-day tour, Everest four-day tour, Namco wrong day trip, round and round are the same way,
Xigaze is about 700 km from Lhasa, Everest from Lhasa about 1400 km, Namco wrong about 500 km from Lhasa, if the attractions Have to go, why not go into a ring it? Directly from the Shigatse through the Nepalese steppe to reach the Namco wrong, to reduce the toss ~ and can save a day, directly to the Namco lake, watching the sky to see the sunset ~

Fourth, what can be used to take these lines?

1. Car rental by car

Lhasa, a lot of car rental companies, China car rental and a Hi car all have a trip to Beijing East Road, a travel agency also has a private car rental company, the price is 300 yuan per day to 1,000 yuan (short season prices will be floating), there are a variety of Model selection. Car rental free travel, no drivers. It is not recommended for people who are unfamiliar with the first time in Tibet and whether there is a high altitude reaction. Tibet, some of the road leading to the scenic road without signs, but no navigation, all with experience, if their car may be lost. And the beginning of the plateau region, people's ability to adapt to the general decline in driving safety factor will be reduced.

2. Chartered

Tibet's chartered service is also relatively mature, choose a reliable master, a suitable car to play more easily. Local drivers are familiar with the line, especially in Tibet, strict speed limit, coupled with road norms, only the local driver to better grasp, will not be penalized fine. Which border areas need to handle the defense card in advance will also remind, which scenic spots can not buy a ticket driver will have a way.

3. Fight group

Now, more and more people come out to play more like free exercise, do not like with the regiment. The so-called with the group, we are not imagined the tour guide with a large speaker against dozens of tour friends boom H's explanation, or induced into the store shopping? Good news, Tibet in these ring to do are independent business small group, each car does not exceed 15 people, only the driver, do not deserve the tour guide, to ensure a pure play. Road attractions tickets and hotel accommodation groups can get the lowest price, so fight the cost of higher cost. Line regular departure, the use of regular operation of the vehicle travel is also guaranteed.

Five, how better with the line?

See the above mentioned a few links, some people may think, I want to go to Nyingchi, want to go to Shigatse, want to go to Everest base camp, but also want to Namco wrong, the line together to repeat, how to do it?
Here are recommended a few with the program:
A, 8 day tour: Nyingchi three-day tour + Everest Namco wrong five-day ring (peak five-day ring)
B, 5 day tour: Nyingchi three-day tour + sheep Lake Shigatama Namki trip three days Road small ring line)
C, 7 day tour: Nyingchi Shannan Shigatse five-day ring line (anti-high anti-ring line A1)

If all the above programs are not as appropriate, you can also consult me, for you to design a more appropriate line.

(Than heart)

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