Do you know? It is more appropriate to go to Tibet in winter!

Winter, in fact, more suitable for winter in Tibet! Why do you say that? Look at the text!
figure sunshine under the center of lhasa

Talk to friends about some misunderstanding of winter Tibet

Misunderstanding 1: winter Tibet will be very cold and cold, cooler than the Northeast, will be under a lot of snow

As a tunnel northeast, I would like to say Word God, the winter is really too cold winter? In winter I did not want to go home, I prefer to stay in Tibet, because here can enjoy the warm sunshine. Tibet's winter is not so cold!
Let's take the Lhasa, Lhasa is located 29 degrees north latitude, close to Shanghai and Hangzhou, although the plateau, but in our geographical division also belong to the eight children of the South.
Lhasa winter from the beginning of each year in November to calculate the end of February to the end of the year. In this 120 days of winter, the number of sunny days accounted for 90%, that is, up to three days a month is rain and snow weather, the rest are mainly blue sky and white clouds. This 120 days, the temperature up to 20 degrees during the day, the minimum 10 degrees, the maximum temperature of 10 degrees at night, the minimum temperature of -10 degrees. And humidity is not, no cold in the south.
Lhasa city in addition to the end of March each year in early April will be a few snow outside, the rest of the time did not snow, so winter want to come to Tibet to see the small snow partners may be disappointed, because there is no snow.

Misunderstanding 2: winter Lhasa hypoxia is very serious

Before we talked about, Tibet has the highest oxygen content throughout the year in autumn, the relative oxygen content of about 70%, winter is indeed the lowest level of oxygen throughout the year, how much? Also lower than the autumn 3 to 4 percentage points, I want to say is that to Tibet travel hypoxia is a change can not the fact that the low percentage of these points and what is it?

Misunderstanding 3: winter to Tibet can not see the beauty

In front of the said, the winter in Tibet to sunny days. Many small friends who have come to Tibet in summer have known that because of the summer rainy season, there are many well-known attractions to see beauty is the need for luck, for example, Everest in the summer to see the probability of 40% Lake, Namco can see the blue lake and the distance the snow-capped mountains is also very small chance, as well as Nyingchi's Nanjia Baya peak, in the summer can only see your luck can buy a lottery.
But the winter to Tibet, the above-mentioned scenery, especially the South Baybara peak, can see the probability of 95%, Yang Lake and Nam Co really can be said to see the aesthetic fatigue. Coupled with Namco wrong, Pu Mo Yong wrong ice scene, winter to Tibet you can really see the weekdays want to see the beauty can not see.

Misunderstanding four: winter Tibetan leaves light, a desolate

Figure: Lu Lang Linhai

At this point, there are "Tibet Jiangnan," said Lin Chi heard may be unhappy. Do not forget, by the Yarlung Zangbo River water vapor, Nyingchi, but all year round are green, not only green mountains, green trees, even the water is beautiful green. People say that Nyingchi is a magnified version of Jiuzhaigou, the mountain vertical landscape is obvious, can be said to have mountains (South Gaba tile peak), there are water (Niyang River, Yarlung Zangbojiang, Basong measures), there are woods (Lu Lang Linhai).
Lifted so much misunderstanding in front, and now you are not a little tempted? Do not worry Kazakhstan, I have not said how to play in winter in Tibet?

How is winter in Tibet?

Figure: winter sun in the Tibetan elderly

Winter tour of Tibet personal recommendations will use lazy way, the pressure of the mainland life, winter to Tibet to relax, even if it is not to go in the sun in Lhasa, I think it will be full of pleasure. Go to octagonal street turn, sitting in front of the Jokhang Temple, each way is very suitable for decompression.
Or you can get on the train, go back to the Xigaze, the day can be from the hard seat 40 from the soft seat to 170, ranging from the morning to visit the Tashilun cloth after the afternoon can be back.
Want to see the attractions, then a day trip short and multi-day tour of the long distance, are free to choose. Then I recommend to everyone.

Short trip one: Na Mu wrong day trip

Figure: Namco wrong

Usually a lot of small partners will ask me, Nam Co wrong winter is not Fengshan not get? wrong! Na Mu wrong though wrong, but your idea is really wrong.
Winter wood is also able to play the wrong, and play very different, the Tashi peninsula into the winter lake ice, and because of the impact of the tide, satisfied that the wrong ice is not a smooth ice, but the ups and downs of the ice tower shape. In the sun, the ice tower showed light blue, like a glacier, never seen a small glacier in the winter to Namco wrong on the right.
Maybe you have to ask me how to fill the mountain in winter? Namco wrong winter closure of the probability of only about 10%, the probability of snow is not very high, so do not worry too much, since you want to see the beauty, why not go to stroke that 90% of it
There will be a small partner will ask, winter, Namibu can play two days it? Is not possible, because the winter, then the Nam Co scenic area of ​​the accommodation and restaurants are not business, so would like to stay in Namibu a little partner to eliminate the idea of ​​it, after all, sooner or later the temperature difference is very difficult at night.
Arrival way: choose the local travel agency carpool, the day round trip.

Short two: Yang Lake day trip

Figure: Yang Zhuo Yong wrong (sheep Lake)

Yang Lake is definitely a winter tour of Tibet will play the attractions. Here I tell you a secret, the winter sheep lake is basically not frozen, although the lake elevation of 4400 meters, but due to adequate winter sunshine (just to say that during the day due to sunshine, the temperature above zero), so very few sheep Icing, even if the end of a thin layer of ice at night, so the sun will melt later. I often say a word is that the winter sheep lake is really too beautiful, standing on the top of the mountain, the distant snow-capped mountains can be clearly seen, clear blue lake, the sun sprinkled on the face, it feels like being in the world Paradise, beauty
Arrival way: Yang Lake is a recent attraction from the Lhasa city, the individual suggested to choose to participate in the local travel agency car tour, choose noon starting, do not have early, more beautiful scenery.

Short three: Pu Mo Yong wrong day trip

Figure: not yet frozen Pu Mo Yong wrong

The lake in a Raiders I did not mention, because in Tibet Pu Mo Yong wrong may be the most suitable for the season is the winter play. In winter, the lake is frozen, transparent visible lake, in the sun's exposure, the ice out of the blue lake, the distant Kurashang day snow-capped mountains holy mysterious, walking in the ice as if in the fairy tale world, At this time called on the 35 small partners together, put on the ice in a variety of shapes shot out of the photo Zhang Zhang master works, absolutely burst burst of friends circle.
The famous documentary "third pole" of the ice dive chapter, that is, in the winter icing Pu Mo Yong wrong shot.

The village is located in the deepest lake in a peninsula above the peninsula at the end of the cliff has a hundred years old temple, the temple of the temple Turn on the road built on the edge of the cliff, picturesque, one of my friends said here is also more beautiful than Greece.
Arrival way: to participate in individual fight group, this trip is not every day, please everyone according to their own time ahead of schedule.

Figure: Pu Mo Yong wrong shore of the century temple and the cliff side of the transfer

Pum Yong measures with Yang Lake in a line, so if you choose to Pum Yong Yong, along the way you can watch the sheep lake, serve two purposes, so do not have to choose another extra sheep lake trip.

Above for everyone to introduce a few boutique short-term, the following I will introduce to you two high-quality long-term, is a small partner to understand more of the East Linzhi line and the West line Everest line, talk about the two lines in winter Happening.

Long line one: East Linzhi line

Figure: sunny day to see the Nanjaba tile peak

The first Raiders I have a detailed description of the Eastern Tour of the trip ( review direct access   ), then how to play winter winter it?
First of all we have to know the two information points: the first is due to the direction of Lynch to Lulang still road, so Lulang scenic area is not very convenient, it is estimated that next year to finish the spring road. The second is due to the winter climate reasons, Ramra wrong is not get, so the east Linzhi to Shannan this line can not go. So, in addition to these places where there is no one to go?
From Lhasa, after the Mira Yamaguchi, after reaching the boundary of Nyingchi, the first sights can visit the Basson measures, as the god of the gods of the lake, the position of the Basson measures in the hearts of the local people can be described as important. There is a hotel in the area of ​​Baxon, and you can choose to stay for one night and experience the local folklore slowly.

Figure: Parsons measures
if you are not Basongco live, then you can go to Nyingchi, then go to the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon. Many tourists reflect the scenic area is generally no special place, probably because of the reasons for the rainy summer, a lot of scenery can not see, but the winter to the Grand Canyon focus is clearly see the whole picture of the Nanjabawa, only this season can be almost See every day.

Photo: Suo Song Village by guanxin13
Nanjia Bawa's best viewing point for the cable village, the village built on the cliffs of the river, facing the South Barba watts peak. Choose a guest inn, sitting in the yard during the day, drinking sweet tea basking in the warm sun slowly look. Evening sunset, the Nanjababa peak sunshine Jinshan, as well as the night of the vast sky, brain fill the picture, is not already very enjoyable.

Figure: Suo Song Village to watch the South Barba watts by ya Rong

Here we suggest that the village is located in the Grand Canyon inside the Grand Canyon, so if you choose to stay in the village of Suo Song, then, or need to buy tickets, so since the tickets have been bought, or follow the scenic tour bus to visit the canyon inside, There are several places that are good view of Nanjia Buwa, and then go inside the straight white village can watch at close range.

Long line two: west line Everest line

Figure: far from Mount Everest

As one of the tourist attractions in Tibet, Everest line has always been more popular. Winter due to conditions, all the tent post office will be withdrawn, the base camp can not stay overnight stay quite sorry.
Everest line winter with the summer tour of the attractions are basically the same, the only difference is that the trip can be shortened from four days to three days, accommodation can choose a day in Shigatse, set a night, also considered reasonable arrangements.
This line can visit the Corrale Glacier, the Tashilhunpo Monastery and the Sheep Lake. Everest's vision may be a day into the county you can see the beauty, and the whole can be seen in any of the places can be seen, which can be considered a major highlight of the Everest winter.

Visit the above attractions, if you still have time, you can choose a good condition in Lhasa city boutique inn or hotel, preferably with the kind of rooftop, basking in Lhasa winter warm sunshine, drinking warm Sweet tea, put aside the trouble, enjoy the exclusive winter warmth of their own time.
Recommended Lhasa Wrangler boutique garden guest house   , in Lhasa, the unity of the village, the fourth floor of the rooftop can directly see the Potala Palace, the field of vision is great, is a good place for winter sun. There is a small garden in each room, and there is heating in the winter room

The first time to Tibet to stay at this hotel, the boss drove the BMW to pick us up, very moved. The hotel is clean and decorated in a unique style. Around the dining and small markets are very convenient. Special mention is that the hotel on the first floor there is a special jewelry shop, the owner smiled, a fashion and personality, dress a unique woman, with the affinity and humility so that we quickly become friends. It is recommended to go to Tibet friends stay in this hotel, and patronize this shop, will not let you down.

Winter to Tibet there is a benefit is: special! province! money!

See the money, small partners who want to shine light! Is true, winter travel in Tibet is really a variety of price cuts! All kinds of cheap!
[Traffic] winter into the possession of the big traffic, whether it is a train or a plane, a query you will find that the train ticket to have a day to go there are tickets, air tickets in the winter of the mainland are basically hundreds of pieces of Lhasa, up to a thousand A little more, I recently saw the lowest fare is Chongqing fly Lhasa, fare more than 300! Yes is more than 300 Season 3000 can not get, now as long as the price of 1/10. Do not leave this time, even when?
[Tickets] starting every year from November 1, the implementation of the scenic spot in Tibet, the off-season ticket prices, the Potala Palace season tickets 200, plus the reservation fee may be nearly 1000 to visit. Now tickets only need 100, and is exempt from reservations, free appointment Oh! This is really important. My mother no longer have to worry about the baby to get up in the middle of the night line up the ticket.
Everest Chapel 50 (season 85), the most busy season also need to make an appointment; Namco 60 (peak season 120); Everest base camp season into the mountain fee 400, tickets 180, now half price; Basong measures, Brahmaputra Grand Canyon are half of the season price The
winter, the major hotels in Tibet and boutique inn are competing to cut prices, Lhasa several well-known five-star hotel season 2000 to 4000, and now even 1000 are not required, all kinds of boutique hotel season 1000 or so now also More than 200. But although the price cut, the service does not reduce Oh, it will not encounter the season because there is no advance booking and can not find a place to live.

In addition, the folk side, the whole winter Tibet has two important traditional festivals, one is the light festival, one is the Tibetan calendar New Year, winter came to Tibet so that you will not be lonely. And because the season more tourists, may affect you to understand the whole of Tibet folk customs, filled with streets are tourists, to the winter, Jokhang Temple Square, kneeling before knocking the head of the believers, they travel thousands of miles from the Tibetan All came to Lhasa pilgrimage (winter slack, is the Tibetan pilgrimage season).
Climate, just mentioned on the top, if your place is very cold winter, or damp, then Tibet is your best choice, warm sunshine, clean air, slow pace of life, I think for the small mainland Partner, any of which is enough to attract.

winter Tibet travel tips
1, due to the weather is very good, sunny, sun is the key. 2, sooner or later the temperature difference between the day can be autumn, but to the night or to wear winter clothes. 3, dry air, pay attention to dry lips, drink plenty of water to keep the body sufficient water.

Well, winter travel in Tibet is the case, do not know if you have to leave the plan? Do not hesitate, the short winter will soon be coming, come to Tibet to open your lazy travel mode, I are all, I am still waiting for you in Tibet!

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