Eat and drink, everything, Xi'an self-help travel the whole Raiders!

The first time to write travel Raiders, Raiders in the trip is mainly based on friends before to Xi'an, we went to play with the experience of writing, time relationship, so just pick some attractions to visit, but I made the appropriate supplement to its As much as possible, hope to be able to help everyone. Here we enter the topic, to recommend some of the more reasonable way to play, but also introduce a variety of Xi'an food Oh, snack goods are widening your eyes ~

DAY1 Xiangzi Temple - Hui Street - Bell Tower Drum Tower - High Family Courtyard - Sprinkle the Golden Bridge

1. [Xiangzi Temple]
 Xiangzi Temple which dedicated the Eight Immortals across the sea Han Xiangzi. Han Xiangzi, how many people also? He is that the "real wine without incense, really water spiced (ha ha, do not know smile is very pouring in the city where the name of the real water is not from here), hard to come, rain deodorant" people. Xiangzi Temple in the mouth of the ancient wells, the name of "Xiangquan", rain Luqian pulp Changan is this sweet well water ~ In addition, there are two mysterious temple in the temple, twice a year Huaihua open , This is wonders.

2. [back to the street]
 route: Xi'an Railway Station take the 611 bus to the bridge Qicheng station; in the city by 7,15,32,43,45,201 Road and other buses to the Gulou Station, and then Walk a section of the road will be able to. Can also be like us, living in the hotel near the back of the street, go on the line, and there are many other attractions near Huimin Street, enough to play one day.
The main shopping or the morning of the street, here with the Confucius Temple in Nanjing like a lot of fine handicraft shop, we can see if you meet particularly special things like, if the price is not expensive, or mind we do not hesitate to take Under the like, a rare travel out, buy a few small things, as the city's memorial, but also not a bad idea. Do not hold the "first do not buy, and then see, maybe there are in front of" this kind of psychological, otherwise, you can not buy ~
seems to be no matter what time, Muslim street tourists are a lot, if met 51 National Day Of the time, then it is really crowds, crowded. Hui Street also has a lot of so-called old food shop, always a long row of very long team, in fact, where the high degree of commercialization, really authentic Xi'an food is not here, but if you want to often taste is also not a bad idea, Although not the best and most authentic, but also better than the taste of the field. Here, we recommend some of Xi'an food snacks.
Gui Tang Bao, persimmon cake, Rouga Mo, mutton steamed bun, biangbiang noodles, pomegranate juice, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, lamb skewers, small crisp meat, steamed cakes ... ...

highly recommended:

(1) wax beef Rouga (super delicious, is not greasy .Ps: Muslim street meat folder folder are cattle and mutton, if you buy in other places folder pork meat Rouga Mo, do not take Akira here, but here [Muslims] Street ah, Muslims face in front of your child to eat pork, is likely to be hit)
(2) Huang Gui persimmon cake
(3) rose osmanthus cake
(4) Guan Tang Jia three package (double-pepper chicken noodle shop super delicious) 
(5) South East Asia steamer cake (in fact read Xi'an people jing cake, but even if you read on, it will not be treated as locals)
(6) roasted halogen trotter (Really, no more delicious!)

3, [bell
tower and drum tower] bell tower and the Drum Tower relative standing, there is an underground ring channel Unicom two places. Bell and Drum Tower has been guarding the ancient city, has become a landmark in Xi'an, 24 hours a day can visit the floor, at night better than the daytime.
4, [high courtyard]
 on the Muslim street, the ticket is 15 yuan per person, you can see the shadow and the Shaanxi Opera, although the additional charges, but it is worth a look.
5, [sprinkle the bridge]
from the clock tower to take the two subway station to the road, compared to the Muslim street, sprinkle the Golden Bridge is the most popular food street in Xi'an, but also I go to the students with the most places.
Strongly recommended:
(1) Yang Tianyu roast beef and mutton
(2) Ye Jiapeng steamed meat
(3) Egg cake folder steamed
(4) Zhili irrigation soup dumplings (their home is really a treasure pork)
(5) malic acid soup dumplings
(6) red beans crisp

DAY2 Shaanxi History Museum - Xiaozhai SEG International Shopping Center - Datang Furong Garden

1, [Shaanxi History Museum]
route: take 5,24,27, travel 8 \ 610 Road and other bus to Cuihua Road Station. You can also take the Metro Line 2, we take the subway in the past, the clock tower station, Xiaozhai station (A exit) under.
Shaanxi Museum of History every day around eight o'clock in the morning, every Monday closed, every day will be issued thousands of free tickets, with ID card can receive a lot of people who line up every day, so want to get free tickets, then must go too early , You can visit the three exhibition hall by ticket, the collection of goods can be traced back to the primitive years. In addition there are Tang Dynasty fresco treasures and treasures Museum, visit the need for fees, the former 150 yuan a person, the latter 20 yuan a person.

2, [Xiaozhai SEG International Shopping Center]
Xiaozhai inside Asia has the first indoor ladder, one to the fifth floor are the daily necessities and clothing category, the sixth floor to the seventh floor is the food area.
Highly recommended:
(1) Meridian Road Cheung Kee
(2) Obama came hot cakes
(3) Miss jin strawberry cup
(4) Jervis old Chongqing hot pot (Chongqing flavor, very authentic)
(5) Chang stall
 3, [ Datang Furong Garden]
route: from the small village to Datang Furong Park, you can take the tour 8 \ 610 Road to Qujiang Ocean World Station, Datang Furong Park in Qujiang Ocean Park opposite, all the time, Ocean World also Can go stroll.
Datang Furong Park is not the Tang Dynasty ruins, but antique buildings, but the Datang culture is very good show in front of everyone. Which is very large, you can take the tour car tour, there Ziyun floor, ladies hall, Royal Palace, Fang Lin Yuan, Feng Ming nine days theaters, Lu Yu tea, Qujiang drink and other attractions, as well as Asia's largest water curtain film, The scenery is also beautiful.

DAY3 Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum - Huaqing Gong

Route: these two attractions are in Lintong District, more remote. The train station directly to the terracotta warriors or Huaqing Gong bus - 914 and 915 Road, to Huaqing Palace 6 yuan, Terracotta Warriors and Horses 7 yuan, as well as tour 5 (306) Road, 15 yuan package from.
Suggested with good dry food and water, scenic diet are burned.
It should be noted that we must look for the official staff, where there are a lot of people who open the black car soliciting, are pit, do not follow them to go.

1, [Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum]

Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses known as the eighth wonders of the world, including the Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Qin Shi Huang mausoleum two parts, including the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum tickets are 150 yuan a ticket, student card half price.
If you do not want to fly, it is best to find a tour guide to explain, a tour guide 90 yuan, up to 5 individuals.
The museum has three exhibition halls, visit the order is generally No. 1 pit - No. 3 pit - No. 2 pit. Which No. 1 pit size of the largest, No. 3 pit had been stolen incidents.
Scenic area there are sightseeing car, 5 yuan per person.

2, [Huaqing Palace]
Tickets: Huaqing pool and Lishan two scenic spots merged, all votes 150 yuan a person, student card half price. (Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum can be seen Huaqing Gong ticket outlets, you can free to send to Huaqing Palace.)
Guide to explain: a tour guide 45 yuan, up to 3 individuals.
Huaqing Palace because of Tang Minghuang and Yang Guifei love story and the Xi'an Incident and famous, in the longevity hall can be free viewing, every half hour into the wave of people, to the evening there are live performances, "Everlasting Regret", the fare in the 200-1000 Between the renminbi, it is said to be worth a look, if the economic conditions permit, or can buy a ticket to see.
Visit the Huaqing Palace if there is time to go to Lishan to see, beacon towers, soldiers Jian Ting, old temple are more famous attractions, "Lishan night photo" is known as one of the eight scenic spots in Guanzhong. Up and down the mountain cable car, one way is 30 yuan per person, student card is not discounted.

DAY4 Xi'an Incident Memorial Hall - College Gate - Forest of Stone Tablets Museum - Big Wild Goose Pagoda - East New Street

1, [Xi'an Incident Memorial]
route: from our hotel to the Xi'an Incident Memorial Museum has a lot of buses, very convenient, from the bell tower east station, take 43 Road (or 203 Road 45 Road 622 Road 218 Road 300 Road) As long as the two road will be able to.
Here is Zhang Xueliang mansion, Xi'an Incident site, is a red educational attractions. Do not need tickets, as long as the staff to produce identity cards can go in, but can only visit the first floor, the second floor not to go up.
2, [College of the door]
 line: from the Xi'an Incident Memorial to the College gate, went to Huaxia Bank Station, take 704 Road to the South Gate Station.
 In the vicinity of the bell tower, on both sides of the road placed in many small stalls, buy the four treasures, antique calligraphy and painting, jade seal, etc., there are people on the street display calligraphy, culture is very strong.
3, [Forest of Stone Tablets]
Route: 14,23,40,118,208,214,221,223,232,402,512,619,704,706,800 Road and other buses will pass.
Tickets: $ 75 per person, student ticket is 37 yuan per person.
The museum is inside the academy.
4, 【Big Wild Goose Pagoda】
Route: 5,19,21,22,23,27,41 Road and other buses will pass, we go directly from the Forest of Stone Tablets Museum, in Wenchang Gate Station 23 Road to the Great Wild Goose Pagoda Road East Station Under the.
Deng tower need 40 yuan, you can come to see the fountain at night. The fountain in front of the Wild Goose Pagoda is China's largest musical fountain, its spectacular degree is self-evident.
5, [East Street]
 route: from the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the past, then the Big Wild Goose Pagoda South Square Station on the bus, take 5 Road (or 30 Road) in the Dabue City Station.  is Yongxing Square, more lively at night, antique, charge card consumption, recharge the amount of free, the remaining money can be returned, it is convenient. Yongxing Square and sprinkle the bridge, are very like Xi'an to go to the place, where the most authentic food in Xi'an, more than Hui Street, more gas. If you come to Xi'an, East New Street night market is absolutely can not miss.

In Xi'an, only food can not live up to ~


1, wax meat Rouga Mo (stuffing is a variety of halogen cooking meat)
Recommended restaurants: Meridian Road Zhang Zhang meat
 Roufu Rouyu Rouga Mo (large difference city)
2, wax beef Rouga (in the previous has been introduced , Hui Street very delicious)
3, Hamburger steam (Fenzhengrou is glutinous rice flour or corn flour wrapped steamer steamed meat, particularly like, soft waxy waxy, while adding pickles and peppers are the most authentic eat)
recommended restaurants: the Doctor Yang (Jinqiao)
 leaves home tamales (Jinqiao)
4, the wonderful combination of cumin fried Rouga Mo (green pepper, cumin, meat)

【Liangpi articles】

1, rice dough (rice to do Liangpi mix into the red oil soup, delicious taste)
Recommended restaurants: Qin Town , rice Pi
 Zhu Min people rice dough (powder Lane)
2, rolling skin (spicy tendon)
Recommended restaurants: Baoji rolling dough
 meridian Road Chang Kee Hamburger
 Qin Yu Hamburger
3, baked dough (Baoji Ganmian leather shop there)
4, Niangpi sesame paste (tahini and Shaanxi chili oil talk ye blanket ~)
 recommended restaurants: Sheng-Zhi Wang sesame Niangpi ( Hui Min Street)
5, secret system Duojiao Liangpi (spicy cool ~)
Recommended restaurants: Wei Liang Liangpi


Recommended restaurants: Liu Xiang noodle (many of the old people in Xi'an said no previous delicious, but I still feel that his family's face is very delicious, so it is difficult to imagine what kind of good before)
1, biangbiang face ( China's top ten name, has been recommended before friends)
2, trousers side (recommended dipped in water to eat, its essence is dipped in juice)


First, about

A pair of comfortable shoes.
In Xi'an, to walk a lot of places, the major attractions are relatively large area, regardless of your way of travel, subway, rental, or by car, to the destination, or to go very far road, so, A pair of comfortable shoes is really very important, or that crying shouting to the legs do not belong to their own people is you.
2. to change the clothes
to Xi'an before the best online check the weather and temperature, there are people who know better in Xi'an, and clothing can be prepared according to need. Special remind, although Xi'an is in the Qinling Mountains - Huaihe River to the north, but the recent summer is still very hot summer Oh. There is heating in the winter, but the room is still cold. # Hot and cold sweet and sour, random play # Xi'an, is this taste! The The
3. mobile phone, rechargeable treasure, charger, ID card, student card (or similar documents) in
front of a few Needless to say, walking rivers and lakes must have the guy, we all understand. The last one, student card (or similar documents), some words, must bring! The The No, then, by a very good, the major attractions of the tickets discount down, you can save a lot, especially in Xi'an this place of historic interest and scenic spots, the basic large and small attractions can be discounted Oh.
4. cold medicine, antipyretics, stomach medicine, digestion tablets and other
drugs, then see the individual needs it, it is recommended to prepare some. Because Xi'an can be said to be a food paradise, can not control the appetite, only to find ways to manage their stomach, and if the snack to eat down the stomach, and stomach medicine can let you continue to fight.
5. Umbrella, cash, bank cards, sunscreen ... ... Oh, yes, there are paper towels
 here to talk about the [paper towels], Xi'an snacks tens of millions, snack food to eat, restaurants eat, eat street, A shop did not provide paper towels, or forget their own take, carry some paper towels, always a lot easier.

Second, about [accommodation]

In advance on the Internet booked the hotel on the line, the level of consumption in Xi'an is not high, about 200 can be set to a good hotel, of course, Tu Hao to live star hotel that spontaneity ~ we can according to their own want to go to the attractions Plan the location of accommodation, do not need a few days to live in the same place, to search from the attractions near, so, go back at night, you can also go out for a walk ~ ~ here you can also recommend some I think it is not bad Youth hostel, are relatively high cost, and some I live, some of the students recommended. However, if you live more than the words, [highlight] Please be sure to keep their own property.
1, Qin Park Youth Hostel, address is the town of Lianhu District, Xi'an Yuxiang door Lane No. 98 North Ma Road, very affordable, suitable for poor travel & student party, health is very good, in the youth hostel may also encounter a lot of like-minded friends Oh.
2, Xiangzigou youth hostel, this one I strongly recommend, take the Metro Line 2 in Yongning gate station, and then take a short section to the location is very advantageous, from the Hui Street, the ancient city walls, bell tower, Drum Tower, College Gate , Forest of Stone Tablets are close, there is a bar near the street, walking in the past on the line.
3, the Sahara Youth Inn, address is the Lianhu District of Xi'an North Gate 180, more distinctive, typical courtyard old style, and traffic is very convenient.
4, Xi'an Duo Ma Maer Gallery Youth Hostel, a hotel full of deep art of the hotel, the boss is a very artistic person. Specific address is: Beilin District, south gate of the south gate of Shun Road Lane Baoxi Lane district.
5, Green Forest Hotel, not far from the subway station, so the traffic is not a problem.
6, Xi'an Soybean Soup Soup International Youth Hostel, the address is the small south gate of Xi'an Shuncheng Lane No. 1 hospital 4, is the most suitable for food to live in the hotel, see the name to know, from the food close, it is the small south gate , There are many typical traditional Western food Oh, live here to manage their stomach, or often run out at night to eat snacks, but to gain weight.

Third, on the [traffic]

To make full use of their own mobile phone, Baidu map, high German map ... ... must have a map software, you can check the route in advance, it is recommended to choose more bus and subway, this is not more money and less money, but will not be Slaughter the problem. Xi'an taxi, how to say it, it is complicated, if you have to fight, please also make full use of all kinds of taxi drop software, what drops Yeah, excellent step ah, Divine Yeah, what is good, do not directly block , First of all you do not necessarily block to get, then you stopped it is also likely to be black car. Of course, some places on the map is not clear on the route, this time to ask the way. Xi'an are very enthusiastic, do not know how to go, how to ride when, casually find a passerby, I believe he will be very patient to tell you.

Fourth, other

Although Xi'an is very warm and very good, but as the ancient capital of Xi'an thirteen, tourism has always been the country hardest hit, Xi'an flow of people is very great, big woods, what birds are, so there are many thieves, [ Highlight] should pay attention to keep their own property, many people can put the bag back in front of Oh In addition, the proposed spring and autumn to Xi'an tourism, because the summer is really hot in Xi'an, winter haze is very heavy, Xi'an will be incarnation of the real "fairyland." Of course, if you want to feel about the hot and sour in Xi'an, random play, then that time you are waiting for your big drive in Xi'an ~

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