Eat in Shunde, these six stores can not miss it!

What is the price of each restaurant?
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Fish skin Xiang

Address: B118 Shop, Phase 2, Daliang Jiaxin City Plaza It
should be a traditional Cantonese food.

【Colorful fish skin】
48 yuan. The signature dish belonging to this family, it is very difficult for those who suffer from hulling phobia to chop chopsticks, but the taste is still good, and the amount is very large. We are still desperate to eat a lot.

Grilled pork sausage (with eggs)

【Rok-yaki (add egg)】
15 yuan, is my favorite rice noodles, vermicelli and home cafes do different, because it is what I like.

Half white cut chicken

[Half white cut chicken]
40 yuan. The chicken is fine, and the best thing to eat is the ginger pudding on the top. It is salty and fresh. Although it's a bit spicy, we actually have finished eating.

Hand playing fish ball porridge

[Hand fish ball porridge]
15 yuan, his family signage should be boat porridge, but this is also good, very smooth porridge.
In summary, it is about the first meal after being hungry. I think the price is good.

Pork Po Kitchen

Address: No. 31, Jingye Road, Xiaojiao (Beside Guizhou Middle School)

We chose Pork Pork for dinner, which is a bit far from the Daliang District where we live. In fact, there are some distances between the many well-known spots in Shunde. If you are driving by car, it is best. If you don’t, you will drip it all over the place. convenient.
About half an hour to reach the door, the car to see the overwhelming car, a street at the door of Pork Pork all turned into a parking lot, this is about 5 o'clock.

Pork Po Kitchen

The time we went was not too late, but we still had to wait in line. Actually, pork husbands are quite big inside, more like a garden-style farmhouse. Of course, they are more advanced than farmhouses. This meal is the most expensive we eat, but It can also be said that this taste is still worth it.


Seafood, no point, too expensive a la carte is also very fast, the waiter here is really trained.

Traditional cockerel bowl

Traditional cock bowls.

Steamed peppers, flowers, bamboo shoots

【Flowers steamed with steamed bamboo shoots】
This is 281.2 yuan, which is slightly more expensive but really delicious. The fish is smooth and tender, and the sauce is delicious. The most popular is the loofah which absorbs the delicious soup on the side. It is moderate in hardness and softness. Fresh and sweet.

Taipa pomelo peel

【Pomelo Peel】
68 yuan, made of grapefruit skin, the first time to eat very fresh, a bit like the taste of tofu.

Roche shrimp

【Rose shrimp (the United States very dry fried)】
138 yuan / kg, a pound on these four. The head is also very big, taste good, is not enough to eat.

Mini winter melon soup

[Mini melon soup]
58 yuan. Very small, suitable for one person, there is a lot of seafood in the melon, of course, very delicious soup!


78 yuan / case. On the contrary, there are many kinds of fresh geese that have lost their freshness and feel that they did not enjoy the Guangzhou Restaurant for the first time many years ago, but they are generally not bad.


[Lunjiao cake]
30 yuan, considered local specialty products, tastes a bit like the taste of local rice cakes on our side but sweeter, I like it but can not stand too much, but had to pack.

Shunde People's Restaurant

Address: 2nd Floor, Golden Plaza, 11 Tai Yu Road

When you walk in, you are shocked by this field. Super! This does not count outside and aisle. It can hold so many people to eat. Even if we have to wait for a bit later, we can imagine how many people go to eat.


You can't miss the tea in your morning tea.

Shunde people shrimp dumplings

【Shunde people shrimp dumplings king】
must point, delicious to see.

Rich abalone

Honey croquettes

Wild rice brown sugar horseshoe cake

Steamed chicken legs

Crab fried wheat king

Black pepper boring

It can be said that eating a buttress is out. In addition to the general feel of the yams, the Chencun flour and the peanut pods affected the taste too late. The others were good, especially the shrimp dumplings, duck's feet, and cuttlefish cake.

Old neighborhoods Jianshui Township

Old neighborhoods Jianshui Township

After discovering the other side of the water township by boat, he chose another road to prepare a scenic spot. He saw the shop in the alley was good, so he chose a snack.

Steamed pork

【 steamed pork 】
30 yuan a case, the roadside to buy it cheaper 20 yuan, delicious! Although there is fat, but fat but not greasy. However, the other two small partners have already suffered from heatstroke and could not eat it.

Dailiang fried milk (ginger flavor)

【Dairy fried milk (ginger flavor)]
12 yuan. It is said to be a specialty of Daliang, but it is also OK.

Mango Coconut Milk Sago

【Mango Coconut Milk Sago】 is
generally like.

Private kitchen

Address: 11 Xiangxing South Road, Daliang

Arrived at the hotel, the whole decoration style is similar to the Pork Lady, but also a garden-style farmer's dish. This is a simpler point of the garden. Later he saw his family gossip on the public comment network, saying that the wife of the pork husband was the ex-wife of the owner. .
It was too late to return to the dishes. Although the guests were still many but many of the signature dishes were already short sold, only a few of them were selected.

Fresh squid (boiled)

【Fresh squid (boiled fish)】 The
squid is fresh and crispy and tough, and the soup is also light and light. It is recommended. In the absence of signature dishes, basically every table has this point.

Facial meat

[Side meat]
unexpectedly, it is in line with Jiangsu and Zhejiang taste, sweet and salty taste, the meat is also very soft, that is, if you do not like fat, it is estimated to throw away a lot of ~

Home fried fish cake

[Hometown fried fish cake]
local characteristics, a large amount of full, but more like Shunde people this morning.

Seafood soup soaked cabbage leaves

【Seafood Soup Pai Pai Ye Ye】The a
la carte member highly recommends us, okay then try it, really good, whether it is because of MSG chicken essence, anyway, the soup is really fresh, could not help but drink a few bowls, Also eaten green vegetables and small seafood.
The meal was a total of 246 yuan. It was cheaper than the Pork. It was probably because we didn't order a big dish.

Dragon's Restaurant

Address: No.6, Daliang Liangliang Road

Fortunately, it was also early, and soon it was a sea of ​​people. Guangdong's catering industry is really too developed.

Sassafras Hou money belly

[Sandui Hou Hou Money Belly] It
's normal to feel guilty of not having a cold.

Gold slurry

【Jinyu Yuliu Drainage Bag】
Super tasty sandbags, recommended, I would love to pack one more.

Splendid champion and porridge

【Splendour and the porridge】
prefer some of the porridge, probably this has internal organs.

Xinhui orange peel beef ball

【Xinhui Tangerine Beef Ball】
Beef is very tender, and orange peel is also very fragrant.

Supreme Abalone Chicken Rice

【Supreme glutinous rice with glutinous rice】
Nothing special for delicious food.

Chaozhou traditional steamed rice dumpling

【Chaozhou traditional steamed bun】
similar to crystal dumplings, which put the color of leeks particularly good-looking, but the stuffing is melatonin.

Ancient French ribs steamed rice rolls and ribs to fight chicken legs

【The ancient method of ribs steamed rice rolls and ribs fight phoenix claws】 These
two said together, they all have almost the same ribs. This meal is 127 yuan, are all heavy guys, eat enough do not want to move the nest.
In general, the environment should be better for Shunde people, and the tastes will be different and good.

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