Foshan Coffee Dessert "Secret Garden"

The Secret Garden

If you wait too long
, don't forget the initial expectation of life.
If life is too heavy
, don't lose the enthusiasm and freeness
to start. Find a bright afternoon,
vacate yourself, relax your life,
spend a
lot of time, one brick and one watt  , it's worth watching.

There is a back garden in the city.
Waiting for you to open. Waiting for her to tell the
story. The slow life in the stone forest is 
no longer concrete,
but the smell of earth.
Everyone has a garden
or flowers 
or tranquility. Simple,
a pot of tea, a cup of coffee, a fragrance in the hospital,
will be your ideal habitat.

There are many small secrets in the garden. The secrets of the
elegant and graceful people
taken with the secret of each flower branch.

Here is the secret garden

-The Secret Garden-

Address:  No. 1-2, South Sports Road, Nanhai District, Foshan, Baidu map search “the Secret Garden” can be found;
Tel:  13679779958;
Business hours: Tuesday to Friday 12:00-22:00; Saturday and 12 noon 12: :00-22:30
(Closed on Mondays)
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/ Pure earth outside the concrete /

In Foshan, there is such a beautiful shop hidden, and the location is quite hidden, just like its name - Secret Garden . The principal, Venn, said that the secret garden had been secretly on the line for half a year. During the period, there was no publicity. She secretly operated, secretly debugged, secretly improved, and built a mysterious oasis in the Shijie forest.

Venn hopes that busy people can slow down the brisk pace, sneak in and take a look at the flowers in front of the court, feel the clouds in the sky, the bright sunshine on the window, enjoy the exquisite brunch, and waste time on good things. May all the goodness in the world be related to you .

A space full of forests, from the large outdoor forest landscape to the romantic floral arrangement of the interior, and the feeling of embracing nature is so wonderful. In the afternoon, the bright sunshine enters through the floor-to-ceiling glass. Under the soft light, everything instantly becomes gentle.

In the middle of the flowers, the wall with the European style of the polymer line, from the afternoon tea dessert to the evening dinner, gazing at the afternoon sun until the sun sets, hea is not enough for a whole day.

If you take a photo as a net red shop and take a card, I am sorry that this is not the place you are looking for. The secret garden pays great attention to quality and atmosphere. The ideal distance between the seats is half open but private. I hope you can enjoy a quiet afternoon, the romance of the candlelight dinner in the green leaves .

Have a garden of your own

The beautiful and elegant Venn has been engaged in floral work for more than two years. The birth of the secret garden is the cradle of her childhood dreams. She has always loved flowers since she was a child, and she has a special insight into the form of flowers and grass, and silently promises - to have a garden of her own in the future . Indiscriminately, she became an outstanding florist. Her floral studio has also been recognized by more and more people. This touches her to create a space and make her dreams a reality.

Venn departs from the flower road, creating a quiet secret garden, using food to bring people closer to each other, just thinking that your pace is slower. She spent six months constantly improving, not eager to let the world discover this place, preferring to hide mysteriously and let people know how to come. It is also the personality that Venn listens to and from the heart. The secret garden you see now, maybe next week or next month, is another beautiful scene. The relaxed slow life is no longer self-respecting, nudging this mysterious door to share with you.

/ All waiting will be worth /

The Secret Garden pays great attention to the quality of food, carefully selects fresh ingredients and insists on hand-made. Even a salad dressing, a chicken wing, a pork neck or a pizza base is hand-made. Even if the process is hard and the process is cumbersome, it has always followed the three principles of Fresh, Natrual and Organic .

It is also a persistence and persistence. Your afternoon tea and dinner need a little patience. The secret garden is different from the general net red shop. I hope that all your waiting will be worth it.

Avocado Prawn Salad

Based on Caesar salad, the fresh prawns are quite tempting, with avocado slices, pine nuts and multi-layered vegetables . Don't underestimate this salad. What is rare is the exclusive development of salad dressing that the chef has been stirring for 2 hours . Every bite is the master's ingenuity.

Chicken breast, egg, low fat salad

The high-protein, low-calorie, low-calorie salad, specially designed for fitness professionals, is touched by colorful colors as soon as it comes up. Chicken breast is marinated in person, fresh in the mouth, eaten with sliced ​​egg pieces, delicious and healthy.

Secret Thai pork neck croissant

· Must burst the
horns and eat more croissants, with a crisp croissant sandwiched with pork neck meat, this match 100 wedding wow! Tell you how wonderful it is. When the chunks of pork neck
and tomato sandwiches are both uplifting, the crispy croissants and the secretly developed sauce attack the taste buds without any precautions, creating a joy of overlapping . After eating a bold idea, let Venn make a separate pork neck, hahaha~

Afternoon tea platter

· High-value value must be exploded. On the

exquisite emerald stone tray, a two-layer containing the secret lemongrass lemon wings, American fries, Caesar salad . Different from the traditional slender fries, it is easy to soften and affect the taste. The chef makes the fries into a wide triangular structure, which allows you to experience the salty flavor of the French fries in the best way.

Specially recommended is the secret lemongrass grilled chicken wings, the taste is good, after a night of pickling, even the chicken wings are immersed in the scent of lemongrass, can be said to be the finger-level chicken wings!

Pasta with black truffle bacon prawns

When the favorite white sauce meets the favorite prawns, it is a favorite to add up. Add a little vodka, volatilize alcohol to preserve the scent of the wine during cooking. When eating a large piece of black truffle that is not saved between spaghetti, it is a serious matter to bathe in the sun and close your eyes and chew slowly.

Spicy fresh seafood seafood pasta

A hodgepodge of scarlet tune, I feel full of spirit when I look at it. With a large number of ingredients, the illusion is that the pasta will become a supporting role, and you will be tempted by New Zealand Daqingkou and Ecuadorian red shrimp. The spicy taste and the sour fruit of the saint fruit have achieved a high level of sight and taste.

Australian plate steak

As a staple food, how can there be no flesh?
This cow's plate from Australia, in the texture of no excess fat, to make the best state of frying. The seasoning is not complicated. Sprinkle with black pepper sauce and eat the original flavor of fresh ingredients. You can also cut into small pieces of dipping sauce and eat.

Summer Renewal Drink Series
- The Secret Garden-

Starry Butterfly Bean Bubbles
A cup of deep-colored drink, pour into the syrup, induce a starry sky, sway and stir like a galaxy, drink a bite
into the starry sky of Van Gogh, the taste is sweet and sour.

Green Orange Blue Citrus Bubbles The
so-called no bubbles are not summer, this is a rare high-value bubble drink. The blue spray surges under the ice and is matched with pleasant little green orange. After stirring, the sweetness is just right. Drink a blue sky and refresh it, and the summer is fresh and fresh.

Fresh Mans Smoothie
Seeing the mango meat can't help but reveal your heart! The mango mango has a rich aroma, and the smoothie has a subtle taste of mango puree and smoothies, with a light creamy fragrance that instantly melts my scorching sun.

Ice Rose Latte The
delicate rose petals are floating on the latte and romantic to no friends! No need to stir and taste directly, the ice latte is quite smooth and rich in layering, which
is the ultimate pursuit of non-general net red shops.

Ice Mocha
Oreo and Fun Chocolate on Ice Mocha is Amy's favorite. Chocolate and cream are like snow that has just melted. Dopamine is spilled. Baby who likes sweet taste must order this cup!

Sea Salt Coffee
This is a very ceremonial coffee - sea ​​salt coffee.

1 minute hand-held tutorial: Pour fresh milk into the ice cup, add the right amount of sea salt to stir, then add the Italian espresso to the milk, and finally pour the cream into the spoon, a cup of sea salt coffee is done! The change in the taste of sea salt coffee first brings out the salty taste of sea salt, which turns into the original taste of coffee, but it has a consistent taste.

This wait is a bitterness in salty (sweet), and an unforgettable aftertaste.


Summer dessert series

-The Secret Garden-
Amy secretly tells you that if you come to the secret garden next time, the cake you eat may be different. Every time you come, it will be a new surprise. It is such a Buddhist system, it is so free!

Social people, the flowers, plants, bricks and tiles in the secret garden have already been prepared for you, and you are also presented with the most exquisite afternoon tea and delicious light meal for you, just one of you. Bring your curiosity, let go of your heavy burdens, and meet your friends and friends to feel the earthiness of the concrete.

The happiness of childhood is very simple. When you grow up, simplicity is happiness. Hong Kong, Amy walked into this oasis and has been reluctant to leave for a long time. In the secret garden, there is a small secret of the lord Venn. Where is your secret hidden?

Set us as a star

The Secret Garden |
Address:  No. 1-2, South Sports Road, Nanhai District, Foshan (Guangdong  Jueng Law Firm) Downstairs Baidu Map Search “the Secret Garden” 
Phone: 13679779958
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday 12:00 noon -22:00, Saturday, 12 noon, 12:00-22:30
(closed on Mondays)
Tips: In order to maintain food quality, some products are hand-made, so as to avoid delays in your meal waiting time, if you need lunch
, please Contact The Secret Garden customer service appointment or telephone appointment one day in advance.

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