Find Shunde & Guangzhou | Unlock the food city for two days and one night

I don’t know where to go on weekends? Come and unlock the two food cities of Shunde and Guangzhou.

Last year, I didn't know much about Shunde. I also accidentally saw the food documentary "Seeking Shunde" and knew this place in Shunde. I don’t know where to go on weekends? Come and unlock the two food cities of Shunde and Guangzhou.

Two days and one night food trip recommended

Day 1 (Shunde):
Fine sister Wuxiang beef miscellaneous - Aunt's pig's foot ginger - Renxin old shop - Ling sister features brined snacks - Shaying Brothers

Day 2 (Guangzhou):
Point Dude - Fashion Tianhe Commercial Plaza Food Street - Music Caesar

Fine sister, spiced beef

The sister-in-law Wuxiang Niuzai should be a beef store that many people have pushed. We have already lined up a long team at the door, showing its popularity. Although it was very hot, we joined the queued team. The time it takes to queue up is not long, and the boss who is responsible for cutting the cows is still very fast.

There is a 30 yuan of beef , which contains white radish, beef small intestine, tripe, oil tofu, etc., two people just eat. The small intestines of the cattle and cattle are very clean and have no taste. You can try to eat them once you haven't tried them. The marinade of beef is not too heavy. This store is really worth recommending.

Before eating, pick up a piece of red garlic sauce and taste perfect. There is also freshly squeezed sugar cane juice in the store, and a bottle of iced sugar cane juice comes in the hot summer, which is cool and cool.

Practical information

Address: Xiaohuiyuan Snack Street, Shunde District, Foshan City (Auntie's Pork Feet and Ginger Next Door)
Price: 30 yuan for beef, 8 yuan for sugarcane juice

Tips: It is
recommended to go Monday to Friday, and many people queue up on weekends. Prepare an umbrella, line up where there is no shelter, and the weather is hot and easy to heat stroke.

Aunt's pig foot ginger

The sister of the five-fragrance beef is next door to the aunt's pig's foot ginger. This store is also a store where many people will punch cards. The decoration of this store is still very good, similar to the decoration of the coffee shop. If you eat pig's foot ginger for the first time, it is recommended to order a small portion of pig's foot ginger to see if the taste is appropriate and add more.

The first bite of eating, I feel that the whole taste of the pig's foot ginger is sweet. Most of the pig's feet do not have too much meat. The soup is sweeter (can drink), but the ginger taste is not as heavy as expected. If you don't like sweet people very much, you may not get used to it. After all, everyone's taste is different. I am a little bit unaccustomed to eating as a Cantonese.

His family also has fried chicken, staple food and so on.

Practical information

Address: Xiaohuiyuan Snack Street, Shunde District, Foshan City (Sister Xiaoxiang Wuzai Next Door)
Price: 22 yuan for small portion and 35 yuan for large portion

Takeaway food can be brought in. If the spiced beef shop does not have a seat, you can also pack it to the aunt's pig's foot ginger shop.

Renxin Old Shop

Originally intended to go to the local famous Jinbang dairy shop, I heard that his family's double skin milk is awesome, but unfortunately I haven't opened the door yet. I need to wait until 8:00 pm, the opening time is to see the boss's mood, so I want to go. The friends who Jinbangjia eats may need to take a chance.

We didn't open the door to the gold list. We had to choose from the old shop of Minxin and the old shop of Renxin. When we chose to comment on the people we had seen, I felt that Renxin was better, so we chose Renxin Old Shop. (In fact, both of them are full of people.)

We ordered a lot of peach gum double skin milk, Renxin milk emperor, white cloud chicken feet, coconut milk jelly and fried milk.

Figure: peach gum double skin milk.

Shunde's double skin milk is made from buffalo, and the taste is slightly different from other places. When I came to Shunde, I had to eat a bowl of double skin milk before I came to Shunde.

The peach gum double skin milk is one of the must-have double skin milk types in the store. The peach gum on the top has the effect of nourishing the beauty. The peach gum itself has no too sweet taste. With the slightly sweet double skin milk, the taste and taste are both Just right.

Photo: Renxin Daihuang.

Renxin Daihuang is also the signboard of Renxin Old Shop. When you eat the first mouth, you will have a full sweet taste. In fact, I think it is a durian that is added, although there is no heavy durian. For those who like sweets or taste the taste of durian, recommend this double skin milk. On the contrary, if you can't accept sweets, you don't recommend it. It's really sweet. It will be a bit greasy to eat a few mouthfuls.

Picture: Coconut milk jelly.

Maybe the northern partner doesn't know much about the jelly. It looks a little like the turtle paste, but the taste and ingredients are different from the turtle paste. Guangdong's jelly is a kind of food. The main raw material is starch. It is a kind of diet in Guangdong. It has the effect of treating sore throat and soothing thirst.

This coconut jelly is not too sweet, but after eating two very sweet foods, Renxin Daihuang and fried milk, it can still ease the sweet taste. Can be ordered or not.

Picture: fried milk.

Fried milk to Shunde is also a must-eat food. I saw a curious place. Really sweet! After eating the milk of Renxin, I will eat fried milk. I feel that I can't eat sweet. The taste is still quite good, the outside is soft inside.

Remember, the sweet food of Renxin Daihuang and fried milk should not be together, sweet and a little bit awkward.

Photo: Baiyun Fengqin.

This white cloud feet! Strong push! It is the most worthwhile food I think. When you enter the store to line up, you will find that each table has a white cloud and claws. Not sour, salty just right, chicken feet are also very refreshing, the most surprise should be this food.

There are also signature foods such as red bean double skin milk and sago dew, but considering that two people can't finish it, there is no point. Renxin old shop still has a lot of choices. You can choose according to your taste.

Practical information

Address: No. 93, Daliang Huagai Road, Shunde District, Foshan City (Qinghuiyuan Pedestrian Street)
Price: 30 yuan per capita

Double skin milk has hot and frozen options, order can be selected.

Ling sister features brine snacks

I have eaten here, it is really eating all day, Shunde is really too delicious. In Guangdong, the lo mei should still be very popular. It is also a shop that was inadvertently seen in the New World Shopping Mall near Qinghui Garden. It was quite good to look at the evaluation, so I ordered the beef tendon and the small intestine. , radish, marinated chicken wings, marinated chicken feet.

Figure: Braised beef tendon. Image from public comment
Picture: Braised chicken feet, marinated chicken wings, and marinated fish balls. Image from public comment

The lo mei taste of his family is really delicious. The chicken wings and chicken feet are soft and savory, and they are not too salty. radish! I must have a point, the marinade is in the radish, and I don’t like the radish. I think it tastes great. The price is also very affordable, I would like to try the flavoured snacks recommended to go to this home, Baidu map can be found.

Practical information

Address: No.1, the first floor of the West Block, Dongyuan New Village, Daliang Middle District, Shunde District, Foshan City (8090 milk tea next door)
Price: 15 yuan per capita

This store has a small storefront and is easy to ignore. If you see 8090 milk tea, you can see it next door.

Satay Brothers

Claypot rice is also a must-eat food in Shunde. Most people recommend red star light clam and rice show. However, many people who have been to the Niu Zhan Chai Tsai have said that the service is very bad, and the red star light clams are in Ronggui, and they need to go through the wind. So we chose the Shaying Brothers near the pedestrian street, and the evaluation is quite good.

The claypot rice here can be double-stacked or single-pointed. The most popular ones are the three-flavored beef nest egg-shaped rice bowl . It belongs to beef and three-striped double-spelt. The nest egg is added separately . We order beef according to personal taste. Arranged ribs and bacon clams, and also ordered vitamin soy milk. A total of 30 yuan, compared to the red star light hair and cattle show clay pot rice, cost-effective.

The first bite to eat, don't be too delicious! One grain of rice is not soft or hard, just the taste of the bacon and pork ribs is soaked into the rice. The beef is soft and chewy. These three combinations can’t be any more. A pot of rice is given away. A green dish is greasy, but I don't think it will be greasy at all! This is not a net red shop, but it is really delicious. The price is also very fair, the three fights are only 25 yuan, the Vita milk 2.5 yuan a bottle, very conscience.

Practical information

Address: No. 43 Guolan Road, Shunde District, Foshan City
Price: 15 yuan per capita

Tips: It
is enough for two people to eat one, the amount is relatively large.

The first day of Shunde's food punch is over. In fact, there are still many cards that can be punched in Shunde, such as ginger and milk, because the individual is not very able to accept the ginger flavor, so I can't help you to eat. People who can accept it can still eat and eat. Jiang is really strong! There is also a lot of pickled mangoes and plums on the roadside. To tell the truth , it is not recommended to eat . You don't want to say (15 pounds), it is not ripe yet, and the taste is really not ideal. Let's take a look at the food in Guangzhou.


Originally, drinking morning tea was intended to be eaten at the Dongcheng Restaurant in Shunde, but his home was not renovated. This restaurant in Point Dude should be basically punched by people who come to Guangzhou. His family has a lot of people from morning till night. If the foreign friends come to Guangzhou to play, want to drink morning tea, recommend Dude, Tao Taoju and Silver Lan Restaurant (Guangdong friends do not need to recommend, morning tea can drink at any time).

Cantonese style tea is basically a shrimp dumpling, siu mai, money belly, chicken feet, and intestinal powder. If two people, probably 4-5 dishes.

Photo: Gold medal shrimp dumplings.
Picture: Shrimp crabs are sold.

Shrimp dumplings must be seen in a morning tea, a thin transparent skin wrapped in full of shrimp, it is recommended to eat into a mouth, satisfied with capital. The siu mai is not the same as ordinary ones. There are shrimp and crab seeds on it. The pork is wrapped in a mixture of mushrooms and shrimp meat. It is refreshing and not greasy. These two dishes are not sorry for yourself.

Figure: Lily sauce steamed chicken feet.
Picture: Acacia rotted golden mushroom rolls.

There are three flavors of Dendezvous's chicken feet. Lime sauce steamed chicken feet are a recommended taste. Lily sauce is served with soft chicken feet. The entrance bones are separated. The little friends who don't like chicken feet also want to eat once. Look. Rotten skin mushroom rolls I am not sure if it is only in Guangdong, it is still very recommended.

Picture: Boiled Italian lettuce.

Maybe you will wonder why the main dish is a dish. In fact, a dish that can not be lacking in Cantonese style morning tea is also a boiled green dish. Cantonese people are used to ordering green vegetables at the end of the order. Of course, morning tea is no exception.

Of course, the soy sauce given by the waiter is drenched on the vegetables, not eating it!

Practical information

Address: Guangzhou has a number of branch
prices: 80 yuan per capita (tea fee 10 yuan / person)

Fashion Tianhe Commercial Plaza Food Street

To say where Guangzhou eats a lot, you should have two places, Zhengjia Plaza and Fashion Tianhe Commercial Plaza. The food streets of these two commercial plazas can actually be interconnected on the ground floor. Snacks, Chinese food, Korean food, Japanese food, etc. are all here.

This octopus is not the same as the octopus balls. It is a whole octopus. It looks very attractive, but it is a bit disappointing to eat, the taste is not enough, and the flour is a bit heavy. Try a small portion of the taste.

Practical information

Address: B1, Fashion Tianhe Commercial Plaza, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
Transportation: Metro Line 1 Sports Center Station D2 Exit
Price: Octopus Burning Small (4) 23 yuan

There is a place to sit in the food street to sit down and eat. It is not recommended to go on weekends.

Le Caesar

The durian pizza of Le Kaiser’s family is worth pushing. If you want a durian pizza, you might get tired after eating it, but there is a double package that is very affordable. There are public comments or beauty groups. This package includes a 12-inch gold pillow durian, a fresh Hawaiian pizza, an ink chicken, and two carbonated drinks.

Le Kaisa's durian pizza is delicious. There is durian pulp on the surface of the pizza, as well as thick cheese. The pizza is not very thick. It is really great to eat hot! Compared to the durian side, the Hawaiian style pizza on the other side is a bit inferior, but the combination of bacon and pineapple is still pleasing. If you don't like the durian's little friend, you can order another pizza. If you like durian, you must not miss this durian pizza.

Practical information

Address: B1, Zhengjia Plaza, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Price: Double package store price 99 yuan, group purchase 89 yuan


Guangzhou-Shunde Traffic

Guangzhou South Railway Station takes the city rail to Shunde, the ticket is 10 yuan, and the journey takes 8 minutes.

If you just go for the weekend, it is recommended to go directly to the Qinghui Garden, where most of the snacks are gathered.

Shunde Station - Qinghui Park Traffic

1, drip taxi: 20 minutes, about 20 yuan
2, bus: Buddha 314 Road, 310 Road, 905 Road


In Shunde, it is recommended to stay near Qinghui Park or Pedestrian Street to recommend Jinjiang Inn (Qinghuiyuan)/Motel 168 Hotel (Qinghuiyuan). These two hotels are on the pedestrian street and cost-effective. You can also choose a hotel according to your requirements.

The two-day and one-night gourmet tour is over. Many foods still need to be chosen according to personal tastes, but Shunde and Guangzhou are really worth a visit.

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