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Foshan Nanhai Wanda Apartment can be described as a magical existence. In the small apartment buildings, there are a large number of specialty shops, each with its own unique characteristics. There are net red little ancestors: Fortunate time cottage, ins wind twin shop: HERMOSA, rare divination theme: Star Coffee
, let you participate in the production of jewelry: AVRIL6 hand-made , more open a number of apartments become gourmet classroom: ELECOOK .


met a painting studio at Block B of Wanda Apartment in Nanhai. When you think it is an art space, you find that it is actually a dessert shop. The space behind the door, the art is classical, almost forgot the original apartment.


The studio color did not choose those red to purple pink and white, stained a whole wall with vintage green, the paintings of modern painters Matisse and Fritida on the wall, with the delicate green plants and logs The other wall color is light grayish green, and two houses are green, stable and natural.

Here is a corner I like very much. A sewing machine table from the old shop in Sichuan is used to replace the sewing machine with picture frames, plaster, mirrors, and many old bottles.

Enjoy the fashion afternoon

In the only tens of squares of space, the sense of detail is created by many large space environments. Each piece of still life is purchased by the person in charge, and there is a fireplace waiting for a long time, with perfectionism.


There is a small space hidden by the window, and the curtain is a private small balcony, which is suitable for being out of the window. There is a low floor in the studio, and there is less worry about those who are afraid.

Listening to the sensational bgm, tasting and painting in the workroom is the wish of the manager. When she talked about painting, her eyes from the Academy of Fine Arts immediately illuminate. She originally wanted to be a studio, a freelance painting, and a zero-based foundation. Every time 6 people look, enough quiet and patient.

Gold foil painting teaching preparation. The manager said that the painting is in the craft, and most people can learn it. Through the method of sticking gold foil, it creates a three-dimensional layering, portrays what you think in your heart, and uses the picture to express words that are difficult to describe.

Food and drink

🍰In-store dessert mousse made by Blue Ribbon Dessert

/ Heart Love /

The disadvantages are the feeling of heart! The outer layer of the heart-shaped mousse is finely sandblasted to reveal the texture of red velvet, plus the small feathers made of white chocolate, soft and romantic.

Slantingly cut, inside is a smooth white chocolate mousse, the center is a crimson raspberry mousse, gradually smudged open, delicate girl full.

The combination of the milky scented white chocolate mousse and the sweet and sour raspberry is really a hundred faint, the strong sour taste of the raspberry locks the sweet and rich chocolate, and you can taste the flesh granules carefully. 

/ Haiyan Oreo Roll /


If you don't like sweets, try a savory cake . Don't miss it from the inconspicuous appearance. Its taste is king.

The chocolate cake is soft and moist, and the baking degree is just right. The Oreo sea salt cream is smooth, and the chocolate crispy beads are added. You will eat more carefully.

/Star /


Chocolate control is definitely not to be missed. Dark chocolate topping, chocolate mousse, plus chocolate rims, the temptation of triple chocolate!

The rich chocolate flavor at the entrance slowly spreads in the mouth, and after the aftertaste, it gives off a bitter chocolate. I don't really like chocolate, I am afraid of greasy, but this is about 70% of chocolate, and it instantly sinks into the dense taste. Oh, too Skr.

/ Don't eat me /

"Dogs are so cute! How can you be willing to eat dogs!"... Such a realistic little Shar Pei! Can actually eat! This small eye, a trace of hair lines, cute to eat can not bear to eat wow!

The dog is full of chocolate mousse, carefully cut off the butt to eat a bite, the taste is smooth and smooth, a bit like eating chocolate milk, chocolate is not too sweet, with a bit of bitterness, very enjoyable.


🍹 / Candy Box /

A bunch of "red balls" hung in the cup, can you guess what? It's watermelon! Therefore, the English name of this cup is called "watermelon box".

Watermelon juice and passion fruit juice are mixed, passion fruit is full of sweet and sour taste, mix and match the sweetness of watermelon, but also the unique lactic acid bacteria taste. It has the color of bloody Mary, but it is sweet and sour.

/ Elderflower Soda /

Some people don't like the taste of elderberry, but I love it quietly, with a hint of musk grape in the fragrance.

The taste is the kind of refreshing and neat that can be drunk. In order to increase the acceptance of elderflower, the main person also specially added the ginger juice soda to make the overall taste milder. One more succulent soft strawberry and yellow peach, super satisfied!

Want to let love last until the night, do not doubt, smile let go,
useless to tell guilty, and quickly make an appointment to go upstairs.

Come here next time

Unique Studio
Address: Block B, Soho Apartment, Wanda Plaza, 28 Guilin Road, Guicheng Street, Nanhai District, Foshan
Tel: 16603073724
Opening Hours 13:00-21:00
On August 1st, the studio is open for reservation. Free appointment for one day, as long as there is a position, ok

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