Foshan Dessert, Glowing Cake


/ Everyone who lives seriously is gleaming / There
are too many opportunities to meet desserts,
but it
is a blessing to meet the obsessive dessert manager .
Other people often laugh at her insistence,
she has to insist,
she likes to persist. 
If you like geeks,
she is actually beautiful.

The shop is located in the Yayi area of ​​Foshan, and the Agile Garden is downstairs. The glazed frame of the facade is purely Klein Blue, which arrives at the store in the evening, and the interior has already revealed soft lighting and is very warm.

The indoor environment is full of Mediterranean atmosphere, with a little bohemian style, blue and wood color combination, smelling the salty smell of the sea breeze.

The store is divided into two floors, with the dine on the first floor and the baking studio on the second floor. Sitting in the window during the day to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the ocean, indulge in the night.

On the back wall of the indoor seat , there is a "freak and nerd" , which is an American drama in the early days. Perhaps, the manager would rather be a weirdo than a nerd.

Step on the literary tiles, walk into the bar and talk to the manager.

/ Some things about flour some things /

 The name of the store T45 is taken from the classification number of the flour, which is an "identity card" for the flour.

The French classify wheat flour based on the "ash" contained in the wheat flour. Ash refers to the mineral content contained in wheat bran and is also understood to be an impurity in the bran. According to the ash content, the size of the number is used to define the shape of the flour. It is divided into 6 categories: T45/T55/T65/T80/T110/T150. The smaller the number after T, the higher the degree of refining of the surface powder and the whiter the color of the flour. In the same way, the larger the number after T, the lower the degree of refining of this flour and the relatively darker color of the flour.

The color of the T45 powder has a whitening ash content of less than 50% and a grain grinding ratio of 60 to 70%. It is possible to make heavy cream breads such as desserts, toast and brio repairs. When using the T45, the water needs to be reduced compared to the Japanese powder. Due to the powder of T45, the bread is preserved, and the wheat scent is retained, and it is not easy to be scented by the cream.

Dessert geeks are determined not to cut corners, either not doing, or the ultimate.

Kelly AKA: Electroplating can
be a fake Kelly, as if the brilliance of the copper film blingbling is chocolate crispy, cut the inside is a surprise mousse, the scorpion flow slowly, tastes quite It's tempting, a little bit of walnut granules rich in taste, you must try it.

The main component of black sesame mousse black sesame mousse is the main part of black sesame mousse and the sandwich part of matcha. The main purpose is to use the bitter tea taste of matcha to sum up the strong nut smell, but the cake maker thinks that matcha is not the most suitable. The ingredients of this black sesame mousse are still conceived how to improve the whole. Anyone who has tried can also give the cake maker a little advice~ This is relatively refreshing and has a low sweetness, which is suitable for all ages.

Pistachio Puffs
After the wheel puffs are instantly annihilated, you may wish to leave your stomach to try this mustard-colored matcha color puff, which is a happy pistachio flavor after eating! A glimpse of the heart, two fat ten pounds, as long as I eat fast enough, obesity can not catch up with me!

It is the detoxification water of watermelon lychee. When
I see this name, I feel that I have lost ten pounds. I have to try white mice. The detoxification water is called novelty fun and exciting. Would you like to try it out? Hahaha!

The simpler things Latte can show the owner's careful thoughts. Come and come, Miss Sister wants to perform Gala, a pure and harmless flower is presented in the coffee. The dress of the young lady is very very summer, and the color of the cup is a hundred wedding match!

In other words, the cake maker must like the golden color, these are all golden.

The wheel puff
wheel puff is actually a puff created by the commemorative Tour de France. The puffs are represented by the wheel as the prototype, so you will find that the traditional wheel puffs are both outer and inner. The circle is usually dominated by scorpions.

Lemon Tart
Stimulate your beating taste buds with a fragrant lemon flavor, and drive your stomach to instantly eliminate such a fresh lemon tart, the summer's solution is preferred!

Apple Crisp
This golden crisp, the apple jam in the middle is cooked by the cake maker. The skin is thin and crisp, sweet and sour, not greasy, full of fullness.

Everyone is a walking code.
Just like T45
is just a flour number in some people's eyes.
But in my eyes,
it is shining

. END.

Address: P40, No. 10, Agile Garden, Heyuan  Road, Chancheng District, Foshan Shop
Phone: 18022211265
Business Hours: Monday, Wednesday to Sunday 12:00-20:00 
About T45 Super Warm Tips: The
products in the store almost all contain nuts or fresh milk ingredients, friends who are allergic to nuts and lactose intolerant. Friends, please choose carefully. Some products need to be reserved in advance

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