First came to Tibet, how to deal with altitude sickness?

This year is the fifth year I went to Tibet, the truth, every year to Tibet no one altitude sickness. The first year into the possession of the train is 56 hours hard seat, just arrived in Lhasa 2 days before no obvious reaction, the first three days began to headache discomfort, then slowly ease. Later, every year the aircraft into Tibet, arrived in Lhasa that night have a headache, 2 days or so slowly adapt.
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So, for me, every year into Tibet is also a high altitude reaction pressure ~

What is altitude sickness?

Plateau reaction refers to the people living in the plains to the plateau, into the low-pressure hypoxic environment after the resulting pathological response. Common symptoms are headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, fatigue, difficulty breathing and so on. The incidence of altitude sickness is related to mountain speed, altitude, residence time and physical fitness. In general, the plains quickly into the altitude of 3000m above the plateau, 60% to 85% of people appear altitude sickness, but after 2-4 days of the symptoms gradually disappear.

Many people have these questions about the altitude sickness:

1 I am at home relatively poor, is not the possession of Tibet will be high altitude reaction?
Plateau response varies from person to person, before the plateau is unpredictable. The body may not respond to the weak, strong and strong may not be no response.
Everyone's response to varying degrees, manifestations are also different, there is no law to follow.
2. Did I go to the Lhasa Plateau to react seriously?
If you have heart, lung, brain, liver, kidney disease, severe anemia or hypertensive patients, do not blindly into Tibet. Plateau reaction under normal circumstances: thin people better than fat people, ladies better than men, short is better than tall, young people better than the old man. Easy to have altitude sickness basically the following groups of people:
(1) obesity due to higher oxygen consumption, the chance of mountain disease is generally greater than the more severe.
(2) people who usually have low blood pressure prone to altitude sickness.
(3) hypoglycemic people prone to altitude sickness.
(4) the elderly are prone to altitude sickness.
(5) sub-health groups are more likely to have altitude sickness.
3. Does the altitude react to life risk?
Altitude sickness is generally not life-threatening, the symptoms of various reactions in a little rest for two or three days will be improved. If there is a more serious altitude sickness need to go to the hospital to see just fine. Tibetan hospitals have altitude sickness first aid, oxygen + injection of glucose. Can not carry the direct go to the hospital, do not hesitate. Altitude sickness that people do not say so terror, before going to everyone may be very perturbed, in fact, only to find that is not a serious situation. If the plateau reaction is particularly powerful, but also need to attach great importance to treatment after no relief, and the situation has increased, it should consider returning to the mainland.

Second, the altitude sickness can be prevented?

Lhasa way is nothing more than the following:
1. aircraft: the fastest way to reach Lhasa, many holiday friends do not choose to fly to Lhasa, because the fastest change in altitude, the relative will be more prone to altitude sickness symptoms. Just may have no feeling, often to the evening or the next day there is not suited to the symptoms.
Train: train into the Xining will be replaced by oxygen for the car, Xining to Lhasa need 21 hours or so, relative to a process of adaptation, easier to adapt;
3. By car: With the 318 road getting better and better , More and more people have begun to choose to drive to Lhasa. According to the line about 6-8 days. There are a way to adapt to the process, the basic to the Lhasa has been adapted to the high altitude of the climate, is driving more hard, on the road attention to safety Oh;
4. riding: generally need to exercise more than two months ahead of time, after all, riding is still very physical of. Riding 318 generally takes about 20 days. Turn over so many mountains, Lhasa is nothing.
5. ride: almost with the car, the best go hand in hand, pay attention to safety Oh
Aircraft and train will be relatively easy to altitude reaction. But it is the best choice for most tourists. How to prevent altitude sickness?
(1) the most important thing is the mentality, altitude sickness is not terrible, once the altitude reaction on the flustered? It is more difficult to adapt to their own, I believe they will be able to overcome.
(2) can take a few days ahead of the plateau security, Rhodiola, such as anti-altitude sickness drugs, whether there is no academic research, but can be Zhuangzhuang Dan;
(3) before the move to stop the movement, let the body in the comparison Relax the state, reduce the body's demand for oxygen;
(4) to ensure adequate sleep, raise enough spirit.

Third, to the Lhasa Plateau reaction how to do?

1. arrived even if there is no feeling do not be too excited Oh, do not run around, to the first to the hotel in Lhasa to rest, rest quietly, sleep. Mild altitude sickness do not all of a sudden oxygen, although it can quickly ease, but the dependence is very strong, think about the next trip is always holding oxygen cylinders is not a way to make their own body slowly adapt is king;
2. Lhasa weather changes greatly, compared to the relatively low temperature during the day, the temperature difference is also relatively large sooner or later, remember to bring warm clothing, you can advance in order to dimension vitamin E effervescent tablets, you can soak to prevent colds, Is not fun;
3. Fen must, most of the symptoms of altitude sickness is a headache, this time to eat pain medication is the most effective. Drink glucose oral solution also has a certain effect. Remember
that if you go to the plateau, the symptoms of the reaction are getting heavier and heavier, especially when you enter the plateau, and you will not be able to eat the food. Interest is also very obvious, should immediately oxygen, and to the hospital for treatment. Very frequent high altitude pulmonary edema and high altitude brain edema patients should be a lot of oxygen, and in the drug treatment at the same time, quickly transferred to low altitude areas.

Four, the altitude reaction is not no play?

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Against the altitude sickness this strange guy, I think the most effective way is to maintain their own inner strong, from the strategic contempt for it, from the tactical attention to it. Be sure to believe that they can overcome the altitude sickness, psychological contempt for altitude sickness, do not let the plateau reaction that you are a good beat. Do not have a halo of a chest tightness that finished over my plateau reaction, I have to go back, or have to go to the hospital. Holding the determination to win with the plateau reaction to carry a few days, it feels like playing with you boring, and will be sandwiched with his tail.

Therefore, the high is not anti-not terrible, terrible is not against the confidence of the plateau ~ Tibet is so big, not the altitude reaction can not play ~

What are the lines for plateau reactors?

1   Nyingchi direction:    

Nyingchi - new measures

Nyingchi area is located in the east of Lhasa, the average elevation of nearly 1 km higher than the Lhasa, humid climate, forest trees and more oxygen is the best place to deal with the reaction of the plateau, is the first choice to Tibet. More than 95% of the people to the Nyingchi is not a plateau reaction, in the Lhasa plateau reaction, under the Nyingchi basically can effectively alleviate, play a few days back to Lhasa, on the blood resurrection. Nyingchi can play the place more: Red teach the first holy lake: Basong wrong; the world's largest canyon: Brahmaputra Grand Canyon; China's most beautiful snow-capped mountains: Namjagbarwa peak; picturesque Lu Lang Linhai; Involved in virgin land new measures ...

Nyingchi play too many lines, here only recommended two itinerary is relatively easy, accommodation conditions are relatively better. More routes can click on the picture to ask me oh ~

2   Shannan direction:  

Shannan Le Bugou - alpine cuckoo

Shannan area is located in the south of Lhasa, east and adjacent to Nyingchi, south and India Bhutan border, located in Gangdise Mountains to Nyainqentanglula Mountains to the south, the Brahmaputra mainstream middle and lower reaches, the average elevation and Lhasa almost, but the special geographical location , So that the climate of this region than Lhasa moist, oxygen content than Lhasa high. Particularly worth mentioning is Lebou ditch, Sino-Indian border first township! Lebou ditch, is the eastern part of the Himalayas southward stretch of a large canyon. Because it is located in the southern Himalayas, subtropical mountain semi-humid, humid climate zone, unique geographical environment created a unique original ecological beauty. Elevation of about 2800m, due to low terrain, dense forests, air oxygen content even more than the mainland low-lying areas, a natural oxygen-rich warehouse in Tibet.  

3   Yadong direction:  

Yadong - Zhuo Mu Raji Snow Mountain

Yadong belongs to the Shigatse area, with an average elevation close to Nyingchi. As a port without development, there is little visitor's footprint. The warm and humid air of the Indian Ocean blows the border town of Yadong into Jiangnan, completely different from the ordinary sense of Tibet Snowy scenery. Driving from the county to take a section of about 30 km of the mountain road is the Asia-China border border. The closure of nearly 40 years of the port until the reopening in 2003, and only four months a year, from June 1 to September 30 end of the end of the four months is the heap ramus can not be frozen Of the time, if interested, you can go to see this has a significant historical significance of the way, the way to buy some small things to go home in India Oh ~ Yadong in addition to border trade port, there is a pair of thousands of years to watch the lovers, In addition to the natural landscape there are two major humanities temples: Kagyu Temple and Dongga Temple, respectively, on behalf of the Kagyu, the grass is a mountain, Send and the Gelug Sect ~ there is no businessman's bother, no charge yak, it is worth a go!    

PS: a lot of people have just arrived in Lhasa, the first time wanted to go to the Potala Palace, cloth palace stone ladder is very high, not good to climb, not fully adapt to climbing the palace, easy to cause altitude sickness, it is recommended to slow a few days. There are people, because the holiday is short, the morning just off the plane or train, noon want to go to Namco miss night, see the stars, pro, easy point, do 99.9% altitude sickness. Namco wrong more than 4700 meters above sea level, the wind is recommended on the end of the trip.  

Fifth, just arrived in Tibet in addition to altitude sickness what else to pay attention to it?

1. Tibet is generally dry than the mainland, do not pay attention to moisture is easy to appear chapped lips, nostrils are dry or even nosebleeds, this time the water is necessary.
2. Tibet's ultraviolet light is very strong, especially in the sun to see the snow-capped mountains, you can take a pair of sunglasses, to protect the eyes Oh;
3. can be a little medicine, gastrointestinal drugs, mainly Sichuan-based, and some Friends may be a bit uncomfortable, cold drugs, vitamins.
4. Tibet's annual temperature is not high, winter clothing and the mainland is almost, and the summer need to pay attention to the need to bring light down jacket, Jackets or thick coat and other warm clothing, warm sleeves shorts do not need Oh.

For many people, perhaps, the only time to play in Tibet, from the application holidays, to the planned itinerary, and then set the ticket booking hotel, if the side because of the altitude reaction can not play, how much regret. I wish you all of you can easily cope with the altitude sickness!

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