Go to Tibet, be sure to look at the most beautiful stars

We went to Tibet to see the most beautiful stars, watching the stars on the roof of the world. So magnificent stars, this life can only be seen in Tibet!
tibet namtso starry night

The world is not eternal. In some places, you can use the phone lightly photographed down; and some places, in addition to use the eyes to see, but also with the mind to record. And many visitors to Tibet for the first time, may not just know where to go to see and shoot to the most beautiful starry beauty, then let me recommend a few to Tibet, the most worth while to shoot the stars of the place.


Introduction: "Namtso" for the Tibetan, Mongolian name for the "Tengger Sea", are "Heaven Lake" meaning. Namtso Lake is 4718 meters above sea level, is one of the "three holy lakes" of Tibet, is one of the famous Buddhist holy places. We came to the holy lake Namtso, you can enjoy the beauty of the beautiful sunset after the holy lake, and then to the lake starry sky. Looking up at the horizon, you will find yourself enjoying the world's most beautiful stars, where you reach almost the highest altitude of the world's highest observatory, see the stars, vaguely see the distant Nyainqentanglha mountain snow , The following is the holy lake, at the moment beautiful scenery, all in the words.

Traffic: from Lhasa to Namtso lost about 222 km, Lhasa only to Dangxiong bus, there is no direct Namtso, you can choose in Lhasa chartered or carpool with the group to Namtso.

Shooting location: want to shoot the stars, must be in Namtso missed the night Caixing. In the Namtso next to the Tashi peninsula can enjoy the beautiful Namtso Star, Tashi Peninsula there are more accommodation, but the facilities are relatively simple. From the hotel about 5 km walk from the hotel to enjoy the fun of the stars, but please note that cold and warm. The dazzling Venus and Jupiter on the Western skyline are farther and farther away from July 1. Look at the East, the Galaxy is also gradually appear in the twilight, Scorpio that the huge S-type just appeared in the lake over. In every year from September to October, you can see the center of the Galaxy appeared in the Namtso and Nyainqentanglala Mountains. In addition, Namtso is not only a great place to shoot the stars, or shooting sunset and sunrise great place.


Everest base camp

Introduction: Mount Everest, elevation 8844.43 meters, the world's highest peak. Everest base camp was founded in October 17, 2014, is to protect the core area of Everest and the establishment of the protection zone, 5200 meters above sea level, open to tourists. There are tents for hikers and tourists, as well as hotels, cafes, shops and even post offices. Here is the ordinary people can reach the nearest place from Everest, but also the nearest place from the sky. Everest base camp in the evening can be seen like a waterfall like the Galaxy, sky stars, as if at your fingertips.

Traffic: Everest base camp can not arrive directly from Lhasa, need to start from Lhasa to Shigatse, from the Shigatse car ride to the date, and then from the date to find someone to fight to the Everest villa temple, arrived at the villa temple into an environmentally friendly car before Everest base camp.

Shooting Location: Everest base camp near the place to stay overnight is a velvet temple, each 30 to 45 yuan / bed, where accommodation is easy to watch the stars and sunrise. In addition, that is, camping in the Everest base camp tent, tent for the 6-8 people through the shop, where more suitable for shooting stars. The northern slope of Mount Everest is a great place to shoot, but only to enjoy the south side of the sky. In Mount Everest to see the sky stars lingering, it seems at your fingertips, silent washing, without words. 4 to 5 months each year is the best time to shoot Everest Star, after midnight can see the Galaxy rises from Mount Everest. Stars are given different colors of light due to their different surface temperatures. The temperature is high and the stars are blue. The temperature is low and the stars are red.


Kangrinboqe and Mapam Yumco (in Ali region)

Introduction: Mount Kangrinboqe is 6721 meters above sea level, located in Pulian County, Ali, Tibet. Kangrinboqe is recognized as a world famous mountain, and is recognized as the world by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan native religion and ancient religion center. St. Lake Mapam Yumco in the vicinity, the "mother of the world rivers" reputation. As one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, it is also one of the highest freshwater lakes in Tibet. Its Tibetan means "invincible jasper lake". The Ali region has a unique natural condition, atmospheric permeability, , The night sky quality and visual degree and other basic indicators of excellence, known as 'human civilization to protect the last piece of pure land'. National Astronomical Observatory after more than ten years of testing to determine Ali for the astronomical strategic development site, also known as the international astronomy and Hawaii Monakia Mountain and Chile Atacama Desert two global top astronomical site tied to the "third pole " "Ali in the sky, the most beautiful stars", it can be said here is the most perfect place to shoot the stars.

Traffic: Kangrinboqe and Mapam Yumco is located in the western part of Tibet Ali area Pulan County, the more remote Lhasa to Gangrenpuqi one-way about 1600 km from the south line to go west, starting from Lhasa, driving at least three Day to arrive, arrived here, traffic inconvenience, it is recommended to chartered or carpool to.

Shooting Location: On the pilgrimage route of Kangrinboqe, there are temples to provide simple dining and accommodation, or to the stars at the foot of the mountain at the foot of the south of the mountain.


How to play these best places to see the stars?

Since it is necessary to come to Tibet to see the stars, then how should the most cost-effective and most convenient way to go to these places? Tibet is sparsely populated, the distance between the various scenic spots is usually far away, and the traffic is relatively less convenient, these places are not directly arrived in the way of transport. Because everyone to Tibet and the number of dwellings are different, so according to my perennial experience in the reception of Tibet, to provide a few more convenient to shoot the stars of the travel routes, for everyone to refer to.

Namtso 2 day tour

  • Day 1: Lhasa - Namtso - Tashi Peninsula, shoot sunset + shoot stars (places)
  • Day 2: Namtso sunrise - Nyainqentanglula - Lhasa

Recommended reason: want to pick the sky in Namtso, must be to Namtso miss the night, so at least 2 days. Namtso 2 day tour, here recommended the chartered to the most appropriate, it is recommended that you look for regular travel agencies and formal registration of the record of the operation of vehicles, vehicles, regular maintenance, high commercial insurance, although the price is relatively high, but safe and secure , Will not enter the store, it will not arrange at their own expense, save time, experience will be very good. And if the choice of Namtso 2 day tour with the group, it is recommended that you need to keep the eyes here, because there are some Namtso with the tour on the 2nd tour, the arrangement is not regular operating vehicles, the driver is not the Han, Communication is not convenient, along the way will stop soliciting, if you choose these with the tour, then not only delay time, experience is certainly very bad. Of course, if you find the right people to ride together, it is also very good.

Everest base camp 4 day tour

Day 1: Lhasa - Qushui - Nimu - Tashilunpo Monastery - Shigatse (Hostel) (350km, asphalt pavement about 5 and a half hours)

Day 2: Shigatse - Lazi - Dingri - Velvet Temple - Everest base camp (accommodation) (430km, asphalt pavement about 3.5 hours, earthwork road about 4 hours)

Day 3: Everest - Dingri - Lazi - Shigatse (accommodation) (430km, asphalt pavement about 3.5 hours, earthwork for about 4 hours)

Day 4: Shigatse - Gyangze - Langka - Sheep Lake - Tibetan home visit - Lhasa (480km, asphalt pavement about 7 hours)

Recommended reason: in the nearest sky on the roof of the world to shoot the most beautiful stars, is the dream of most people, this line will be able to meet your dreams. Lhasa to Everest from about 1500 km, of which a small part of the earth and stone road, and must be one day need to arrange overnight camping in the Everest camp, so starting from Lhasa to Mount Everest, arranged at least 4 days is more appropriate and easy. Everest four-day tour of the pure play group line is a very mature line, and from mid-April each year, every day there is a regular travel agency, security and experience are very good, one of the night is Arrangements to stay in Everest base camp tent, is a great opportunity to shoot the stars. So, to Everest to see the stars, the most cost-effective to participate in the regular travel agency organization Everest four-day tour with a pure tour with the tour. Of course, if not bad money or want to have a better experience, you can choose to arrange chartered or independent small group to go.

Namtso Jazhi Peninsula + Everest Base Camp 5 Day Tour

Day 1: Lhasa - Namtso Jazhi Peninsula; Accommodation: Tashi Peninsula; By: 250km;

Day 2: Namtso Jazhi Peninsula - Yangbajing - Shigatse (Tashilhunpo); Accommodation: Shigatse; By 500km;

Day 3: Shigatse - Everest base camp; accommodation: Everest base camp tent; by: 400km;

Day 4: Everest - Shigatse; Accommodation: Shigatse; By: 400km;

Day 5: Shigatse - Cazorla Glacier - Pumo Yongcha - Sheep Lake - Lhasa; Accommodation: None; By: 450km.

Recommended reason: If you want to go to Namtso and Everest base camp two places, and do not want to take too many repetitive road, then, choose this line is the most appropriate. This line contains Namtso and Everest base camp two shooting stars best, is walking, not detour, save time, experience is very good. We can according to their own needs, refer to this line, to choose chartered or carpool with the group.

Ali South Line 8 day tour

Day 1. Lhasa - Gyangze - Shigatse

Accommodation: Shigatse; Elevation: 3950m; Drive: 430km; Road Conditions: asphalt road;

Highlights along the way: Lhasa Valley, Gangba La Holy Mountain, Yamdrok God Lake, Cagorola Glacier, Bai Ju Temple.

Day 2. Shigatse - Lazi - Saga

Accommodation: Saga; Elevation: 4700m; Drive: 584km; Road Conditions: asphalt road;

Highlights: Wildlife, Prairie, Heaven Road.

Day 3. Saga - Gang Rinpoche - Mabang Yumco - Pulan

Accommodation: Pulan; Elevation: 3700m; drive: 598km; Road Conditions: asphalt road;

Along the highlights: Gang Rinpoche, Mabang Yumco, Lake Raksas Tal, Pulan national trade market, Peacock River.

Day 4. Pulan - Baga (Tachin) - Zada

Accommodation: Zada; Elevation: 4300m; By: 467km; Road: Asphalt Road;

Along the highlights: Gang Rinpoche, Ma Pang Yumco, Lake Raksas Tal, Zada soil forest, ancient grid dynasty, drag forest temple.

Day 5. Zada - Zhongba

Accommodation: Chungba; Elevation: 4000m; Drive: 736km; Road Conditions: asphalt road;

Highlights along the way: like the spring river, the ancient dynasty ruins, Zada ​​soil forest, Gang Renbo Qi, Ma Fang Yong wrong.

Day 6. Zhongba - Saga - Mount Everest Nature Reserve (base camp)

Accommodation: Everest base camp tent; Elevation: 5190m; Drive: 426km; Road Conditions: asphalt road;

Along the highlights: Zaodun Temple, Pei estimated wrong, Mount Everest base camp.

Day 7. Mount Everest Nature Reserve (base camp) - Shigatse

Accommodation: Shigatse; Elevation: 3950m; Drive: 343km; Road Conditions: asphalt road;

Along the bright spot: Mount Everest sunrise, velvet temple, shooting Everest majestic, famous velvet glacier.

Day 8. Shigatse - Lhasa

Accommodation: no; Elevation: 3650m; Drive: 280km; Road conditions: asphalt road;

Highlights: Southern Tibet prairie scenery, Tashilun cloth temple, Yarlung Zangbo River red river valley, Lhasa valley.

Recommended reason: This line covers the Gangrenpuqi, Lake Manasarovar and Everest base camp shoot these stars, including the holy mountain holy lake, wild animals, ancient civilized sites such as landscape, humanities, history, natural scenery are very Thumbs up. The most suitable time to go is the annual 5 - 10 months. Alain South line to the current road is also good, mainly asphalt road. If you know more about the road, you can choose to go with friends. If you do not drive, want to play some comfortable, you can choose to chartered or carpool to go. If you want to worry and save trouble, it is recommended to choose to participate in regular travel agency organization with the tour.

Ali North Line 13 day tour

Day 1. Lhasa - Shigatse

Accommodation: Shigatse; Elevation: 3950m; Drive: 360km; Road Conditions: asphalt road;

Bright spots along the way: Lhasa River, Gonzalez Mountains, Yamdrok, Bai Ju Temple, Tashilumpo Temple.

Day 2. Shigatse - Mount Everest Nature Reserve (base camp)

Accommodation: Everest base camp tent; Elevation: 5200m; Drive: 372km; Road Conditions: asphalt road + dirt road;

Along the highlights: Mount Everest base camp, velvet temple.

Day 3. Mount Everest Nature Reserve - Saga

Accommodation: Saga; Elevation: 4000m; Drive: 411km; Road Conditions: asphalt road + dirt road;

Along the highlights: Mount Everest, Xixia Bangma peak, Lake Peiku.

Day 4. Saga - Zhongba - Kangrinboqe - Baga (Tachin)

Accommodation: Tarkin; Elevation: 4000m; Drive: 598km; Road Conditions: dirt road;

Along the highlights: Kangrinboqe, Lake Manasarovar, Lake Raksas Tal (ghost lake).

Day 5. Baga (Tachin) - Zada - Guge Dynasty - Torino Temple

Accommodation: Zada; Elevation: 3700m; By: 355km; Road Conditions: dirt road;

Along the highlights: Kangrinboqe, Guge Dynasty, Torin Temple.

Day 6. The mysterious ancient dynasty, the northern line starting point - Shiquan River

Accommodation: Shiquan River; elevation: 4300m; drive: 310km; road conditions: asphalt road;

Along the highlights: Aila Hill, Zada ​​soil forest, Shiquan River.

Day 7. Go to the wilderness - Shiquan River to Rendo Township

Accommodation: Tseringo; elevation: 4500m; drive: 313km; road conditions: asphalt;

Along the bright spot: Salt Lake, the world roof known as the leather Jige.

Day 8. Renduo to Cuoqin

Accommodation: coaching; Elevation: 4350m; Drive: 282km; Road Conditions: dirt road;

Along the highlights: Angla Ren Co, Renqingxiuyi Co, Taruo Co, Zabuyechaka, wild animal paradise.

Day 9. Magnificent Lake Blue - Zarinanmu Co, DangreYong Co and Wen Bunnan village

Accommodation: Wen Bunan Village; Elevation: 4650m; Drive: 322km; road conditions: dirt road;

Highlights along the way: Dongjiao Lake, the diversity of natural scenery, wildlife paradise.

Day 10. Wenbo South Village - Twin Lake and sister village, the youngest county Nima

Accommodation: Nima County; elevation: 4900m; drive: 278km; road conditions: dirt road;

Highlights: Wenbu North Village, the youngest county.

Day 11. The youngest county town of Nima - Bangor County

Accommodation: Bangor County; elevation: 4900m; drive: 308km; road conditions: dirt road;

Along the bright spot: color forest wrong, wrong Luo wrong, fruit root wrong, Bangor wrong, wild animal paradise.

Day 12. Bangor - Namtco

Accommodation: Zhaxi Peninsula; Elevation: 4700m; Drive: 186km; Road Conditions: asphalt road;

Along the bright spot: Namtso, Tashi peninsula.

Day 13. Finally look back, return to Lhasa

Accommodation: no; elevation: 3650m; drive: 237km; Road Conditions: asphalt road;

Along the bright spot: Namtso, that root pull mountain, sheep eight wells, Nianqing Tanggu La mountain.

Recommended reason: If you want a one-time to Namtso, Everest base camp and Kangrinboqe and Lake Manasarovar the best of these several stars to shoot all over, then, select the Ali North line, is the best select. This line is currently the top domestic photography sightseeing route, is a travel route lovers longing for the excellent line. Relative to the south line, because many places have not been through the road, so more simple, more close to nature, but also because of this, but also more attractive. Of course, the conditions on the road will be more difficult, must be prepared in advance of psychological and physical preparation. As the traffic is not convenient, according to personal circumstances, you can choose chartered or car travel.

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