Hong Kong itinerary 3 days

Where are the three days and two nights? Of course, preferred Hong Kong! Some people here as the "shopping paradise", some people think that here is a tourist destination, it was here as a financial center, and some people obsessed with the culture here. Unique charm of Hong Kong, everywhere reveals a different kind of breath. What is the most authentic Hong Kong flavor? In the following Raiders!
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What are the experiences of Hong Kong (in alphabetical order)?

Eat an authentic Hong Kong morning tea

Early morning to get up, the sky or a touch of blue side, buy a just "baked" newspaper, three or five friends scattered leisurely walked into a tea shop, a pot of tea, two snacks snacks, while eating, whispering , Hong Kong people love to eat, and even eat such a breakfast, but also eat so solemnly, live and fragrant, has become a local culture and characteristics. To Hong Kong, we must taste an authentic Hong Kong morning tea, experience delicious at the same time, but also feel the local kind of human.
"Morning tea" mainly includes tea and tea in two parts. Although the "morning tea" reputation outside, but the most attractive to me, it is that variety, delicious to fly a variety of refreshments. There are radish cakes, horseshoe cakes, crystal shrimp dumplings, dry steamed wheat, intestinal powder, soy sauce chicken feet, glutinous rice chicken ... ... just think about it, could not help but saliva to a place. There are many famous tea shops, such as the lotus in the lotus, Lu Yu tea room and the beauty of the palace, but in fact there are many delicious restaurants, each with its own characteristics, and do not have to be attached to one, here recommend a shop in Mong Kok, but also More famous.  

Shop : Daoxiang Super Fishing Port
Address : B, 3 / F, Yalan Center, 639 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon
Traffic : Mong Kok Subway Station E1
per capita consumption : 70HKD
Business Hours : 07: 00-02: 00 (Mon-Sun)

Really and Hong Kong drama to shoot out exactly the same, many elderly people are very leisurely drinking tea, read the newspaper, chat, looked particularly comfortable.

Take a star ferry

When it comes to Hong Kong, people will talk about the famous Victoria Harbor, and in the Victoria Harbor next to a pier, where Hong Kong has the longest history of the ferry tools: Star Ferry, if only thought of a river, brush about Octopus or buy A ticket can be on board, sitting in the retro cabin, blowing the sea breeze, watching the beauty of Victoria Harbor, slowly to the other side of Hong Kong, and comfortable and convenient, no wonder, "National Geographic Travel Magazine" Will take the Star Cruises on both sides of the harbor as "life 50 will be to the attractions" one. Not only a kind of traffic, but also another kind of sightseeing.  

Star Ferry by @Ice

Address : Tsim Sha Tsui, Central and Wan Chai Star Ferry ride Star Ferry
fare : generally in Tsim Sha Tsui ride more, the ticket is about 2 yuan, you can brush Octopus.
Note : There are two stars that are now the stars of the day Victoria Harbor tour, you can take a night tour Victoria Harbor Oh!

Did not come to the Star Ferry is not to come to Hong Kong. Low fares, intensive flights, the late 19th century began to run the Star Ferry is still a lot of locals and tourists from both sides of the harbor, close contact with the Victoria Harbor the main way. Take the stars to a nostalgic trip, the cabin of the retro wooden bench, the flow of cross-strait beauty, leaving the classical and modern blend of Hong Kong-style impression.

See the night view at the Peak

When is the most beautiful in Hong Kong? It must be at night time. It is said that Hong Kong night is one of the world's three major night scenes, enjoy the best place in Hong Kong night, then none other than the Peak. When the night falls, neon lights flash, high-rise buildings, thousands of lights, in front of everything, are beautiful to reluctant to remove the eyes. Often standing units Tower skyscraper on looked down, overlooking the lights in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, there is one more love.
The most interesting is that the mountain road is very long, so generally need to take a mountain cable car , the train slowly climb the mountain, the window was gradually unfolded, both novel and interesting also beautiful. The top of the hill there is the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum , which has more than 100 star wax, suitable for taking pictures punch yo.  

Transportation :
① take the bus: in the Central 5 Pier by 15 bus (Hong Kong locals like to sit the car), Causeway Bay (Tin Hau Station) No. 15B bus, No. 1 bus in Central (International Finance Center Phase II) from the top.
② take the Peak Tram: in the Central Star Pier by the feeder bus 150 to the cable car station; or choose to walk, in the Central MTR J2 exit to the right, through the shade garden to the Queen's Road direction, across the pedestrian road along the Garden Road straight. Along the way will be a number of well-known architectural landmarks in Hong Kong, including the left of the Bank of China Building and Citibank Center, the right side of the St. John Catholic Church, and then arrived at the car on the cable car.
Peak Tram time : 10 am to 11:45 pm every 10-15 minutes.

In Hong Kong can not go to Victoria Harbor, but the Pingshan must go. Good air also wide field of vision, night view super nice. Many Hong Kong locals will go there to vent, movement.

See the light show in the harbor

Victoria Harbor Fireworks

Victoria Harbor is Asia's largest, the world's third largest harbor, its night is also listed as one of the world's most beautiful three night. All this is enough to illustrate its charm. It is worth mentioning that the harbor every night at 8 o'clock there will be lighting performances, and every National Day, Spring Festival and other festivals will be held fireworks show. In the fireworks polished under the magnificent night sky, in the colorful, and loved ones together, looking at the front of the Ambilight, think about all feel super happy!

Under the night of Victoria in the colored lights full of charm, beautiful. Quietly blowing the sea breeze, when the whistle from the vessel like a beautiful movement.

Take a tinkling car

Every time watching TVB and Hong Kong old movies, often in the early 30s of the 20th century, the streets of the streets, always passing the tinkling figure. As one of the oldest trams in the world, tinkling cars have been raging streets and are the imprints and products of an era. Perhaps it is nostalgic, even in the rapid development of today, in the MTR, buses and other traffic is extremely developed in Hong Kong, tinkling cars as antique general people here are intact to keep down. Sitting on the tram on the window position, looking out the window of people coming and going, listening to "bang when bang when" sound and each station "tinkling" tone, as if back to the old long time ago.  

The bite of the car

Route :
Shau ​​Kei Wan - Sheung Wan (Westport City); Shau Kei Wan - Happy Valley; North Point - Shitang Tsui; Causeway Bay - Shitang Tsui; Happy Valley - Kennedy Town; Shau Kei Wan - Kennedy Town
Fare : HK $ 2.3 Yuan (from the rear of the car on the train, in the front exit to pay, to prepare their own coins or direct brush Octopus payment)
[travel tips] If you really like tinkling cars can also buy bite car package, sitting all the way from Central To the North Point, through the tram panorama tour found "Hong Kong live history" Oh.

To the half of the escalator feel the world's most

As we all know, Central is Hong Kong's commercial and financial center area, and relatively few people know that the Mid-Levels, is Hong Kong's rich living area, can be said that the Central "Central". In order to facilitate the Mid-Levels of the rich walk down the mountain to work, but also to ease the narrow road in the narrow road busy situation, so, in this hills, ups and downs of the city, with such a corridor, the world's longest Hand lift elevator, called "Mid-level escalator". Riding on the electric staircase slowly up the mountain, both sides of the scenery slowly from the side of the flow, you seem to slowly along with the elevator, personally feel the bustling Hong Kong, Hong Kong's market, and Hong Kong unknown funeral music. Yes, here is the "Chongqing Forest" where Liang Chaowei every day to go to work, Running Man and South Korea women's team f (X) have "a tour" Oh!  

See by

Directions : From the Central Renting Pear Street, by the Min Lin Street, Hollywood Road, some Lee Street, Moro Temple Street, Robinson Street, to dry Road, the end of the free ride.
Running direction : over time, halfway to the Central direction 6:00 to 10:00 (down); the opposite direction was 10:20 to midnight (up). Therefore, if the corresponding time period to go to the place with the elevator running in different directions, you need to take a taxi or walk friends.

The audience 800 meters of the Mid-Levels ladder twists and turns in the neon lights through the experience of the process there is a bizarre unrealistic sense, just as the film or the feeling of a dream!

Lan Kwai Fong to drink a small wine

Hong Kong's night, famous not only the night of Victoria Harbor, as well as "Lan Kwai Fong" nightlife. An L-shaped uphill path between Wyndham Street and D'Aguilar Street in Central District, Hong Kong is the favorite of many places. At the same time, there is still a lot of TVB's viewfinder, TVB fans are one of the favorite.
Lan Kwai Fong next to the SOHO Dutch food area , in the floating of the coffee Lane Lane Lane Lane, there are clothing stores, grocery stores and other rich cultural and artistic stores, every corner, there are unexpected The surprise.  

Lan Kwai Fong by @super dream

Lan Kwai Fong :
MTR Central Station Exit D2, along the cinema and D'Aguilar Street towards Lan Kwai Fong, walk for about 5 minutes
SoHo Hannan Food District :
From the MTR Central Station Exit D2 turn right into the cinema, along the Queen Take the middle of the road to the center of the center, and then take the Central to Mid-level escalator to.

Went to Lan Kwai Fong, the atmosphere immediately and the Central is very different, whenever the night falls, many Hong Kong's young and fashionable new generation of favorite here to the disco dance together, but also for the street to add another unique and exciting atmosphere of. But every two or three steps, can see one or two "foreigners" carrying a glass standing on the street, while drinking chat, really in the mainland bar is difficult to see. "Many foreigners, mostly white-collar workers, Lan Kwai Fong is the biggest feature."

Go to an island

There are many unknown islands in Hong Kong, where there are soft beaches and self-contained frescoes. Not only that, there are many outlying islands also preserved the old old fishing village in Hong Kong. For example, the fishing village of Tai O , where there are large and small fishing boats, shelves in the water on the high-footed house, exposure to them, inadvertently, you will give birth to a sense of isolation, as if accidentally into the tunnel, A long time ago, that quiet fishing time.  

Great Australia fishing village by @ consciousness scattered

Tai O Traffic :
① General Tai O and Ngong Ping will be put together to play, take the MTR get off at Tung Chung Station, and then take the 11 New Lantau Bus to Tai O Bus Terminus;
② Central 5 ferry ride to the plum And then take the No. 1 Lantau Bus to Tai O Bus Terminus.

In the river, on the bridge, looked to the water, a lot of big fish, small fish, in the cheerful swim.
People here fishing, looking for the place, with a spoon to scoop, sure to harvest full.
If you use the fence to scoop, certainly full! More curious to me, is a group of crab team.
Innocently, gather a pile, climb the rocks in the sun. What are they talking about? Took a section of the road and found the river of the stone, especially the bridge on the stone, especially more.

Three days and nights how to play?

DAY1 Hong Kong impression trip

MTR Roadmap

Morning : Mong Kok (drink morning tea, take a long walk from the Golden Tort Street, Ladies' Street, Garden Street and Langham Place)
Afternoon to the evening : Tsim Sha Tsui (Shopping, Afternoon Tea) - Avenue of Stars & Victoria Harbor - Round, arrived in Central (you can take the Central Ferris wheel, the evening is purple, suitable for taking pictures) - take the Peak Tram, to reach the Peak to see the night

DAY2 Hong Kong nostalgia tour

In the morning , at the Star Ferry Pier in Central, take the new coach's "Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus" H1 nostalgic route (visit all the classic attractions of Hong Kong Island) - Causeway Bay (bus stop 23rd, shopping, eat)
Afternoon : sit tinker (Causeway Bay Hennessy Road to the bus) - Mid-level escalator (Potain Street Station, walk to the
evening ) : SoHo Hernan food district (drink, eat) - Lan Kwai Fong

① Hong Kong's sightseeing bus there are two, this is the "new Pakistan" business, not what we often say big big tours. This bus is now only H1 nostalgic trip (H2 dynamic tour canceled), divided into full-time tickets and one-way tickets, full-time ticket HK $ 200 unlimited day by day, one-way ticket by way of billing, 00-16: 30, night shift 17: 00 - 20: 30, the whole about 110 minutes.
② If you do not like to Lan Gui Fang clubbing you can go to Yau Ma Tei near the temple street, eat a food stalls, feel the native life of Hong Kong people.

Day3 Hong Kong Minority Tour

Morning : Ngong Ping 360 cable car (Temple of Heaven Buddha, Ngong Ping Market)
afternoon to evening : Tai O fishing village - Eastgate (shopping), Lantau (Ngong Ping cable car)

What should be prepared before traveling?


MTR is very convenient, so in general, more recommended along the subway, especially in Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui area, because you can visit the place you can buy very much, the general shopping can go to the hotel hotel put the shopping "harvest ", Take a break and then continue to go for a walk, stroll around the attractions and the like, for everyone to recommend the two most popular.
Casa Hote l
is located next to the exit of the subway C in Yau Ma Tei. There are 711 supermarkets, dry shops and so on. The famous temple street, Yishun Milk Company, Cuihua and Haihuang porridge are all nearby. The
Address: 487-489 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei (Yau Ma Tei Metro Exit C)
Long Fort International
Hong Kong area booking the most stable one of the top3, lots of super good and good service or repeat the usual hard truth. The hotel is close to Kowloon Park and is a good place to stay.
Address: No. 8 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
, please click here   !


There are many ways to travel in Hong Kong, there are a variety of modes of transport, subway, bus, minibus, tram, cable car and so have their own convenience and benefits. But in general, not familiar with the local traffic friends, or choose the subway more convenient. At the same time, in Hong Kong, as long as you have an Octopus, you can save large and small queuing to buy tickets to find the time to change, travel and entertainment shopping and even roadside parking can be used, easy to play all over the territory, the province When the trouble.
Want to know how to play, how to buy eight-card, then please stamp "the history of the most Hong Kong Octopus Raiders, teach you a move over the territory of effortless! "   !

Portable WiFi

Go out there can be no phone, but anytime, anywhere food beauty self-timer broadcast friends circle, must need the network Caixing! Do not worry, buy a portable WiFi on the line, good friends together, save money and save money!

See here is not can not wait to go to Hong Kong? Save a small holiday, about three five friends, go with it!

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