How do people choose Tibet to play the line, hematemesis recommended!

Different levels of the crowd + different arrangements = play different, many people do not know how to choose, with my way to tell you how to choose.
potala palace

The distribution of seven regions in Tibet

A city of Lhasa

Most of the tourists for the first time into the possession of the land, the famous palace - the Potala Palace is in the city center of Lhasa, which is the ancient residence of the Panchen Lama, Cangyang Gyatso also lived here. Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and other attractions in Lhasa - although the price is very low, and fame and far more than the fact, but since they came to Tibet, visit, it can be considered meaningful

Potala Palace

Jokhang Temple

2. Nagqu area

More tourists take the train to Tibet tourists know that in the fast when the way will be the way to love Tanggula Hill, Nagqu, in the Nagqu area is only one attraction, Nam Co three one of the three holy lake.

Nam Co wrong - half price of winter tickets, the lake icing, the night can be seen Na Mu wrong sky.

Namco miss the sky

3. Shigatse area

Shigatse is Tibet after the possession of the former possession of Lhasa, after the famous temple - Tashilunpo Temple, in the Shigatse area like the Potala Palace in Lhasa fame. In addition to the temples there are people around the world know that 8888 Mount Everest, although can not climb, but there are many tourists are willing to travel long distances, far to see the true face of Mount Everest, Mount Everest 400 km away from Shigatse Place, but belong to the Shigatse region, Everest is divided into the southern slope and the northern slope, the southern slope is in the Nepal border, and the northern slope in my big territory.

Sheep Zhuo Yong measures - Bina wood slightly worse, but with one of the three holy lake

Shannan area

Shannan is one of the birthplaces of ancient civilization in Tibet, the main landscape to the main Buddhist culture, went to visit mostly Buddhist believers, conventional games are not involved here. If you are interested in the history and culture of Tibet is absolutely worthwhile trip, if only interested in the scenery can be considered to give up.

Yongbulakang - the first palace in the history of Tibet

Five. Nyingchi area

Nyingchi area has the name of the small river south of the call, mainly to the natural scenery, the end of March - mid-April peach open, many tourists come here because of peach, but also a month on a short time in the pan. After the Peach Blossom Festival can visit the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, the world's highest elevation, the deepest canyon said.

Peach blossom village - season flowers, 3 - 4 months to Tibet friends are not to go

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon - expensive tickets, the scenery in general, but in the barren hills in Tibet alone a single

However, Wuhu - Sichuan-Tibet line must pass through the road, few people go alone for it

Ali area

The Ali area is a no man's land, located in the northern part of Tibet, where the mountains of the Himalayas (the Himalayas), the Gangdise Mountains (the Gangdise Mountains) and other mountains meet, known as the "ancestors of the mountains." This place is generally the second time to come to Tibet or more times to Tibet will choose the place, the average elevation of 4000 or more, much higher than other areas, so the first time to Tibet friends do not recommend going.

Ali - the route is longer, the conditions are also bad. But the scenery is unique, the site, the holy lake, the mountain is called the Tibetan people in Tibet. Ali road map

Qamdo area

Changdu area as part of the Tubo Kingdom, after the Ming and Qing Dynasties collectively referred to this place for the Kang Tibetan area, is now a prefecture-level city of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Is not currently involved in tourism, no scenic spots to visit.

Into the line selection

Conventional way to Tibet, a total of Wu species, and each option has a difference

A new line

From Xinjiang Kashi or other areas of Xinjiang along the Tibet Autonomous Region into Tibet. This line is basically very few people know, there is no operation of the vehicle or the general line plan, not recommended from here to Tibet.

2. Sichuan-Tibet line

From Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 318 State Road / 317 National Road into Tibet. From Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 318 State Road / 317 National Road into Tibet. Most of the way along the natural scenic area, poor road conditions, commercial vehicles / off-road vehicles is the best choice.

3. Yunnan-Tibet line

From the Yunnan Province along the National Road 214 into Tibet, the way snow mountain gorge rock, from 2000 to 4000 elevation to Lhasa, is the Tea Horse Road cultural corridor, take this line of people less, mostly travel by car, The

Airplane line

Fly directly to the Lhasa Gonggar Airport, which is the fastest way to Tibet, but because of possession of faster, easy to produce high resistance, so the best way before the plane a week before taking Rhodiola, the time is relatively tight friends can Select this line.


Take the train directly to the Lhasa train station, which is the most economical way to Tibet, but because of the long ride by train, season ticket is hard to find, need to book a train ticket in advance. Is currently the most suitable for a popular Tibet route.

There are four kinds of conventional tour methods, each with different scenery and knowledge


Regardless of in any area, this way is a lot of tourists choose the way, for now to want to play well, but also save time and effort only on the self-help tour, and someone to help you design a good line, set the hotel, tickets, vehicles And even the other you need the service, so that you are satisfied with the arrangements, the only drawback is higher than the cost of other travel methods.

Two driving

Driving travel is usually their own online research Raiders, along the way to eat, live, tickets are set on their own online Although travel time free, along the way to stop the freedom of the scenery, but before the trip is a headache before the problem, for a completely do not understand the place, you need to study where the place worth it, where the place is not worth, Tickets, schedules and so on. So that every time the trip are too time consuming, it was said that Zijia You save money, in fact, not at all. For an unknown place even if you do Raiders, it is impossible to do a complete understanding of the hotel did not discount, the ticket did not discount all the charges down will actually be higher, along the way to play down will be more tired, the only benefit is Free, scenic spots to watch more.

Three backpackers ALICE poor travel

Many young friends feel on foot, riding is very exciting, fun, but when you step on this road when you may regret it, the first travel time is very long, although the scenery is good, but you will be very very tired. Time-consuming and labor-intensive, which is the place of ultraviolet light in Tibet so strong, after a month may go back into a black carbon. Along the way to eat and eat there are good and bad, the cost per capita will not be low, have been riding experience all know, regardless of boys and girls must be padded sanitary napkins, or that feeling ~ ~

Four tour groups go together

Fixed line fixed costs, at their own expense projects, such as this game is generally limited time, travel budget is limited, in order to facilitate the map, less or migrants are used to travel is Baotuan this way. Although this traditional way to travel more convenient and more cost-effective, there are drawbacks, line fixed, scenic spots, fixed time, and even shopping, at their own expense, eat enough to eat this situation.

How to choose their own travel routes?

1. Sort by travel style

1. for punch card, will go to a
lot of people may only once a lifetime, then certainly do not want to miss those who will go to the attractions, so as not to leave regret.

Potala Palace - came to Tibet if you do not go to this place just to Beijing do not go to Tiananmen Square, it is impossible not to go.


Sheep Zhuo Yong measures

Recommended are some of the more conventional attractions, how to go can, recommend some of these friends will be puzzled how not Nyingchi, Nyingchi Although the Tibetan small Jiangnan, it is relative to Tibet, Tibet everywhere barren hills, snow-capped mountains, only Nyingchi is a mountain with water and trees, so called the small river south of Tibet, although the scenery is good, but the natural scenery of the place too much, not necessarily have to go, like a friend can also visit some.

2. for the pursuit of the limit from a
lot of young people like to pursue exciting fun, then you should go where?

New Sightseeing 2 days 
Lhasa - Sikkimaru (God of Wealth Lake) - Mira Yamaguchi - Basongzao - Sang Tong Ranch - far from Sang Tung Falls - new measures on foot - Lhasa

New gun lake

Medog Rupee 7 days
Lhasa - Mira Pass - Nyingchi - Piecha - Big Truck - Pine Hill - Duo Xiong La - Lager - Khan - Back - Mourd - Bomi - Nyingchi - Lhasa
8 Days Hiking It is the tropical rain forest in Tibet, Tibet is the lowest elevation, the warmest place, from day 4 to day 7 most of the time are on foot, want to go to this place equipment, physical quality are Indispensable for those who have had many experiences on foot.

Murray Walking Roadmap

Line features Recommended:
11 days big ring:
D1 Lhasa - Basong wrong - Nyingchi
D2 Nyingchi - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Bayi
D3 Nyingchi - Lulang - Bomi - rice heap glacier - Ran Wu Lake - Bomi
D4 Bomi - Zhaxi Village
D5 Zhaxigang - Lulang Linhai - Sejila Hill - Nyingchi - Milling
D6 Meilin - Garcia - Ramra wrong - Garcia - Ze when
D7 Zetang - Yongbula Kawasaki - Yarlung Zangbo River - Gunga Airport - Qushui - Gangba La Snow Mountain - Shepherd Yongzheng - Shigatse
D8 Shigatse - Everest
D9 Everest - Shigatse
D10 Tashilhunpo Temple - Nepal Road - Yarlung Zangbo River Valley - Nimu (Dazhuka) - Donggula Mountain - Snowgula Hill - Yangbajing - Northern Tibet Prairie - Dangxiong County - Nianqing Tanggula Mountain - Woodworking
D11 Namtso - Northern Tibet Grassland - Yangbajing - Lhasa 

Ramla wrong - legend can see past life of the lake

Tibet lines are to Lhasa as the center of the original road to return to the same way, the same scenery should see twice, this line is the essence of the selection of Tibet attractions, the whole does not go back to the road. There are restrictions on the line, only suitable for car or chartered tourists.

East Ring Line 3 days:
D1 Lhasa - Sikkimaru - Mira Pass - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Suo Suo Village
D2 Suo Song Village - Long County - Garcia - Ram Lazo - Valley Valley (via) - plus check - Tsedang
D3 plus check / Tsedang - Yongbulakang - Changzhug - Brahmaputra viewing platform - ocean Lake - Lhasa this route is more popular, the ordinary can also travel with the group travel , A shorter time, three days time Nyingchi, Shannan, sheep Lake have gone.

Valley valley

Second, by time

1.  Nyingchi 3-5 days : Nyingchi is a lot of people who come to Tibet will go to the place. General three days of the line is the first day to Nyingchi, the next day to choose Lu Lang Linhai, benzene mountain or Nanyi ditch, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, the third day of return. If it is a four-day trip, then two days to the general Wuhu, and then two days to return to Lhasa. If it is a five-day trip, it is both Wuhu, but also to the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon. Visitors can choose according to their own time and economic conditions.

Nyingchi line map

2. Namco wrong day or two days: one day to Namco wrong day back, or the next day back. Regular, but the general chartered self-help travel Namco wrong, will choose and other lines and to one, I also recommend you do so. Because after all, Nam from the Lhasa is still very close.

Namco wrong in the west of Tibet, with a landscape

3. Yang Lake Day: Yang Zhuo Yong wrong day trip, the day from, you can also discuss with the driver, the way forward and then enjoy the carnaucha glacier. But it is not particularly good looking.

Yang Lake in the eastern part of Tibet, with a landscape

4. Shigatse 2: the first day of the way Yang Lake, Koruo La glacier, the airport high-speed, the next day return can enjoy the Tashilun cloth temple. Overall comprehensive evaluation. Still can.

Xigaze line diagram

5. Everest 4: the first day to Shigatse, the next day to Everest, the third day to return to Shigatse, the fourth day to return to Lhasa. Overall, or cost is not high line, but due to the reputation of the base camp to Everest, so every year there are still many tourists (November ~ April, winter Everest base camp tent not built, three days can be finished )

Mount Everest

More than integrated Lin Chi Shigatse Yoru Na Mu wrong 11 days: basically integrated all the conventional lines: first Nyingchi 5 days, and then transferred to Shigatse Mount Everest 4 days, and finally transferred to the wood 2 days. So this is also a special recommended line. Absolute value for money.

6. Sichuan-Tibet line and Yunnan-Tibet line: Sichuan-Tibet is generally 8 days, 10 days or so, Yunnan Tibetan is generally 6 days, 8 days, according to their own time to choose arrangements.

7. Ali South Line 8 days: This route can refer to the plateau first God Lake Magistrate and the Tibetan eyes of the only mountain - Gang Rinpoche.

8. Ali big north line 13 days: Everest, Xixia Bangma peak, Kuala Lumpur, God Lake, ghost lake, Guge dynasty, when the Jade Yong wrong, Shuanghu, general just glacier and so many scenery can see. This is an absolutely unrealistic line of the line.

Multiple lines can be free according to their own time combination

Into the possession of the need to do the preparatory work

Psychological preparation

The first time into possession of many people are afraid of high resistance, because the high impact on the play or other, in fact, most of the psychological role of the majority, to maintain a good attitude, pay more attention to some basic are no big problem.

Second, physical preparation

Before going to Tibet must be good rest, severe high blood pressure, heart disease or other diseases and older age of 60 years old friends suggested to consult the relevant doctor can be Tibet, first to the plateau, less smoking, drinking. Tibet is a lack of oxygen, dry climate of the city, remember to drink hot water.

3. Preparation of goods

1. Preparation of drugs: Hongjingtian (oral solution or capsules), cold medicine, Band-Aid, do not need to prepare too many other drugs, there are physical illness with good take their own drugs;
2. Clothing preparation: sunglasses, lipstick, Sunscreen, personal change clothes (recommended to bring winter and summer, Tibet sooner or later the temperature difference between the larger), the most important thing is to bring the camera, good way to shoot beautiful scenery;
3. Document preparation: ID card, driver's license, border card (Tibet Some areas need to apply for border defense, if the travel agency will be free to handle).

Concluding remarks

Magical snow-capped mountains, vast grasslands, tranquil lakes, roaring rivers, blue sky, white clouds, towering Himalayas, majestic Mount Everest, sacred González mountain, Pentium Brahmaputra, prairie, salt lake, wild Animals, mountains, streams ... ... here, you often involuntarily into the fairyland.

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