How to visit Tibet for the first time? The top of the world welcome you!

"There is no paradise, only Tibet", in the hearts of many people, Tibet is a place where life will go, but some people are afraid of high, some people have been imagining, more people, not ahead of Raiders, come and gone, With the most beautiful scenery pass by. Please start the next video, we together to reveal the mysterious veil of Tibet.
potala palace by staring forward

do you know? A project called "The Third Polar National Park" has been quietly launched in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, multinational scientists are delineated for this huge protected area, once completed, with a total area of ​​more than 250 million square kilometers, equivalent to 250 US "Yellowstone National Park "," the third polar national park "will replace the northeastern Greenland National Park to become the world's largest national park , the world's most addicted to Tibet.
Such a huge park, how to visit the most scientific? What is the place to go?

First, the first possession of the experience will be 丨 "the world's most"

1. The highest palace in the world

Potala Palace more than 3700 meters above sea level, covering a total area of ​​36 million square meters, the total construction area of ​​13 million square meters, the main building 117 meters high, a total of 13 layers, including the palace, the tower tower, Buddha, Homes, courtyards and other readily available, is the highest in today's world, the largest castle-style buildings.
The towering palace was built in the 7th century Songzan Gambo period, from the Songtsan Gambo to the 14th Dalai Lama's 1300 years, there have been nine Tibetan and 10 Dalai Lama here governance To teach.
For more than 300 years, the Potala Palace has collected and preserved a large number of extremely rich historical relics. Local people jokingly called "outside the gold on grams, the palace of gold on tons" , which shows the palace within the elegant.

The uplift of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the impact of small earthquakes, the sun and heavy rain continue to attack, so that the 1300-year-old civil structure of the Potala Palace overwhelmed, 7 / August huge number of visitors to the cloth palace had to take the number of restrictions on the season policy.
The end of May each year in early June (specific time temporary notice) to October 31 , the ticket ticket price of 200 yuan / Zhang (the remaining time 100 yuan / Zhang), the current visit to the Potala Palace a total of three ways:

Potala Palace at night

① Visitors can bring their ID card one day in advance to the "Ticket Reservation Department" to receive the booking voucher , the first two days to take the booking voucher and ID card to the Potala Palace ticket window to buy tickets (this method can be a maximum of 4 people can make an appointment Ticket, and my identity card must be among the 4). PS season booking time from 9:00 onwards, 7 / August in the middle of 40 days almost all people queuing up overnight, so generally about 10 points to end;
② 7 days in advance at the Potala Palace official website for reservations. Prison management office at 13:30 every day through the official website for the national ticket, please be scheduled to visit the time in advance booking. PS speed of votes in seconds, self-scheduled visitors must be considered a good time to vote;
③ to participate in "Lhasa 1 day tour . " And the above two ways different from the ticket route, the city is a travel agency group travel, group ticket policy is slightly different each year, but the ticket source is relatively stable. ↓ ↓ ↓ visit the cloth palace please stamp ↓ ↓ ↓

2. The highest peak in the world 〓 Mount Everest

Mount Everest BY Jinghua color shadow

Mount Everest is the main peak of the Himalayas , located on the border between China and Nepal, the peak is located in China, is the world's highest peak. Tibetan "Pearl" is the meaning of the goddess, "Langma" is the third meaning. Because there are four peaks in the vicinity of Mount Everest, Mount Everest ranked third, so called "Mount Everest." Mount Everest is the world's highest mountain peak , 8844.43 meters above sea level, in addition to the highest mountain peaks, it is also the distance from the center of the fifth peak. It is the main peak in the Himalayas.

3. The world's largest canyon 丨 Brahmaputra Grand Canyon

Yarlung Zangbo River Valley BY Avatar Donkey

The Brahmaputra Grand Canyon is the deepest canyon on Earth and is certified by the World Records Association's world's deepest canyon , the world's longest canyon . A total length of 504.6 km, the deepest 6009 meters, the average depth of 2268 meters, is undoubtedly the world's largest canyon . Far greater than the world's second Palong Zangbo Grand Canyon (also in Tibet).
It separates the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Indian Ocean water vapor interaction mountain barrier, to the plateau within a steady stream of water vapor, so that the southeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau thus become a green world, some places become Tibet Jiangnan.

Brahmaputra Grand Canyon (taken near Suosong Village) BY A five

Nyingchi area is the lowest in Tibet, the most dense vegetation, air oxygen content is high, it is recommended that travelers arrived in Lhasa, the next day to go to the Nyingchi area to play, to ease the high resistance, and then back to Lhasa, Will completely disappear, go to the higher altitude areas to play on the altitude sickness is completely troubled.
As the "Lalin high-speed" is about through the line, from Lhasa to Nyingchi's time will be greatly reduced, comfort is also greatly enhanced, so do not worry about the high anti-disappeared on the long journey, to Nyingchi is to alleviate the high anti-best way.
↓ ↓ ↓ high anti-soothing trip please stamp ↓ ↓ ↓

4. The highest elevation of the world's salt water lake Nam wood wrong

Na Mu wrong sunset BY Lee _Snowpear

Namco in Tibet three big one of the lakes (the other two being Yangzhuoyongcuo and Manasarovar), the lake elevation of 4718 meters, from east to west over 70 km north-south width of 30 kilometers around the lake walk around To 12 days. The last two years of re-measurement of the lake found that Namco wrong more than 120 meters deep. Water storage capacity of 76.8 billion cubic meters, the world's highest elevation of large salt water lake .
"Namco wrong" for the Tibetan, Mongolian name for the "Tengger Sea", are "days Lake" meaning. Namtso is the ancient elephant male Buddhism Yong Zhong taught the first god of the lake, is also a famous Buddhist holy places. Towards the lake on the Zaxi Peninsula on the Zhaxi Temple, incense strong, whenever the Tibetan calendar year, hundreds of thousands of believers come to pilgrimage.
I am in another Raiders in the deep grinded Namco wrong bit by bit, interested please poke → "Na Mu wrong game Raiders 丨 with practical information and scenic details"

5. The world's highest elevation of the river 丨 Brahmaputra

Two river confluence (taken in) BY A five

"Brahmaputra" is the world's highest elevation of the river, is also the most steep river in China . Originated in the southwest of the Himalayas in Tibet, the northern part of the Himalayan glaciers, from west to east across the southern Tibet , around the eastern end of the Himalayas south of the South Barakawa peak to the south, into India after the "Brahmaputra River" , In Bangladesh and the Ganges River after the meeting into the Bay of Bengal.
A total length of 2,840 km, watershed area of ​​935,000 square kilometers. Water reserves are rich in China after the Yangtze River.
If the Yangtze River is the mother river of the Han River, the Milky Way "Brahmaputra" is a well-deserved Tibetan mother river.

6. The world's highest mountain system 丨 Himalayas

The Himalayas (taken in the mountains of the mountains)

Himalayas, Tibetan means "the hometown of snow". Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is located in the southern edge of the summit, is the world's sea level the highest mountain range , which has more than 110 seats peaks of up to or exceeding an altitude of 7350 meters . Is the natural border of the East Asian continent and the South Asian subcontinent, but also China and India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and other countries of the natural borders, west Kashmir Nanka - Parbat peak (8125 meters above sea level), east to the Brahmaputra big bend (7782 meters above sea level), full length 2450km, width 200 ~ 350km. The Himalayas are formed by the Indian Ocean plate and the sub-continental continental plate crush, and is still growing every year.

Everest Sunrise Cowin (taken in the Canadian Wala Pass) BY A five

Himalayan mountains stretches 2450 km, where is the best viewing point? Located in the "Mount Everest National Park" within the Jiawu Mountain Pass, is definitely the world's top viewing platform.
At the elevation of 5210 of the Jiawu Mountain Pass to the south, four 8000 meters above the snow-capped mountains in front of the world's sixth peak Zhuo Youyou peak (8201 meters above sea level), the world's fifth peak Makaro peak (8463 meters above sea level) , The world's fourth peak Luo Zifeng (8516 meters above sea level), the world's first peak Mount Everest (elevation 8844.43 meters).
In addition to the spectacular snow-capped mountains, there are epic Everest Road, here to see the scenery of the shock, will be unique!

7. The highest temple in the world

Velvet temple BY staring forward

Rongbu Temple , 5154 meters above sea level, about 20 km from the Everest peak, is the world's highest elevation of the temple . The monastery is divided into two places, the old temple is located 3 kilometers south of the new temple, near the Mount Everest, surviving lotus peanut master of the year of practice holes, and printed with lotus peanut footprint stone and stone tower. The new temple was built in 1902, the velvet temple was large, there are more than a dozen of the temple, and some are still in Nepal, after the historical reasons were destroyed. Now there are eight subordinate temple under the main temple, including a nunnery. From here to the south view, is a great place to watch shooting Everest.

Second, the route analysis 丨 series "the world's most"

Many of the first time in the selection of small partners in the selection of attractions, planning routes, is nothing more than the card travel time, in the above "the world's most" in the trade-offs. Then the problem came, there is no line, in the attractions to choose to go fine, in the time is not loose is not tight, but also take into account the facilities along the way, try to live comfortable,
The answer is certainly yes, we look at the map:

2017 Tibet classic tour tour analysis map BY polar Tianhe

1. Early experience must be 丨 7 days from the "world of the most"

The above combination of the purple line, look at the following Jian Ming trip, this is the right way to visiting the future of the world's largest park:
Day1: → Lhasa, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon → Suosong Village (view Barwa first Village)  
Day2: Saxon Village → Ramla Mistake (Past life sight of God Lake Light on foot) → Garcia / Ze when
Day3: Gacha / Zetang → Yongbulakang / Sangye Temple (Tibet's first palace / first temple ) → Yangzhuoyongcuo (lakes) → → card if the pull glaciers Shigatse
Day4: Shigatse Tingri → → → Lazi Everest national Park (the world's highest national park, passing in turn: pull Gyatso pass / Jiawu La mountain pass ) → Rongbuk → Everest Base Camp (overnight sky holy Land)
Day5: Camp → → backtrack Tashilhunpo (the world's largest full-gilded bronze statues "Jampa Buddha") → Shigatse
Day6: Shigatse Otake card → → Nepal Wooden grassland (Tibetan pasture scenery) → Namco wrong  (night sky holy land)
Day7: Namco wrong (sunrise sunrise) → Nagano Pass → Yang Bajing → Lhasa

Yang Zhuo Yong wrong BY A five

in Tibet to see the scenery, you must do three things: sunrise, sunset, stars.
From 07:00 to 09:00 / 18:00 to 19:30, is the sunrise and sunset in Tibet, as well as the best time for scenery photography, this time the sun is not high, soft light, moderate sunshine, shooting Scene and character silhouettes are stunning. This time if wasted in the city of Lhasa, and away from the area, it is a waste. Walking, living in the area, you can the greatest extent possible to meet the needs of heaven on the sky.
↓ ↓ ↓ take the above ring line please stamp ↓ ↓ ↓

Different from the chartered, the above itinerary is fully reference to the way the more perfect food and accommodation points, and the distance between the scenic area, the combination of the car, the scientific planning of the line, suitable for a simple view of the plateau beauty of ordinary tourists, both Zijia You Free, there are all-round nanny-style service, but if you are photography enthusiasts, or a small team travel, please stamp the following ↓ ↓ ↓ custom your exclusive ring ↓ ↓ ↓

2. East Tibet Ring 丨 Canyon Star Prairie St. Lake

Extreme Basseton

If you are not enough time, only in the "world of the most" in the choice of part of the visit, but fear of high resistance, you can refer to the following lines, covering the three major attractions Nyingchi (Basong measures, Lu Lang Linhai, Brahmaputra Grand Canyon) Shannan Link scenery, northern Tibet grassland scenery with Namco and sunrise, sunset, starry sky:
Day1: Lhasa → BasongcoLulanglinhai → Nyingchi
Day2: Nyingchi → confluence of two rivers (the Yarlung Zangbo, Nyang) → Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon → plus check
Day3: Jiacha → Ramla measures → → canyon valley of Shannan
Day4: Tsedang → Yangzhuoyongcuo → northern Tibet Nepal wooden prairie → small → Namco Namco
Day5: Namco → Flanagan Pass ( nyainqentanglha peak ) → Lhasa
↓ ↓ ↓ Please book the above link Please mark ↓ ↓ ↓

3. Tibet West ring 丨 Star Lake holy lake grassland wilderness

Namco miss the sky (taken on the Tashi peninsula) BY A five

This line not only string together the two holy lake in Tibet, but also strung the night of the two stars of the Holy Land Nam Co and Everest base camp , in Lhasa fully adapted to the case of altitude sickness, you can challenge the following path:
Day1: Lhasa → sheep Zhuo Yong wrongcard if the pull glaciers → Langkazi → Shigatse
Day2: Shigatse Tingri → → → Lazi Gyatso La PassJiawu La mountain PassEverest base camp
Day3: Camp → → Shigatse Tingri
Day4: Shigatse → Zhashi Columbus TempleTibetan Nepalese steppe → Nianqing Tanggula peak → Dangxiong → Namco wrong (Tashi peninsula)
Day5: Namco wrong → Nagaran Yamaguchi → Lhasa
↓ ↓ ↓ booking the ring please poke ↓ ↓ ↓ 

Welfare: Nam Co Yin Galaxy (taken on the Tashi Prefecture) BY A five

Tibet's bright stars and many others unforgettable, you do not want to record this magical moment? In the previous Raiders "Tibetan sky shooting the Bible, only five steps can be loaded with force" , we have invited many times won the international star photography contest special award @ A five on the road, for us to elaborate on the sky photography The field of small white change the method of God. You can also be with us, the drill hand in hand, record holy stars.
↓ ↓ ↓ Create your own starry photography Please stamp ↓ ↓ ↓

3. crack the first time into the Tibetan doubts

1. About altitude sickness

Image from the web

High anti or depends on the innate cell oxygen carrying capacity, and physical quality is not necessarily linked, it is not strong and strong people must be more likely than the elderly children to overcome the high anti.
Plateau reaction symptoms are generally manifested as: headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, chest tightness, insomnia, vomiting, lips purple, loss of appetite, malaise, muscle pain and so on.
People often use Rhodiola as a drug to prevent and alleviate the high altitude reaction, in fact, if only in a short time to take Rhodiola for the prevention and control of plateau effect is very limited .
It is a headache, then you can follow the instructions to take ibuprofen and other pain medication. If there are other symptoms, do not carry health, timely medical treatment is king.

Image from the web

Many people generally believe that by train into Tibet will have an altitude from low to high process, can be faster to adapt to the plateau environment. But in fact from the Golmud station, all into the Tibetan train compartment are dispersed oxygen, take the train for a long time, the compartment is crowded, often do not get a good rest, so choose the train into Tibet and will not Accelerate the adaptation time to the plateau environment. But because the train into the possession of the sea through the extremely high Tanggula Yamaguchi and other places, tend to increase the high anti. The legendary train into the possession of Tibet to ease the high resistance, often due to a lot of people are not high in the long journey of the train has spent more than half.

2. on the border card

As Tibet is more special, many places, in addition to identity cards, must hold a "border card" to enter, many places more than 100 kilometers away from the border began to check border defense, such as Yadong, camphor, Ali area Border pass.
How does Tibet border defense deal?

Everest Star (taken at Everest base camp) BY A five

Two options:
First, in my own account location for their own : usually the police station or immigration authorities (the procedure is simple, low cost);
Second, to Tibet : Tibet need to handle in the possession of units (such as travel agencies, etc.) Letter, in Lhasa to do more than to the Xigaze office. On the border card, you can write the following places: "Tibet Autonomous Region Dingri County, camphor, Ali area, Medog County, Milling County." Or simply consult the Public Security Bureau of Tibet where those places belong to border control areas, as far as possible all write!

Image from the web

Here I mainly elaborate in Tibet for the process:
in the Lhasa Office to prevent two places to go. First to the Lhasa City Public Security Bureau , at the northern tip of the small Zhaoshu Road, east of the crossroads can be seen Lhasa City Public Security Bureau, with your ID card and letter of introduction to do a side of the letter of introduction letter. (PS: in Tibet for "border card" letter of introduction is the key!) To the
Armed Police Frontier Corps . In the border guards have a small room outside the door to do a special defense, the card fee of eight yuan, another deposit of 30 yuan, within the specified time to return to the deposit can be refunded.
However, in Tibet are generally travel agencies, inn, CYTS agents, the cost is generally ranging from 50-200 yuan . Now in Shigatse can handle, the cost is slightly higher, but if you are the whole process, then return to the local money can also be returned, because one of the largest part is the deposit.

3. Who is not suitable for coming to Tibet?

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company issued the "plateau travel tips" , clearly lists the following six categories of people are not suitable for more than 3,000 meters above sea level to travel:
1, a variety of organic heart disease, significant arrhythmia or resting rhythm> 100 times /Minute.
2, chronic respiratory disease, moderate obstructive pulmonary disease, such as bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis, emphysema, active tuberculosis, pneumoconiosis;
3, high blood pressure ,
4, now suffering from severe colds, upper respiratory tract infection, body temperature above 38 degrees or body temperature below 38 degrees, but the general symptoms of the respiratory tract, before the disease should be suspended before the disease, the risk of diabetes mellitus , Into the plateau;
5, has been diagnosed with high altitude pulmonary edema, high altitude brain edema, blood pressure increased plateau hypertension, plateau heart disease and plateau polycythemia;
6, high risk pregnant women.

Lhasa Street View (Beijing East Road) BY A five


Tibet, to support the title of world-class tourist destination;
Tibet, it is worth every person threw himself into a
walk ; take the most classic line to see the most extreme scenery;
we, in Tibet waiting for you.

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