If only half a day, you can play in Heshun!

Heshun is worth to slowly visit, old houses, streets, and those old trees. If you have most of the time, you can follow the route to go round.

The following graphic records of the hiking routes traveled Hwasun process, with 4 hours, the whole process of my favorite is that Avalokitesvara tree that piece quietly.

Specific routes explain

1, from the scenic entrance into the bridge to the Heshun library, next to Wenchang Palace and Burma Memorial Hall.

2, turn right into the river into the alley, take a look at the other side of the river fields, and then through the total guest house and Bar Street to Inch Bay, along the signs can go to Ai Siqi House, there are Yuanlong Court and Liu Ancestral Hall.

3, Ai Siqi House is next to the Longtan, also known as Ye Yahu, there is a relatively large platform, along the way you will see the famous Lin aunt Songhuahua stalls (usually placed in Yuan Long Court to Ai Siqi Former residence of the junction)

4, after a while resting in Longtan, the original way back to inch Bay, when you see the slope of the "Heshun tree duck" restaurant, go up, go along the alley, in both sides of Liu Lane, There are many beautiful ancient residential hotel. Continue to move forward, to the cross slope, there is a villager on the road to run the "Yao Ting Museum", along this road unswervingly go west uphill, you will see the Temple of Fortune, continue to go up, to the middle Temple days.

In this old house drink a hot porridge, and then warm the sun, continue up until the temple.

5, in Zhongtian Temple overlooking the entire Heshun the ancient town of the town, after the rest back down to the first left turn of the junction downhill, the second junction continue to turn left, after the Chiaki Ancestral Hall and the Temple of Chang Go up, "Avalokitesvara" where waiting for you!

This is the Avalokitesvara Avalokitesvara that I have been looking for
quiet, beautiful,

6, returned to Zhangjiawan, north along the Heshun Creek, 5 minutes to reach the bridge Kuixing Pavilion, there are two ancient Metasequoia, here also called "double fir", there are stone oxen in the yard, do not miss out. Then follow the direction of the main entrance of the Heshun River towards the scenic spot. You will see the most exquisite Ancestral Temple in our residence, "Inch Ancestral Hall". After more than 100 meters, turn right and enter Dashi Lane, where there is a beautiful building "Bend" and return Continue to go back to the Heshun Library.

Inch Bay inch ancestral hall here, I think the town of Heshun the most exquisite in every house, could not help but glance.

On the last night of Heshun, right on the big moon, go to a coffee shop, order a cup of coffee and try the coffee and wine together. . .

Then I'll see you again

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