Indigenous Guilin, teach you how to enjoy the Guilin landscape (the classic 4-day itinerary recommended)

For thousands of years, Guilin's landscapes have caused many scholars and ink artists to brush their ink and attract many people who are intoxicated. The unique karst landscape has given birth to this wonderful mountain scenery. To Longji terrace photography, boating on the Lijiang River, riding the Moon Mountain, and swimming in the West Street club on a night trip – it is a classic way of playing for each first-time traveler to Guilin. The beauty of Guilin does not require me to go into details. The scenery that can be printed on the soft sister's currency can have several ~~ this honor is worthy of you to personally experience. Let us follow Guilin's indigenous people and have fun with Guilin. !

Best travel time

Travel to Guilin, the best season is from April to October every year. In late May, when it enters the rainy season, the water level of the Lancang River will rise, and the water flow will be turbid and cloudy. This is not conducive to seeing reflections. But at this time, the temperature is not high, it is cool when it rains, and you can still dream of a misty and misty Lijiang River. The rainy season in July and August ends. The river is clear, but at this time the temperature is high, and it is also the golden season of tourism. There are more tourists. Therefore, if you are afraid of heat, you are advised to choose between May or September.
1. Guilin is in early spring in April. Prepare a Jackets to keep the wind warm.
In May-June, Guilin is plentiful, rainy, and humid. Although the maximum daily temperature is about 32 degrees Celsius, it is best to wear cool clothes due to high humidity and sultry rainy season.
3, July-August season, pay attention to sun protection. Guilin has a lot of scenery and it is best to play with flat shoes. Bring anti-mosquito potions.

Guilin Essence 4th Line Recommended

Itinerary Arrangement:
D1 Guilin-Longji Terraces (Xiangzhuang Terraced Rice Terraces / Jinkeng Yao Terraces)
D2 Guilin-Yangshuo (Bamboo / Boat, Moon Hill / Big Banyan Tree, Yinzi Rock, Impression Liu Sanjie)
D3 Yangshuo-Guilin (Xanadu, Yucheng) Dragon River Rafting)
D4 Guilin - Guanyan (Gudong, Jingjiang Wangfu)
Tips: Generally speaking, it takes 2-3 days to travel in Guilin. However, the essence of tourism in Guilin is still around, such as Yangshuo and Longji Terraces. These places are best arranged for 2-4 days in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

D1 Guilin-Longji terraced field (approx. 80km from downtown Guilin, driving time 2h)

The Longji terraced field, known as “the world's top terrace”, is only 77km away from downtown Guilin. It is a great place for shooting large landscapes! At the time of the autumn harvest, Longji terraced fields attract Chinese and foreign tourists with their golden grandeur of mountains and plains. The Zhuang and Yao people who have lived here from generation to generation have added charm to Longji terraced fields with their simple and primitive ecological style.
[Go to traffic] by car, chartered or choose to participate in a day trip.
If you first arrive in Guilin, you are not advised to drive by yourself. The reasons are: The road to Longji is circling too much, the road to the downhill of Panshan Highway is much, and the safety factor is not high if you are not familiar with the road conditions, but if you have local friends to take you there, This other said. Traveling on a tourist bus usually takes part in a local day trip. The bus is pick up by car. This is equivalent to sharing the fare with others. They usually have a tour guide for this purpose, and they can take a step from the hotel to the scenic spot to save money and provinces. time.
What the Longji sees must be popular knowledge is Longji terraced fields, Zhuang terraces and Yao terraces. Because of the national style, it can be divided into Jinkeng Yao terraces view area and Pingyao Zhuang terrace view area. The best time to look at the terraced fields is either the season before or after the clearing season, or when the rice leaves are green in summer, or when the autumn ear is golden.
1. Jinkeng Yao terraces: On the whole, Jinkeng terraces are fresh and healed, magnificent and magnificent, and you can play photography for one day. You can talk about a love in 2 days and go to Xishan to enjoy the sunrise or the old way. Go to Huang Luo Hong Yao Zhai to see the lively long hair flying performance in Changfa Village. Dazhai's accommodation is more expensive and not expensive. You can stay on Dangzhai upstairs in Dazhai, and spend time in a stroll around Fengyu Bridge. The Yao nationality's Diaojiaolou is very historical, and the customs are honest. This is why the Jinkeng terraces attract many people.
2. Peaceful Zhuang terraced fields: The beautiful scenery of the terraced fields is amazing. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the hills are like snails, and the mountains are like towers. They are layered and stacked. "Winter white, spring water, summer green, autumn golden" is the four seasons of peaceful terraces. It is very close to the ancient and primitive Long Zhuang Ancient Zhuangzhai, and is also close to the “Yijiang Yuan” in the first village of Guilin.
【Longji Tips】
1. The Longji Scenic Spot on the mountain needs to transfer to the green car in the area. The cost is RMB 40/person. When attending a travel agency's itinerary, you need to pay attention to whether or not the fee is included, but it does not matter. 40 yuan is a well-known price, and general travel agencies will also give tips.
2. The altitude of Longji is high, and the cost of transporting food is much higher than that of Guilin. Therefore, the price is at least 40% higher than the urban area of ​​Guilin, which is a relatively high level. It is recommended to bring lunch food on the day of the Longji terraces. If there are friends in the local area, they will certainly warmly invite you to have lunch together, rice fish, Yao tea, colored rice, and other foods.
3, Longji terraces a few natural scenic spots, many trails, less marked, there are friends led by the tour guide to play around before you remember to keep a good tour guide contact. There are cableways above the Jinkeng terraces, and it is advisable to listen to the guide's suggestions in combination with personal circumstances to choose whether or not to take a ride.
4. It is advisable to take a good rest on the day before your trip, as the return journey takes approximately 4 hours.

D2 Guilin - Yangshuo (about 56km from downtown Guilin, 1.5h driving time)

Yangshuo’s games are divided into land games and water games. Can also be divided into self-driving, chartered and participate in day trips.
[Land game] It is recommended to participate in day trips or bicycle tours.
Get up early and you can go to Elephant Trunk Hill, Guilin's city emblem, then go to Liu Sanjie and Ani Ngau where you can visit the Big Banyan Tree. Afterwards, you can watch Moon Mountain with its vague beauty, and then you can go to Yangshuo, the only cave that can visit and explore in the water. After that, go to Jianshan Temple to see the temple architecture. You can rent a bicycle at the Shili Gallery and stroll freely in the landscape painting room. You can also ride a bicycle to play the Big Banyan Tree, the Moon Mountain, and the Longtan Pool. If there is sufficient time, I would recommend staying in Yangshuo not to return to Guilin City tonight.
1, if you participate in the local travel agency journey, Moon Hill may only be seen when traveling by car, and is different from the self-drive can get off to the mountain to watch
2. Jianshan Temple recently a lot of money by the name of burning incense The behavior, to be vigilant, to participate in the local travel agency itinerary to choose the pure play itinerary, find a reliable tour guide to play.
[Water play] From Guilin to Yangshuo, there are two kinds of ways: bamboo rafts and cruise ships.
Do not recommend driving, it is recommended to choose a day trip itinerary, to save the trouble of reversing halfway. The self-guided tour can choose to take a direct shuttle bus from the bus terminal to Yangdi Pier. The time is 7:30, 8:30, 10:30, 11:30.
The bamboo raft is divided into two sections, the Yang Di section and the Xing Ping section, which are usually four people riding a bamboo basket. The time is about 1.5 hours. There are restrictions on age and height in bamboo poles. Children under 7 years old or less than 1.2 meters in height and senior citizens over 70 cannot take bamboo rafts. At this time, it is necessary to take a high-priced cruise ship to tour the Lijiang River. The time is about 4 hours. It can be upgraded, and it is worthwhile to return to the fare for the 4-hour landscape painting. There are also two types of boats for ordinary boats and luxury boats. There are usually simple lunches on board.
The feeling of riding the bamboo poles to play in Lijiang is excellent. You can let the completion rate slow down after going through the RMB 20 background (I know that you are all directed at this), and you can enjoy taking pictures afterwards. It is advisable to take part in the day trip and the car will be connected to the pier. In the afternoon, you can also travel to the ancient town of Xingping. After being sent to Yangshuo, you can also go under the guidance of a tour guide to see the typical representative of the karst landform – Yinziyan. This cave is a magnificent crown Guilin. The caves are fragrant, but we must pay attention to the behavior of taking invisible fees in the name of free photos.
[Night] How to play at night in Yangshuo can be much more, eat Lijiang beer fish drinking bright spring, go to the lively bar to listen to small songs, walk to the streets of many foreigners, or go to Impression Liu Sanjie theater watching performances All are very pleasant experiences. The cold weather in the early morning of West Street was also famous. After the prosperous night of West Street, there was a distinctive style.
Yang Di paragraph Zhu Di tickets for 160 yuan, 120 yuan for Xing Ping section of bamboo poles, 250 yuan for regular cruise tickets, luxury cruise 330 yuan, 238 impression of Liu Sanjie.
Tips: The quality of the completion of the work is uniformly regulated by the Lancang River Scenic Spot, but there may be a tip-off request for tipping. Please also pay attention. As for the other provisions of the Minjiang River, you can look at the tips of the scenic spots.

D3 Yangshuo - Guilin (Yulong River Rafting)

Photo: Yulong River. By a gifted gentleman
In Yangshuo, whether he stays for one night or stays forever, it is a place that is easy to indulge. I suggest you play today back to Guilin City, playing the same way, it is not recommended to drive.
【Playing Gui Gui】
Yulong River is one of the most beautiful rafting routes in Yangshuo. It has the reputation of the Xiaolang River, scenic spots, green mountains, clear water, and grass-lined pink. It is far from the top of the city. Experience the excitement of rafting and have fun. Rafting is recommended to float from the Jinlong Bridge to the old county. If you don't like it, you can also enjoy a free walking time on the riverside. The paradise, on the only way to return to Guilin, can experience the feeling of quiet countryside.
The difference from the bamboo raft drifting on the Minjiang River lies in the fact that it is based on artificial hands and bamboo rafts. Only one person can sit on one raft. There are also 28 embankments built by the locals to cross the river, which also adds fun to the rafting.
The main attractions are: Rhino Lake, Wuzhi Mountain, Chaoyang Village, Xiangui Bridge, Yulong Bridge, Guiyi Ancient City Site, Han Tombs, Dong Halo Rock, and Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea. It is best to drift early in the morning, visitors are less, the landscape is clearly reflected on the surface of the river, and you can feel the tranquility better. Standing on the Bridge of the Rich Islands in the Ming Dynasty was the best place to capture the beauty of the Minjiang River.
Tips: Yulong River bamboo rafts drift through the provisions of children under the age of 6, the elderly over the age of 65 can not take bamboo rafts.

D4 Guilin - Guanyan Cave - Gudong Waterfall

Because the ancient East crown rock is in one direction so you can choose the same day tour.
What the Crown Rock plays is also a karst landform. The combination of air, land, and air in the cave is played by small trains and small planes. The 4A scenic spot of the country boasts a fantastic rocky shape and experiences a new three-dimensional travel experience. Attention should be paid to the advent of summer and serious sun exposure. The green car entering the scenic spot can sit and sit for 65 yuan per person.
[What to play in Gudong] An original ecological forest park with a waterfall that can be climbed and a helmet provided by the scenic area can be used to experience the pleasure of being wet and wet (Gudong area requires renting a hard hat or sandals to climb. Falls, reference cost 15 yuan/person)
Crown Rock tickets 80 yuan Ancient East tickets 60 yuan

Indigenous introduced Guilin food recommendation

Guilin's food is well-known throughout the country. Guilin cuisine is a special existence. Strictly speaking, it does not belong to any of the eight major cuisines. However, due to special historical factors, the combination of hot and spicy Hunan cuisine and light Cantonese cuisine can be combined to form a suitable area for Chinese, North, South, and South China. Adjustable flavor. Guilin people's home-style small fried by the influence of Hunan is relatively large, almost meals can not do without hot and sour, the restaurant is also natural to adapt to the taste of Guilin people as the first choice. Guilin rice noodles and beer Lijiang River fish is the most famous two cuisines, of which Guilin rice noodle is more famous throughout the country.
1, eat as much as possible to choose more local restaurants in Guilin, rather than the number of foreign parties;
2, before the consumer to understand the price in detail, do not regenerate when the checkout gas;
3, Guilin people also like spicy food If you cannot eat spicy food, please explain in advance.
[Guilin rice noodles]
Guilin rice noodles enjoys a reputation for its unique flavor. Its exquisite workmanship, the first good milled rice into a slurry, bagging filter dry, boiled into a powder group cooked and pressed into a round root or sheet Serve. Circle called rice flour, flaky weighing powder, known as rice flour, its characteristics are white, delicate, soft, smooth, refreshing. There are many ways to eat. The most attention to the production of brine, the process is different from each other, roughly boiled with pig, beef bone, mangosteen and all kinds of condiments, aroma.
[Beer Minjiang Fish]
Beer Minjiang Fish is a local dish of Yangshuo. Choose the live big carp from Yangshuo River and cook it with the raw tea oil produced in the mountain area of ​​northern Guangxi, and then put it in the top beer of Guilin. It has a unique crispy and fresh flavor that will make you more appetizing. . In particular, the fish scales were blown into a crisp shell and covered with sauce. It was truly a brand new tongue experience.
【Yangshuo snail brewing】
The stuffed dish is not only the tradition of Yangshuo, but also reflects Yangshuo's eating habits. Especially in the large-scale feasts in rural Yangshuo, almost no brewing. The small Yangshuo made "18 brewing": snail brewing, bean curd brewing, mushroom stuffing, eggplant brewing, bitter gourd stuffing, grapefruit stuffing, bamboo shoot brewing, mushroom stuffing, pumpkin flower stuffing, egg stuffing, eggplant stuffing, pepper stuffing, Winter melon brewing, fragrant brewing, garlic brewing, tomato brewing, bean sprouts brewing, fragrant brewing, etc., of which the most prestigious is the snail brewing. The friend told me that other stuffing can not be tried, the snail stuffed not to be missed, it is not only delicious, but also the effectiveness of Jianwei Xiaoshi.
[Nun Plain Noodles]
The essence of Guilin nun's noodles is soup. Soup is made from bean sprouts, fresh straw mushrooms, mushrooms, and winter bamboo shoots. Golden color, fresh and sweet fragrance, noodles cooked in water and boiled, according to different seasoning points: lettuce powder, three fresh powder, dried vegetable powder, hot and sour powder, burdock powder, the soup into, plus Guilin yuba, yellow vegetables , ham, gluten and other vegetarian dishes and seasonings, fresh and delicious, color and aroma.
【Steamed Minjiang Manguiu】
Guilin has a beautiful scenery. The Lijiang River is the main river course in Guilin. It has been crystal clear for many years. The produced mandarin fish is known as "Guijiang Qingshui mandarin fish" for its fatness, tenderness, freshness and smoothness. For steaming flavor is very good. Characteristics: Steamed with Guijiang mandarin fish and pork meat. The fish is tender and delicious. It is delicious and smooth.

Guilin Tourism FAQ

1. How much is the per capita cost of coming to Guilin?
How much money is to be based on a few days to visit Guilin, which sights to visit, what hotels to live in, what kind of travel options to choose from and a series of factors to decide, so that can not give you a clear price, but here we can and everyone a little Say, for example, a traveler who travels for about 4 days to participate in a private tour will travel around 800~1000 yuan/person, which is for reference only.
2. Does the Guilin Tourism Society slash passengers and force consumption?
Guilin is a famous tourist city. The economic pillar of the city is the tourism industry and there are many employees. Therefore, there are some people with mixed interests in Guilin traveling in this industry. In general, it is not recommended that you directly arrive in Guilin Baotou without booking in advance. Travelling will greatly increase the chance of being cheated because there will be many “wild horses” at the train station or airport exit to draw guests at low prices, and then resell the guests. There will be many invisible consumption traps. Therefore, it is recommended that you schedule the itinerary through the registration of the Internet or travel agency before you arrive in Guilin. After your arrival, there will be special staff to arrange the itinerary, which is safer and more secure.
In addition, there will be some travel agencies on the Internet playing hide-and-seek passengers, but in the itinerary to arrange some hidden and mandatory consumer items, such as small traffic, small tickets, Jingzhong shop. So when you choose a business consultation, be sure to ask if there are any shopping arrangements and whether there is any hidden spending. The phenomenon of compulsory shopping and forced consumption in Guilin was still a few years earlier. However, after the enactment of the Tourism Law, such phenomena have been significantly reduced, and everyone can still travel to Guilin with confidence.
3, Guilin gameplay recommended?
The sights of Guilin are centered on the city center and evenly distributed throughout the northeast and southwest. However, there are no direct lines between the attractions. Therefore, the middle station connecting scenic spots is Guilin downtown. That is to say, all of them must go back to Guilin before setting off to go to other attractions.
Like other domestic destinations, there are three different ways to travel to Guilin: FITs with group tours, independent chartered tours, self-help and self-driving tours. Individual travelers and group tours As the name suggests, tourists from all over the country come to Guilin to form a team to conduct sightseeing tours with the group. The greatest advantage of this type of tour is that the price will be more affordable, and the drawback is that tourism is not free, and the sights are spent. However, independent chartered tours and FITs are just the opposite of group tours. Individual chartered tourists tend to be more expensive. The reason for the high price is mainly because of the small number of people. The average fares per person and guide service fees are relatively high, but if the company’s units are visited by tourists, It can reach more than 16 people, and the price will not differ much from the price of individual guests and group tours. However, this type of excursion is more free, and the itinerary of the itinerary can be customized according to their own needs. Again to give you a vivid image of the metaphor, individual tours more like a ride on the bus, to the station you have to get down, can not think of where to go, so the fares are very cheap; In addition, the independent chartered tour is like riding a rental Wherever you think about the car, the fare is calculated based on the destination you arrive at. The last resort is self-guided tour and self-driving tours. This tour is very popular with young people. This type of tour needs a detailed strategy for travel before you travel. The traffic needs to be resolved on your own. The hotel can travel on its own schedule. If you don't have time to do your homework, it is recommended that you choose to go with a private tour or an independent charter tour.

Guilin Accommodation Raiders

“Guilin landscape is the best in the world”, Guilin attracts countless visitors with the scenery and karst landscape of the Lancang River. The landscape of the city is a landscape, the urban area is not large. Accommodation is mainly distributed in the two rivers and four lakes in the urban area and around the train station.
[Cross Street] 41% of visitors choose a total of 166 hotels
Cross Street is the intersection of Zhongshan Road, Jiefang West Road, Jiefang Road. This is Guilin's central square and is also the busiest and lively block in the city. Cross Street is not far from the railway station, and it is easily accessible by bus from Elephant Trunk Hill, Qixingyan and other attractions.
[Railway Station] 32% of visitors choose from a total of 333 hotels Accommodation in
this area is mainly concentrated along the Guilin Railway Station and along the South Zhongshan Road. There are many budget hotels, but the accommodation environment is normal but the transportation is very convenient. Occasionally, the inn will behave like a cheek, and the bees and bees need to be careful.
[7 Star Scenic Spot] 10% of Tourists Choose from a total of 358 hotels
This area is located on the east bank of the Minjiang River and is centered on Qixing Park. The Seven Star Park, the largest and most scenic comprehensive park in Guilin, is located in this area. The area has a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. It has concentrated some middle and high-end hotels.

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