Looking for Shunde, the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine

The people of the country call Guangdong love to eat the province, and the provinces have a saying: "Eating in Guangdong, kitchen out of Fengcheng." The Fengcheng in this remark is neither Baoji in the Longxing Guanzhong Plain of the Zhou and Qin dynasties, nor is it the son of the wind and the bully who dominates the ten best balls. It is a low-key town, and many of her low-key individuals can't even call it out. Her name, but she is the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine and there are countless cuisines. She is Shunde, the hero of this story.
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The people of the country call Guangdong love to eat the province, and the provinces have a saying: "Eating in Guangdong, kitchen out of Fengcheng." The Fengcheng in this remark is neither Baoji in the Longxing Guanzhong Plain of the Zhou and Qin dynasties, nor is it the son of the wind and the bully who dominates the ten best balls. It is a low-key town, and many of her low-key individuals can't even call it out. Her name, but she is the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine and there are countless cuisines.
She is, Shunde - the hero of this story.  

Before you eat

1, Shunde is not close to a lot of food sites, it is strongly recommended to drive or rent a car.
2, Shunde, as a delta plain, mosquitoes suck humans every minute, remember to bring good insect repellent.
3, do not put all the stomach capacity in a restaurant!
4, not necessarily every restaurant supports mobile payment, bring cash!
5. At the end of the article, I made super practical food maps and strategies. Friends who traveled can refer to the route according to their preferences.

Rice porridge: porridge water as a magic pot

Hotpot is really the most shining star in Chinese food. In general, Chuanxiong loves spicy pot with sesame oil, Northern loves mutton with sesame sauce, Chaoshan loves beef with sand tea, and porridge water pot is indeed the hot pot army. One of the wonderful flowers in the chicken soup and fragrant rice, the fire was boring and boiled, making rice bran intangible, and using this porridge water to make the bottom of the hot pot, boiled a unique taste.
- It sounds like health!   

The shop we selected was the glutinous rice porridge in the documentary. It was located in Daliang where food was gathered. There was no parking space. The parking space on the roadside was already full. Fortunately, it was possible to park in the nearby community, but let's remind that the community in Shunde It is generally a fixed parking space. Occupy parking spaces of others must remember to stay on the phone.

Glutinous rice porridge

A la carte nature is the bottom of the porridge, the other point of white shellfish, beef balls, cattle show, baby food and the most popular fritters. The fish can only be the whole point, two people can't eat it so there is no point.
Soon, the bottom of the porridge came up, and we were able to see the hot pot at the end of the porridge for the first time. The chicken soup porridge that filtered out the rice residue boiled and tumbling in the pot, much different from the broth or spicy in other places.

Glutinous rice porridge

The order of porridge water hotpot ingredients is very particular, seafood shellfish is the first to lay the bottom.
At the same time, the whole process does not need to be hands-on. The waiter will help with the dishes and control the time. They will also help out and share. Diners just have to eat and eat.

Glutinous rice porridge

Glutinous rice porridge

The fresh ingredients are boiled with mellow porridge water. The sauce is only served with raw soy sauce and onions. It still retains its flavor. The first shell of white shell still has the most original flavor.
We used to eat hot pots in other places. We thought that all the foods were eaten together. We wanted to hurry to add meat. We tasted the taste of the meat boiled out of the porridge. The waiter communed in good terms and waited for shellfish to eat. When finished, she helped us again.

Glutinous rice porridge

Glutinous rice porridge

After eating the shellfish, the waiter finally helped us to lay the meat. All the Cantonese restaurants are pursuing the freshness of the meat. Therefore, the meat is naturally delicious. Of course, the porridge is boiled out and it is the same.


This shop's most popular fritters, whether it is porridge water or eat directly, are good.


But in fact, the taste of porridge water pot is too light for us. I thought that the taste of porridge water pot should be similar to that of Chaoshan casserole porridge. It is thick and thick, but it is actually more like a silky coat. The taste of the ingredients is a perfect match for the original taste of Cantonese cuisine.
The reason that this magical taste has not been circulated to all parts of the country is that it is true that most diners do not adapt to this too light porridge pot like us. However, Shunde people seem to be particularly fond of it, and the glutinous rice porridge shop is full of locals who love food. This meal is a total of ¥ 188, but after the end of the account, we discovered that it seems that WeChat members can receive coupons. Friends who come can try.

Kimbang Dairy: Big skintaker's double skin milk

The first time I heard of the name of Shunde, compared to many people like me, is the "Authentic Shunde Double Skin Milk" that is available in the streets all over the country.
It is like a paste, white in color, tender in quality and sweet in taste. The double skin milk from Shunde has been loved by the people of the country.

Golden List Dairy

Shunde Shuangpi Dairy, two of the best word of mouth, operating style is very different. One is the gold list that is faint in the lane, and the other is the people’s letter that is flaunted in the street market.
The first thing we came to was Jinbang. On the old street that was five minutes away from the glutinous rice porridge, the first time we passed by, we didn’t even notice the way we saw the low-key dairy. Overcome and fold back to find it, opposite a plain church.

Golden List Dairy

The shop is very small, and it is said that the number of milk products supplied by the small shop is not large every day. Every day it is sold out, it is necessary to close the store, so plan to come early.

Golden List Dairy

The old man of the shop owner did not seem to speak Mandarin. We said that we did not understand it for a long time. Fortunately, local customers at the next table helped us to use vernacular translation. Have a double skin milk (¥8) and a water milk (¥6).

Jinbang dairy double skin milk

Well, milk is as traditional as a store.
Unlike other places where Shuangpi Dairy tastes a bit different, this home seems to retain more traditions and does not compromise on people's taste changes.
Double skin milk and buffalo milk are very sweet, but they also have a strong, full-bodied, milky musk. For us, the taste is a bit heavy, but we admire such an old shop and old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Niu Zhan Pasta Shop: Hurricane Customer's Boss

There are roars, humiliations and dissatisfaction. However, they are still lined up and guests are constantly on the line.
So they come here with curiosity - and explore what he does.

Niu Zhan pasta restaurant

This claypot meal is also a great food gathering place. It looks like there is nothing special about the appearance of the shop. And the name is not called "cattle show claypot rice" but called "cow show pasta restaurant", is it to filter out the guests who come from?

The car can park at the Osmanthus Park parking lot diagonally opposite the intersection (3 hours 5 RMB) and park the car. The netizen honestly does not bully me. This restaurant is only open for business. Generally speaking, it is relatively rare to start business, but this time does not seem to have a fixed number. It is usually between five and six at night. We arrived at around 5:40. It happened that this time it was just starting business. There was no queue and there were not many customers.
CASH ONLY, otherwise hey.  

Niu Zhan pasta restaurant

The claypot rice is made in batches and batches of 10, so it is the same as early and late. As long as you are among the ten, you will have to pan together.
If you are not on the 11th, hey, sorry, at least half an hour longer than the 10th, because you have to wait for the next batch!

Niu Zhan pasta restaurant

The claypot rice is sold now and is sold for 20 minutes or more. However, when it is waiting, there will be bitter melon soup, tea and soy sauce. The taste of green vegetables is quite good, but the more important significance is to eliminate boring waiting. .
When claypot rice comes up, it must be eaten in accordance with the boss’s way of eating. Otherwise, it is said that the owner would directly shout with Shunde that “someone is using a spoon to bibimbap here, as if it is in the countryside, and in the same place!” The
boss’s way of eating is, The meat is set aside, and the surrounding casseroles are eaten first with chopsticks and eaten in the middle.
The boss's obsessive compulsive disorder should have a strong order in his heart, forcing all people in the store to eat according to his prescriptions. This method of eating should be based on Shunde’s sincere pursuit of the taste of food, even though he hated him. Vicious, but have to say that he is ingenious.
So naturally, this restaurant does not provide any accessories, soy sauce chili sauce, think if you ask the boss there is no such thing, it must be a meal.

Claypot rice

The claypot rice name is well-deserved, from pan to white rice, three layers - layered.
The nested beef ribs were made with claypot rice, beef was tender, and the whole was light. However, we both prefer the chicken oyster rice below, which is more fragrant.
But overall it is delicious, but it's not amazing.

Nest Chicken Beef Clams Rice

Dragon's Restaurant: Morning Tea opens up a rich day

When it comes to Cantonese food, morning tea is definitely one of the most concentrated.
Morning tea, but the focus is not in tea, but in the tea - shrimp dumplings, Shaomai, rice rolls, sandbags, durian cakes, steamed chicken legs, steamed ribs, boat porridge ... ... light to think that people have left saliva .
On weekends, friends and relatives came to the teahouse to get a few favorite teas. Together, they sighed for the morning tea (sigh, enjoyment in Cantonese) and enjoyed life. Therefore, the morning tea was for Cantonese people. Besides being a delicious, more Is a way of life.

The morning tea shop we selected was a dragon restaurant in "Explore Shunde," and parking spaces were provided at the entrance.


We ordered sandbags flowing from the sands.

Signature fish porridge

Dragon's signature fish porridge.

Vegetable rolls with rice rolls

Vegetable rolls with rice rolls.

Soy sauce steamed pork ribs

Traditional classics, steamed ribs with oyster sauce (slightly fat ribs, very satisfied with several other teas).

Shrimp dumplings

Of course, there are shrimp dumplings that I absolutely have the absolute absolute essentials for morning tea, one of the TOP10 food in my heart.
Dragon's shrimp is hugely fresh, and there are actually four of them (Guangzhou and Shenzhen are generally three in one).


In addition to the classic delicacies that each morning tea shop has, Shunde morning tea shop generally has a special rice cake - Lunjiao. Well, here's a note, not a London cake! It's easy to read wrong text! Lunjiao is a town subordinate to Shunde. I came across a high speed road sign in the morning and I thought it was London. Rice cakes made from fermented rice milk taste crispy, somewhat like hair cakes, a touch of rice.

Morning tea

This morning tea we are very satisfied with the excellent taste, and the price is simply the conscience of the industry! As long as ¥91!

Ado Private Restaurant: Sauna

Say goodbye to the water town, and enter the whole "Exploration of Shunde" documentary which attracts me most - sauna fish! ! !

Ado Private Restaurant

The location of the original film was called Ado Private Kitchen, an old restaurant in Longyan Village, Shunde. Before arriving, it was necessary to reserve a telephone. The location did not seem to be close to where it was. Watertown drove about half an hour.

Ado Private Restaurant

At the time of arrival, the parking area provided by the store was already oversimplified, and it was felt that most of the shops were local people. Let us look forward to this one more hotel that is far from the city and can attract numerous locals.

Ado Private Restaurant

If there are many people, it is strongly recommended to eat this way, the stove directly onto the table, stopwatch time, so that diners feel the most delicious moment of the first time.
However, we only have two people. The stoves have a large table at the table. The waiter recommends that we let the chefs steam them in the kitchen and bring them to us. You can save 15 calories at the end of the pot. Of course, her main purpose is definitely Save the next big table.

Sauna fish

Say it to the brim of Ding Jiexiu, it's very powerful, but I think Shunde's chefs are superb artists. They can "fish"! ! !
In order to prevent the thorn from destroying the enjoyment of the fish, even if they are squid or squid, they can use a clever knife to remove all the small thorns.

Sauna fish

The fish was sold only, and we both had to order a relatively small eel, 48 pounds, more than 70 pounds of catfish.
The waiter rushed over and feared that he missed the best time. The steamed fish with just-solidified protein was the entrance, and the tender and thorny fish tasted very tasty. Both of us were moved to tears!

Crispy fried noodles

We also ordered a crispy fried noodle. The taste is very similar to the crispy noodles I used to eat when I was a kid. I was fried with onions and so on. I didn't like small dreams. I feel pretty good.

Beef stir-fried

The last dish is beef prawn, 88, beef is very fresh, but not as amazing as the sauna fish. And this shop is different from our impression of the small cuisine known as the Cantonese cuisine, only two dishes and a face we actually did not eat, of course, the best sauna fish is not left at all.

In addition, to say that the waitress in charge of serving is only serving, because it is too busy, so it will not help you any other services, ordering and other to call another waiter, but she is also busy, can not be made, So what's the tea, you have to help yourself!
Sauna fish is really like it. The next time I come to Shunde, I will definitely come back again!

Chencun flour restaurant: thin and soft Chen Cun powder

Any Shunde food recommendation, but also can not bypass a food, that is Chen Cun powder.
Chencun powder Shunde many morning tea shop snack bar, etc. are available, but our next stop is to go Chencun experience Chencun powder!
It takes 45 minutes to drive from the city of Shunde to Chencun.

Chencun Powder Restaurant

When I first heard the name of Chen Cun, a small village in a small building appeared in my head. However, after checking the information, I learned that Chen Cun is actually a town under Shunde. The town’s name is Chen Cun. Therefore, Chencun is actually Chencunzhen. In the past, Chencun, together with Shilong Town of Guangzhou, Foshan and Dongguan, was called the “Four Famous Towns of Guangdong”. It is a major commercial center of the Pearl River Delta and a major financial institution in the outskirts of Guangzhou. The grain market is known as "Chen Cun Valley." Today's Chencun is also a fertile town, and the perception is similar to that of Shunde.

Chencun Powder Restaurant

Therefore, the famous Huang but not the kind of old-fashioned decoration, is a very new morning tea shop look, we arrived when it was overcrowded, parking at the door, but not much.

Come in lucky enough to have a place, the little brother of the kitchen has been busy.

Fish powder

In this way, Chen Cun powder, which was cooked, was added to juice and meat, and a delicious fish powder was made.

Fish powder

Before coming to the South, in the north I had very few rice noodles and more noodles. The food for rice noodles was more on the bridge noodles, and the people on the noodles had evolved into various forms - handcuffs. Noodles, dragon's moustache, noodles ... ... and southerners adapt to local conditions, will evolve a variety of forms of rice - rice noodles, noodles, rice rolls ... ...
"thin as the wings, pure white snow", the essence of Chen Cun powder nature is Powder, thin, smooth, soft is Chen Cun’s pursuit of Chen Cun powder. Chen Cun powder has not been seen in fact, Chen Cun powder can be understood as a thinner and wider pollen.

Fish powder

Fried milk

In addition to Chencun powder, Huang Danji also had tea for early morning tea. We ordered a deep-fried milk with crisp skin and fresh milk. It is one of Shunde's favorite desserts.

Fish powder

Fish powder

"Thin as a flap, pure white as snow" - Chen Cun powder really live up to expectations, thin evenly, taste smooth, we point two kinds of sirloin powder and XO sauce fried flour have different characteristics, fishing powder rice rich flavor, fragrant It's tasty, the fire is just right and the smell is delicious. We both like it very much. In addition, Chen Cun powder also has a variety of traditional methods such as steaming and mixing.

Minxin Laopu: Dessert Shops of Hot Food City

Driving 45 minutes to experience the food, we have to go through a 45-minute expressway to return to Daliang, where Shunde food is gathered. The next stop is the old shop of Minxin, a long-established store that opened many branches in Shunde, Foshan. It is said that from 1930, When we started our business, we went to the Hua Ga Road store. In addition, we must say that the parking space near Hua Gai Road is extremely difficult to find. It can be parked in the parking lot of the Qing Hui Garden or the parking lot of the surrounding hotels, but it is still full of cars, etc. For a long time.

Minxin old shop

Red bean double skin milk & original coconut milk stew

After setting aside the crowd, it was hard to find a location. We ordered a red bean double skin milk and a raw coconut milk stew. The taste was great. Compared with the gold list, I felt that his family had improved more traditional craftsmanship. The taste of milk under the milk is not so heavy and the sweetness is just right, so naturally it adapts to the taste of the masses.

Miscellaneous Sisters: The Five-Spicy Cattle Eaten by Mao Sancai

In the original plan, the next stop was to go to the big-blasted geese, but unfortunately we were really full and we couldn’t eat any of the geese (the Goose’s Goose sold 100 times in the Raiders). We only had to find one before we left. A snack. So I remembered the fine sister who hadn't eaten last night, and also the cow miscellaneous shop in Huagai Street, so she ran with excitement and light rain and took her as the last stop of our trip.

At this time, there were a lot of people, three minutes of the team, and finally arrived. They had begun to pick up the cows as if they were small flies. The boss did not expect that the boss would not support WeChat payment. We were disheartened and we had to ask for help everywhere. The little brother who was selling ice cream next to it helped us change.
Point a miscellaneous cow, ¥ 20, full of a plastic lunch box.

Fine sister cattle

I have always been a fancier, so I am also fond of this cow. The beef is very soft, and the chili sauce is also good. It is the kind of sweet chili sauce that is popular in Guangdong (see 7eleven). However, the shop was really crowded and we decided to take the cow for a while to start the return journey.

Shunde Food Map

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