One of the three kinds of ways to play all over Tibet in a week

For many people, the desire to go to Tibet has long been planted in the heart of the grass, where the snow-capped mountains, grass, beautiful Lama temple has been calling us. But to a train ticket, ticket so expensive, holiday time and limited, how can the most efficient value of the fare back?

Before departure, do homework

Tibet is vast, the distance between the attractions are 100 km in mind, and the high altitude, poor weather conditions, room and board are not as good as the mainland, with the old belt is not suitable for long journey, real guy and soft sister play is also different Raiders mainly explore the possibility of playing a week in Tibet.

From the map point of view, Tibet to Lhasa as the center, north to Namco wrong, that song direction, east to the direction of Nyingchi, south to Shannan direction, west to Ali direction (including Everest base camp). In other words, no matter where to go, have to Lhasa as the center of the radiation, there is no absolute sense of the big ring does not go back, from the comfort of travel to consider, take a small ring in series better.

Where will the first experience of Tibet go?

Tibet tourism resources are extremely rich, cursory run around at least a month, every month the scenery is not the same, if you love it will have been walking back to Tibet on the road; but as the early experience of Tibet, the following said A few places must walk.

1. Lhasa - the ancient city of the millennium

Jokhang Temple to the Road BY A five

Holy city of Lhasa, Tibet's political, economic, cultural and religious center, as foreigners come to China to travel to Beijing, Lhasa is the vast majority of travelers arrived in Tibet's first stop, landmark building is the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple The There is time you can in the Jokhang Temple Square sun, you can go to the sweet tea house to eat Tibetan face, walk the ancient city, whether you take yourself as a rush past the tourists or belong to the enemy here, there is always a moment, you will feel different from the previous , This is the magic of Lhasa. So no matter how hurry you, I suggest you use a full day of time, with the pace to personally feel the Millennium city.

2. Namco wrong - heaven holy lake

Days Lake Nam wood wrong BY five

Mention the Tibetan will mention the wood wrong, come here before, must first fully adapt to the high anti. Lhasa to Namco wrong 500 km, the whole in the average altitude of more than 4000 rush, first arrived at the risk of breaking will only make you more uncomfortable. I think that each of us should have such a moment, in front of everything is not what we have been familiar with the face of this piece of blue, say the hearts of love and fear, put down the hearts of love and fear, continue to move forward.

Nam Co is a seasonally strong lake, every year in mid-November began to freeze, to the beginning of next year began to thaw in early May, in addition to the long period of ice you can only choose Nam Chek 1 day tour, the other time may wish to Zaxi Peninsula Live a night, count the stars.

3. Mount Everest - the top of the world

Everest base camp BY strange brother

Shigatse region, the most famous when the number of "Mount Everest", Everest camp as a trip to Tibet will go to one of the destination, comes with punch card attributes.
When you are in the world's highest elevation of a high ground, surrounded by the world's highest mountain peaks surrounded, there will be a sense of distance from the surface of the earth.
Of course, here the harsh natural environment, poor living conditions, you are also a test.

4. Nyingchi - heaven and earth

As the wetest and most green place in Tibet, every year from June to September, when Nyingchi entered the rainy season, the beauty is often hidden in the cloud cover fog around, and often someone asked me if I could see the scenery in the summer? In fact, the plateau weather changes very fast, a moment downpour, sometimes cloudless, in general, sunny rainy days will see, but to no harm.

Lhasa as the center to play the benefits?

Potala Palace Square BY A five

1. Plateau travel to follow the principle of progressive elevation: on the whole, the Tibetan region from east to west, elevation step by step, for the rapid adaptation of high anti, scientific play route should be first tour Nyingchi, and then by Lhasa transit, and then To the Everest area, and finally to Namco wrong.
2. long line travel need to intermission: play Nyingchi area, the time required at least 3 to 4 days, mileage thousands of miles, a circle to play down is already very tired, for ordinary tourists, there is no need to continue to go to Xigaze fatigue tactics, Moreover, To Shigatse, if not to Everest base camp is also a regret, but the Xigaze to the Everest base camp between the middle of 700 km, so unless you are very confident of their own strength, or long journey will only lead to fatigue fatigue.
3. Long time travel need material supply: said Nyingchi is possession of the south, water vapor and light enough, climate conditions are very good; Namco wrong in the northern Tibet grassland, the climate is very bad; Everest base camp is located in the world's highest elevation, The largest area of ​​the wind, where the location is different, resulting in your equipment may also be different, perhaps when you start from home with the things that are not very suitable, because most of the material conditions in Tibet is very backward, it is recommended to return to Lhasa Supplementary equipment, including some anti-high anti-drug, magic scarf, clothing ... ...

Jokhang Temple BY small animal Jin Jin

4. peak season to consider the Potala Palace appointment time: the
end of April each year to the end of October Potala Palace implementation of real-name system appointment policy, the Office of the Office of the Office of the provisions of the Tibetan tourists can only visit a Potala Palace, so within seven days Any way can only make an appointment. Visitors need to book at least 2 days in advance, because it is real name system, no one should exchange time with others.
In short, if you want to visit the Potala Palace, can only set the date, can not set the time, visit time is random, regardless of the row must be to go. So in the 5 to 10 months each year, travelers can not visit the Potala Palace time to reach Lhasa and Lhasa to leave the day, so, whether you are in their own official website scheduled for the success of lucky or travel agents, The "Lhasa day tour" on the whole trip in the middle of the time are the most scientific.
Second, from the physical to consider, often traveler to visit the cloth palace of the trip to the next day to reach Lhasa, it is not reasonable. The Potala Palace is built on the Red Hill with a height of 110 meters and the main building is 117 meters high. The entrance to the palace needs to climb the height of 30 floors. Such a high level of climbing in the high altitude area even the local Tibetans should be panting, not to mention the arrival of the second day has not yet fully adapted to the high visitors?

1. peak season Potala Palace to visit the price is 300-400 higher than usual, if there is no advance booking, find some middle traffickers on the cloth at least to increase the price of 500 or more, and often temporary cancellation, many tourists did not advance Raiders, resulting in Tibet travel less cloth palace station, have to say is a regret.
2. Potala Palace on foot to reach the Jokhang Temple only 20 minutes, this distance does not need the car, the season in the hotel, the streets, civil aviation buses have to sell lunch, including the city 1 day tour, must remind Is a similar service if not the price is much higher than the hiking, it must be into the store.

Three seven days of Fun in Tibet

Tibet Uncle BY small animal Jin Jin

PlanA: Nyingchi, Everest base camp, Nam Co, Lhasa full coverage:
Day1 Lhasa - Sikkimaru - Mira Yamaguchi - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Soso Pine Village (Namjagbarwa best shooting point )
Day2 Solomon Village - Long County - Garcia - Ram Lazo - Valley Valley (via) - Ze when
Day3 Zetang - Yongbulakang - Sheep Lake - Lhasa
Day4 Lhasa City 1 day tour (Potala Palace + Jokhang Temple + Princess Wencheng real drama)
Day5 Lhasa - train - Shigatse - car - Everest base camp
Day6 Everest base camp - car - Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Temple - train - Lhasa
Day7 Lhasa - Nam Co - Lhasa
The program features: short flat fast line combination, play physical exertion, more difficult, suitable for young and strong but limited time for the workplace.
Total cost: from the beginning of June to mid-September, 3500 ~ 4000 yuan / person (not from the departure to the Lhasa from the big traffic, and Lhasa accommodation costs).
PlanB: Nyingchi, Lhasa, Nam Co wrong depth experience:
Day1 Lhasa - Mira Yamaguchi -
Basongzao - Bayi Day2 Bayi - Lulang Linhai - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Suo Song Village
Day3 Suo Song Village - - Long County -
Garcia - Lambracha - Valley Valley (via) - Ze when Day4 Zetang - Yongbulakang - Sheep Lake - Lhasa
Day5 Lhasa 1 day tour (cloth Dharma Palace + Jokhang Monastery + Wencheng Princess Real drama)
Day6 Lhasa - Nam Co (stay in the West Peninsula, enjoy the wood sunset - Star - Sunrise landscape)
Day7 Namco wrong - Lhasa (noon arrived in the afternoon half day in Lhasa free activities)
The program features: the depth of play Nyingchi and Nam Co, play physical consumption is relatively small, suitable for Everest no desire and the elderly children are more afraid of high peers against the crowd. total cost: from the beginning of June to mid-September, 2700 ~ 3600 / person (not from the departure to the Lhasa from the big traffic, and Lhasa accommodation costs). PlanC: Nam Co, Everest, Lhasa High Altitude Extreme Experience: Day1 Lhasa - Northern Tibet Prairie - Nyainqentanglha Mountain - Namtuma Day2 Tashi Peninsula - Nagano Pass - Yangbajing - Shigatse Day3 Shigatse - - Lazy - Gyatra Pass - Uzra Hill Pass - Velvet Temple - Everest Base Camp Day4 Camp - Original Return - Shigatse Day5 Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Monastery - Cazorla Glacier - Yangzhuoyongcuo - Lhasa Day6 1st tour in Lhasa (Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple + + Princess Wencheng real drama) the program features: full average elevation of 4200, play physical exertion, poor infrastructure along the way, Suitable for the body strong, there must be a bitter spirit of the traveler. Total cost: from the beginning of June to mid-September, 2800 ~ 3500 / person (not from the departure to the Lhasa from the big traffic, and Lhasa accommodation costs). I = 27> The program features: the average elevation of 4200, play a larger physical exertion, along the infrastructure behind, for the body strong, there must be a bitter spirit of the traveler. Total cost: from the beginning of June to mid-September, 2800 ~ 3500 / person (not from the departure to the Lhasa from the big traffic, and Lhasa accommodation costs). I = 27> The program features: the average elevation of 4200, play a larger physical exertion, along the infrastructure behind, for the body strong, there must be a bitter spirit of the traveler. Total cost: from the beginning of June to mid-September, 2800 ~ 3500 / person (not from the departure to the Lhasa from the big traffic, and Lhasa accommodation costs). 

Big traffic on the small tips

Overlooking the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau BY A five

1. As far as possible peak travel, escape the first day of the holiday and the peak of the return period, 2-3 months in advance booking can often grab a satisfactory price, if you have travel plans, you can focus on the whole month, the annual ticket Price, search for the lowest price appears time and range, to achieve psychological prices at any time to start. Near the peak and no big cheap to pick up, at any time attention, set a low price to remind, often can pick up a small cheap. If you can not afford the high season full price of the ticket, can only "days" for "land", take the Qinghai-Tibet Railway into Tibet. Train tickets must also be scheduled in advance, if you can not grab direct tickets, from Xining, Golmud has a large number of flights can be transferred. "More concerned about the advance set" is the only way to save money.
2. If the arrival of the aircraft, as long as the flight landed, even if the flight late, Gongga airport civil aviation bus will be waiting at any time, 30 yuan, 1 hour and 20 minutes by car you can send to the east of the Potala Palace Civil Aviation Authority Under the trip, to here, whether a taxi or take a tricycle to your hotel is very convenient. Even if you are sitting the first 7:30 of the flight, do not have to consider the airport around the hotel, because the first day of civil aviation bus is 05:30, send you to the airport just right.
3. If you arrive by train, want to save the station can be found after the station, as long as you live in the following recommended a few areas, almost all have direct access to the bus. Of course, most people will be a taxi to the hotel, after the station you only need to follow the flow of people, you can see a lot of taxi waiting, 30 yuan to reach the accommodation. Lhasa rental in the season is very bad to play, the driver is very happy to ride the car, but each person must bear a fare alone, so if you want to save, it is best to fight on the train with a taxi partner, agreed a compromise Get off at the point.
4. As for the accommodation, first in accordance with the trip to find the most suitable residential area, look at the hotel users on the site reviews, the hotel photos can be used for reference, but also do not have the letter, if there is a clear demand, such as free wifi or breakfast, Use the filtering function to quickly find the most suitable for your hotel.
If you do not have a temporary stay in the season, it is necessary to hold 18: 00, 18:00 is a magical moment, many hotels will be at that time will not stay in the room to re-release, others are not Can make a trip, but rather you can get your wish.

What do you need to pay attention to in your accommodation?

Sangye Temple BY small animal Jin Jin

Where is it good?

Many guests in the choice of accommodation will be considered from the collection point near the place, there are two Lhasa tourist collection points, namely the White Tower and the border building, the two sites near the hotel, although away from the assembly point, but accommodation and Poor play experience. Lhasa, the size of the main city and the mainland three or four lines of the city almost, the city ten dollars taxi fare almost can be reached in the main city running a circle but also half an hour, so the choice of accommodation, do not give priority to the collection location, Should first consider the accommodation experience. The following is the four places where the concentration of more concentrated: the
ancient city: Lhasa eat and drink, shopping, play the essence concentrated in the ancient city, the ancient city is the Barkhor Street as the center of radiation, located between Jiangsu Road and Beijing East Road Of a region, although the old building is protected by the government, but did not accept the ancient fee. It is the area where the locals residing here and the new Tibetan bones are also the most suitable harbors for the rest of Tibet.
You have to travel all the alley in the ancient city, maybe three days are endless, these large and small alley, all over a variety of CYTS and bed and breakfast, I suggest you can choose any one online, green Travel cheap but noisy, boutique inn comfortable but the price is high, a penny of goods, choose which, depends entirely on your purse.
Xiandu Island: the season of Xiandu Island than the ancient city of the hotel price is slightly cheaper, and the ancient city of the ancient mystery than here, the inn here is more compact art, the disadvantage is far away from the city, traffic is slightly inconvenient, the advantage is there is an ecological Park area, near the lot to eat the price and materials are more concentrated than in the ancient city of tourists authentic. If you stay in Lhasa for more than 10 days, for price reasons, I would suggest you live in Xiandu Island, but try to choose a can see the Lhasa River Inn, quietly watching the river flowing, watching the passage of time.
Merit Monastery: Deji Road merit temple below a Qianfoya, go in the alley opposite the Shanghai Tower, where there are several pubs, hardware and services are good, and from the venue Baita border building are very close, 15 minutes walk Can be reached, from the Lhasa people love to dinner days of the sea is only 10 minutes away. There is no such a noisy city, there is no immortal island so far, if it is me, will choose to live here.

1. Spring and autumn and winter there is no need to book in advance, you can set a night, arrived in Lhasa after feeling good and then according to the trip renewal, if the hotel is not and your mind, you can find a more appropriate ;
2. The season must be booked in advance, to determine the travel time and travel will begin to book accommodation, 7-8 months of high ratings CYTS and B & B only expensive and not set two options, need to stay in Lhasa all the needs First set good. Hotel prices are relatively small fluctuations, if the price of more than 400 / room, the same price hotel accommodation, hardware facilities will be much better.

White yak BY a five

How to make travel more interesting?

1. Make friends: unless you want to enjoy the feeling of being alone, or you will spend a lot of time with a group of strangers. Team consciousness is the most important, first of all to be punctual, this is not just a tour guide and other members of a courtesy, but also to ensure their travel integrity. Familiar with the itinerary in advance, to ensure that there is sufficient free time to stay, but also increase the fun of travel.
2. Seize the time: you do not go to thousands of miles away to sleep, after sunset and sunrise before going out, often there will be surprises. 6 to 10 months of Lhasa, you are about 7 o'clock in the sunrise, you can see the sun from the Jokhang Temple Jinde Falun in the rising, this time standing in the Jokhang Temple Square with the phone will be able to shoot Jokhang Temple Buddha , This is the ordinary tourists can not see the scenery.
3. bring back the specialty: Tibet specialty products are dried yak meat, milk residue, saffron, pine mushroom ... ... in addition to these ordinary tourists will bring back something, and some real travel souvenirs will let you in the next few years can be fresh To recall that journey, such as your train ticket roots, picking up the leaves at random, on the way to send their own postcards, and even recorded in the transit of a section of audio. 
4. Timely complaints: any situation in the trip are likely to occur, travel agencies hope to be able to deal with your problems in a timely manner, if the situation, we must promptly explain, if late, it is more difficult to remedy. Many travelers are afraid of the driver tour guide to retaliate, only dare to complain privately, but not a formal complaint, any questions, please speak out, whenever the responsible travel agency will take your demands seriously.


Walking on the road in Tibet there are Pentium Brahmaputra, there are clouds of Yiyi, there are flowers in full bloom, there are stars rare stars, more numerous snow-capped mountains, yak with you before the line. If you are willing to enter Tibet, is to enter another world, met another own.

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