Paradise-like border town, Tengchong

If you want to taste Tengchong, then ready for a week, you can basically traveled large and small attractions. If you have limited time and want to be interested in the attractions, then carefully read the following lines, choose your favorite line!

Line 1: Heshun - hot sea day tour (border town, geothermal wonders, Tengchong must punch)

Heshun town - white wall gray tiles of the border town

Recommended index: ★ ★ Tickets: one ticket pass 80 yuan / person
Transportation: Heshun town 3 km from the city, in the tourist bus station across the road by bus 2 bus at the jewelry trading center, and then across the road to take the 6 bus to Heshun town Get off at about 150 meters before you can get to the ticket office. Recommended tour time 2-3 hours.

Lost in the town filled with the essence of the alley, looking for a chic yard, without hesitation to stay, originally intended to live a day or two, the result was lived for a week or even longer, this is the charm of Heshun - Heshun town is a 600 years of history of the border town, is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, old street old road, bluestone road, ancestral hall, arch are built since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Here you can experience the beautiful scenery of the pastoral, small bridge water chic, historical and cultural charm, harmony and harmony of the folk customs, and "messy" architectural style.
After crossing the ticket gate to go through the double Hongqiao, in front of the Heshun library, to the left there are caravan memorial hall, Yuan Longge, Ai Siqi residence, Longtan, Liu Ancestral Hall, Bar Street and other attractions; Child, inch of the ancestral hall, thousands of Goddess of Mercy and other attractions. Near the library near the alley, the building is very unique. Alley can buy jade, national clothing, specialty food.

Heshun Library: China's largest rural library, with the combination of Chinese and Western architectural style, celebrity everyone's inscription plaque and the collection of ancient books, rare more than 10,000 books and famous. Heshun library gave birth to Heshun book incense in the temperament and the reputation of outstanding people.
Ai Siqi former residence: for the masonry wood structure, Chinese and Western courtyard, a string of bar, carved grid fan, Western-style balcony, simple and elegant style. Ai Siqi: is a well-known famous Marxist philosopher, he wrote a lot of well-known philosophical works in his life, especially the "public philosophy", "philosophy and life" two books, has led countless young people embarked on a revolutionary road The
Heshiye Lake: located between the Heshun Library and Ai Siqi Residence. Lake calm as a mirror, lake quiet, lake species with lotus, living a small duck Regardless of walking on the dam or corridor, near the wild from time to time came the call of the ducks, visitors laughter, the camera shutter sound, here is the most realistic portrait of harmony and harmony.

1. by the B & B Youth Hostel brought in, or by the local vehicles can not come in the ticket, but the Heshun library, Ai Siqi residence of these cultural attractions can not go.
2. Tengchong bus are not reported to the station, you can ask the driver in advance after the arrival of the station, or ask the locals on the car.

Hot sea - Tengchong tourism signs

Figure BY @ misty tour

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Tickets: tickets 60 yuan / person, discount ticket half price
traffic: hot sea area from Tengchong County 12 km, take the 2 bus to the hot sea (terminal) get off, drive 25 Minutes around the proposed tour time of 2 hours.

Tengchong only national 5A level area, the area as much as spring, steam Sheng, the flow of large, rare in the country. Scenic areas can be hot springs, so before the trip to remember to bring swimsuit; big roll pot can be boiled eggs, from the scenic entrance to buy lower prices. Scenic spots are about 2 km on foot, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.
Arrived at the parking lot after a certain distance from the scenic area, you can choose to take the battery car to the hot sea hot pot tour, boiled eggs, and then down the mountain tour pregnant tires, sister springs, pearl springs, toad mouth and other hot springs. Battery car one way 10 yuan / person, walking on the mountain is not too far from the tour.

Hot springs are hot sea and beautiful pool to choose from, bath valley open half of the original soup hot springs, more than 20 hot springs. Beauty pool has 3 open-air pool, 4 cave pond and a large swimming pool, is a natural SPA paradise. Hot sea sulfur spring partial, the treatment of skin diseases have a very good effect.

Route 2: Ginkgo Village - Yunfeng Mountain Day Tour (Ginkgo Village shooting, West Yunnan Taoist Lingshan blessing)

Ginkgo Village - photography lovers heaven

Figure BY @ all laying good

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Tickets: tickets 40 yuan / person
traffic: about 30 km from the county, chartered to drive about 40 minutes, the proposed tour time of 1 hour.

In the four seasons such as spring, pleasant scenery Tengchong, there is a place in the autumn and winter season come to the fore, attracting a lot of visitors from here, here is Tengchong Jiangdong Ginkgo Village. The village has more than 3,000 ancient ginkgo tree, together with a total of more than 30,000 trees, is a veritable ginkgo village. Every year in mid-November to mid-December or so, is the ginkgo village gold period. At this time the ginkgo village, before the house, the tiles, on the road, and even the air, everywhere is a golden. The golden world with volcanic rocks into the walls, trails, making the whole Ginkgo Village simple and mysterious.

Figure BY @ Ni Yang

Yunfeng Mountain - Daojiao Mountain in Western

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Tickets: tickets 110 yuan / person, cableway two-way ticket 160 yuan
Transportation: 45km from the county, need to chartered to drive about 1 hour, the proposed tour time 4-5 hours.

Yunfeng Mountain is the mountain of Taoism in western Yunnan. Put aside the religion does not say, Yunfeng mountain where they stand, piercing the sky, surrounded by misty clouds on the mountain, the whole mountain like a looming human Xianjing. Boarded the peak of Yunfeng, regardless of the concept of view, view the cloud, the mountains, will be so swaying, to appreciate the kind of "floating in the sky" wonderful feeling. Yunfengshan steep, all the way along the 2700 level chisel in the cliffs cliff wear marble climbing climbing up, all the way to enjoy the beauty along the way, is a very good experience, it is an unforgettable challenge. Yunfeng Mountain Peak 2445 meters above sea level, can be described as unlimited scenery. In the near peak of a rock chisel has forty-three near the vertical stone ladder, visitors need to lean on both sides of the chain to pick up the stage, when climbing is very exciting.

Yunfeng mountain downhill one way close to 10km, not everyone can withstand such a difficult walk. Physical strength is not very good advice to take the cable car up and down the mountain. The cable car is not directly to the top of the mountain, even if the car ride cable car is also close to 700 or so to climb the steps.

Line three: volcano - black fish river day trip (on the volcano, take hot air balloon, eat fish)

Tengchong Volcano Geothermal National Geological Park

Figure BY @ soul scroll

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Tickets: tickets 40 yuan / person, discount ticket half price
traffic: about 25km from the county, you can travel across the tourist terminal to take the "volcanic green" to, every hour, takes about 40 minutes, Suggested tour time 1 hour.

Volcanic hot sea accompanied by Health, which is Tengchong a large geological wonders. Tengchong a total of 97 volcanoes, mostly dormant volcanoes. Volcano cone is the most concentrated area is the horse station volcano park, park main body for the big empty mountain and small empty mountain. After the end of the ticket, it is recommended to go to the front of the volcano museum to understand the knowledge of volcano, which is more conducive to the next visit. The entrance to the volcanic road is the volcano for the big empty mountain.
Great air mountain height of 100 meters, caldera diameter of 200 meters, 50 meters deep. Small empty mountain 30 meters high, caliber mouth diameter of 250 meters, 40 meters deep. Conquering the difficulty of large empty mountain is relatively large, to climb 598 steps.

Figure BY @ Chicken beat haha
big, small empty mountain for the current volcanic park's main tourist area, if not climbing to see the crater, see is a "no head" Pingdingshan, the mountains covered with pine. Climb the mountain can see the "wok" -like hollow crater, it is recommended to watch the volcano experience more profound.
[Entertainment recommended] hot air balloon: take time about 10 minutes, 200 yuan / person, suitable for ordinary public sightseeing tour. The air can be seen in the mountains of the mountains, colorful and the volcano park area by the seven volcanic cone composed of "the Big Dipper on the ground" arrangement.
Power Delta wing: take time 10 minutes or so, 300 yuan / person, suitable for the limit outdoor enthusiasts. The air can be seen in the mountains of the mountains, colorful and the volcano park area by the seven volcanic cone composed of "the Big Dipper on the ground" arrangement.

Blackfish River

Figure BY @ brown forest in the woods

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Tickets: included in the volcano area tickets in the
traffic: about 25km from the county, there is no bus, the proposed chartered to drive about 35 minutes, the proposed tour time 1 hour.
Blackfish River is in the role of lava flow, blocking the groundwater pulse made it exposed from the surface. Black fish river giant spring flow of 1400 cubic meters / second, the outlet is divided into 2 fork, due to the outlet of the summer and autumn season will be out of thousands of black fish, so named. This fish in the underground river to eat insects and similar, so the body is particularly long, and covered with black. From the hole after the outflow of sunlight and the impact of rich food, a few days later it looks fat and short, very cute, the local people to support the chute and fence to eat for food. Go to the black fish river, you can not only enjoy its beautiful river light mountain, but also taste the black fish roasted black fish.

Route four: the national War cemetery - North Sea wetlands (remember the history of the war, stepping on the fish, by boat,

National War Cemetery

Figure BY @ F

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Tickets: free
traffic: located in the county, 4 bus ride to the national war cemetery station.
Tengchong national war cemetery is during the Second World War, in the Chinese Expeditionary Force recovered in western Yunnan, Myitkyina anti-Japanese war after the victory, to commemorate the Tengchong twentieth group army soldiers killed and built martyrs cemetery. Was founded in 1945, is only in Yunnan, the domestic rare large-scale war of resistance against Japan cemetery.
In the Tengchong national War cemetery, there is a "heaven and earth righteousness" stone. Careful friends will find, "to" the word is "wrong", less a vertical! In fact, this was when Mr. Yu You Ren deliberately wrong, because the war in western Yunnan is too tragic, there are more than 100,000 foreigners killed in a foreign country, there is no soul to Tengchong this hot land.
【West Yunnan Memorial Hall】

museum is divided into: the back of the war, the enemy front line, the Nujiang confrontation, the exhibition hall is divided into: , The Jedi counterattack, by Kou out of the country, veterans die, pray for peace seven parts, the exhibition area of ​​more than 5000 square meters, more than 100,000 pieces of cultural relics, display 12000 pieces of artifacts, pictures 1500, so the scale of the war memorial only here Only to come to Tengchong must not miss!

National War cemetery door chrysanthemums selling, you can buy a few chrysanthemum dedicated to martyrs, generally do not buy a pair of pairs,

Beihai Wetland - authentic ecological wetlands

Figure BY @ all laying good

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Tickets: tickets 110 yuan / person, discount ticket half price, excluding tickets and grass row ticket
traffic: Beihai wetlands from the county about 10 km, no bus to the proposed early chartered, Around the proposed tour time 1.5 hours.
Here is the only national wetland protected area in Yunnan Province. A grassland, surrounded by mountains, a babbling wooden plank road, which is the first impression of the North Sea wetlands. Every year in mid-April, North Hailan opened the most Sheng, which is the most beautiful time in the North Sea. Beihai for the floating blanket wetlands, ecological good, rich species, all year round with wild flowers in full bloom. Although the wetland is a national wetland protected area, the wetlands are not allowed to trample on tourists, but for visitors to experience the original flavor of the wetlands, there will be part of the scenic area to provide visitors with tedious experience of the grass.
[Entertainment recommended] by boat tour: take a wooden boat shuttle between the wet grass row, look at the beautiful water grassland, listen to rowers about the story of the North Sea, the ticket price of 30 yuan / person.
Graffiti: own holding a bamboo paddle a small row of grass row, to the "grassland deep" to the wild, to an alternative boating experience, 60 yuan / person.
Step on the fish: cut off a hole on the grass row, three or five people hand in hand around, we "ready, Qi" 'to the center to step to see the fish to the grass jump, play an alternative fishing Step on a fish pass).

Route 5: lotus hot spring day tour (Tengchong will experience, service praise)

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Tickets: hot spring ticket market price of 260 yuan / person.
Traffic: more than 30 kilometers away from the city, a free hot spring shuttle bus, about 1 hour by car, bath time is not limited.
Spa is the essence of Tengchong where, if time permits, be sure to try here hot springs. Lotus hot springs, it is Tengchong hot springs in the NO.1, good service to bursting. The area has more than natural ecological pastoral scenery, green area of ​​90%, scenic; scenic area with sulfur spring, kaolin spring, carbonated spring, sodium chloride and other types of high-quality mineral springs; lotus hot spring is worthy of you to be a whole Day, after lunch to go to the lotus hot springs bathing, so tired up lying down, eat something and then bubble. Night, place to stay banana customs inn, the most economical way, the most enjoyable experience, to solve the food, live, play all the problems.

Route 6: cherry valley day tour (wild hot springs, forest oxygen bar, across the river cable)

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Tickets: 90 yuan / person (including hot springs)
Transportation: about 30 km from the county, no bus, the proposed chartered to drive about 70 minutes, the proposed tour time 4-5 hours.
Sakura Valley is located in the foothills of the Gaoligong Mountains, Longchuan River, to the primeval forest, the mountains and plains wild cherry blossoms (in mid-December about the first wave of open, for a month or so, open the second wave in mid-February, for a period of about 1 month) , Spring, waterfalls, hot springs across the river as the main features. Cherry valley is a natural forest oxygen bar, full of wild.
Sakura Valley Hot spring water quality is very good, but the water temperature is low, and the privacy is relatively poor. From the top of the hill to the valley about 3,4 km distance, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes to go. Cherry valley area can stay, dining, the price is reasonable, but the conditions are generally. The bottom of the iron stone bridge can watch the rolling river, the summer is more spectacular. Cherry Valley area mainly to the natural landscape, the middle of the foot on the physical certain requirements.
[Entertainment recommended] across the river cable: 100 meters or so across the river cable (a total of two, one to go back), by gravity and pulley device sliding. Experience when the rope tied in the waist and legs, very exciting, 30 yuan / person.
Riding up the mountain: from the "cloud Biquan" began riding, about the scenic mountain ride to the scenic gate, about 2 km away. 80 yuan / person, off-season can bargain.

Route 7: Monkey Bridge Day Tour (Sino-Burmese border, traditional Lisu village, duty free shop)

Figure BY @ Hao mother with Hao to travel

Monkey town from the county seat of 68 kilometers, need to chartered, 1.5 hours by car, the proposed tour time of 1 day. The town government is about 8 km from the Monkey Bridge Port and the Penang River and the Black Mudang. Monkey Bridge ethnic customs and border style rich, but not yet developed, accommodation can only choose the location of the township government hotel.

【Duty free shop】
can buy imported cigarettes, jewelry, perfume, snacks, etc., cheaper than other places, but not much cheaper.
[Black mud pond Lisu village]
close to the monkey bridge port joint inspection building is located in the black mud pond villagers group Caijiazhai is a Lisu village, the village beautiful environment, rich national customs. Every year in February eighth day, Lisu people will wear costumes, held a grand "on the knife mountain, under the sea of ​​fire," the grand carnival.
[Betel nut river] summer flood billowing, rough, autumn and winter water crystal clear. Jiang Xinjiang shore washed out a lot of strange stones, the most famous is the lotus stone.
To the Penangjiang, be sure to taste the local tree and white fish. If used to wine, then eat fried fish, crispy with a sweet; if the meal, then eat brown fish soup, local flavor

Route 8: Gaoligong Mountain Walk through the footsteps (beautiful scenery on foot, southern Silk Road)

Crossing time: 2 days
Gaoligongshan is the southern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Hengduan Mountains in the western fault block, composed of dozens of snow-capped mountains, vertical height difference of more than 4000 meters, forming a very spectacular vertical natural landscape and three-dimensional climate. The gods shape the Gaoligongshan numerous male, odd, dangerous, show landscape. In addition, Gaoligongshan is a very high oxygen ions in the forest oxygen bar, the ancient Silk Road must pass through.

Gaoligongshan through walking a total of two lines, of which, from Baoshan Mountain wide flower hills by the South vegetarian house to Tengchong Jiang Ju line is the most mature. This line is the south of the Silk Road Gaoligongshan section, trek in the ancient post road, feel the hustle and bustle of the past, feel the culture of the heart is the theme of this line. In addition, Baihua Rivers near the hot springs, large waterfalls and other natural landscape, the mountains of the accumulation of rot leaf, mushrooms can be seen everywhere, high negative oxygen ions of the original forest will bring a different experience of hikers. The most suitable time for the walk from November to April each year, when the precipitation is relatively reduced a lot. In addition, love azalea friends attention, azalea in early March in early April in full bloom.

[through the necessary] a pack of goods loaded mule, high calorie foods, cameras, raincoats, comfortable clothes and shoes. In addition, the mountain leech a lot, it is said that the preparation of some edible salt on the skin can effectively prevent leech bites, you can also pants sleeve sleeves are tight; mountain mountain spring water, no extra water.

How to reach Tengchong?

Tengchong current train, to Tengchong there are two main ways: aircraft & car 【car】① Kunming - Tengchong : Kunming passenger station in the west, the fare depends on the type of car, generally 218-290 yuan, the distance 670km, between 9:00 am and 11:00, there will be three classes between 6 pm and 9 pm there will be 6 classes. About 9-11 hours by car (at night there will be 3 hours of late night break, longer), sub-ride and sleeper car, trips more, to reach Tengchong tourist terminal.
Back: Tengchong tourist bus station ride, generally about 9 o'clock the first bus, then to 4:30 pm to 8:00 a car.
Kunming West Bus Terminal
Address: Xishan District, Kunming City, Ma Street Yining Road
Tengchong Travel Terminal
Address: Tengchong City, the southern section of the hot sea (Xia off the hotel opposite)
② Dali - Tengchong : from Dali Shimonoseki Bus Terminal direct access to 13: 00; 14:00; 19:30, the journey is about 6 hours, about 318 kilometers, about 135 yuan fare.
Back: Tengchong tourist terminal to Dali Shimonoseki Bus Terminal, departure time 10: 30; 12:00; 19:30; 19:40.
Dali Shimonoseki Bus Terminal
Address: Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Dali City Nanjian Road ③ Baoshan - Tengchong : to the Baoshan Bus Terminal by car, early bus about 8 o'clock, night 6:30 or so, basically every 40 minutes a bus. About 2 hours by car, fare 63 yuan, 168 km distance.
return: Tengchong tourist terminal to Baoshan Bus Station, other information unchanged.
Baoshan Terminal
Address: Paul Xiu Road ride next to the supermarket (near the highway)
[aircraft] Province direct: Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Lijiang, Dali
Foreign direct: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou , Changsha
Kunming Feiteng red is more common, about 800-1200 yuan ticket, flight time about 45 minutes. There are a large number of people choose Kunming Feishan City, and then from the Manshi car North Station to do 2 hours car to Tengchong, fare 45 yuan. In general, this trip is cheaper than the direct Teng Chao 200 dollars or so.

① car midway encountered a rest stop will stop for a while, rest station with a bathroom. Take a long journey, it is recommended to carry some food and drink.

Tengchong what food?

1. Lin aunt Songhua cake: in Heshun town next to the large water tankers, wild pine pollen plus layer of red bean sand made, eat sweet but not greasy, 2-3 yuan a small piece, nutrient-rich, beauty effect.
2. Tengchong big rescue drive: formerly known as fried bait. Production method is to bait (Teng Pao made of rice) cut into small pieces, coupled with ham, eggs, meat, radish, tomato, etc., together on the pot stir-fry.
3. Heshao mind: from the poached eggs, pork, cake cake, ham, brown sugar made of water, and the festivals will eat one of the snacks, a wide taste of warm dessert.
4. Tengchong bait: Tengchong bait has been 400 years of history, until today is still in the early and late occupies an absolute position, is Tengchong landmark food. Tengchong bait with Tengchong special production of rice, its prominent feature is soft and "bones", long cook is not paste, slightly hot edible, taste fine waxy, Yunnan is the leader among the bait.
5. Teng burst wine: Teng brewing a lot of wine, mainly wine, plum wine, papaya wine, bayberry, grams of old, carmine and other options. The degree of wine is not low, to taste is appropriate.
6. County night: Man Yi barbecue a street: to barbecue, beer-based, a lot of shops, the price close to the people. Three bridge night market: barbecue, grilled fish, fried crabs, etc., a wide range of reasonable prices.

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