Qinghai Dunhuang classic ring worth N charter reasons (with chartered Raiders)

To the northwest, you are equal to meet more than half of China. Lake Qinghai near tears of God, barefoot sky of tea Lake, through the endless days of Qilian, overlooking the colorful changing Danxia landforms. Wonderful journey, you can only understand ~ after departure

How many major links in the five northwestern provinces?

In the five northwestern provinces a total of three major ring lines, namely:

Xinjiang, Xinjiang 10 - 13 Day Tour: Urumqi out, basically along the Junggar Basin turn around, the total length: 3600 km, the northern natural beauty;

Xinjiang's southern Xinjiang 13-15 day tour: Urumqi access, basically along the Tarim Basin turn around, the total length: 4500 km, mainly in South Xinjiang cultural landscape;

There is the Great Ring of Qinghai: Dunhuang Xining access, turn around along the Qaidam Basin, full length: 2,800 km, mainly natural landscape and cultural landscape.

Why Qinghai Province, Grand Central Classic?

As mentioned above, if you have 10-13 days, you will find it more difficult to go to southern Xinjiang or northern Xinjiang. Because of the ten days to look at the natural landscape or cultural landscape, it is too dull, of course, if you are like this Another said.

As shown above, a little more crazy you can also go together with North and South Xinjiang, about 26 days or so. There is no way because Xinjiang is too large, but many tourists do not have that time, there is the way most people can not take the chartered to take the charter to charter: 5 sedan costs need 30,000!

Short time

Dunhuang, Qinghai General Link take 6-7 days, length: 2800 km. Moderate journey, natural landscape and cultural landscape echoes, one day to see the natural landscape, one day to see the human landscape, the scenery is not monotonous.

2. many attractions

6-7 days just turn around in Qaidam Basin, Gansu Qinghai front line attractions do not go back. Along the famous attractions are Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt Lake, Qaidam Basin, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Qinghai Jardine Ghost City, Yumen Pass, Yang Guan, Mingsha Crescent Spring, Jiayuguan Great Wall, Zhangye colorful Danxia, ​​Mati Temple , Zhuoer Mountain Scenic Area, Qilian Mountains, Daban Mountain, Qilian Prairie, door source mu rape.

3 affordable

Chartered / carpool costs moderate, chartered to 5 cars, for example, about 4800-5500, Carpool, then 1300-1600 per person is enough. Tickets plus the full attractions will also 900 / person, plus accommodation: 240-900 / person (short-seasons seasonal local housing prices fluctuate relatively large), and eat 500-900 / person, the whole process down 3,000 people each enough It!

Take the best way to save money in Dunhuang, Grand Central Link

From the big traffic

It is recommended that you fly to Lanzhou (Lanzhou - Xining 260 km). The discount of air tickets in all major cities in Lanzhou is relatively large (almost all tickets will be discounted when Xining enters the middle of June) .
After arriving in Lanzhou high-speed rail more than an hour you can go to Xining. If you fly from your hometown to Lanzhou usually at noon or afternoon, then take an hour's high-speed rail to Xining, so that you can have a half-day to adapt to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, night go to Moing Street, Xining, Shui Jingxiang eat local snacks.

From the carpool

If you are 1-2 small partners together, I suggest you carpool (except Tyrant). 1-2 If the chartered car to go around the major ring about 5000, average: 2500 / person, and carpool only 1300-1600 / person alone yo. If it is 3 small partners suggest that you chartered, after all, many small carpool partners do not know, interest and hobbies are not the same.

3 documents can save money

Qinghai Lake is very big. If you are 20-50 from your local Tibetan home, you can get rid of this cost by choosing a local driver master, such as the one recommended below.
All the attractions of all the special documents if you can discount, such as: student ID, soldier card, military officer card, military disability card, disability card, etc., can save a lot of money.

On the charter you need to know a few questions

1. do not pack car not?

Northwest public transport is underdeveloped, if you think of the big ring is not car or carpool, by train train finished, this is very difficult.
Because there is no shuttle bus to Dachaidan from Black Horse River and there is No.227 National Highway from Zhangye to Xining. If you take the HSR, you can not see it. The beauty of this day is all on the road. And the bus is not docked at any time, you simply do not have the means of photography, so want to see the beauty, it can only package / carpool.

What price is reasonable?

Take the 5-seater sedan as an example, the reasonable chartered price of 6-7 days on the Great Link in Gansu, Qinghai is between 4800-5500 and 1300-1600 for a carpool. Below this price, the service is hard to guarantee.
Every year there are many small partners to take the low price group, then the road must be pit you, you can search the Internet for "Qinghai charter" "Xining charter" these keywords, there will be a lot of postings say they are being consumed, being shopping, Been sexually harassed. So small partners must be polite eyes, a fly by the master can bring us all the laughter, not only can take you to eat well, drink well, play well, but also a small local people.

3. What services can we bring to you?

Each of our teachers before the preganglionic have been rigorous training and screening, if there is consumption in the service, you can directly complain and a full refund. We strictly forbid the driver to take the customer for shopping. The driver is strictly prohibited from driving in accordance with the traffic rules. It is forbidden for the driver to smoke in the car during the process of carrying passengers. Driver's drunk driving is forbidden. Drivers are forbidden to increase their fares during the journey. Driver fatigue driving is strictly prohibited, driver is strictly prohibited to change the line.
Whether or not we choose, if you have any questions about the Dunhuang Ring Road in Qinghai can consult with me. I just hope you come here to see the best scenery.

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