Romantic Dali (attached to the attractions, accommodation and travel recommended)

Romantic, this is Dali; Cangshan Erhai, which is Dali; literature state, which is Dali. Dali is a small town that allows you to leave your troubles and slow down your life. Slow, is the main theme of Dali. Dali's all year round, Dali's southeast northwest, scenery and many scenery. Came to Dali, how to play romantic, this Raiders give you the answer:

Dali can not miss the essence of experience TOP5

Dali's beauty, a collection of natural scenery and cultural landscape of the temperament, a single play pure natural scenery can see Erhai, Deng Cangshan, only taste human history can visit the cultural relics. Dali suitable for slowly play, and then the tension of the trip, but also the arrangements for three days in Dali: one day to play the main attractions of Cang'er big scenic spots, one day to a favorite Dali around the town, and one day, the slow down, experience About Dali's life.

Top1: all-round experience romantic - ring Erhai Lake

Many people came to Dali to encounter the hearts of Erhai Lake. Erhai Lake is the essence of Dali attractions, the beautiful beauty of the lake, the surrounding more beautiful fishing village and exquisite islands, hi Chau, double Gallery, Nanzhao style island, small Putuo is one of the famous attractions. And to really Fun Erhai Lake, riding, by car, cruise, these open Erhai the correct way you have to master. So, you can experience the full range of Dali's romantic.

One way to arrive in the ancient city of Dali ride C2 bus can be directly to the Erhai sea side of the village pier; from the ancient city on foot to Erhai seaside only 2 kilometers away; riding or driving by the ring Erhai, from the ancient city to the east Arrivals.
Second, in the ancient city of Dali South Gate Visitor Center ride "scenic train" can reach the Long shrine terminal / Taoyuan terminal, the fare is 10 yuan / person. 

Recommended play mode] [
1, riding ring optionally Erhai riding a bicycle tool have single, tandem bicycle, electric bikes, bicycles strength test, motor bicycle riding not too far away, can choose their own according to their preferences Riding tools. Erhai climate is mild, suitable for cycling throughout the year, of which 5 - 11 months is the best season to ride.
2, by car can not only look around the lake, but also save time and effort. Dali is now very popular pure electric car, car driving easy to operate, cute models, but also for the trip to the sea to add fun. Car rental recommended to the Dali City Visitor Center, where there are four new energy trams can be rented, the price is one hour 48 yuan, more than 6 hours automatically calculate the day, 268 yuan a day. Specific can consult 4008728177.
3, by boat tours Erhai Lake, to the depth of the lake sea and sea scenery, but also standing on the bow despite the sea breeze was blowing, feel the magnificent Erhai Lake. In winter, there will be seagulls flying Erhai winter, this time by boat, you can also buy some birds to feed the seagulls, seagulls chasing the boat, but also own some fun at all.   

Top2: Dali most classic - the ancient city of Dali night

Unlike the day of the small fresh, the ancient city of Dali at night is charming. When the night falls, People's Road, foreigners just as if wake up from sleep, become lively. The streets of the moving sound of melody, so that pedestrians in which drunk.

Lively, Dali's night is also very gentle. In addition to the People's Road, Fuxing Road, Yangren Street and Hong Longjing several of the most lively pedestrian street, the ancient city there are many deep alley. These alley is very quiet, which also lack some very personal shop, such as located in the southern section of Fuxing Road, Cangping Street, the single bed of the factory art district, where known as "Dali City, the most literary and artistic children", it is from the original abandoned The modernized art complex, which was converted from the bed and table factory, was built on the basis of the old factory building of the 1990s and added some art design, which is full of retro and modern atmosphere. Night into which the alley more narrow, more quiet, do not have some flavor.
Dali airport direct access to the ancient city of Dali airport bus, 25 yuan / person; Dali Railway Station also has direct access to the ancient city of Dali train station Express, 5 yuan / person.   

[Play mode recommended]
1, night tour of the ancient city of Dali, what can not dry, only walking, busy season feel lively, off-season, experience the tranquility of the ancient city.
2, the people of the street street street there are many very unique handmade products, the price is not expensive, you can see a lot of stall in front of the stall put a self-coin carton and no trace of the owner, so shopping, depends on character, Experience some.
3, if friends meet, you can go to the foreigners and red dragon on the bar a drink, the two places the bar is relatively lively some hustle and bustle. People on the road now also opened a lot of small bars, style and atmosphere are excellent, do not like the lively can go to the people road.   

Top3: couples will experience - double corridors live guest house Erhai Lake

Shuanglang, a small town of Lin'erhai town, known as "the first town of the scenery," from the perspective of the double view of the Erhai Lake, both the sea and the graceful, both both the atmosphere of the East. Double Gallery has a lot of features Seaview bed and breakfast, love in the couple, came to Dali, the most can not miss is to live a double gallery of sea view bed and breakfast, and beloved him / her, facing the Erhai Lake, see spring.
Recommended to take the Dali tourist area through train, you can in the ancient city through train service store tickets, but also in the "Dali tourism service" WeChat platform ticket.
Departure: Departure: Dali Ancient City Cangshan Gate Distribution Center, return: double Gallery Hongshan Temple temporary parking, punctual departure (fare one way 30 yuan / person, from 55 yuan / person. Another gift of ancient town tour tour Car 2 times free ride).

1, the two galleries of the attractions of the Nanzhao style island and jade island, can be ferry to the Nanzhao style island, the fare 50 yuan / person; jade island is connected with the town of a peninsula, the moon palace And the sun palace on the island, to limit visitors to the island, on the island charge 10 yuan / person.
2, double gallery sea view house inn and a lot of different styles, different styles can be scheduled in advance before departure to prevent the inn no room (due to governance Erhai Lake, now a lot of seaside pubs to suspend business, the proposed morning to double Gallery, afternoon back to the ancient city, Live in the ancient city).
3, the double gallery is a fishing village, the town has a lot of fresh fried small fish shrimp snacks, you can taste it.

Top4: catch the taste of history - Weishan roots Nanzhao

Weishan is located on the south side of Dali, about an hour's drive away. Weishan is the Tang dynasty Nanzhao country of the capital, Nanzhao culture is originated in this. If Dali's life is very slow pace, then the life of the ancient city of Weishan is more soothing and calm. Even now there are more and more people into Weishan, but the ancient city of people's lives have not been affected. Old people sitting on the grass after a meal watching the past pedestrians, basking in the sun, chatting homemade, a peaceful life portrayal.
Ancient city streets on both sides of the low tile-roofed house, standing with the arch and the floor of the arch arch, have shown the ancient city has been brilliant. Another Weishan or the famous snack town. Can not miss Weishan snacks and food are: Grilled meat bait silk, candied fruit, pea powder, Liang Juan powder, are worth a product.

More than 10 kilometers away from the ancient city of Wei Baoshan, since the Tang Dynasty began to build Taoist temple, Sheng in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, to the end of the Taoist temple throughout the mountains. So Wei Baoshan famous far and near, known as the Yunnan Taoist mountains, one of the four Taoist mountains. Here is the birth of Nanzhao, has left many legendary legend. Today's Wei Baoshan green pine, Wanhe Songtao, elegant environment, pleasant scenery, is a natural big oxygen it. ?

[Way] to reach the
ride scenic train in Dali Dali South Gate Visitors Center, Weishan direct visitor center. 

1, to Weishan must do one thing is to eat! Weishan full street are snacks, in the annual Lunar New Year before and after the eighth day of February, will be held snack festival, that time more than the visitors is the snack.
2, Weishan ancient city for walking, do not go too fast, or will miss a lot of scenery.
3, Wei Baoshan is a Taoist holy land, up the mountain play, do not loud noise; into the Taoist tour, please pay attention to religious customs and taboos.

Top5: Pious Journey - Chicken Lingshan Washing the Mind

Jizu Mountain is one of the five famous Chinese Buddhist mountains, known as "Chicken Qixiu a world", "China's first Foshan" reputation, is also renowned in South Asia and Southeast Asia Buddhist holy sites. Jizu mountain vegetation lush, everywhere can be seen lush old trees; there are dozens of rare birds and animals, more temple temples and many famous inscriptions. 

【Arrival way】
1. Dali ancient city south gate visitor center ride Dali tourist area through train, direct access to chicken foot mountain area entrance.
2. New Town (Shimonoseki) Dali Railway Station take the Dali tourist area through train, direct access to the foot of the foot of the mountain. 

1, from the "Lingshan a" mountain gate, Jizu Mountain scenery began to show in front of the eyes. Jizu Mountain relatively famous temples have Zhuji Temple, Jiulian Temple, Pagoda Temple and Jinding Temple, the famous landscape has the first door, come to these places can be savored.
2, boarded Jizu Mountain Jinding, destined to see cloudy sky.
3, I heard that Jizu Mountain wish very spiritual, so there are a lot of people to wish, there are a lot of people come back also wish.
4, boarded the top of the gold, choose a good angle, you can shoot the golden temple and the white tower of the panorama; if the mountains in the night, you can shoot beautiful golden sunrise sunrise.
5, chicken feet on the monks are more, in the tour of the temple to pay attention to religious customs and taboos, the monks of the temple to be polite; do not loud noise, pointing to talk, improper sarcasm or casually go, tamper with the temple Things, in particular, do not mess with the Buddha, if the event of Buddhist activities should be quiet or quietly away.

Dali will go to the attractions TOP3

Top1: the ancient city of Dali

The ancient city of Dali is the first 24 historical and cultural cities in China. It has been the political, economic and cultural center of the frontier of the six countries since the Tang, Five Dynasties and the two dynasties. Unique cultural landscape and rich ethnic customs, the ancient city of quiet to see the flowers before the leisurely pace of life, attracting people have come to Dali, feel only belong to Dali's slow life.

[Tour recommended]
1, recall history, immersion Humans: Dali ancient city of cultural relics many, a wall of a tile are full of historical vicissitudes. If you are interested in history and culture, Confucian Temple, Wu Temple, Wuhua House, Jiang Gongci, Du Wenxiu Shuai House, South Gate, Catholic Church, etc., can let you pass through minutes, into the mottled time.
2, the release of literary heart: full of stories of the people of the road, to accommodate everyone into the walk. Here, you can find a place where you can release the throbbing of the literary heart, into the heart of the song that song.
3, close to the slow life: Dali's pace of life is very slow, the ancient city of the shop until the three pole did not open a few days to open the door, the earlier streets are less pedestrians, early shop is able to open to noon. Came to the ancient city of Dali, at least should be a night, with a whole day from morning to night to close the slow life.
4, the ancient city will do - stay in the sun. Especially in the fine autumn and winter season, the sky is high, the temperature of the sun just for basking in heating, lazy in a daze, so spend a day, and then happy.
5, a quick tour of the ancient city: Dali ancient city has a similar bus tour bus can take the line through the ancient city of the main street (green jade road, love road, green jade road), from east to west, along the Dali East Gate Archway, Dali intangible cultural heritage museum (Chiang Gongci), Dali West Gate, Hong Longjing, literature building. In addition, the ancient city there is another kind of sightseeing tour bus, it is suitable for family travel when the family ride, not only can listen to Jinhua tour guide throughout the tour through the attractions to explain, you can also save a lot of experience the ancient city of physical strength.

Top2: Chongsheng Temple three towers

Chongsheng Temple three towers cultural tourism area set Cang Er scenery, cultural relics, Buddhist activities as one. Scenic area is divided into Chongsheng Temple temple group and three towers two main parts. Which Chongsheng Temple for the Southern Dynasties of the tenth generation of the king to persuade the blessing built when the Chongsheng Temple is built after the Nanzhao country, Dali period of the center of Buddhist activities. Three towers, also known as "Dali three towers", built in the 834 to 840 AD, the main tower called Chi tower, 69.13 meters high, and the size of the wild goose in Xi'an with the typical building of the Tang Dynasty. Three towers to form a tripod of the trend, the layout of unity, modeling harmony, seamless. Three towers are the witness of Dali's history and culture. Chongsheng Temple three tower area covers an area of ​​vast, nearly a thousand temple buildings and thousands of Buddha to visit the tour down, it takes half a day before the tour is completed. 

1, Chongshengsi three towers back Cangshan, the scene of the atmosphere, in different seasons, different times, under different light, can shoot very shocking photos. If you want to make three towers, three towers reflection pool of the pool is the best place to shoot three towers, especially sunny, blue sky and white tower and three towers in the green water, very beautiful.
2, if it is a believer, you can monks in the temple under the leadership of the fragrant incense, promise heart of the wish.
3, spectacular Buddhist temple architecture and various forms of Buddha sculpture, you can enjoy the charm of Buddhist culture.
4, the scenic area than the rear of the Wanghai floor to go about, Denglou overlooking the ancient city of Dali and Erhai scenery glance, beautiful scenery, but also a good place for photography.
5, ticket purchase recommended to the Dali City Visitor Center to buy "Chongsheng Temple three tower + scenic train" package, not only can ride directly to Chongsheng Temple three towers, as well as car to explain, before the tour to understand the Chong Holy temple three towers of history and culture.

Top3: Cangshan

 "Cangshan snow" is one of the four scenic spots of Dali. If Erhai Lake is the soul of Dali, then Cangshan is Dali's soul. Erhai Lingxiu tenderness, Cangshan towering majestic, rigid and soft together to form a Dali inclusive mellow temperament. Cangshan, nineteen peaks eighteen river, a peak of a King, a view of a river. Came to Dali, do not board a Cangshan, Dali trip is not complete. Deng Cangshan can not only climb on foot, you can also take the cableway. And the mountains fresh air, suitable for lungs.

because the vertical distribution of mountain temperatures, Cangshan top temperature will be relatively cold, before traveling must bring enough warm warm clothing. The

Cableway Dali Cangshan a total of four, according to the preferences of the tour to choose a cableway on the Cangshan ① wash Ma Tan large cableway: the longest line of a cableway, cableway entrance is the top ten film and television city, the middle point is the seven female pool, the end of the wash Ma Tan. 4 - May wash Ma Tan azalea bloom, the scenery is very beautiful; winter and spring Cangshan top snow, in case of slow wind speed, sunny weather, to wash Ma Tan can play snow Oh. ② feeling through the cableway: feeling through the end of the cable is clear Bixi, the way you can watch the Cangshan Grand Canyon. ③ in the cableway: in the cableway belongs to the old basket, the terminal to the temple, next to the river, direct access to the wandering jade belt Road. ④ off the flower rosewood: Shanguan flower ropeway line is shorter, the terminal is Tianlong Cave. Tianlong cave can watch the colored rocks, holes and Hu Jun version of "Tianlong Ba Bu" fairy sister stone. The first three cableway recommended WeChat concerned about the "Dali Tourism Service" ticket, a special direct access to the cableway entrance to the train shuttle, more convenient to play. 2, walking on foot Cangshan - encounter flower Austin Dam: Cangshan there are too many unknown beauty, Flower Day Dam is one of them. In the clouds get the peak, Canglang peak between the top, there are blue sky and white clouds, there are sheep wild horses, there are stone piled old houses, there are tens of thousands of azaleas. Here is a virgin land, little known, but beautiful and exquisite. Huaadian dam has the size of two dams, large flowers to meadow cattle and sheep, the farm is here, small flowers have large concentration of azaleas. You can also eat in the local farm roasted whole sheep, chicken and other original ecological delicious. Night can be here overnight, accommodation is not very expensive Line recommended (two days): Xi Chau Wen Ge Village - Pass - large flower dam - herbal plant (accommodation) - small flower Austin - the first day of the city : early from the hi Chau Man Court, Walk along the mountain road to the Pass, all the way through the beautiful alpine meadow to the big flower, halfway to solve the lunch. Afternoon to reach the flower shop, enjoy the beautiful scenery, photography, live in the evening medicine factory. The next day: After breakfast, walk about one and a half hours to the small flower Austin dam, watch the mountains and plains alpine cuckoo, tour to noon through the alpine meadow along the stream down to the city.





Tips: the
best mountain season: flowers Austin can visit the whole year, the most beautiful season is 5-6 months, when the azalea flowers, beautiful scenery and spectacular. At the same time, into the summer, Dali rainy season arrival, travel please carry rain gear.

Travel must be necessary

Dali is located in the plateau, ultraviolet radiation is strong, to Dali please bring a good sunscreen, pay attention to sunscreen. In addition, Dali day temperature difference, no matter what season to Dali, especially the rainy season concentrated summer and autumn, it is best to carry the corresponding summer and autumn clothes and cold clothing. Dali Shimonoseki is the famous "windy city", windproof clothes must also bring.

Dali Accommodation Raiders

Dali accommodation choose a lot, according to the style characteristics and distribution area, accommodation options can refer to the following recommendations:   

Dali ancient city - Bed and Breakfast, residential inn, CYTS gathering place: Dali ancient city of Bai people greatly retains the traditional architectural features and style, color style and theme of the inn and bed and breakfast, green brigade will be distributed among them. Live in the ancient city, go out to the people of the road and Fuxing Road stroll to foreigners to drink songs. During the day can be close to the lives of ancient residents, the night can enjoy the ancient city of charming night. Here is the most well-developed living area of ​​a region, accommodation to mid-range inn and b & B, the season will be higher than the off-season prices.

Only the village - the Hercynian scenery at a glance: only the village is located in the east of the ancient city of Dalai Lake, is a West and can visit the Cangshan, and the east can be facing the Erhai Hai fishing village. In the last four or five years, the village of the West Bank of Erhai Lake has also emerged many sea view inn, and the magnificent atmosphere of the east coast of Erhai Lake is different, the sea and west scenery to be more gentle. Village accommodation is dominated by economy and mid-range Linhai Inn. (Because Erhai Lake remediation, sea view room has been implemented to suspend business, it is recommended to live in the ancient city)

Double Gallery - Erhai Lake panoramic view: double bar is located in the northeast of Erhai Lake, all kinds of sea view inn and the hotel dotted, known as 360 ° invincible sea view room is one of the boutique. With the development of double-porch tourism, where the food, entertainment, shopping, transportation is relatively perfect, access to play the local attractions are more convenient. Double Corner accommodation in the high-end sea view inn, the main hotel. (Because Erhai Lake remediation, sea view room has been implemented to suspend business, it is recommended to live in the ancient city)

Shimonoseki City - eat and drink the most complete: Shimonoseki is Dali's municipal and economic center. Under the customs of all kinds of restaurants, all grades of the hotel are readily available; if you want to enjoy the day after the end of the game to enjoy shopping or watching movies in Dali experience the pace of life of small cities can be achieved in Shimonoseki. Shimonoseki accommodation is dominated by economy and fast hotels. 

Spring Festival, May Day, summer, eleven, the national holidays are Dali tourism season, which is the summer season in the season; off-season after the Spring Festival in the three or four months after the summer and around September. Dali's excellent climatic conditions, no cold winter, summer without heat. Dali during the tourist season, often there will be a room hard to find the situation, so choose the season to play, need to book at least half a month in advance to stay, choose the most suitable for their accommodation program, both more convenient travel plans to play attractions , But also save a lot of play time.

Dali perfect trip recommended

To Dali travel, you can visit the experience of many, the core of the project is the tour of the scenery of the river in addition. You can also enter the various towns, feel the history of breath. In addition to the south of Dali Weishan can enjoy the distant history of Nanzhao and deep Taoist culture; the east of Dali Jizu Mountain can feel the charm of South Asia, Southeast Asia Buddhist holy place, Kashi Buddha Bodhisattva, see a respect for the Buddhist culture Dali.

Cang'er scenery day trip

Dali major scenic spots of the major scenic spots are relatively concentrated to the ancient city of Dali as the center, spend a day will be able to Fun Cang'er main scenic spots in the main attractions.
Trip to the ancient city of Dali - Chongsheng Temple three towers - the ancient town of the island - the butterfly spring - Erhai big boat - Nanzhao style island - Dali ancient city
line details: get up early from the ancient city of Dali, take the Dali tourist area through train to Chongsheng Temple three tower. After the end of the tour to the north to reach the ancient town of Xi Chau, in the town of Xi Island can visit the Yan family compound museum, enjoy the Bai residential, taste hi Island Baba. Then go to Butterfly Spring, enjoy the legendary butterfly spring. To noon that then the city with lunch, taste white eight bowl. Then take the Erhai big boat, boat lake, enjoy the scenery of Erhai Lake. Cruise can enjoy the "Bai three tea" performance, arrived in Nanzhao style island, can be disembarked to play the island. Travel by boat. The

Weishan day tour

Weishan not far from Dali, which is a very thick historical place, snacks are well known. With a day, to go into Weishan, rooted Nanzhao it
Itinerary: Dali Ancient City - East Lotus Village - Weishan Ancient Town - Wei Baoshan - Dali Ancient City
Line Details: As early as the ancient city of Dali / Shimonoseki, the first stop to the traditional village of the Hui - East Lotus Village tour, feel the horse's prosperity and The long history of the caravan. Next to the ancient city of Weishan, walk through the streets of the ancient city, visit the arch Chen floor, Nanzhao Museum, to the snack street to eat an array of snacks and food. After the Taoist mountains - Wei Baoshan, visit the Taoist temples, feel the mountains of the quiet and quiet.

to Dali travel, WeChat can be concerned about the "Dali travel service", you can understand the characteristics of Dali travel, lines, etc., also provides scenic tickets, scenic train, day trip and other service bookings.

Dali tourist area through train tour map

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