See dam not enough, take a trip to Beijing - Ulan Buh Tong - Hongshan Jun Racecourse!

The ups and downs of the prairie hills mixed with birch, oak and other plants, diverse landscapes. Autumn dam, take a trip to Beijing - Inner Mongolia - Hongshan Jun Racecourse!

Pull up the "dam"!

Bashang is a geographical term, located in the North China Plain and Inner Mongolia plateau handover zone, runs through Hebei and Inner Mongolia, from east to west are divided into Zhangbei dam, Guyuan dam, Fengning dam, the dam on the dam. I said this is on the paddock dam.
Why choose paddock? Relative to other dam, the dam on the dam located in Inner Mongolia, the north border Hunshandake Sandy Land, Xilin Gol League, more vegetation, grassland landscape is more rich in the ups and downs of the prairie birch forests, Diced more than trees, Quercus mongolica And other trees, and to Ulanbu as the center of the formation of a more perfect grassland tourist area.
Ulan Buh Tong is located north of Beijing in more than 400 kilometers of Inner Mongolia, surrounded by grasslands, sand, lakes, canyons, wetlands, woodland and other landscape rich. After passing through high-speed, national highways and tens of kilometers of grassland roads, there is a feeling of "brilliant village" in Ulan Buh. Although only a small radius of less than 2 square kilometers, but the hotel, restaurants, supermarkets and other readily available.
In the 1960s, the famous "Red Hill Armagnac" is located here, so the name continues today. There is an interesting phenomenon. The bus coming from Chengde usually arrives at "Red Hill Armagnac" and the shuttle from Keshiketeng Banner in Inner Mongolia usually arrives at "Ulan Buh Tong" In fact, the two directions to the shuttle arrived with the same opponent.

Ulan Bami can not miss the attractions

Ulan Buhut Scenic Area covers most of the Ulan Buh prairie, the main scenic spots include the generals Bubzi, Princess Lake, Birch Grove, Toad Dam, film base, Panlong Canyon. Over the past few years the sunrise of the Little Red Hill, a ditch Grove, Ventilation ditch, Eagle Pit and other places gradually become a new highlight of the Ulan Bu travel.
Due to the re-planning of the scenic area in 2016, all small scenic spots are exempted from the voting system, that is, the entire scenic spot of Ulanbu receives only one large ticket. Access to the scenic area is only one of the main road in the middle of grasslands, according to signs generally not go wrong, the road has not been very good, in 2016 some of the sections were rebuilt, some improvement.
There are major scenic spots within the road have arrived, since the car can be, and even the bus can arrive, but if in-depth grassland, you need to enter the SUV.
July-August for the summer tourist season, mid-September to mid-autumn the most beautiful autumn, attracted a large number of photographers to travel. In recent years, Keshiketengqi held steam train festival in winter, Dali Lake Winter Festival and Dalhousie camel Festival, also attracted a large number of winter photography enthusiasts on their way to the Ulan Buhutu for creation.
Wulanbu large scenic ticket
fare: 120 yuan, 70 years old, 1.2 meters below the children free of charge.
Opening hours: 24 hours.

Toad Dam - Prairie village veteran photographed

Tips: No tickets, open 24 hours
Ulan Buh most advanced tourism photography attractions, villages in the valley below the valley hidden and quiet, although there are photographers from time to time to come here to create, but did not make a sunset for the local sunrise Interest rates and the law of life caused much impact.
The best shooting location On the hillside above the village, when the sun goes down, there are cattle and sheep returning along the hillside, which is the most classic shooting scene. Before entering the scenic entrance to reach the hillside, detour toad dam reservoir, but also enjoy the sunrise morning mist scene. Drinking water cattle, is another highlight of photography in the past few years.
From Ulan Buh or the town of Peng arrived in Toa Dam has a road, but no shuttle bus to reach the dam still still need to rent a car to go, but since 2016, Ulan Buh Tong various attractions have canceled tickets, so autumn And winter here to enjoy the shooting, is still very good.

Hunshandake Sandy Land - small intensity sand off-road

Tips: No tickets, non-formal scenic spots, it is strongly recommended walking through the day, walking or buggy
Ulan Buh North can reach the edge of Hunshandake sand, prairie and sand in the junction zone, you can clearly feel the desert grassland landscape Variety.
As the closest sand area to Beijing, there is still no perfect tourism development project strictly speaking here and no attraction at all. There are sporadic herds of ranchers on the desertified grasslands.
The only way to enter the sand is to drive a sport utility vehicle, but also the best four-wheel drive, or no road sand often make the car into a deep pit. Affected by the wind and rain, there are basically no obvious roads in the sand, and the whole course needs a guideline with strong sense of direction. However, the benefit is that the whole area of ​​sandy land near the Ulanbuhtun system is not very large. We are looking for a direction, or weakest cross-country self-driving traffic can cross the grasslands and sandlands of Ulan Buh directly to reach Lake Dalinore On the edge of Darhan town. For safety reasons, it is recommended that two or more vehicles and vehicles peer.

Ventilation ditch - river dead wood emerging photography

Tips: No tickets, non-formal scenic spots, open 24 hours, sooner or later Best
As the emerging photography site of Ulan Buh in recent years, the area of ​​the Ventilation Groove has changed people's impression of the traditional sense of the grasslands. Here is no longer the hilly grassland curve, can not see the cattle and sheep over the traditional grassland scene.
The tributaries of the Silla Mulu River extend down to the Ulanbuh Prairie. In addition to years of rainwater erosion, the sand beneath the grasslands is exposed. Sandy rivers are gradually formed, ranging from dead trees, white birch, and Quercus mongolica And so on, together with the dunes showing the gorge landscape, the morning can reach the high shooting sunrise, 14-35 wide-angle head can. Afternoon can choose telephoto shooting dead wood (200-300 jiaoduan).
Starting from the town center of Ulan Buh, the first half of the cement road, the latter half of the grasslands, only off-road vehicles arrived. Every fall, the grasslands are yellowed and the trees are deciduous. Coupled with the decreasing rainfall in autumn, the rivers appear charming enough.
Reminder: The general autumn season for the Ulan Buh tour, rental SUV daily price of about 700-800 yuan, the market will have some groups of photography, but not necessarily each organization will go to the ventilation ditch, please confirm the choice.

Princess Lake - Prairie Lake beauty and beautiful legend

Photo: Princess Lake by 安 钧
Located in the northern part of Ulan Buh Tong Scenic Area, is a relatively complete renovation of the scenic area in recent years, with improved yurts nearby accommodation, the scenic area around the lake center built a complete boardwalk, visitors can comfortably enjoy the prairie In the beautiful lake.
Summer here, the temperature is lower, cooler. Yellow trees in autumn lake, the water reflection is very clear, attracting a lot of art sketches and photographers come to create.
Here there is a beautiful legend: It is said that the daughter of Emperor Kangxi Grandchildren married blue Gers Dan, because miss their parents, daily tears, flowing tears in this, forming a lake, so was Known as the princess lake, in the scenic area there is still a well-built statue of Princess Blue Qi.

Stimulate interesting grassland sand

Among the grasslands in the Ulan Buhut system, there are often large areas of sand dunes where people come to play sand slides. By the way, do not engage in skiing activities here, which greatly damage the pasture.
As the name suggests, on the sand dune, holding a piece of wood, or purchased to the sliding plate, from top to bottom, like a slide look, full of excitement. From slow to fast, the last stop and then slowly stop, some similar to the northeast snow circle, but the risk is much lower than the snow circle, because the following is the fine sand, even if not master the balance, falling down roll time is common, But generally not hurt, the maximum extent is full of sand filled nothing more.
Because the sand dunes are steep and the bonding between the sand is stronger than the desert, the speed is faster and more exciting than the desert.
Need to be reminded that, since most of the site is self-built sand, so be sure to check the ramp before the presence of protruding grass or debris, etc., to avoid scratches, after sliding down to be careful of those who do not Hit. Since there is no formal sand-skiing venue, the only downside is that when climbing up, there is a little tiredness and conditions can bring a ladder and climbing the sand dunes will be a little easier.

Ulan Bu winter resort to give you a surprise!

For a long time the domestic winter scenery devaluation Northeast Changbai Mountain and Snow Township, Ulan Buh winter in recent years have also been Hexos Tengqi winter tourism festival led up gradually tourists come here in winter.
Because it is located in the grasslands, but also high on the ground, winter Ulan Buh covered with snow, sunny days often appear sundial, was dubbed the three sun scenes. In the meantime, there is a river in the northern part of Ulan Buh. Due to the low lying, the river is warm, the winter will form an ice-free river, the middle of which is covered with snow mushrooms.
Wulanbu all south, Saihanba forest farm area numerous trees, winter often large tracts of fog. And the fog is not the same island of Jilin Island, where dense coniferous forests, but also a very wide range, coupled with the ups and downs of the mountains, Yuanwang is a foggy mountains and forests. After entering the forest, each towering trees are hanging crystal clear fog, and this fog generally until eight o'clock in the morning will still be preserved. Therefore, the winter Ulanbu system is enough to integrate a few of the winter scenery, more importantly, fewer people, very little!

Ulan Bu Tong accommodation situation?

Yard dam tourism center is located in Ulan Buh Tongmu wood, that is, Junmachang town, a few square kilometers of small town can be described as the most complete.
The only main road in the town is a hotel with local specialties. Almost every door is served with roasted whole lamb and mutton skewers. Local specialties include potatoes, bracken, mushrooms, etc. Some wild herbs can also be placed on the dining table . I often go to the restaurant recommended two.
1, dam on the pastoral song (former
Little Cui Hotel) Tel 18732470128, 35-40 per capita, business hours 10: 00-22: 00. Since 2013, the old name, authentic taste, affordable food, signature dish roasted milk tofu, fried Chinese sea fish, fried potatoes silk price of 30-40 yuan. Sheep scorpion, roasted whole sheep and other cost is also high, a large amount of dishes. Four or two or three dishes is enough. However, 2016 re-location, the location is far from most of the hotel, but fortunately the town is not big, walked ten minutes, the so-called wine is not afraid of the alley.
2, that day full of
telephone 13684769444, per capita 30-40, business hours 10: 00-23: 00. The most famous is the barrel yogurt, 38 barrels, four or five individuals enough, sprinkle fried rice, taste better after iced. Classic class made of tea, affordable, 20 yuan a large pot of tea enough to drink a table. Hotel newly renovated in 2016, more rooms, clean and sanitary. And located in the center of the dam, better find. Special Recommendation: This one made beef jerky is very good, about 120 yuan a pound, you can also package delivery, online shopping also.
Accommodation is also very convenient, in a few roads above, in recent years to build a number of hotels, although located in remote areas, there is no hotel star rating, but as more and more tourists, the hotel's grade is gradually rising. From the most basic yurts, to luxury standard rooms, suites, everything. Of course, the main focus of business in the annual June - mid-October.
1, golden holiday sublimation
Bashang old club (caterpillar club), 2016 renovated hotel, front desk 159-3009-2500, wifi coverage, a large parking lot, the hotel restaurant more affordable, standard room, triple room, a total of about 130 in the July and August when the price of about 300 up and down, relatively more affordable. At the same time can provide car rental, line consulting and other issues. Currently only telephone booking.
2, Haohua Holiday Hotel
Tel 134 - 8386 - 6333, 2015 renovated hotel, room facilities clean, divided into three, there is parking, WiFi and other facilities, but the signal is poor, the restaurant can accommodate about 100 people dining, to Department of Ulan Bu Tong town on the edge of the distance from the center, but relatively clean hotels or acceptable. Go out to the south, is a large open area, at night out of the hotel door you can see the sky, light pollution in this area, the equivalent of half a blind spot.

How to reach Ulan Buh Tong?

Chengde - Ulan Buh train
from Chengde Xian to the county yard, the shuttle every hour every day, the fare 44, about 147 km, pay attention to see Chengde Bus Station or Chengde West Bus Station, have departure, about 2 hours Arrivals. From Yau North Station to reach Ulan Buh Tong, two daily buses, 10:30 am, 13:20 pm, pay attention to the destination for the "military farm."
Keshiketengqi - Ulan Bu train
from the Keshiketengqi can take a shuttle bus to reach, pay attention to the destination for the "Ulan Buh Tong", 9:00 am, 13:30 pm, more than 30 yuan fare.
Travel by car to Ulan Buh Tong
from Beijing to Ulanbu about 460 kilometers, arrived at the county yard before the highway, under the yard after the high-speed two routes to Ulan Buh Tong. Take the Yantoukou via the Dahekou Township (navigation is available); take the Saihanba directly to the Ulanbu Center (but may produce Saihanba Forest Farm and Ulanbu two-way tickets, the advantage is to save more than an hour time).

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