Talk about that thing on the dam, teach you to play on the paddock dam

Prairie, a place to go for a lifetime, met the grasslands of your soul is how a kind of tremor and shock, standing in the prairie, can not see the end, I feel how little it is, only when you play a little bit more slowly Slowly into here, you will appreciate the kind of real grassland!

When it comes to dam a lot of people may not understand, Fengning Dam? Zhang North dam? Guyuan dam? Yard dam? Maybe here, you have been, not on a dam it? How come out so much! So let me below for you a simple outline of these basic conditions on the dam.

Let people "circle" on the dam, in the end which dam to go?

(1) There are several dam

In fact, the dam is a geographical term, located in the North China Plain and Inner Mongolia plateau handover zone, which runs through the territory of Hebei and Inner Mongolia, from east to west are divided into Zhangbei dam, Guyuan dam, Fengning dam, on the dam (commonly known Mulan Weichang), below we will compare the difference between these dam:

(2) Why is it recommended to the paddock dam

Each dam has its own characteristics, but "on the dam" but since the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi began to reduce the heat, from the ancient emperor tour, to the present summer by car, autumn photography. All the time to attract outdoor enthusiasts. And in the autumn and winter seasons, photographers will hold a "long spear cannon" here at a glance Ulan Buh beauty. This is the other few dam can not compare ~

Mulan Paddock is a bit more layered than the other "Bashang" pavilions. It is not just a single view as we would expect. It belongs to the grasslands, hills, lakes and birch forests. Of course, the pasture here is also better than other "Bashang". Maybe we turn a corner or a mountain after the front of the scene and just different, here after years of tourism development is relatively mature, most businesses are divided, there is little that the phenomenon of cheating guests.

In the yard dam mainly to play what?

(1) riding, archery, experience the heroic grassland people

As the royal hunting grounds of the grasslands first thought of riding, archery, and Pentium in the endless prairie, you can enjoy riding in the vast prairie, but also that flocks of cattle and horses in the prairie Pentium, drinking water at the river ..... This is the real nature of the original ecology.
Reference price: riding 100 yuan / hour, archery 10 yuan / 10

(2) grassland sand, experience the new grassland entertainment project stimulus

Prairie sand, a rising entertainment in recent years. From the tall sand hills on the rapid slide,
you can jump fast comparable to the whirring of the wind sounded from the ear, it seems so exciting.

(3) SUV depth through the prairie, feel the prairie is not the same beauty

SUV is the most unique play on the dam, many places in the dam asphalt road is not direct and many beautiful scenery only SUV can enter (PS: and must be the kind of four-wheel drive Oh!) Otherwise, it is impossible. We can ride SUV across the prairie, sand, oasis and other different landscapes, enjoy the grassland and the Jiuqu River one landscape, it is amazing!
Reference price: SUV 280 yuan / person / 4 hours

(4) Prairie walk through the light

Like outdoor friends can work on the prairie, and ALICE walking through the steppe, hiking through the primitive village, through the birch forest, through this visible "time." In the evening camping on the prairie, free to lay on the grass, accidentally will be down to the tentacles to live, really, that sky, winding galaxy, so clearly, people who are lying down So close, as if a hand can be to like.

(5) grassland grasping rats

For the first time to the grasslands, everyone may be curious about the small soil bags one by one above the grasslands. In fact, this is a hole in the dam for gophers. They feed on the roots of plants and greatly damage the grasslands. A few years ago, the local government Some means have also been taken to encourage local residents to catch gopis.
However, catching a gopher is also a technical activity. There are two types of gopher on the dam. One of the larger mounds is what locals refer to as a goat, which is not very good because their holes are attached to the bottom The words of irrigation basically no effect, so we can only work hard on the hamster. The best is to be able to get a butterfly net, a person in the hole irrigation, one man holding the net lurking in the hole, waiting for the opportunity to see the hamster ran out decisively.
ps. The local people have to recycle Oh, 30 yuan a, if you are powerful enough, maybe you can earn money back.

You can also refer to this simple map to find some of the points of interest Oh, sunrise and sunset of birch forest is one of the can not be missed on the dam.

Yard dam accommodation how to choose?

(1) with the elderly children: the summer peak of autumn tourism, book a good room in advance, Keshiketeng Banner Hotel here at ordinary times only between 100-180. But in the peak season, the price goes up 200% or even 400%, if the group can be discounted.

(2) If you are an outdoor enthusiast: You can also bring tents camping in the prairie, grassland camping security is certainly no problem, with the majority of ALICE in recent years the sudden emergence of Bashang also more and more people choose Camping This way of getting closer to nature. Surrounded by small rivers, mountains, and groves not far away, it should be a good choice for the general non-professionals. Moreover, the surrounding areas are easily accessible and there are unexpected situations in the villages that can be dealt with promptly.

Dam any special food?

(1) roasted whole sheep

Selection of two years old slaughtered sheep slaughter skin stripping, after the application of good seasoning, the whole sheep on the lamb rack, until the appearance of golden oil, you can start slightly ~
roasted whole lamb Reference price: roasted whole lamb + bonfire party 2200 -2500 yuan or so  

(2) handle the meat

Hand-made mutton is a specialty on the Bashang area. Both traditional practices (clear cut off, add spices, dip Zhaji consumption), but also modern practices. When eating meat to pay attention to the meat can not get under the bones chew, use the knife to cut off a little bit, so that is the most authentic!

Do not use the knife tip when pointing to the knife edge to inward, to prevent planning to others.

(3) Mongolia milk tea + Mongolia fruit

Mongolian milk tea usually boil milk with tea, tea is not usually drink alone, will match some "packages" such as:
① chewing mouth-resistant + fried rice (like sweets students can add some sugar, but it is recommended to taste the flavor);
② Milk tea + milk tofu (milk tofu here must be soaked, chopsticks clip up like when eating gum best)

The most classic route recommended

(1) How to arrange day trips

Came to the grassland is not in-depth experience of a cross-country vehicle how to cross it, Ulan Bu close Hunshandake Sandy Land, riding an SUV through the grasslands arrived at the edge of Hunshandake feel the grasslands and the desert bordering the landscape, walking On the way you can also experience the visual impact of the desert side of the woods. If you are lucky, you may see wild camels haunt the desert. When the adorable camels appear, you will feel that this is the charm of nature.

Local off-road vehicle reference price: 280 yuan / person / 4 hours

If you worry about the scene will appear to buy from the site price behavior, you can book well in advance online Oh ~ platform security at least there is no complaint no thing.

(2) How to arrange a three-day tour

If you only have three days, just want to see the vast prairie, how to arrange the time?
If only three days, then we suggest two options: First, play in the Ulan Buh uniform play to the prairie through, deep prairie feel the beauty of the grassland depths of the unknown; the second is the overall Mulan Yard are all Excursion, on the one hand is the Saihanba acres of pine forests, close feeling "magnificent Saihanba" magnificent, while the Ulan Buh prairie hilly grasslands, the perfect blend of two different scenery.

Route 1:
D1 Beijing - Ulan Buh Prairie - Baicao obo - Film and Television Base - Princess Lake - Campfire
D2 into the steppe - 12 camp sites - Mongolian people - toad Dam
D3 General Bubble - Beijing

Route II:
D1 Beijing - Mulan Yard - Saihanba - Seven Star Lake - Baihua Ping
D2 Baicao obo - Film Base - Princess Lake
D3 Saihanba - Windmill Group - Moon Lake - Beijing

(3) how to arrange a five-day tour

If you have 5 days, when the itinerary is not very tight, you really want to play around in Beijing, but you want to see the sea and you want to go to the grassland. Do you want to see other scenery? Then we recommend you can go to Beidaihe, arrived in the prairie via Chengde. This along the way to enjoy the magnificent sea, but also feel the heritage of Chengde royal culture but also in the grasslands on their own release, the release of sedentary office pressure.

D1 throughout the country - Beidaihe
D2 Beidaihe - pigeon nest Park - Shanhaiguan - Chengde
D3 Chengde - Mountain Resort - Mulan Weichang - Ulan Buh pradet - Baicao obo
D4 free time - Princess Lake - Duolun Town
D5 Duolun Town - Magnolia Road - Royal Road - Beijing

(4) flying self, chartered tour Notes

If you have a car, of course, a few old drivers took turns driving all the way to the prairie is the most cool. But it does not matter if the little ones drive. You can choose to chartered yo ~ No restrictions on tour groups, do not worry about driving too tired do not know the road.


1, many places in the dam must be driving off-road vehicles, or can not let you have fun, or choose to spend car rental, or choose not to some attractions;
2, suggest that guests can rent a local car to play because many Local guests are unfamiliar Many beautiful attractions only locals can know, and the rugged road deep grassland For your safety advice you do not "try to be brave";
3, the autumn dam is a good time for the film suggest that you can in each year Mid to late September to early October;
4, in addition to the summer outside the season must be prepared thick clothes (down jacket is not excessive) because of the high temperature difference between day and night
dam Bashang ; 5, play in the dam to bring some cash, because there is no top bank.


I've been working hard in the city for quite some time now. Maybe it's time to put a fake time on myself. Let us put down the tired, deep grassland, feel the most beautiful nature of nature.

Raiders part of the picture from the network, if you have any questions, please contact Raiders author yo ~ click on the picture above can find me.

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