Winter dam photography tour on the 6th (with dam on the winter photography tutorial and Mito demonstration)

Beautiful magical dam in Inner Mongolia, from the Mulan Yard Dam, to the means of Yu Daokou, Saihanba Scenic Area and Red Hill Army Racecourse, flowers and plants, the wind and the meadow to see cattle and sheep. Criss-cross the hills and plains, the coexistence of forests and grasslands, immersive, the sky down, cloud to rub shoulders.
figure 1 shooting the woods

A: Why winter dam come?

One reason : the screen again the United States, as the immersive, many familiar TV series: "My Fair Princess", "Eagle Shooting Heroes", "Mochizuki biography" and "Wolf Totem" and so on in dam winter Have viewfinder. Natural scenery here has a magic, take a cell phone can easily harvest a stunning beauty, shoot a large natural landscape.
Two reasons : away from the noise and haze of the city, Haoran snow color of the sea, snow storm clouds, birch stands proudly, overlooking the Peak overlooking the scenery of the North; horse riding blizzard, the vast land roaring past, called Unrestrained.
Three reasons : in the winter dam can experience a variety of recreational activities, snowmobiles, caterpillars skiing, all kinds of Xuexiang only entertainment for everyone to play enough. If you're lucky, you'll meet cute grasslands animals: hares, mole, foxes and more.

Second: Why Beijing as the starting point and the end?

Reason one : Beijing as the capital, has a long history and rich culture, whether it is the characteristics of the capital style, or the modern city style, or is very petty interesting literary trends, are worth to go round and round trip to Beijing some experience.
Reason 2 : Beijing is one of the most important locations in the national comprehensive transportation network. There are 12 national highways that take Beijing as the center. In the expressway, from Beijing along the Imperial Royal Road, Royal Road, all the way north, the first day of about 7 hours to reach the Ulan Buhutuan tourist attractions. Paved throughout the park Road, the ground is flat, the total trip is relatively fast.
Three reasons : Beijing to Dam Road, through the Beijing Cheng Cheng high speed, Beijing-Mi High-speed, G111 State Road. Through Yanqi Lake, Qinglong Gorge, Tanghe mouth attractions such as people clapped. The return journey can also go through the Jinshanling Great Wall, can be described as a winter lover who loves photography friends.

Three: Why do you want to come to winter dam photography?

1. Here a mountain of water and plants are beautiful scenery, if you catch up with the snow, most can create a beautiful combination of photographic effects. Snow splashed in the snow all show the magnificent scene, gathered flew flocks, herds and herds, the village after the snow curling smoke and fences, undulating lines or frustrated or raised, the visual impact of a clear Rhythm and rhythm.
2. Early morning and evening when the "Japanese ears", the top overlooking the snow-capped prairie, backlight or side backlight shooting snow texture, snow ice after the ice, trestle, forest hut, snow sheep and horse prints People's footprints, snow-covered streams, tower head.
3. The winter prairie not only quiet environment, terrain rich changes, natural landscape, and few people, only the early photographer walking with a tripod in the snow, is also a picture of the scene, very suitable for creation.

Four: winter dam photography how to arrange itinerary?

Because of the long experience of the photography team, knowing the route can shorten the itinerary to take full advantage of the familiar daylight hours in the winter to guide photographers to capture the morning mist and the sunset, capturing the most classic moment. In the world of snow and ice, there is a guide to professional photography, and photography enthusiasts brainstorming together to explore the most beautiful perspective of photography, write a natural and harmonious unity of the unique memory. Bashang grassland scenery is well known, but now due to the heavy snowfall in winter, the change is more changeable, in different climates, Bashang grassland also presents a different view, experienced photographers guide will be in our daily Determine the weather before departure, for us to determine the best photography locations and time periods, providing endless possibilities for photography enthusiasts.
Here is the best route for winter photography on the dam:

D1 Beijing Collection D2 Beijing - Jing Cheng Royal Road - Ulan Buh Tong - Siheitou Sunset Photography Theme : Xiaohe Tou sunset (sunset)
about 7:00 in the morning, Mulan Yard photography base. Then drive to the scenic beauty of Ulan Buh, the beauty of Nanxiong Beixiong. Finally settled in 6 km outside the silver-clad small river head, and beautiful fog to a fairyland-like encounter.

D3 Obotu Sunrise - Obotu Snow Village - the film base - Horse riding snow - north ditch sunset photography theme : Obotu (sunrise), horse riding snow, ventilation ditch, well south, north ditch (sunset)
6 am Departure, take on equipment, quickly rushed to obo obo vomit Sunrise sunrise. About 14 o'clock in the afternoon, take the off-road experience speeding in the snow thrill, went to the film base. About 15 o'clock in the afternoon, went to Beigou scenic area, because it is the north-south direction, ideal for dusk time, backlighting shooting through the ditch and Nankai cattle and sheep and green grass. Followed by experienced guides, make reasonable use of the evening dusk on the winter dam, and finally record the horizontal and horizontal paintings into the paintings and the vertical view of the northern ditch sunset.

D4 White House barracks Sunrise - Snow Village entertainment - Yuan deer - skin disease Clam Dam panorama - it was too Wing scenery - twenty-eight the Herding sunset photography theme : White House barracks (sunrise), toad dam, it was too Wing
also 6 o'clock in the morning, to the white pawn shop departure, then about 13:30, drove over two mountain clip a ditch terrain, rushed to the dam dam. Can be shot at the top of the dam, the big shot, the bottom of the ditch can be shot in the small King, and the bottom of the ditch herds, the small river fence constitutes a pastoral scenery, but also from the sky too forever shooting to twenty-eight cattle and sheep Herds of grazing until sunset.

D5 Twelve Camps Sunrise - Jinshanling Great Wall sunset sunset photography theme : Jinshanling Great Wall (sunset)
at 6:00 in the morning to twelve associates to enjoy the sunrise, and then rushed to the Jinshanling Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall afternoon arrived in the shooting Jinshan independence show , At a glance sunset. Jinshanling Great Wall is located in Luanping County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, adjacent to Miyun County in Beijing, is now the best preserved section of the Great Wall, 堪称 the essence.

D6 Jinshanling Great Wall Sunrise Morning Mist - Beijing Photography Topic : Jinshanling Great Wall (Sunrise)
If there is no particularly thick fog, set off at about 6:00 in the morning and return to the Great Wall of Jinshanling for sunrise. About 8 o'clock start to leave Beijing, about 4 hours by car, arrived in Beijing at 12 o'clock, the end of a pleasant journey.

Five: How to shoot others on the winter dam can not be photographed beauty

(A), shooting skills in the woods and the environment

1. Use a file aperture priority, set the following small aperture f8, low iso200, the shutter camera automatically adjusts. Adjust the exposure compensation according to the shooting effect.
2. With s file shutter priority mode, the use of small aperture to reduce the shutter, the winter dam grassland, snow for the environment fill light, too light during the day, the shutter down if you can not, you can use nd mirror.
3. evening sunset, you can also use a small file transfer aperture aperture, if the light is too dark shutter more than 30 seconds, and then manually adjust the M file b door shooting.
4. When shooting snow-covered grasslands and trees, the purpose of photography is to show freshness. Therefore, when photographing a tree isolated on the prairie, since it is decided that the subject of photography is a tree, bold exclusion of the extra subjects around him should be made to highlight the main body of the tree. The following two photos are horizontal line composition, and the vertical arrangement of a tree at the intersection of the golden section, to enhance the sense of stability of the screen. Composition using symmetrical composition, symmetrical composition can be passed out of the winter dam quiet and peaceful feeling. Figure I, Figure II.

Figure 2: shooting the woods

5. Grasp the good morning interlinked period of time, as shown in Figure III, Figure IV (shooting time of nine points) to take the lens 24-105, maximum aperture 5.6, fixed focus F1.4 best, white balance control in cool colors. Location, Nankai.

Figure three: shooting the woods

Figure 4: shooting the woods

(B), how vivid the performance of grasslands

1. Select the telephoto lens, (Figure 1) shooting time at that time, the whole 8:00 am, the use of the 90-200 telephoto lens, the figure in the snow as the focus, be sure to aperture priority, Can we pay attention to the well depth effect. At eight o'clock, the light is softer, metering mode can be used to evaluate the metering. If shooting a snow-covered little river head, the best scenery to choose in the distant view or panoramic view.

Figure 1: vivid performance of the prairie

2. Want to show the loneliness of sunset prairie, it is recommended to shoot with a wide-angle lens, large format is more conducive to the performance environment, as shown in Figure II.

Figure 2: vivid performance of grassland

3. Small river head dam is the most suitable sunset shooting scenes, it is recommended to shoot with a wide-angle lens, large format is more conducive to the performance environment, as shown in Figure III.

Figure three: vivid performance grassland

(C), grasp the golden time of dusk

1. In the obo spit shooting sunrise, it is best to carry a tripod, windy winter dam, shoot the sunrise, the need for stable conditions. Still using telephoto lens. As shown in Figure 1: Telephoto, more than seven in the morning, sunrise.

Figure one: grasp the golden time at dawn

2. Sunrise light contrast, pay attention to control the white balance, as shown in Figure II, Figure III shows.

Figure two: grasp the golden twilight time

Figure three: grasp the golden time at dawn

3. The use of backlighting shooting practices, focusing on the light and shade, color contrast, so you can capture the unique light and shadow effects.
4 using wide-angle automatic mode shooting, must be equipped with UV lens for the lens, so you can protect the lens.
5. The use of photographic capacity shooting North ditch sunset scene, using wide-angle automatic mode. As shown in Figure 4, wide-angle lens 24-70 shooting, interval control at 24-35, shooting time for the sunset. Figure five 24-70 shooting, wide-angle automatic mode, 24-35 range, 7:00 am to 7:30 in the morning.

Figure 4: Wide-angle automatic mode shooting

Figure 5: Wide-angle automatic mode shooting

(D), make good use of topography and composition

1. As shown in Figure 1: Still telephoto lens, viewfinder for the future, standing on top of the height of the toad Dam landscape can be passed through the lens out.

Figure 1: Toad dam panorama

2. According to the light to adjust the aperture value. Figure 2: Aperture F4, into the light volume, which will help grasp the contrast of light and shade, as well as a large number of cold and a small amount of warm visual impact.

Figure two: make good use of topography and composition

3 use a large aperture. Shown in Figure 3: shooting time is 3:00 pm adequate light, the use of aperture priority, wide-angle lens 24-70, focal length control in the range of 24-28-35, shooting location is too eternal.

Figure three: too forever

4. Use the tripod to shoot, pay attention to shooting angle, use low angle, slightly Yang, white balance can be adjusted to automatically.
5. Reduce the sensitivity, reduce the sensitivity to maximize the retention of details, the stars are little footprint of the sky is too Yong plus a lot of points, as shown in Figure IV.

Figure four: make good use of topography and composition

(E), take a high-grid photos

1. Tired of shooting a single screen at sunrise, you can properly bring portraits. Shown in Figure 1, shooting time is 7:00. The figures placed in the center of the screen, the use of panoramic picture, the color contrast will be a good character and natural fusion, not unexpected, metering mode for the evaluation of metering, the focus placed on the characters.

Figure 1: Characters are well integrated with nature

2. Good use of telephoto, as shown in Figure 2: 9:00 am shot in the white nest shop, landing in the lower right corner of the screen of the characters, this composition is a very good display of silver snow wrapped in the world , And echoes with people to create a visual sense of unity and harmony between man and nature.

Figure 2: Ice World and characters echo

(F), shoot a different Jinshanling Great Wall

1.Focal shooting, the best shooting time is ten minutes before sunrise and one hour after sunset, as shown in Figure 1, the size of the shooting Jinshan, shooting time before 8:00 am, wide-angle 24-70 lens, Focus in the focal length of 24-28-35. Another example is Figure II, drawn from the west side of the General Building, between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm, fixed focus in the focal length of 24-28-35.

Figure 1: the size of Jinshan

Figure two: the general building on the west

2. clever use of silhouette effects, as shown in Figure 3: sunrise sky as a backdrop, set the SLR shutter priority, backlight shooting, reduce the sensitivity and reduce noise. In order to highlight the profile of the side profile of the main composition mode, fixed-focus shooting, focal lengths of 50. Similarly, as shown in Figure 4, can increase the fun, long-term large format also shoot silhouette effects, fixed-focus shooting, focal length of 70.

Figure three: clever use of silhouettes

Figure 4: Silhouette at sunrise

(Seven), in the prairie horses, deer herd

1. When photographing animals with a camera, you will find that animals often move and are not easy to shoot. First camera transferred to A file, then the camera's focus at one of the animals, in a fixed moment of capture. Aperture adjustment for a small aperture, so that the entire picture is clearly visible. Therefore, when shooting, we must develop a clear choice of focus of good habits. Figure one.

Figure 1: clear focus, instant capture

2. Sika deer action quickly, shooting speed to speed up. When shooting, sika deer if it is head down, you can create some sound, causing sika deer's attention and then shoot. Figure two. Capture sika deer dynamic picture, be sure to use the shutter priority mode, pay attention to the accuracy of the focus. Figure three.

Figure 2: Sika deer attention

Figure 3: Priority shutter mode

3 filming opportunities are fleeting, it is difficult to grasp. And this is the most fascinating animal photography. So patience in shooting horses, deer herd is particularly important.
4. Aim the camera's focus at a plant, and then the camera's camera against the animal viewfinder. Can take a few pictures in succession, select one of the better photos.
5. Animal photography and sports photography have similar characteristics. Focus tracking method can be used to quickly capture the dynamic image of animals. Therefore, when photographing deer herd, the deer body, demeanor, their interaction and interrelationship are the key points of capture.
6 shooting horse riding blizzard, as shown in Figure 4, ten o'clock is the best northern light, horses are also relatively active, when shooting animals, and shooting different landscapes, framing more use, close shot, such a King Do not best show the attitude of horse-drawn activities. In addition, the use of dynamic contrast approach, no doubt able to enhance the expressiveness of the screen. In addition, the portrayal of "moving" can also be reflected in some details. Blizzard raised by horseshoe is full of dynamic. Want to smooth out the obo spit out the horse riding snow landscape, do the following: 1. The use of shutter priority, the shutter priority to maximize the capture of high-speed movement stalling still picture. 2. With panoramic view, the focus of the distant view will ignore running horses. 3. Using evaluation photometry, composition using Huang Jing point-by-point composition.

Figure four: horse riding blizzard

7. When shooting a horse alone, with the film-based, not with a tripod. The larger the aperture, the more shallow depth of field, the more prominent the subject. The angle you take with a telephoto lens is very small, so you can get a completely different background with just a little bit of movement. The use of bokeh mode of expression shooting wild horse close shot. Backlight is good to bring out the details of the horse. Using a close-up, open composition of the shots to capture the details of the horse, this approach can create a strong visual impact. When framing, we not only can extract the horse from the background, but also can not include the outline of the horse, just show one of the horse's facial expressions, some action or body part, and forcibly magnify the part. This see the big, to a more general picture can transfer the imagination of the viewer, triggering the rich association of people. Figure V, Figure VI.

Figure five: The body part of the horse by zooming

Six: to reach the dam on the traffic route

[Car] In Beijing, a total of 4 bus station to Fengning, and then transferred to the dam. They are Liuliqiao Long-distance Bus Station, Sihui Long-distance Bus Station, Muluo Long-distance Bus Station, and Zhao Gongkou Coach Station respectively. In addition to Liuliqiao station car is starting at 6 am, the rest of the bus station departure time in the morning 5:30 to 19:30, every half an hour trip car, the average fare of 45 yuan . In addition, you can also choose to exit at the Sanyuanqiao Subway Station, take the shuttle bus to Fengning. Long-distance bus journey is more fixed, Beijing to Fengning total cost of 5 hours, from Fengning to Bashang is about 2 hours by car, the average fare of 15 yuan. The disadvantage is poor health, and take a long time, a single route, but also do not see any beauty along the way.
Train】 【 Beijing North Station sent to Sihetunong train daily departure 5-6 times, to get off after the shuttle bus to the paddock yard to the paddock county seat to get off, the fare is 3 yuan, and then From the yard to the dam went to the shuttle bus, the fare is 15 yuan, the entire 87 km. Disadvantages: take the train is very inconvenient, because the number of detours, it is inevitable that people have not started to play, there is a state of mind and body fatigue.
[By car] Line 1: 260 kilometers along the route of Beijing-Shun route, Beijing to the grassland on the dam only 3 hours or so. 111 State Road, New Road has been completed throughout the road is very good, free high-speed road. Line 2: Beijing - Badaling Express - sincere wish to export - Akagi - Guyuan - Big Beach. The newly built road, good road conditions, the basic mountain road, the two sides to the car less, 320 km. Car charge 70 yuan. Disadvantages: If you are not familiar with the route, even with the recommended route above is still relatively easy to get lost. The most important thing is not enough security, snow in winter, slippery, a lost road even more unsafe at night. Their own cars are not suitable as a car by car was selected.

Seven: arrival method is recommended

Suggest that you choose to chartered from Beijing to dam, why? First, the long-distance bus transit time-consuming, train bypass, the relative time is not free, resulting in a sense of boredom; Second, the dam is located in the North China Plain and the Inner Mongolia plateau handover zone, runs through Hebei and Inner Mongolia, along the undulating grassland Qiu driving, seven Abduction eight crooked behavior, lack of experience prone to accidents, and long-distance driving, fatigue, it is not recommended by car. The chartered driver is more familiar with the local routes, the choice of chartered to play more relaxed mood. Therefore, in order to find the most classic of the most beautiful fairy tales, in order to easily experience the past that the clouds and grassland stimulation, in order to free photography record the most coveted moment, in order to have a relaxed mood, chartered is the best choice.

Eight: winter dam photography which need to pay attention to what matters

(A), recommendations on the starting point of outdoor equipment

1. Hat: Hat is the key, recommended fleece cold hat, light, cheap, quick-drying, windproof, good warmth.
2. Masks: thermal sports mask is also a good choice, not only dust-proof but also warm.
3. Sunglasses: Snow in the snow half a day may get snow blindness, so wear a pair of sunglasses is necessary.
4. Underwear: Tops and pants try to wear wool, perspiration, try to choose the kind of thick, it is not recommended that you wear cotton underwear, underwear if sweat after wet is not easy to dry, it is easy to catch a cold.
Jacket: down jacket is certainly the first choice of down, it is recommended to use down jacket as the middle layer of warm clothes, wear a red jacket outside, an underwear must have a waterproof layer, even in winter without rain, But the snow will melt on the body may be.
6. Sleeve: You can stop the snow from entering the pants and enhance the warmth.
Footwear: Socks with at least two pairs of alternating replacement every day to keep the feet dry and warm, thick wool socks is the best choice. Shoe waterproof function is very important, because the snow will plot in the vamp, when the heat melts, poor waterproof will directly into the shoes. Shoes try to use high to help cold kind of snow shoes, size must be bigger than usual to wear more than a yard, relaxed to make feet better activities, keep the foot blood circulation.

(B), four proposals on photography equipment

1 battery: shooting in the winter, the first thing to consider is the battery capacity shrink. At very low temperatures, the actual capacity of the battery is only about 2/3 in summer. Digital cameras leave the power is not working, so the first thing to note is the power of the camera, and more preparation of several backup batteries is necessary.
2. Gloves: Do not forget to take a warm gloves, silk or cotton gloves made of gloves, thickening duck down mittens, outdoor photography will not frostbite fingers at temperatures below minus 30 degrees.
3. Camera protection: Do not forget to wear a camera jacket to the camera to do "down jacket", otherwise it is easy because of the outdoor cold pick. And the weather is fickle and may encounter rain and snow in the creation of weather, we should be equipped with a corresponding camera bag rain cover. If the camera bag comes with rain cover naturally the best, there is no way, then with a large thick plastic bag can barely emergency.
4. UV mirror: the best time to take a photo with a good UV lens can not only help photographers block part of the UV makes the imaging more accurate, but also to protect our lenses.
5. Camera fog cover: Buy some winter camera shield is a good choice, but need to be aware that the hood itself can not heat, so the outside for a long time, the same will face the problem of low temperature battery failure.

(C), on the end of the reminder after shooting

1. Do not remove the camera from the camera bag immediately after returning from the outdoors. Wait at least half an hour to one hour. Remove the camera bag when the temperature in the camera bag is close to the room temperature. This is a good habit to avoid multiple misdirections Parts of the camera malfunctioned due to operation.
2.If the camera appears condensation phenomenon, this time do not start, it should be placed in a dry indoor environment wait for moisture volatility boot! And do not remove the lens from the body, otherwise it will lead to more serious condensation.
3. When framing or shooting under freezing snow or freezing conditions, be careful not to allow the frozen metal part of the camera to come into direct contact with the facial skin, but also be careful not to call the camera to the camera.

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