Shunde cuisine: Come here, it’s not too much to eat for 24 hours!

The chef of Shunde, a restaurant in Guangzhou, has never been to Shunde. How dare he say that he has eaten Cantonese food?
this ruined shop is a great place to really find a local god_e1fd69

I said that I ate in Guangzhou, but I have never been to Shunde. How can you know the essence of Cantonese cuisine?
Why is Shunde?

They all say that they eat in Guangzhou, but you may not have heard another sentence.

The restaurant in Guangzhou, Shunde's kitchen

For every diner, Shunde can eat the most lively Cantonese food.
To be affirmed, Shunde cuisine has always been the king of Cantonese cuisine.
If you stay in Shunde for 24 hours, how are you going to spend it?

Breakfast must of course eat porridge

Time: 08:00
wild raw porridge
must be the reason: Jianghu rumored this is called Shunde porridge king

This shop is a friend of my college age, recommended by SUPERSTAR Willam in the food industry.
The location is really hard to find, take a taxi to Jinyan North Street, go to the street where you don't feel anyone. When you reach the end, you will see the stall on the left hand that looks like it will taste good.

On the left side of the stall is porridge, raw porridge, the most suitable for breakfast and stay up all night, this home only breakfast, close at 11 o'clock noon.
The porridge can be tasted, the signboard is on the wall, and the intestines are sold.

The meal is not white porridge, it is rice porridge, rice porridge is not too thick, but it is more refreshing than ordinary porridge. I ordered something like pig porridge, pigs gave more, stewed slippery, ginger at the bottom of the oil, pour the soy sauce to the pig.

This bowl of sausage powder is really different from Guangzhou.

I like my intestines, a very natural smell of rice and soy sauce. I have very little meat. I have to eat the meat and meat. But I have a strong taste. Most of the sausage powder I used to eat is mostly pursued. Intestinal powder Q slippery mouth, but they are not like this at all, playing a scent is a fine, and the fragrance is full of childhood taste.

Drink red rice wine for breakfast, these are left by the regular customers.

Everyone who comes here to eat is a local, many elderly locals, breakfast is also used to drink two local red rice wine, can not finish, can also be placed in the store, have a good name, continue to drink the next morning .
I think it is a very pleasant life in Shunde.

Address: Near Jinan North Street No. 17

I have to go to Chencun to eat Chencun powder.

Time: 11:30
Huang Danji
must be the reason: Chen Cun powder is said to have been invented by his family

Those who have eaten Cantonese-style morning tea should be familiar with Chencun powder, but what is Chencun powder? The most authentic explanation is that the rice cake that was invented by Chen Cun in Shunde, Chen, was the ancestor of this store.

It is said that there are more than a dozen processes for Chencun powder, and there are secrets in the road process. For example, if the new rice is to be used for half a year, the powder will not be cool; the rice is also very delicate. It is necessary to put the rice in the pot for more than ten minutes, then soak for more than 30 minutes, even the stone mill of the milled rice Special stone is specially made.

The characteristics of Chencun powder are called thin, cool, slippery and soft.

Another feature is that rice flour is rich in flavor .

The decoration of Huang Dianji is a traditional style. There is no deliberate play of antiques, but the neat flower window has already felt the old-fashioned atmosphere.

In fact, it’s really awkward to order a yellow dish. The signboards are all powder. Three people ordered three staple foods, and they felt that their appetite was not enough.
Cold salad Chencun powder is a kind of fine powder. The soup is very sweet. The more the mixture is stirred, the finer the fragrance is. The fragrance can eat a touch of rice, but it is this kind of faint aroma. The diners applauded the good taste.

Eat more and more

The second dish on the XO sauce is fried Chencun powder. As far as the taste of Hong Kong people is concerned, this XO is too little, but the powder really serves as the facade, the first is not easy to break, and the second is when the fried powder is eaten. , you can perfectly understand the thick and strong rice fragrance of Chencun powder itself. With the eggs on the powder, the more you eat, the more delicious.

At that time, I thought in my heart that the reason why the XO sauce is not heavy is to highlight the fragrance of the powder itself.

The third powder is Chen Cun powder like a chopped casserole. This is actually the most surprising. It is rare to fry a layer of bite and have a three-layered clinking surprise.

The last one is the Sha Jiang oil paper 焗 pigeon.

The practice of this dish, the name of the dish has been written in great detail, this practice is certainly not as good as Hong Kong's practice, but the victory is full of sand ginger, the pigeons match with sand ginger, salt, garlic, bite the entrance when feeling Immerse yourself in the Spice Republic, which is really a textbook-like sand ginger pigeon.

Address: Shop 1, 2, South Bridge Road, Old Market, Chencun

Eat double skin milk? Of course, Mingxin Old Shop

Time: 13:00
Mingxin Old Shop
must arrive reason: I have eaten the best double skin milk

I have come to the old shop of Mingxin twice.

Known as the founder of the double skin milk store, in the food base of Shunde, the center of Daliang (see Hong Kong Shunde cuisine for the Hong Kong drama).

The decoration of the shop is very common. Shunde itself is not convenient for transportation. It is said to be a must-see for tourists, but there are not many people.

It’s enough that the bowl can’t fit.

The first day to eat friends is the white fruit red bean double skin milk, of course, I am the most common double skin milk. Then called the radish cake, fried milk. Everyone in the double-skin dairy shop eats a lot, and it is very difficult for this common food to be really good. However, Minxin really can do it. The richness of the double-skin milk scent is used to tell the feeling that it is too weak, and the sleek and delicate can be said to surpass my understanding of the double skin milk.

This radish cake kills several famous streets in Hong Kong.

When the radish cake came up, I laughed and said that I was very disappointed, because I felt that there was no more accessories in Hong Kong's new radish cake shop. I only knew what was stopped when I ate.

Every bite of radish cake is full of
the flavor of seafood and the sweetness of radish rice paste. The

accessory is shrimp skin. There is no way to understand how it can have such a full taste.
Probably do this kind of aroma, probably when you want to make rice cakes, you should soak the shrimp radish.

Let's talk about fried ice cream.

Fried ice cream has to eat everywhere, but the people's letter, it is better than two words, delicate. This is no longer the appearance of ordinary fried ice cream and the same taste as pana cotta.

Just for this, I took a special trip before the next day.

In fact, I felt that it was worthwhile to eat yesterday, but I heard that there is a bamboo bucket to cook double skin milk every day around the afternoon, so I must insist on eating it today. The next day, I came to eat a bamboo tube stewed double skin milk that was only baked once a day. We arrived at the store for nearly an hour before it was produced. Believe me, this is definitely not a product of sensationalism. The richness of the original double skin milk blends the sweetness of the bamboo in the bamboo tube. This mixed flavor is simply balanced and round, and the feeling of the entrance is simply a meal. Happy in the bamboo forest.

I have eaten too many famous shop snacks. I can't go to this level. I just
want to pay a lot of money to Shunde.

Address: No. 119, Huagai Road, Daliang

Passing but not eating

Time: 15:00 on the
roadside two small shops,
in fact, can not eat

From the old shop of Minxin to the old street, I felt that the mother must be delicious when I saw this.
On the review, I saw that it was full of praise. This should be the legendary school door shop. Of course, there is no need to say that the most important thing is that it is soft and not bad!
But I really can't eat it anymore.

Going forward, it is Darun.
This Shunde on the tip of the tongue, in fact, the fighting power has been completely exhausted on the first day, we came only the next day.
At first I thought it was similar to Chinese tempura, but in fact, it was an ordinary street skewer.
Well, anyway, I don’t comment very much. I was most looking forward to the longan word. I wonder if it’s longan wood or dry longan. The result is not, longan is a place name, okay, so nervous Shunde’s day trip, It doesn't have to be a waste of fighting power here.

Known as Shunde Kitchen's private kitchen

Time: 19:00
can be private kitchen
must be the reason: Shunde's most famous restaurant

Time: 19:00
can be private kitchen
must be the reason: Shunde's most famous restaurant

It is recommended that big coffee is a heart.

Out of trust in the big coffee, I rarely chose this huge look like the seafood city to have a private kitchen (I have never loved eating in a large restaurant).

I came to Shunde to know that it was actually the most famous restaurant in Shunde. Every day, there are many foodies in Guangzhou and Foshan driving to eat.

Legendary rooster bowl

I used the cock bowl very easily. When I order the food, I found out the food list. As a result, others told me that the menus are changed every quarter, so I can only wait for them to recommend. ( The difficulty of changing the menu of a large restaurant, the foodies know how high, the light will give a perfect score. )

This bowl of soup is absolutely perfect

The first dish is a ginkgo pork belly soup. It is completely different from the traditional heavy pepper pork belly soup, and it has a sweet flavor. Ginkgo, pork belly, bones, carrots, stewed in a small coal stove to rotten, pepper is not broken all the way into the pot, this milk-like soup is the essence of Guangdong soup, a word of conceal.

Small coal stove that has not been seen for a long time

The soup is a kung fu live, and now the restaurant is willing to take seriously less and less soup. Like this one-pot soup with a small coal stove, I have not seen it for many years.

Do not point

The fried fish noodles are the taste of the ordinary restaurants in Hong Kong. The taste of the clams is very tender outside, but the smell we smell covers everything to a bad review.

The private house must be given a big praise.

This dish is the most common dish in Guangdong. This kind of color is really good.

No need for leeks, use leeks and glutinous rice, with oysters, bacon and sausage. It is not a mixture of greasy and savory flavors. It is so sweet and delicious that I can’t stop chopsticks. A huge restaurant can be used in this kind of not making money. Working hard, it is called authentic.

I actually eat the first time in the bean squid mouth. This dish is balanced with a difficult choice. Soybean meal should be the finishing touch. It is not the entrance. Only the bean flavor has already scored high. The squid mouth can't think of the second adjective except the slippery word. Of course, it is the result of very high chapter.

Address: No. 11 Xiangxing South Road, Daliang All

said that after eating in Shunde and China on the tip of the tongue, one of my favorite documentaries about eating in China is Shunde on the tip of the tongue. I
didn’t come to Shunde to eat. How do I know the essence of Cantonese cuisine? What is it?

The most unfortunate thing this time is that many people have recommended that the ex-wife of the private house owner can open the
pork , which is said to be the restaurant that can really eat the essence of Shunde. Unfortunately, the time is tight and the task is to eat the wall every day. Back to the hotel, there is really no chance to eat this home.

If you have eaten a pork, welcome to leave a message.

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