Shunde: In order to eat, it is worth going to the city.

In a place less than twenty minutes from Guangzhou

In a place less than twenty minutes from Guangzhou, there is such a city:

It attracts CCTV food programs for countless times to select materials with its unique food culture. Whether it is the tongue-end series that once reached 8.9 on the watercress , or the lively fragrance of the Chen Xiaoqing team walking the streets , They once teased the taste buds of the audience.

It is one of the six food capitals of the world:
the land is the most famous and always a gourmet.
Here's claypot just rice can make you a good appetite;
here buffalo milk made out of Shuangpinai known around the world;
or where the birthplace of Cantonese Cantonese is one of ...

Here is Shunde !
Traveling through the streets and lanes of Daliang, the roadside stalls and food stalls here, the dim old decoration can't hide the attractive fragrance of food floating out;
the Ronggui, the emerging network red shop and the century-old shop in the traditional and fashion collisions complement each other. ;
the village has a unique pattern of Lingnan xingtan, also known for its poetic trail aspect of the famous Water village private kitchens;
unknown Chencun, Chencun also seems popular with the powder of fame.

"Food in Guangzhou, kitchen out of Fengcheng (now Shunde Daliang)", said that Shunde people "eat", can be as casual as the snacks on the street, can also be like the eight treasures of jade carving.

After eating Chinese BRUNCH-like morning tea, of course, you can go to eat a pair of double-milk coconut milk with a rumored cake to give an authentic afternoon tea!

In the evening, find a private restaurant that is highly respected by the locals, taste the authentic taste of Shunde, and feel the Shunde people's attitude towards the freshness of the ingredients.

At midnight, the street is a lively time, and there are people in the same place who are squatting for a porridge of porridge. A raw porridge, the perfect end of the day!

Looking for Shunde said: "Where there are Shunde people, there is the best taste."
It’s not unreasonable to say this.
They are tirelessly pursuing the ultimate taste . They
can spend half a year on a dish, and they can only insist on cooking for a lifetime.
Even if it’s just a small fly house, it’s not a pity. Spend time on food research.

This small and famous food town, let Xiaofeijun go to a fat 5 pounds!
This time, the Shunde taste that takes you all over the tunnel, like the Shunde people, eats it once and for all.

Recommended route

Shunde's delicious, scattered in various streets. Here Xiaofeijun introduces a four-day journey of searching for it, and boldly open your stomach and eat it!

DAY1: Dongcheng Restaurant → Xingtan Fair Fairy → Happy Cow Milk → Fat Light Fish
DAY2: Xiao Po Intestine Powder → Red Star Light Hair Clay Rice → Minxin Old Shop → Song Kee Baked Furnace → Huaji Porridge Hotel
DAY3: Leave a hand-intestine powder shop →
耘 私private kitchen → all right and less fish cake → water town people's private house DAY4: Huang Danji → goose drunk good → Chenzi herbal tea → Ado private kitchen

Daliang District: I only hate enough stomach, not much for five days a day.

Daliang District is the center of Shunde, and many chain snacks can be eaten here. If the time is not enough, you can only stay in Dalian for two or three days, which is also a good choice!

8:00-9:00 am

|| Dragon's Restaurant - Search for recommendations, must be boutique

The restaurant of the dragon is the first morning tea of ​​Xiao Feijun’s trip to Shunde. At 9 o'clock in the morning, many locals have been dragging their families to enjoy the weekend morning.

Many of the morning tea restaurants in Guangdong have abandoned the tradition of using small carts to push snacks in the lobby. In Shunde, it still follows. Just seeing these one-on-one shovel in the steaming steamer, the barbecued pork, the beefball, the beef veggies, the beef belly, the dumplings, the claws and the ribs are enough to make the appetite open!

For Xiaofeijun, this early tea advocate, the dragon really won my heart! The fish fillet porridge is cooked just right, the fish fillet is tender and smooth, mixed with ginger and sauce, and you can see it in minutes! The quicksand can also eat the soft yolk of the sand and the yoghurt is thick, the milk is full! The shrimp dumplings must be praised, and there is four whole shrimps in a shrimp dumpling! ! It can be said that it is very satisfying! (ps: The price is also beautiful so that you can not hesitate a little bit
噢~) Address: No. 6 near Liangliang Road, Daliang District


|| Xingtan Fair is righteous - eating beef here is right

It is true that every time I eat a shop, I express my deep envy to the people of Shunde. Why our porridge is porridge, and they can use the excellent creativity to extend the porridge to such a fascinating way of eating!

The flat porridge bottom is not quite the same as the scent of Delhi. It is not a clear rice juice, but a mellow rice porridge. It looks unremarkable, tastes a bit, comes with a savory taste, and once I know it is a porridge bottom made with pork bones and seafood ingredients, enough to feel the chef's intentions.

(Source: @考拉大哥)

Here beef and fish fillets are signatures, and fresh beef will be served with an egg, mixed with a porridge, and boiled for ten seconds, smooth and tender to the extreme. Shunde people eat fish, pay attention to the best use of things, there will be no place in the fish is wasted. The fish fillets are hot, the fish is steamed, and the fish skin is cold. A small shop is a gourmet river!
Address: Shop 20, Area C, Yannian Road Food Street


|| Renxin Old Shop - a paradise for dessert lovers

Double skin milk is probably the first snack for Shunde people. You may not have eaten Shunde dishes, but you must have eaten double skin milk~ but
only when you get to Shunde can you really taste what is 8% fat content of buffalo making Double skin milk!
The double-skin milk produced here is truly fragrant with the upper layer of milk, and the lower layer of milk is smooth and smooth.

Founded in the last years of the Qing Dynasty, Renxin Old Shop inherits the double skin milk crafts. Its double skin milk is sweet but not greasy. The milk skin is thick and sticky but not tough. The sweet and sour mango is matched with the milky thick double skin milk. excellent!
Address: 93 Huagai Road, Daliang Street

|| Minxin Old Shop - Old-style dessert shop

The folk letter that Xiaofeijun went to was next to Renxin. After eating Renxin’s double skin milk, he went to Renxin to eat, just to make a comparison. Compared with the thick weight of Renxin double skin milk, Minxin’s milk taste is slightly insufficient, and people who may not be sweet are more likely to love the people’s letter~

(Source: @阿漫)

Very recommended is Minxin's fried milk and lotus lily double skin milk. The frying milk is crispy outside and not oily. The inside is slippery and not greasy. It is just hot! The lotus seeds are fresh, the lily is sweet, and the double skin milk is perfect!
Address: No. 119, Huagai Road, Daliang


|| 肥光鱼生 - a shop without a signboard and no menu

Shunde people eat fish, and all kinds of tricks are amazing! Fat light fish, pay attention to "one fish and five eat": fish sashimi, fish skin salad, head and tail porridge, fish bone fried, fish sausage fried eggs. Compared with Ping Weizheng's method of eating fish, Feiguang Yusheng is the ultimate in "fish"!

(Source: @小魔女齐齐)

There is no smell in the raw fish processing, and there are many ingredients. Carrot silk, onion, lemon leaf, green onion, as well as mustard, taro, etc., mixed with fish, add a little salt, the taste is amazing enough!
Address: No. 3, 5th Street, Lianyuan 2nd Road


|| Dongcheng Restaurant - a morning tea place frequented by locals

(Source: @大胃王shirley)

On the way to the taxi, Didi Master said: "We local people, often go to eat Dongcheng, that taste, really did not have to pick!" Think of the master's excited expression when talking about morning tea, I feel a little funny, the charm of food This is the case, and this happiness is passed on.

(Source: @流浪 Barcelona)
(Source: @不死的北极熊)

As a veteran restaurant, Dongcheng Restaurant has always had a fairly high standard. The four-style shrimp dumplings are worthy of the emperor, the durian custard is instant, and the crispy is lubricated with durian flesh. The claws are almost a must for the table. If you eat a small amount like Xiaofeijun, you can also eliminate all the food in a mouthful of food!
Address: No. 9 Dongle Road, Daliang District


|| Jinbang Dairy - 30 years focused on milk

(Source: @阿漫)

Jinbang Milk, like most old restaurants in Shunde, cares about quality and service. The old lady shop owner seems to be willing to invest in the "doing milk" thing, and it is unmoved for the modern and convenient settlement method: so in the gold list, CASH ONLY!

In the early morning, Kim List, which is already full of people who can't wait to come and drink milk. I ordered the buffalo milk, which was placed in the old-fashioned Coca-Cola glass bottle, just like the sweet morning milk that I used to drink. Double skin milk is hot, more sweet, Xiao Feijun's friends feel that this sweetness is the highest, eat a bit awkward, but very sweet taste lovers!
 Address: 16 Jinxiu Xincun (Zizi Lucy)

|| Happy cow's milk - milk is not afraid of the alley

(Source: @馒头)

There are not many happy memories, only double skin milk, buffalo milk and milk packed in small cans. The milk is salty, it tastes a little cheesey, and the milk is full of flavor.

(Source: @肥锦)

Many people say that if they have had a good memory, they will not be willing to eat Minxin and Renxin. Xiaofeijun feels that the judgment of taste is a matter of opinion. If you like desserts, you can try them all. After all, girls will never eat too much desserts.
Address: No. 19, Jinbang Shangjie

16:00-17:00 pm

|| Datouhua Roast Goose - Selected as a "black pearl"

(Source: @阿漫)

Datouhua Roast Goose is a shop where Xiaofeijun looked after Shunde and decided to go to the card! "Ancient Gufa cylinder", "charcoal fire burning", "skin crispy meat tender", just to see these elements, it is enough to make people covet!

But objectively speaking, Xiaofeijun ate the first bite of the roast goose, and the feeling was not as amazing as it was imagined. The goose meat is slightly chopped, the wine taste has not been volatilized, the wine taste is heavier than the savory taste of the goose itself; and the price of 480 one and one-fourth is still expensive. If you have to punch the card, Xiaofeijun recommends their barbecued pork, fat but not greasy, tender and juicy, and made a standard!

Tips: 1. There are several big heads, one address is No. 13 Fengcheng Shidu, Daliang Street, and there are two release times every day: 11:30 and 16:30.
2. The best taste period of roast goose is very short. If there are empty seats in the two small tables in the store, it is strongly recommended to eat in the store. Factors such as packing for too long and stuffing boxes may cause the goose skin to collapse and the roast goose to dry.

19:00-20:00 at night

|| Have a private kitchen - eat Shunde Xiaochai, this is right

(Source: @喵了里个喵)

Come to Shunde, don't eat an authentic suffocating Shunde stir-fry, not a complete food trip! The so-called "helium" is to use the fire to cook the ingredients. In the process, you should quickly throw up the food in the clams, use the shovel to quickly stir fry, let the ingredients be cooked while avoiding nutrient loss, and maximize the preservation of the color of the dish.

(Source: @lclcjunjun)

The energy museum is a relatively famous private restaurant in Shunde. The ingredients here are inseparable from a "fresh" word. The roast goose skin is tender and tender, and the sour plum sauce is more sweet and greasy. The pork belly soup is super-full, the soup color is white, the bones are smashed, the pork belly is very chewy, and the Cantonese people's focus on the soup, from this soup, you can see one or two!
Address: No. 11 Xiangxing South Road, Daliang (near Shunde Food City)

Ronggui District: hiding the favorite shops of countless old ladies

Ronggui is a gourmet town in Shunde. It has attracted Nicholas Tse to film "Twelve Ways" and even has a special food book "Taste of Ronggui", which is enough to show the food status of Ronggui!

8:00-9:00 am

|| Xiao Po Intestine Powder - "Good taste" in the mouth of the neighborhood

In addition to morning tea, there is also an early morning meal that makes Xiaofei Jun want to stop!
Skillfully put a spoonful of rice juice in a rectangular steamer, pick a small amount of lean meat, a few shrimps, hit an egg, put two pieces of lettuce, in
one go, go into the clouds.

(Source: @半岛便利店)

Xiao Po Intestine Powder has been in this land for more than 50 years. Soft, soft skin with a scent and warmth of rice juice. Nestled in the middle of the heart, gently poke, egg liquid wrapped in powder, sauce and sent to the entrance, it is simply addictive! If you feel tired, there are sour and sweet pepper rings to greasy, don't be too intimate! !
Address: No. 63, Ronggui Industrial Road

11:00-12:00 noon

|| Red Star Light Hair Clay Rice - Rice Noodle that will dance in the mouth

Red Star claypot rice seems to be more popular with local daddy than the red half-day cow show, and the environment is better. We are about one o'clock in the afternoon, and we are very lucky that we don't need to queue up~

I ordered a nest of egg beef, clay pot rice and signature yellow glutinous rice, and the entrance was amazing! The beef is smooth and tender, the bottom of the casserole is crispy, the rice grains in the middle are distinct, and the rice above is wrapped in sauce and egg liquid. There is no
astringency in the treatment of Astragalus membranaceus , and the meat is firm and fragrant. It really fulfills the words written on the couplet of their home, "When you enter the store, you will forget to return, and you will come back and think about it." Address: No. 41, Wenhai West Road, Ronggui


|| 松记打边炉 - Let you feel the ultimate

Shunde people eat hot pot, pay attention to eating a taste, trace the most original flavor of food. The bedding furnace is the embodiment of this kind of eating. At the bottom of the pot is clear water, put a few pieces of onion, ginger, and then add the dips and pickles, it is the turn of the protagonist!

The edge-burning furnace is very particular about the time and sequence of ingredients in the pot. Every time you turn up and down, every time you turn the color, it means that the taste is different.

(Source: @cissysweety)

The first thing to put is the fish slippery and bamboo intestines. The fish is smooth and tenacious, the bamboo intestines are oily and crisp, and then the pure hand-made beef balls can be bitten down to appreciate the freshness and the freshness! The waiter will then put the pig liver, the cow show and the chicken nuggets, and finally put a few pieces of vegetables in the full-flavoured soup base, one down, hearty!
Address: No. 3, Hexiang Road (opposite to United Electronics Factory)


|| Wenhua Friends - only choose fresh ingredients one hour before the pot

Those who have seen the taste of Shunde must be familiar with Wenhua friends. After all, hot pork porridge, soft fresh pork liver, and full of green peppers and pig red, enough to shake the stomach in the middle of the night.

This is a night market, it is only open at 10 o'clock in the evening, but it needs to be queued early in the past. It takes patience and fate to eat. In fact, Xiaofeijun feels good, but if it takes half a night for this. Come to the same place, may wish to choose another home, Shunde produced, is the delicious atmosphere!
Address: 20 Fuhua Road

9:00-10:00 am

|| Wei Ke Dao Food Restaurant - Old and innovative Cantonese cuisine

(Source: @不爱排线的小姐姐)
(Source: @Miharashi-晴)

Throughout the whole of Shunde, the tea house that has been popular for many neighbors for many years has to be distinguished. The taste of the double-skinned egg tarts, the thick and mellow egg-cream, the crispy and sleek pastry, not only attracts the Shunde people's table and table, but also attracts tourists who come here!
Tips: Their head dish fried pork neck meat is also a star dish that tastes Shunde 噢~
Address: No. 1 Fuki Road


|| Longqiao Private Kitchen - Another private dining place

(Source: @糖小胖爱肉)

It is an accident to come to Longqiao Private Kitchen. In the food everywhere, Ronggui of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Cantonese cuisine alone can occupy the first place in the popular list of Ronggui Street in the public comment, Xiaofeijun would like to give it a try.

(Source: @米粒爱抹茶)

This is the new Shunde dish that combines tradition and creativity. The crab yellow squid cake is surrounded by fresh fried beans, sweet and smooth squid, and then decorated with crab yellow to add a finishing touch. The taste is very rich; mustard shrimp balls are also widely acclaimed, cold and cold shrimp wrapped in secret Mustard sauce, fresh and sweet, too suitable for summer!
Address: No. 5, Lane 5, Longyuan West Road

16:00-17:00 pm

|| Xinyuantang Health Soup Restaurant - When you are older, take care of yourself

(Source: @半岛便利店)

People like Xiaofeijun who can not eat, can't help but drink soup, and find that Shunde is a city that is very friendly to themselves. A variety of medicated diets, full of stomach and nourishment, too suitable for your health girl!

(Source: @半岛便利店)

Xinyuantang is the main coconut stewed black-bone chicken. Compared with the soup with a lot of Chinese medicine, this soup is more of the sweetness of coconut and the deliciousness of black-bone chicken. Tang Run and taste, drinking is very comfortable!

21:00-22:00 at night

|| Huaji Porridge Hotel - A pumpkin pie will make you convinced

(Source: @Christine-chan)

This shop, which has been in business for more than ten years, is a very delicious shop in Xiaofeijun’s view. The main casserole porridge, ingredients are placed neatly on the table. It seems that all the people who come here to eat are old neighborhoods. After coming in, they are very casual and say hello to the clerk, sit down, and then use local words to order the hidden food that is not on the menu.

(Source: @美少女壮士0204)

The beef porridge is rolled in the casserole, and the scent is scented from time to time. The porridge is soft, and then a soft palate is served. You can also eat the pumpkin cake with delicate pumpkin pieces. The happiness will spread out. !

Xingtan Town: a hidden taste in the private kitchen

The waterside cuisine of Xingtan has attracted CCTV's "Tip Tips" series and the Shunde film crew to shoot more than once. Shunde is like this, even if it is just a small town that is not known, it also hides the hidden taste.

|| 耘苑私房菜- Deep private house private house delicious

(Source: @杰少carry)
(Source: @Sumi-kuo)

耘苑 private kitchen, just like most Cantonese-style private kitchens, a small courtyard, birds and flowers. Located in Shunde City, the most fragrant Fengjian Township, the environment is very happy!

(Source: @b賲)

Hand-made squid balls, fragrant to golden, wrapped in a stream of cuttlefish, very Q-bomb! Every bite is satisfying! There is also their private house signature dish "Dried Heart Steamed Beef Flower", refreshing dried vegetables, imported beef, mixed together, unexpectedly good taste ~
Address: Fengjian Village Gaodi Society No. 1

|| Shuixiang people's private kitchen - the leader in private kitchen

(Source: @mojian119)

I don't know if I have seen the little friends of China on the tip of my tongue. I still can't remember the plot of the steamed pigs! The whole pig is marinated with spices such as allspice, sand ginger powder and mangosteen for six hours, and then placed in a special steamer. In the middle, you need to brush the ice water to make the meat firm. Use a professional nail brush to make pork on the pig skin. Add more flavor... A series of processes, fat but not greasy, steamed pigs with tight skinballs can cut into pieces!

(Source: @Maxine-Law)

Xiaofeijun didn't go to Junan because of the trip, but just watching this process in the water town is enough to eat! Moreover, there is also a noodle soup with fresh and sweet fish noodles, a richly-removed fish fillet, and homemade fish cakes. It really makes Xiaofei Jun mad in minutes: Why Shunde people will eat this! !
Address: No. 1 Yongxing Road, Jianshui Township

Chencun Town: It’s far more than a good slippery, good and good tough Chencun powder.

Even if I haven't heard of Chencun Town, I must have heard about the famous Chencun powder. In Chencun Town, far more than Chencun powder!

|| Feng does not remember - change the magician of rice

(Source: @YOOK0)

Come to Feng, remember, wonton noodles is a must! The wonton meat is strong, and the bamboo noodles are refreshing and refreshing. The soup base is also rich with mushrooms, corn and radish, which is also very small and fresh in the visual.

(Source: @阿漫)

Xiaofeijun feels that Feng is not like the breakfast shop at his doorstep. It won't make you feel particularly stunning or lost after you taste it. It has never been innovative or defeated. Here, I have always insisted on doing food.
Address: Beside Shunlian Plaza, No. 1 Fochen Road

|| Huang Dianji old shop - has been imitated, never surpassed

(Source: @阿漫)

Chencun powder is a peak for Shunde people to innovate in rice products!
Come to the old store of Huang Dianji in Chencun, you must pull a few small partners to you to have the strength to eat Chencun powder!

(Source: @阿漫)

Chencun powder is characterized by strong rice, thin thickness, moderate toughness, better than ordinary powder, and can be said to be flexible and tender. Steamed and eaten, fried and eaten, and rolled tough! Anyway...Curry Crab Chencun powder is really delicious to roll! !
Huang Danji Old Store·Chencun Powder Restaurant Address: Shop No. 1, 2, Old Market Bridge South Road, Chencun, Shunde District (near Agricultural Commercial Bank)

|| Chenchai Herbal Tea - A full-flavoured sugar shop

Chen Zi syrup, opened in the store for 72 years, only sells two things: Gecai water and turtle paste. Modern, we seem to tout the so-called ingenuity of Japanese chefs, but we do not know that in our food town, there are people who are doing their best in the focus.

Chen Tsai's turtle paste, all the herbs used come from the Hong Kong pharmacy, with syrup or black sugar powder, the entrance is glued, the taste is smooth, sour and sweet, and it is suitable for summer. ~
Address: Chencun Farmers Market Bus Next to the station

|| Goose drunk good - don't eat drunk goose, not to have been to Shunde

(Source: @嘉懿0918)

Drunk goose is a big innovation for Shunde people to eat goose. Because the goose eats more and feels fat, so add the wine to cook and lick the greasy, but unexpectedly found that this drinking goose is delicious and superb! The drunken goose made with Shunde red rice wine of more than 10 yuan is the most authentic taste. It is also a special food that Shunde has to taste.
Address: No.1, Lane 1, Xiyuan Road, Yongxing Bingjia

When I went to Shunde, Xiaofei Jun really felt that Shunde people would practice "to eat for the sky" to the extreme. In eating this, they are extremely true and persistent.
It is precisely because of this that Shunde's food culture has been able to bloom.

Every time the opening time is over, there are long queues of fine sisters, miscellaneous and miscellaneous, and Siyuan beef, and
Shunde’s Huan sister’s teaching cake, which
inherits the four generations of Zhou Da Niang’s milk.

The private restaurant, Nianfeng Building,
sauna chicken and sauna fish , which are not going to go wrong, is the living room of the Ado private kitchen,
with a snake and four eating to attract the endless family of fat sisters.

Shunde, a city full of well-being and human touch.
Their quiet and calm heart and the persistence of traditional feelings
are displayed through a pair of hand-made food.
The past and present of this land and water
are waiting for you to try and explore.

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