The most reasonable trip to Tibet ten days

Including day trips to Lhasa city, Lhasa East Line four day tour, Lhasa West Line four day tour , as well as Lhasa North Line day trip to Namco.
map of tibet

Combined with the choice of most people, as well as my personal Tibetan life and travel experience, I summed up the most mature, the most classic, but also the most reasonable ten days of Tibet trip, you can be the first time to Tibet will experience all the attractions covered. Including day trips to Lhasa city, Lhasa East Line four day tour (Lhasa - Nyingchi - Lulang - Gyaca - Tsedang - Lhasa), Lhasa West Line four day tour (Lhasa - Shigatse - Everest base camp - Lhasa), as well as Lhasa North Line day trip to Namco.

Lhasa day tour: Potala Palace, Barkhor Street and Jokhang Temple, at night to watch "Princess Wencheng"

Lhasa day tour map

Just arrived in Lhasa, stay at the hotel or the inn, do not be too excited, do not worry activities. Because you want to adapt to the plateau climate, you know you have a high altitude of 3700 meters Oh ~ a lot of people may say that I am after the plane or train, did not feel physically uncomfortable ah, it is because your body of oxygen also There is no consumption, and so after a few hours later, there will be varying degrees of altitude sickness. Therefore, the first day of arrival must first rest to adapt. This is definitely not a waste of time, because only the body no problem, to carry out the back of the trip. You can sleep in the hotel for a while, you can also sit in the inn roof.

Adapt for a while, not too big problem, we can go out shopping. The most worthy of the city of Lhasa is the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Monastery. The two are separated by 600 meters, you can visit together.

Potala Palace is the local Tibetan Buddhist believers in the hearts of Putuo, Tibetan called "Zam Lin Jian Ji", meaning the value of the upper half of the world. The building is mainly composed of the central Red Palace and the White House on both sides of the composition, in addition to Syracuse and Kung Kok Lu Park and other ancillary buildings. This in the TV, magazines, seen numerous times the palace, show in front of me, than the time to see the Tiananmen Square tower is also shocked, escape the soul of a smooth and quiet. Cloth palace night is also very attractive, in the light of the background, even more unparalleled, magnificent. Pizza inside the most wonderful to the number of red palace inside the Dalai Lama's spiritual tower, where gold is the cheapest, do not look like a variety of gems.

Tickets: the season (May 1 to October 31 each year) 200 yuan / person, and need to make an appointment; off-season (November 1 to April 30 the following year) 100 yuan / person, do not need to make an appointment in advance. Season tickets booking: you can live, you can also online. Site need to go to the window to get the appointment queue number (300 per day), the next day with the number of queuing to booking tickets (2300 tickets a day), the third day with tickets to visit. And visit the time to strictly in accordance with the requirements, no later than five minutes. Internet tickets can be purchased within 7 days of the afternoon 13: 00-16: 00 visit tickets.

If you feel that the individual ticket booking is too much trouble, you can buy the Potala Palace half-day tour, or the cloth palace Jokhang Temple day trip, do not book tickets, you can directly visit, as well as tour guides to explain.


  • The beginning of the more than 200 steps so that many people suffer, control the speed of attention to rest, do not be too excited altitude reaction Oh ~
  • The route to the Potala Palace is fixed and can only be guided by a route guide line.
  • Do not wear shorts, short skirts. The room is more cold, the best spare parts in summer.
  • There is a drinking fountain in the German mansion, which can take its own empty water cup and receive free water.
  • The final public toilet before entering the house of the palace is located on the right side of the White House square and is built for tourists. After nearly two hours of visiting the line there is no toilet. In addition, the cloth palace that "the world's deepest toilet" in 2015 was closed, is not open.

Barkou Street is the most famous turn and business center shopping street in Lhasa. The streets will never be able to worship the Tibetan people, and ultimately, Tibetan shops, selling Tibetan costumes, handicrafts, as well as from India, Nepal and other places of goods. There are many famous Tibetan restaurants around.

Barkhor Street is the center of the Jokhang Temple. The original name of the temple "Yixia" later evolved into "Lhasa" and became the name of the city. So people often say "first Jokhang Temple, after the city of Lhasa." Jokhang Temple, the biggest head of the year when the Princess Cheng Cheng into the Fan Si Manchu 12 years old and so on to open the Buddha statue. Lhasa is known as the "Holy Land", with the Buddha on the relevant. The third floor of the platform is looking for the Potala Palace, overlooking the Jokhang Monastery Square. Jokhang Temple, another landscape is knocking the head of the Tibetan believers, see the people will be driven by the power of faith.

Tickets: the whole year are 85 yuan / person, regardless of the season (after the first ticket to save the best tickets, after a few days to go still effective); hall to take pictures of photography; explain 50 yuan / times.

Tibetan food: evening in the Jokhang Temple near the snowy restaurant, Maggie Ami, the sun tribe, bright Hong Kong Qiong sweet tea house and other Tibetan restaurants, goods, a product of the collection of butter tea, sweet tea, eat authentic meal. Recommended fried lamb chops, beef Zanba porridge, yogurt cake, Tibetan pizza, hand lamb / yak meat, butter tea, highland barley wine and so on. Lhasa is now more people travel to the mainland, the practice of the Tibetan restaurant has improved, eat up the taste is good. Per capita consumption of 80 in general. Pay attention to the amount of meals, do not eat too full, do not increase the burden on the plateau digestive system.

After the visit to China's Tibet Cultural Tourism Park to see 21:00 start of the "Princess Wencheng" real drama performances. Lhasa has two performances, "Princess Wencheng" and "happiness on the road". "Princess Wencheng" is the world's most spectacular Tibetan culture classic large real drama, the main grand and grand Tibetan dance and the original ecology of traditional songs, the sky for the screen, mountains for the King, magnificent, shocking the soul. Pot Zhuang dance, playing Algar, Tibetan opera, and a variety of unique Tibetan characteristics of the dance, colorful, called a Tibetan culture "live dictionary." Is divided into five curtains, the total length of about 90 minutes.

Traffic: from the Jokhang Temple starting by bus 11 or 17 Road, three stops in the bus terminal to get off, get off after about 3 km walk. Recommended direct taxi, the cost of 30-50, to the "Princess Wencheng" car generally do not play the table, you must consult with the driver in advance to negotiate a good price.

Lhasa East Line Four Day Tour: Lhasa - Nyingchi - Lulang - Gyaca - Tsedang - Lhasa

Line details:

  • Day 1: Lhasa - Mira Pass - Basongo - Nyingchi;
  • Day 2: Nyingchi - Lulang - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Garcia (Shannan)
  • Day 3: Garcia - Ramrah - Yongbulakang - Tsedang
  • Day 4: Tsedang - Yamdrok - Lhasa


East Line Day 1: Lhasa - Mira Yamaguchi - Basongco - Nyingchi


The reason why the first arrangement of the East, because Nyingchi area generally lower altitude, oxygen is relatively rich, for those who have just entered the Tibet, it is easier to adapt. Nyingchi City (Note: from Nyingchi area in 2015 to Nyingchi City) 410 km from Lhasa, there are nearly 200 km of highways, the rest of the national road, about 8 hours by car, all the way to go through the highest point of Sichuan-Tibet Highway Mira Yamaguchi and Red God of God Lake Basong measures. These two spots visit the road to Nyingchi.

Mira Yamaguchi is located in the Sichuan-Tibet line 318 National Road Mira Hill Yamaguchi, 5013 meters above sea level, Yamaguchi perennial snow. This is Lhasa to Nyingchi tourist line on a resting place, there are blessings to help you hang the streamer of the local people, blue sky and white clouds with colorful prayer flags always have a kind of holy and pure feeling. By the Sichuan-Tibet line into the Tibetan ride or travel by car will be to the Mira Yamaguchi stone before the group photo taken, because the Mira Yamaguchi is the last one on the Sichuan-Tibet line is the highest elevation of a mountain.


  • Be careful not to jump here to avoid altitude sickness.
  • To travel here are recommended to carpool or tour groups, time and security are guaranteed.
  • Mira Yamaguchi has three statues of yak, please do not climb to the bronze statue without permission.
  • There will be local Tibetans who sell the prayer, do not buy it can be politely refused.

Basongco, Tibetan meaning "green water", 3469 meters above sea level, is the famous red lake gods. The lake is not large, the lake is crystal clear, like a warm jasper mosaic in the verdant mountains. There is a small island on the lake, there are local old ferry hand ferry ride to tourists. The island has a wrong Zonggongba Temple, is the famous Tibetan red temple, the door on both sides of the worship of male and female genital wood carvings. Walk on the island, you can see the mountains to see the water, you can also explore the mystery of the Tibetan yin and yang temple!

Tickets: peak season (May to October) 140 yuan (including scenic green car)

Overnight Nyingchi City. Dinner can enjoy the famous Lulang stone pot in Nyingchi City, wild mushroom fungus with chicken, very delicious, out of the fragrance of people memorable. Head office is located in Nyingchi mountain road.

East Line Day 2: Nyingchi - Lulang - Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon - Gyaca County(Lhoka)


Early in the morning from Lynch to 70 kilometers east of the town of Lulang. In the road to the Lulang first to go through the altitude of 4900 meters of the color Sejila Mountain Pass, winding road non-stop turning around the mountain up, the basic position has not changed, the vertical height of the elevation suddenly rose, Lu Lang Linhai all the way, Accompanied by the morning mountain water vapor, misty as fairyland in general.

Sejila Mountain, Namjagbarwa. In the Sejila Mountain National Forest Park, you can enjoy the typical mountain vertical landscape, from the top of the snow to the coniferous forest, and then to the broad-leaved forest, very complete. It is also the best place to look at the Nanjibawa Peak, which overlooks the sea at the Yamaguchi, looking up at the highest peak of the eastern Himalayas, the highest peak of the world, the world's fifteenth peak, 7782 meters above sea level. Because Nanfeng is located in the depths of the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, rich in water and water, so less than 100 days a year can be seen. If you can see it, luck is not it!

Lulang known as the East Switzerland, clouds, mountains, possession of houses, pastures, fences, water, very quiet and wonderful picture. I suggest that friends who come from Lhasa to Nyingchi, be sure to take some more, because Lulang is where you are not sure to come to Nyingchi!

Lulang stone pot chicken. In the town of Lulang can enjoy the most famous stone pot in Tibet, the price of 300 or so in the pot, the town dozens of optional, personal taste of more than a dozen, and feel pretty good The Lulang stone pot is made of special mineral elements of the mica stone cut chisel, this stone is only produced in Medog, to rely on the back of the back from Medog, and then by the door of the people with the whole stone carefully hand-chisel system, processing When the requirements of the starting strength of symmetry, once impatient, soap stone was chiseled, so the price of this stone pot is also very expensive. Stone pot chicken to local specialty palm to participate in chicken as raw material, the stone pot simmered, the flavor is very unique, soup flavor has a touch of herbs fragrance, chicken tender and flexible.

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. After lunch in Lulang, proceed to the most representative attractions of Nyingchi - Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. As the world's largest canyon, the scenic area attracts tens of thousands of tourists every day. I personally feel that the ticket price slightly pit father (ticket sightseeing car is 240 yuan, scenic buffet is 50 yuan, choose not to eat), but not to regret. To go here is not directed at the Grand Canyon, and directed at the Nanjia Bawa peak. Grand Canyon Scenic Area in the depths of the straight village at the foot of the Nanfeng Mountain, is near the concept of the best location of Nanjia Baya. If you are lucky enough, you can also see the sunshine Jinshan of Nanjia Bawa. I have seen in 2009 and 13 years, the sunshine Jinshan Nanjia Bawa peak, really beautiful to the Meili Snow Mountain are not accessible. The end of the Grand Canyon tour, the next stop to go to Gacha (Ramla wrong county). Overnight checkered.


  • Really spectacular Yarlung Zangbo River big bend in this area is not see, where can you see it? There are two places: First, from the Grand Canyon Scenic Area sightseeing bus station straight white village car or walk on foot, to the village of Gala. But this line is unconventional route, the general tourists are not arrived; the second is to go to Medog on the road called fruit pond can also see the Yarlung Zangbo River big bend.
  • In the Grand Canyon to check the road, there is a scenic area called Nanyi ditch, tickets 200 yuan, which is only the original forest, there is no bright spot to see. Suggest that you ignore.

East Line Day 3: Gyaca County - Lhamo Latso - Yongbulakang - Tsedang


One of the attractions that we would like to visit is the mysterious Lhamo Latso (it is said to be able to see his past life) and the first palace in Tibet Yongbulakang (also Songzan Gambo and Princess Wencheng summer summer palace). Overnight in Tsedang.

Lhamo Latso is located in the mountains of a mountain lakes, in the Tibetan language means "the soul of the lake", its shape is similar to the human skull, the Tibetan people think it is auspicious days of the skull of the woman. Although the area is not large, but in the Tibetan Buddhist reincarnation system, it has a special status. Every year to visit the Dalai Lama, the Panchen Lama and other big living Buddha reincarnation of the soul before, have to look at this view of the lake phase. Every year the Tibetan calendar four to six months, many good men and women come here to pilgrimage view. It is said that many people look at each other, see each other, as long as you devout wait and see, you can see through the lake past life and the next life, the so-called "view of the lake" is her, and therefore has a very mysterious color.

Tickets: 50 yuan. Traffic: from Gyaca County chartered to go, do not package tickets off the season 100 people. It takes about half an hour driving from Gacha County to Ramra Park, and then it takes more than an hour to drive from the top of the park along the winding road to Ramla. To reach the mountain parking lot after the need to climb a 30 meters high mountain, in order to see the true capacity of Ramla wrong.


  • Generally in May to October to go more appropriate winter snow may be road closure. The road around the lake can not go, you can only go to viewing platform.
  • Altitude 5330 meters, the air is thin, viewing platform is not high, but it is not easy to climb up, take a few steps to take a break, do not worry.
  • To the top of the mountain do not loud noise, do not disturb the devout eyes of the believers.
  • Do not leave any rubbish on the mountain, otherwise it will be regarded as disrespectful to the holy lake.

Yongbulakang is the first palace in the history of Tibet, but also the year Songtsan Gambo and Wencheng Princess summer summer land, dating back two thousand years. Yongbulakang is located 11 kilometers away from Tsedang Zhaxiciri mountain, the temple is not large, but the towering hills, condescending, very imposing. Standing on the tower with lofty ideals, Yalong Valley scenery and rural scenery panoramic view. Scenic spot tickets 50 yuan, the palace is not open to visit.


  • At the foot of the mountain there is a small commodity market, there are a dozen stalls to sell some Tibetan crafts, such as bracelets, beads and the like, the price is cheaper, but also easy to bargain, buy play or can.
  • Walk up the mountain with the shape of the steps, in order to prevent altitude sickness, it is best to climb a little slower, about half an hour can climb to the. Next to the queue can also be paid to take another way to walk on the road, 30 yuan / person.

East Line Day 4: Tsedang - Yamdrok - Lhasa


Today from the Tsedang back to Lhasa, along the way for the first time through one of the three holy lakes in Tibet - the Lake Yamdrok (the reason is the first time, because the back of the line will be the way to Sheep Lake, so you appreciate the different Angle of the Lake Yamdrok).

Lake Yamdrok refered to as Sheep Lake, and Lake Manasarovar, Lake Namtso and said the three sacred lake in Tibet, is also my favorite (Lake Namtso in the north of Lhasa, one day round and round; Lake Manasarovar in the Ali region, climate and the environment are more difficult). Sheep Lake is located in Lhoka area Langka County territory, light blue lake, warm and jade, put a blue ribbon scattered in the mountains, the lake elevation of 4100 meters, standing in the snow-capped mountains, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, To the light of the refraction of the holy lake more dazzling. Lake color is better than Qinghai Lake and Lake Namtso! Sheep Lake is the end of the southeast of Tibet, Tibet is also the starting point of the ring line. If you want to visit the viewing platform, tickets 40 yuan.

traffic: Lhasa to Shigatse's bus is a new road, no longer through the Sheep Lake. So if you want to go to the Sheep Lake tour, only chartered, ride or participate in day tour.


  • if shot the Sheep Lake, then, away from the lake in the lake can be photographed. The Galaxy at night is also very spectacular. August to be able to shoot rape!
  • starting from Lhasa to the Sheep Lake also day trip, some morning departure, some starting from the afternoon. Recommended to choose the afternoon starting, because the morning clouds too much to block the lake, can not see clearly. Afternoon sun just in front, although some backlight, but personally see the sheep lake color is the most beautiful.
  • may be checked on the way identity card, please prepare the identity card in advance.

Visit the Sheep Lake, all the way back to Lhasa rest, tomorrow ready to Shigatse and Everest West Line four-day tour. Stay in Lhasa today.

Lhasa West Line four day tour: Lhasa - Shigatse - Everest base camp - Lhasa

Line details:

  • Day 1: Lhasa - Korola Glacier - Shigatse;
  • Day 2: Shigatse - Everest base camp;
  • Day 3: Everest Base Camp - Shigatse;
  • Day 4: Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Temple - Lhasa

(Note: If you do not go to Everest base camp, you can choose Lhasa starting Shigatse two-day tour, the trip is "Lhasa - Karoola Glacier - Shigatse - Tashilunpo Temple - Lhasa.")


West Line Day 1: Lhasa - Korola Glacier - Shigatse


Above the Lhasa East Line and the southeast line tour is completed, starting today along the national highway 318 all the way west, in the Daga Township to the south take the provincial highway 307, all the way along the south of Yamdrok, until the road side appears the Korola Glacier figure.

The Korola Glacier is the world's most recent glacier, the movie "Red River Valley", "Cloud Water Rumor" have been framed here. At first glance, the huge ice tongue spread from the mountains down, one attached to one, completely different from any snow-capped mountains of the scenery, although it is a large white, but that branch of Leng Leng's shape, full of power, people Can not help but lament and fear. Highway side of the Tibetan side of the viewing platform can take pictures, but charges 50. To participate in carpool day tour, the local familiar master of the driver can generally find no charge and vision and great view of the attractions, stop the car to take pictures of visitors, photos are also enough shock.


  • 10 years ago, we can take pictures of the roadside can touch the ice tongue, and now has been degraded to 300 meters away, so some places you do not go, may never see.
  • Go to sheep lake direction, and there is a small hill after a distance from glacier charges, and there is no one to come to charge because it is far from glacier, so no one will come and collect money ... We can see that it is very close Glacier, particularly good view. There have been drivers of the master with the national geography to see this.
  • Katora Glacier to Shigatse on the road there is a Para Manor, not far from the west of Gyangze County, tickets 50 yuan, I have been unable to make complaints after the visit, do not recommend you to visit.
  • leave the glacier, along the provincial highway 307 all the way west to the north, after the Jiangzi County lunch, then arrived in Shigatse City. Shigatse City has a bottle of oxygen cylinders, 15 bottles. Worried that the Everest will be high, you can rent here. Overnight in Shigatse.

West Line Day 2: Shigatse - Everest base camp


Today, this day should be the most memorable day of life, because today it is necessary to reach the world's first peak of the base of Mount Everest. Everest sunshine Jinshan, Cowin and the stars may be your life can not be seen elsewhere.

In the mountains to Mount Everest, the scenery is enough to make people eye open. With the car passing the quiet towering mountains, inadvertently, the car will be asked: that is not Mount Everest ah? With the tour guide "ah" response, we almost all jump up, rising heart from the endless sense of worship. Yes, this is the first time everyone saw the reaction of Mount Everest! And this time only on the way, has not yet arrived at the base camp Everest. Continue to move forward, will go through the flannel temple, and some travel in order to rush to the Everest base camp, will return to the time to visit the velvet temple.

Everest base camp is located in the south of the flannel temple, surrounded by a group of tent hotels, the middle of a flag and a side of the Everest Protected Area banner. Everest base camp mainly provides tourist accommodation, there are simple bathroom and tent post office. This tent post office is the highest post office in China, where you can buy postcards to mail to distant partners, very meaningful.

In order to protect the ecological environment of Everest, the base camp does not allow the existence of permanent buildings, in addition to simple toilet. Local collectors took these tents to facilitate the accommodation, to the closure of these tents will be demolished. So the accommodation is very difficult. A tent sleeping seven or eight people, beds are located in the middle, the middle of the fire, you can boil water, heating. Dinner is generally instant noodles. Night can shoot Everest star and star track. The next morning can shoot Everest sunrise.

Everest tickets 180 yuan per person into the mountain fee of 100 yuan, which 280 yuan I think enough to spend enough.


  • To Everest base camp, need to apply for defense in advance. When you buy a day trip, the travel agency is usually included.
  • From the base camp to the tourists can be close to Mount Everest's recent viewing point, or a section of the road, where you can choose to take the scenic tourist car, from 25 / person. There are a lot of people choose to walk on the past, not too far, but also more sense of experience. Watch the point and then there are officers and men guarded, and only pay the mountaineering management fees to enter the climbers, spectacular velvet glacier and ice Tallinn are inside.
  • The base camp can rent sleeping bags and military coats, a 50, of course, the degree of health can not be required. Tent to provide the quilt is not clean, so try to wear their own down jacket, or bring their own sleeping bags.

West Line Day 3: Everest base camp - Shigatse

This morning to watch the sunrise Everest, in the base camp to eat a bowl of Tibetan MM boiled porridge, it is necessary to bid farewell to the first peak. Return journey not far, will go through the flannel temple. And then along the 318 National Road arrived in Shigatse. Night shrine (from Everest is not within a day to return to Lhasa Oh ~).

Velvet temple is the world's tallest temple, unique. The temple itself is not large, because at the foot of Mount Everest and famous earthquake. The velvet temple is a great place to watch and shoot Everest, from here to the south, see Everest like a huge pyramid, in close proximity, daunting. Velvet Temple or a local characteristics of the monks and nuns mixed with the temple, in the absence of the development of Everest base camp, the villa temple was as a mountaineering team of the assembly, complete equipment, step by step climbing. Now the temple can also stay, a few dozen yuan a night.


West Line Day 4: Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Monastery -
Lhasa West Line Four Day Tour Day 4 map

When you return to Lhasa from Shigatse, do not forget to visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery, one of the six main Ljubouti temples (the other five are Ganden Monastery, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Tall Temple and Gansu Labrang Monastery).

Tashilhunpo Temple. Buddhism pay attention to the sun and the moon with the Hui, if the "day" on behalf of the Dalai Lama, the Potala Palace, that "month" on behalf of the Panchen Lama, is the Tashilhunpo Temple. Tashilhunpo Temple is the ancient dynasty after the Panchen Lama in the land, the temple resplendent, in Tibet is rare. It is located in the city of Shigatse and is within walking distance. Tickets season (May - October) 80 yuan / person, off-season (November - April the following year) 40 yuan / person.


  • The exhibition of the Shakespeare Temple can be seen throughout the Shigatse and the monastery.
  • Unlike the Potala Palace in Lhasa, the Tashilhunpo Monastery can visit the morning, noon and afternoon.
  • Do not take pictures of monks!

Lhasa north line day tour: Lhasa - Namco


After the tour ends, the last important attraction is the Namtso in the northern part of Tibet. As the first of the three holy lakes in Tibet, received nearly ten thousand visitors every day. Namtso is the second largest lake in Tibet, is the world's highest saltwater lake, located in Lhasa Dangxiong County, the lake elevation of 4700 meters. A lot of people to Lhasa, the next day went to watch Namtso, in fact, is not reasonable, where the higher altitude, the body is relatively easy to adapt to every year 10 to May closure of the lake, The main attractions are Nianqing Tanggula Mountain, the elephant as the door, together palm stone and so on.

From Lhasa, there are many teams organizing day trips and two-day trips. The difference is that the day trip from day to day can see the King of the time is limited. Two-day tour can see Nam Co sunrise and sunset, a better experience of Nam Co wrong style. However, due to the relatively high altitude, low temperature at night, it is easy to high resistance, so do the cold and anti-high anti-prepared. Two-day tour includes fares and ticket fees (tickets 120 yuan / person), accommodation themselves. Namco wrong accommodation, are in the Tashi peninsula simple flat room, the bed price of 35-50 yuan or so, the food is mainly Sichuan, a bowl of about 20.


  • When the pictures of the Tibetan people's yak and Tibetan mastiff are charged, pay attention not to pay, then do not take pictures of them.
  • Lake in the Tibetan people is very holy, it is best not to touch, the stone should not pick up casually.
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