The most recommended in Xi'an, one day free exercise Raiders!

First, Silk Road to see Xi'an

Speaking of Xi'an we will be on this historical city is the ancient Changan somewhat familiar. But if you want to elaborate on the history of Xi'an, how many people can understand the chest With the launch of a national strategy along the way, as the starting point of the Silk Road, Xi'an once again stood in the spotlight, then I will take you to visit the historical relics of Xi'an again.
Today we do not say Qinhuangbing Terracotta Warriors and Horses, do not speak Famen Temple, we look at how we look for the ruins of the thirteen in Xi'an. Speaking of historical sites we first look at it, it had to go to the Shaanxi Museum of History, from the Zhou Qin and Han Tang to reform and opening up here you will see the familiar figure.

Want a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the history of Xi'an, [Shaanxi History Museum] is one of the attractions will go to Xi'an, 4A level scenic spots, the average annual visitors to 2.31 million passengers, only the season and more season; is to show the history and culture of Shaanxi and ancient China The art of civilization. Collection of cultural relics up to more than 370,000 pieces, from the early stages of the ancient human use of simple stone, down to 1840 years ago, all kinds of social life objects, the time span of more than one million years. Cultural relics not only the number of species, and high grade, wide value, which Shangqing bronze exquisite, ancient pottery figurines mix, Han and Tang Dynasties gold and silver unmatched national, Tang tomb murals unparalleled. Can be described as dazzling, boutique blend. Treasures inside the museum is worth a look, are the treasures of the town hall.
Tour length: it is recommended to explain the basic library 100 yuan, we can count a few people to listen to listen, it may take about 2 hours to visit down.

1, Shaanxi History Museum every Monday (except national statutory holidays) and Lunar New Year thirty closed overhaul. The basic museum is free and open, but the implementation of "free of charge free of charge", limited daily limited time to issue free tickets 4,000 (20:00 daily limit 2,500, the next limit of 1500), finished, winter (November 15 - March 15 the following year) 9: 00-17: 30 (16:00 to stop the invoice), even if the winter will be relatively less, but still have to go early, especially the weekend or a lot of people. FIT (with ID card or valid document) to visit one person limit a vote, the effective date expired. 2, Treasure Museum Ticket Price: March 1 - the end of November: 35 yuan, December 1 - the end of the following year: 20 yuan / per person; Tang Dynasty murals treasures (including Treasures Museum, Foundation Museum): March 1 day - the end of November 150 yuan / person; December 1 - the end of the following year: 110 yuan / person. 3, children and the elderly charges: 1.2 meters below the children and more than 70 years old holders of the elderly treasures free admission tickets, no need to purchase tickets. 4, bus: 5,19,24,26,27,30,34,400,401,521,527,610,701,710 Road to Cuihua Road Station 5, Address: Yanta District, Xiaozhai East Road No. 91

Second, eat at noon? Biáng biáng

Shaanxi people love to eat noodles, noodles on the street than the restaurant, but in the end how many kinds of pasta in Shaanxi it? Some people have a rough statistics of the pasta in Shaanxi about 50 as much. Biáng biáng surface, Qishan noodles, pendulum noodles, garlic dipped in the face, the court cans ... ... numerous, although are the surface, but Shaanxi pasta to each kind of face are doing different, are given a deep Of the culture, like the history of Shaanxi.
Today, especially recommended food biáng biáng surface: surface "tendons, light, fragrant", with a fried pork or meat pieces and spicy, bamboo shoots, melon and other common stir fry, is color, smell, taste, shape and taste Characteristics of snacks, is very authentic Qin flavor. Features; soft and not bad, long and constant, thick but not hard 咥 a bowl biáng biáng surface, the United States was very, liao ye blanket!

Food Recommended:

1), Nanyuanmen 80 biangbiang noodle (South Gate Jinqi shop): Shaanxi History Museum - this shop traffic route:
about 40 minutes away. From the Shaanxi Museum of History came to the east after the trip to the [Cuihua Road Station] about 300 meters, travel 8/610, in the 【Wu Shi word station】 get off, get off and go back, along the South Guangji Street 40 meters, turn left into the south gate, along the South Gate walk 210 meters, arrived at the finish line.

2), Guanghua Road, 13 Industrial Building, 13th Floor, biangbiang face. Shaanxi History Museum - This shop is only
45 minutes away. From the Shaanxi Museum of History came to the east after the trip to the [Cuihua Road Station] about 300 meters, take the tour 400 Road, in the [Asia and the United States Building] get off, follow the road to walk 110 meters, turn right into the high-tech road, Along the high-tech two-way walk 340 meters, turn right into Guanghua Road, along the Guanghua Road 70 meters to reach the end.

[Shaanxi History Museum] - [Forest of Stone Tablets] traffic routes: the area after the west to the small village, take 704/14 Road, get off at Wenchang Gate, and then walk 340 meters.
Price: about 12 yuan per capita, can not eat spicy people can let less spicy

Third, another Xi'an will visit the attractions - Forest of Stone Tablets

[Steles Museum]
Forest of Stone Tablets Museum and History Museum What is the difference? It is the collection, display and study of ancient inscriptions, epitaphs and stone-based, is China's largest monument forest monument, the famous "Zhaoling six Jun" there are four Chun possession of the museum. Display by the Beilin, stone art and other cultural relics exhibition three parts, a total of 12 exhibition rooms. There are 7 monument rooms, 8 Beilang, 8 Beiting. Ouyang asked the "Huangpu Ji monument", Liu Gongquan "multi-pagoda monument", Yan Zhenqing's "Yan Jing Li monument" and so on are displayed here. Tour time: it is recommended that the instructor 200 yuan, we can count a few people to listen to listen to travel about three hours or so.

1, ticket prices: low season (December 1 - the end of February) unanimously approved 50 yuan / person; high season (March 1 - the end of November) 75 yuan / person 2, Opening hours: end of November: 8:00 -17: 30 Closed, 18:15 Closed; December 1 - the end of February the following year: 8: 00-17: 15 Closed, 18:00 Closed 3, children and the elderly charges: children under 1.2 meters Free of charge; 70 years old or older elderly card or ID card free of charge. Children's height 1.2-1.4 meters, 65 to 70 years old between the elderly with an old age card or identity card, with the officer card, military remedy, student license scenic spot ticket.

Arrival traffic:

1), the south gate 80 biangbiang noodle - Forest of Stone Tablets Museum:
about 30 minutes from the starting point to the west, along the south gate walk 210 meters, turn right forward, take 10 meters turn left into Nan Guangji Street, along 20 meters away from Wenchang door, take a walk of 300 meters, get off and go back, walk 90 meters along the Arts North Road, go straight into the cypress forest to go 130 Meters into the three school street, along the three street to walk 60 meters into the Xianning Lane and then walk 20 meters, turn left turn right to reach the end of 70 meters.

2), Xi'an Guanghua Road on the 13th Industrial Building, 1st Floor biangbiang face - Forest of Stone Tablets:
about 45 minutes, the first walk required 540 meters, starting from the starting point to the southeast, along the Guanghua Road, walk 200 meters, turn left the road to move forward 230 meters, turn left into the high-tech road to go 110 meters, arrived [Guanghua Road] station, take 402 or 512 Road in the [Wenchang door] stop, walk about (300) meters. Get off to go 100 meters turn right, take 20 meters into the cypress forest, take 130 meters turn left into the three school street, walk 60 meters, turn right into the Xianning Lane walk 20 meters turn, take 70 meters, turn right end.

Fourth, audiovisual feast - Tang Le Gong Tang Tang dance performances

Stroll a day more tired, to an audio-visual feast it The name of Tang Le Palace, meaning in the Tang Dynasty "five music eight music" and "happy hall" of the double meaning. As the name suggests, Tang Le Palace is a financial entertainment and catering as one of the integrated enterprise, one of the most prestigious "Song and Dance Theater Restaurant" at home and abroad, its rich wine and food, colorful and colorful Tang Dynasty folk song and dance , So you look forward to the ancient capital of the ancient town of Xi'an.
"Queen of Datang" song and dance performances about the generation of empress Wu Zetian 14-year-old election to the palace to 67 years of age to stand the emperor during the history of the story, the Wu Zetian from the beginning of the palace, through the war, Palace fighting, later from a charming girl became Chinese history The history of the first emperor was concentrated in the 60-minute musical. The play consists of five chapters: "beauty candidate", "private culture", "war", "palace fighting" and "ascending".

Address: Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, Beilin District Chang'an North Road 75 (grassland slope and Chang'an North Road, the southeast corner) traffic is very convenient.

1, Xi'an Forest of Stone Tablets Museum - Xi'an Tang Le Gong bus line: about 30 minutes, walk 300 meters to [Wenchang door] on the train, take the 14 road in the [South slightly] station, has been to go south to reach 430 meters The

2, the show time: 20: 00-21: 10, because the performance seat is limited, so pay attention to the advance consultation, to determine the time and location to go after.
3, children charges: 2 years old (including) the following children free of charge, 1.3 meters below children enjoy half price concessions.

In fact, there are other ways to play in Xi'an, but because it is winter, so give you recommend the indoor attractions; these three attractions are not too far away from each other, Xi'an traffic extending in all directions, small partners are bus subway are very Convenient (bus card processing place: Xi'an Bank), 18 yuan / Zhang, which is a separate card fee, the car need to charge another money; bus can brush more than one card, the subway can only one card. Also remind the winter dry climate, pay more attention to drinking water; I wish you all the fun.

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