Three fat four pounds in three days, but I only eat the iceberg of Shunde food.

Seven words. To eat goods - "Foshan love letter" Chicken feet steamed Lunjiao cake, fish Health wonton Crystal package steamed pork fried double skin milk, plus two cage shrimp dumplings

Frequently, a friend asks, why do you call your husband fifty steps and call yourself a hundred paces? In fact, this stems from our two common interests - eat! Six or seven years old met that time, we are all round-faced fat, inadvertently breed the feelings of revolutionary comrades.
Until now, it is always a very important thing in our lives to go to a new restaurant or to pick a tourist destination. This is why we have been unable to reach a consensus on who is more obsessed with this matter. Arguing to argue, in fact, is only a fifty-step laugh, so ten years ago, these two titles were born.
Before packing up and preparing to go to Foshan, Mr. Wu Bubu said: "If it is not the right time, I really want to go to Foshan with you." EXCUSE ME? Before going to Paris in the United States to go to the world, he never saw him want to follow. Was it true that he had gone to Foshan?
It is no wonder that what he likes most is Cantonese snacks, and fellow business associates often drive from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to Shunde for food on the weekends. It is cruel to eat without food. The time PO map stimulated him. Write this, in order to maintain the feelings between husband and wife, I decided to arrange a one-and-five-step Mr. Foshan food tour.

Onion ginger fried crab

When it comes to eating, people may all know that "food is in Guangzhou," and the next sentence, "Cook out of Fengcheng," is rarely known.
The "Fengcheng" here refers to Shunde, which is the "hometown of cooking" and the "source of Cantonese cuisine." In 2014, Shunde was awarded the title of "Food Capital of the World" by UNESCO. This is the second city in China after Chengdu to receive this honor. Shunde cuisine is unique in Cantonese cuisine. It features "Qing, Xian, Shuang, Nen, Slippery and True." There are over a hundred gold dishes and specialty dishes.

When you encounter cooking in Jianshui Township, it is a fragrant aroma.

The fifth episode “The Secret of the Kitchen” on the tip of China’s “Keeping the secrets of the kitchen” made Junan a steaming pig, while another “Enchanting Shunde” introduced nearly 40 kinds of Shunde foods, making the front of the screen eaters say “ "Screen pinching to mouth cramps".
So you have to ask Shunde what food strategies, you may wish to preview this documentary at home, pig pig, boneless fish, sauna chicken, salad skin, fried milk, chrysanthemum water snake soup, rice porridge, Chen village powder, burn Goose... And these are just the tip of the iceberg of Shunde cuisine.

"Drilling and Drilling" and Food

Shunde wine is everywhere. It is better to recommend which one to go to. However, the best restaurants to eat are hidden in the private kitchens on the riverside or in the private houses. If you have local friends in Shunde, it will be a real treat!
Love letters suggest you eat for ten days and eight days, but I personally feel that three or four days is enough, because even if you can only taste nine or nine, even if a few pounds fat can not afford it, it would be better to meet Aftertaste for a while, reduce fat and look forward to coming again. After all, besides being passionate about food, strolling in the waters of Lingnan, listening to stories in the temple, and martial arts masters... Foshan always has the best arrangements. It's worth your time to come again.
If I was in the past, I can boldly write an XX local food strategy. But this time it really tasted fur. Fortunately, there are local friends with Huo Huo, and all of them are restaurants recommended by the Tourism Bureau. The right to say.

Recommended Restaurant I: Pork Po

The pork husband can be regarded as the hottest restaurant in Shunde. It has been booked a few days in advance and will be overturned at 7pm. Garden-style farmhouses, pavilions, and small bridges, although the price is not cheap, but also feel good value for money.

Wind and water

Shunde is a place rich in fish, steamed, fried, squid, hot pot ... ... toss over the fire, began to try new tricks - eat fish, taste buds suddenly found a new continent, it became a Shunde people eat fish The highest realm. When it is produced, it is "point, kill, cut, instant" and the pursuit is a fresh word.
In the transport, slaughter, bloodletting, slicing, placing of dishes, and dipping of fish, there are doorways everywhere. For example, bloodletting is very important to fish, put fish blood clean, you can prevent parasites in the blood, cut out the fish to be crystal clear; fish sliced ​​to thin as a flap, in order to remove the fishbone clean; chef also Remove moisture while cutting. There is moisture on the fish slices, indicating that the kung fu is not yet available.

Wind and water

There are more than a dozen types of raw fish in Shunde. Garlic slices, onion ginger, and peanut oil are bactericidal. Peanut crushed, fried glutinous, and sesame are chewing. Onion, and soy sauce, are used to pick up peppers. Of course, they are still indispensable. Salt and soy sauce. The process of mixing various seasonings and fish is called “recovering”. In Cantonese, “fishing” has the meaning of harvesting and obtaining. As the saying goes, “one fishing gold, two fishing silver fishing, fishing, fishing, and everything”. So this dish has a nice and meaningful name, "Wind and Water."

Salt oil rice

The salty rice meal of the pork husband's family is definitely a bright spot. For me who do not like to eat the staple food, even if there is no side dish, I also eat a full bowl. The rice has a slightly salty taste but the granules are well-blended. It is too fragrant to mix in a ginger oil that is similar to a white-cut chicken.

Garlic stone oysters

Steamed squid with oyster sauce

This main river fresh seafood, squid bombs, oysters plump.

Pan-fried pomelo peel

The first time I made a dish made with grapefruit skin, it tasted a little like a sponge and had no bitterness.

Fried bamboo intestines

In the north, we often eat the large intestine of pigs. The first of our Shandong cuisine is the nine large intestines. The bamboo intestine is the small intestine. It is very clean and the taste is thick and crisp.

Recommended dishes:Wind water, ginger fried rice with salt and oil, fried oyster custard peel, squid squid, roast goose, pork roast, garlic, stone pot, Beihai oysters, stir-fried bamboo intestines, late vegetable heart
address : (Shunde District) No. 31, Xiaoye Zhanye Road (next to Guizhou Middle School)
Reference price: 199/person burned geese, 138 yuan for salted pork, 38 yuan for salted rice, 88 yuan for stir-fried bamboo intestines, and 38 yuan for fried nappa. Yuan, late vegetable heart 48 yuan

Recommended Restaurant II: Baizhang Park (Chencun Flower & Food Shop)

Chencun is known as the "Lingnan millennium flower village". It was here that flower farmers lived in the water more than 2,000 years ago. They used the river to transport flowers and seedlings. With the shift of the stars, the banks of the Dongping River faded away and the high buildings were row upon row. "Lingnan Millennium Flower Village" has transformed into a "Chinese Flower Town".

Baizhang Garden originated in Shunde Leliu. It was originally a private dining room where the owner used entertaining ingredients from the vegetable base to entertain friends and made friends. In addition to adhering to the traditional Shunde cooking philosophy, all the dishes in the shop do not use MSG, chicken and other seasonings. Because it has been on the "Expectation Shunde", it can be regarded as a local red shop!

Rose pheasant chicken

Rose pheasants are my favorite ones. Big chunks of ginger, garlic, and onion are very concentrated, and chicken is chewy. Rose sweet and slightly bitter medicine mild, able to warm heart and liver, comfortable hair in the body of depression.

Nostoc sojae

The night vanilla immersed in wild mushrooms, or the first time to eat. The night vanilla has the therapeutic effect of clearing heat and lightness, and is used as a soup and a variety of wild mushrooms to cook soup, which is rich in flavor.

Daliang fried milk

Daliang fried milk, through Shunde's unique "soft-fried law", fry liquid milk into a semi-solid hot dish, unique style. The vegetables are not condensate, but the milky mellow white and tender, the various fillings in the milk skin are clearly visible.

Gold and silver steamed Chen Cun powder

Chencun powder is as bright and pure as satin, and it is full of pure natural rice flavors. Compared with Shahe powder, Chencun powder is thinner and more refreshing.

Osmanthus steamed abalone

The taste of sweet-scented osmanthus steamed abalone is also good, and the abalone Q-bomb is accompanied by a touch of sweet scent of sweet-scented osmanthus, which perfectly integrates the flower and the dish.

Recommended dishes: rose pheasant, sweet-scented osmanthus steamed abalone, hawthorn ribs, oysters with beef, iron eggplant, Darong fried milk, gold and silver steamed Chen Cun powder. Looked at the online review, in fact, there are a lot of flowers and vegetables are also quite distinctive, such as plumeria stewed duck, steamed stuffed with pumpkin plum flower, sweet-scented egg steamed crab and so on.
Address: (Shunde District) Chencun Town Flower World One of 28 Qianhong Road
Reference price: 64/person rose pheasant chicken 138 yuan, steamed stuffed egg squash flower 68 yuan, osmanthus steamed abalone 20/only, gold and silver steamed Chen Village powder 28 yuan

Recommended Restaurant 3: Xiang Yun Xuan (New World)

Xiangyunxuan Restaurant, located in the Xiangyunsha Hotel opposite Qinghuiyuan North Gate, can enjoy morning tea on the third and fourth floors. So whether it is a guest who stays or who comes to play, they will try it here. There was no plan to eat morning tea, but everyone felt that it was a pity that they wouldn’t eat. Therefore, they naturally awoke and got up early. At 8 o'clock in the morning, more than four floors of the hall were full.
Shrimp dumplings, steamed pork ribs, chicken claws, cowboy bones, radish cakes, boat porridge, roasted dumplings are all delicious, love sandbags and money belly, people eat morning tea to see the newspaper talk gossip, we one by one patronize to eat, one Did not speak.

Recommended dishes: sauce money belly, gold sandbags, steamed pork ribs, shrimp dumplings ... can eat you just point it!
Address: Shunde District, Shunde District, No. 25 Qinghui Road (inside the Xiangyun Hotel)
Reference Price: 88/person The price is different from the A small point of 5.8 yuan - G fine point of 18.8 yuan is different, such as sauce steamed chicken legs ( Super F) 16.8 yuan, gold sandbags (top E) 15.8 yuan, sauce money belly (fine G) 18.8 yuan.

Recommended Restaurant IV: Fulin Villa Restaurant

This is the first stop of this trip. We haven't visited Foshan in Guangzhou yet! The store had a particularly good night's business on weekends and many local families ate here.

Demolition bone pig hand fishing cucumber

Remove the bones of the pig hand to get the cucumber, taste very hard, fat but not greasy pigskin, every mouth is full of collagen.

Crispy pork roast

Crispy pork roast is a feature of their home. The crispy skin is tender and tender, wrapped in a layer of sugar and fragrant.

Refreshing fish skin

Cold and refreshing fish skin is more crisp than in the north.

Recommended dishes: deep-fried crispy geese goose, fresh and refreshing fish skin, steamed whitebait steamed giant fish, boneless pig hand fishing cucumber, when the vegetables squid balls.
Address: (Guangzhou) Huatai Road No. 9 (Near South China Rapid Viaduct)
Reference price: 68/person Sham wells crispy goose 48 yuan, Folin crystal chicken 68 yuan.

Feelings were all eaten out, and in Foshan for a few days, I really did not want to leave. Well, then look forward to the next encounter!

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