Tibetan car rental Raiders 丨 Tibetan old driver to teach you how to rent a car

Tibet as a very popular tourist destination in recent years, is a lot of people want to go to the place. Many ways to Tibet, some people choose to walk, some people choose to ride, some people choose the Qinghai-Tibet Railway train into Tibet, some people choose to rent a car by car. Which car rental by car the door of the most, today to give you said that ~ ~

First, the Tibetan car rental car park with the PK tour

Tibet tourism has a choice of free exercise, there are options with the tour tour. With the tour is a relatively "lazy" approach to the law, eat and live travel have travel arrangements, do not worry about trivia, wholeheartedly to enjoy the joy of travel. This "lazy" is also understandable.
But with the tour to pay attention to is: must find a regular travel agency, to participate in pure play group, although the cost will be higher, but the quality is guaranteed.

There are friends do not like this law-abiding law, choose free exercise. In fact, in Tibet is really does not exist, do not think I go to the sheep or lake, or take a bus to go, play to take the bus back, because in many places in Tibet is not through the bus, Place you over the night you will be able to adapt, after all, that is higher altitude, the more convenient conditions are more limited.  

Often, in Tibet's free exercise, mostly car rental tours. Car rental is divided into by car, or chartered with two drivers. Car rental tour with the tour, of course, to be free, time, attractions, travel, they will have a strong control, but the cost is much higher. On the other hand have the pleasure of driving at the same time, will bring driving fatigue. To Tibet is with the tour, or car rental free exercise, we can own economic conditions, physical and other factors.  

Second, the Tibetan car rental fees

1, select the regular car rental company

Tibet, especially in Lhasa, there are many car rental companies, choose a regular company is a car rental safety, rest assured that the premise. Regular car rental companies have legitimate operating qualifications of the vehicle, license plates are usually licensed to "possession of L" at the beginning of the coach .
Choose a formal car rental company, you will have some service guarantee:
① will sign a formal car rental contract;
② daily car maintenance is better, excellent condition;
③ complete procedures, insurance driving more at ease, better after-sales service.

There is also a class of non-operating qualification of the car rental company, with a number of "black car" to a lower price to attract tourists. But this type of car lack of government regulation, there is no legal travel license, vehicle insurance is incomplete, if there is a problem, these companies will prevaricate, the interests of tourists can not be guaranteed.
And some tourists in order to travel more easily, will choose chartered, so that the car rental company assigned a driver. Formal car rental companies, the driver will be more patient, the service is more thoughtful, will all the way for tourists to introduce the Tibetan folk customs, around the classic attractions, travel will be more calm, play more comfortable. And some black car drivers, due to the lack of constraints of the company system, will be halfway from the starting price, clever name plus money. And then with the tourists all the way "bolted" to take the concept of flowers, travel is also very uncomfortable.

2, choose the right vehicle for you

Choose the number according to the number of people. Regular car rental company models complete, there are cars, off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles, buses, buses. Visitors can choose according to the number of 5, 7, 9, 12, 17, 22 and other cars. If the number of visitors is no more than 4 people, it is recommended that the preferred off-road vehicle. Off-road vehicles through the relatively strong performance, more suitable for the road around Tibet.

3, how much money car rental

Tibet travel rental car prices are divided into daily and calculated by driving kilometers. Only the car without the driver of the general calculation by the number of days, at the same time will refer to the car rental models, brands, etc. to calculate the price; chartered with the driver's general mileage in terms of the calculation, the price is usually 3.5-5 yuan / km. Car rental prices will also be adjusted according to the tourism season.

  The following product is a car rental car line, for tourists to develop a different line, my trip I call the shots!  

Third, Tibet car rental car care matters

Many of the vehicles under the banner of self-help, in fact, are cheaper on the market off-road vehicles, these cars or modified Toyota 4500, or the situation can be more off-road vehicles. They have the same characteristics, that is, there is no formal travel procedures . There is no direct result of travel procedures
[responsibility is not clear] , if the car in the process of any problems, or traffic accidents will need their own basic.

But the main feature of this car is the price is cheap, if you carefully calculate the price, count the oil costs (off-road vehicle fuel costs is basically 1 yuan / km) + car consumption + driver wages, you will think these companies Are all at a loss. In fact, they are the procedures should be handled for tourism, tourism bureau and other costs are saved, the natural price is low. Of course, security is also saved.

On the vehicle insurance , the Tourism Bureau to enforce the seat of the insurance is the minimum limit of 5-10 million, some drivers may be cheaper to buy only 50,000 insurance, traffic accident non-death claims do not exceed 80% of the amount of insurance, thousands of pieces The amount of hospitalization may not be paid. And if it is non-tourism operators to do passenger transport business, insurance companies will not claim. Please pay attention to the selection, the best chartered before the driver's vehicle insurance procedures.

Fourth, the Tibetan car rental classic line recommended

1, Everest Classic 4 day tour

Mount Everest

D1. Lhasa - Sheep Lake - Koruo La Glacier - Shigatse Shiga Shiga
D2: Shigatse - Everest base camp - Everest Nature Reserve - Everest live Everest Tent
D3: Everest - Day - Velvet Temple - Shigatse Shigatse
D4 : Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Monastery - Lhasa Lhasa

Early morning Everest

This is a standard walk into Tibet, take the "near" Everest route. Along the way you will see one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, Yang Zhuo Yong wrong, as well as known as "the most wishful good manor" in Shigatse, and the world's highest mountain - Everest. Enjoy the beautiful and beautiful natural scenery, taste unique after the possession of life, look at the world's most beautiful water, every place will bring a different surprise.  

As Everest is a border management area, to Everest friends need to handle the border pass ahead of time, commonly known as border card. If there is no border card, it will not go to the time. Lhasa travel agency can let the agent or for their own.

Above the line is carefully selected for the tourists trip, the whole line can be close to watch Everest.

2, Nyingchi depth tour: Lin Zhiran Wuhu Bomi Grand Canyon Quest 6 day tour

Linzhi peach blossom

D1: Lhasa starting - Nyingchi - Mira Yamaguchi - Niyang River scenery - the mainstay - Basong measures Nyingchi
D2: Nyingchi - Sejila Hill - Lulang Linhai - Bomigang Spruce Scenic Area - Grass Lake Scenic Area to live wave Mi
D3 : Bomi - Ancient Township Lake - Mizhi Glacier - Paleong Zangbojiang - Yarlung Zangbo River Coast scenery - Ranwu Lake - Bobi live Bomi
D4: Bomi - Lulang - Lulang flower pasture - Nyingchi eight live Linzhi
D5: Bomi - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - South Gamba Waters - Ice Lake Guns and Resident Nyingchi
D6: Nyingchi - Khartougou Falls - Eight Jedang Prairie - Lhasa Lhasa

Pine of St. Paul

Nyingchi, a small river in Tibet, is one of the lowest places in Tibet, and it is the preferred route for the plateau. Nyingchi is the most attractive peach in March. Pink peach, blue sky, distant snow-capped mountains, cross-hui corresponding. Of course, Nyingchi is not just a peach, there are the world's deepest canyon - the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon, the world's most beautiful mountain - South Gambava peak. Nyingchi - Lulang - Bomi, a beautiful landscape gallery, picturesque scenery, not Jiangnan, is better than Jiangnan.

Linzhi flowers the best location: Nyingchi County, Bomi County, Milling County, workers cloth Jiangda County, Long County.

3, Shannan Linzhi ring line: Lhasa Lin Chi Lama pull the East Link 7 day tour

Yang Zhuo Yong wrong

D1: Lhasa starting - Nyingchi - Mira Yamaguchi - the mainstay - eight Jie Tong grassland - Basong measures Nyingchi
D2: Nyingchi - Sejila Hill - Lulang Linhai - Lulang flowers ranch - Zhaxi Gangcun live Nyingchi
D3: Nyingchi - Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon - South Gambava Waters - Piezhen - Straight Village - Shannan Nyingchi Link - Dagu Canyon Wild Monkey - Lang County - Garcia Chapel
D4: Garcia - Holy Lake Ramrah - Yongbu Lycra - Ze Shouzhu
D5: Zetang - Yangzhuo Yuming - Koruo La Glacier - Shigatse Shigatse Shiga
D6: Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Temple - Para Manor - Lhasa Lhasa
D7: Lhasa - Namco Lake - Northern Tibet prairie - Tanggula Mountains - Yangbajing Hot Springs live in Lhasa


Linzhi East Link is one of the six major lines in Tibet, choose this line, it is because the beauty of the way constantly. Beautiful scenery of the Niyang River, full of ethnic customs of the characteristics of the village, a long history of ancient buildings, fairyland general Lulang, Ramla wrong that can meet their past lives.  

Concluding remarks

In fact, there are many routes to Tibet by car, the above three is only often go to the classic line. Hurry up to collect it, maybe immediately have a holiday can go to it ... ... Tibet is a step by step, but there are different scenery, every place are amazing! Want to rent a car? Remember to find me oh ~

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