Two days playing all over Guilin landscape

Most tourists will plan a 2-3 day trip in Guilin. Nowadays, due to the high-speed rail connection, travel becomes more convenient. Guilin is the perfect choice for weekend trips. It will take 2 days if you want to have fun in Guilin & Yangshuo. How to plan a trip? Eat what? Where to live? And listen to Guilin's local seniors playing coffee slowly, using two days to play a depth, niche, and avoid the tide line
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This article is about 3,000 words and is expected to read for 8 minutes.

First, how to design a trip?

To design a two-day itinerary, you must have a punch point that must be played, and you must have a special experience with deep niches. It is fun and not tired.
If you come to Guilin for the first time, the following contents are not to be missed. The time schedule is not tense, slow play, and deep experience.
But if you are not playing for the first time, there must be some mysterious niche attractions you haven't been to recommend for you to explore.

Let's first listen to our professional circuit designer how to design a trip itinerary

Second, Day1 trip

On the first day, they mainly walk from Guilin to play. In the morning, they will experience the bamboo rafts of the Minjiang River that must be punched. In the afternoon, they will play ancient mystical and mesmerizing mountains that are mysteriously small.

Itinerary Overview: Yangdi Wharf experience bamboo rafts + ancient stone city exploration + Xianggong Hill overlooking the river water + Wulongquan tour pastoral style

Yang Dizhu Di

The best way to feel Guilin's landscape is to take a bamboo raft and look up at the surrounding mountains. Feel free to imagine the mountain like a tiger. The mountain is like an elephant. The real people are in the middle of the painting and their mood is relaxed.
Public Transportation: Take a bus at Guilin Railway Station and get off at Yangdi Road Intersection, then take Yangshuo to Yangdi Bus to Yang Di, opposite the hotel, every morning from 6:30 to 17:00, every 10 minutes until Yang Dian is about 1 hour.
Play proposal: arrive at Yang Di Pier before 10:00 am (2 hours after 10:00), take the Yang Di-Jiuma painting hill to and from the bamboo raft, about 1 hour.
Price: Yangti - Jiuma painting hill section, 118/person, return journey: 40 yuan/筏, free space fee: 30 yuan/person
Tips : According to the scenic area regulations, children under 7 years old, 1.2 meters or less and 70 years old or older and pregnant women Can't take bamboo rafts.

Yang Di bamboo basket by bikego

Lijiang River landscape by bikego

Ancient Stone City Quest

Hiding in the mountains of the grape town of Yangshuo County, there is no way for locals to lead the way. However, when you walk in, you will find that there are caves, towering old trees and green people. Stone-built houses are not covered with concrete. People can not but lament the wisdom of the ancients.
Transportation: There is no public transportation at the moment. You can use "Drop to get a taxi" to go to the
ticket: No. If you are in a local village, you may need to treat it with courtesy or give 5-10 yuan/person to
play. Suggestion: It is very suitable for taking pictures of arts and crafts. Shicheng has a large area. It is advisable not to enter the location of too deep mountains in the absence of lead points, and not to enter the house. Stone houses are now unoccupied and are easily collapsed. It is recommended to stay for 1 hour or so. It is best to go out before 4 pm.

Mekong Hill ascends

The treasured land favored by photographers, the Golden Phoenix, the misty rain, the Lijiang River, and the sunrise in the sea of ​​clouds... Countless moving images come from here, and it is worth checking in personally.
Transportation: There is no public transportation at the moment. You can use the “Dist and Draw a Taxi”
ticket to travel : 60 RMB/person, children and adults have the same price to
play with. Suggestions: You can climb to the top in 15 minutes. The climbing difficulty is suitable for all ages. Photography enthusiasts can bring some The equipment shoots scenes. Bringing a simple tea set and drinking a hot cup of tea on the top of the mountain is also a special experience.

Meguigano wild tea by bikego

Oolong Spring Sunset

A perfect place to watch the setting sun sunset, without the shelter of the mountains, no one to disturb, when the sun sets, the bright sprinkled down the terraces, and appreciate this unique rural scenery.
Transportation: A must-see route from the downhill of the Xianggong Mountain.
Suggestions: Wherever you like, you can find a safe stop on the road and enjoy the scenery.

Oolong Spring by bikego

Didn't you also think that Guilin actually has such a niche mysteriously to see different beauty than usual? If you also want to go deep into this beautiful scenery of Guilin, you may wish to refer to our Raiders, playing a subversion of the traditional Guilin. It is recommended that you follow a senior person who is familiar with the local senior friends to help you solve your troubles in the journey. You need to do your own strategy, transportation, accommodation, catering and a series of questions, bring you food, recommend high-cost accommodation for you, the entire process Trolley transfer, take you to Guilin local, play with enough ~

Third, Day2 trip

The next day, starting from Yangshuo County, we will experience two ways to experience the Yulong River in the morning, lunch in the ancient town of millennium history at noon, deep local culture in the afternoon, and experience the slow life of painting fans and ancient towns.
Itinerary Overview: Yulong River Water Biking + Hand Penny + Xingping Ancient Town Experience Ancient Town Slow Life + Fishing Song Night Local Experience

Yulong River water ride

The Yulong River is the largest tributary of the Lancang River in Yangshuo. Compared to the vastness of the Lancang River, the landscape of the peak forest is even more impressive. The clear river slowly flows through. The green vegetation on the mountain peak makes your eyes full. People are comfortable in color, and the best road to ride is, of course, to go along the river and enjoy the beautiful scenery in close quarters. There are more than mountains and rivers, and the countryside shows different colors with the seasons. Occasionally, you can see the hard-working farmers in the fields. Urban people who have lived in cities for a long time also pondered this pure rural life.
Transportation: 1 You can find Yangshuo Park on the train, take the tourist line 2 to reach the Gongnong Bridge
2 taxi, about 15 yuan, itinerary about 15 minutes
play proposal: Arrival Gongnong Bridge, can rent a bike nearby to start riding along the river, there is There is a small road about 1 kilometer away. Take a safety precaution. After crossing the Yangshuo Resort Hotel, you will find a small road. If you go down, you can go to the cycling trail.
Car Rental Fee: 30-50/day

Hand Bamboo Experience

Bamboo rafting in Yulong River is the most natural and quietest drifting away from the noisy motor noise. You can only hear the sound of bamboo shoots crossing the calm surface of the water and quietly feel the beauty of the Xiaolang River and walk in the water. The gentle peaks do not have the slightest sense of oppression. Instead, they have a kind of close contact and can't help but pick up the camera and record the picture.
Transportation: There is no public transportation at the moment. You can use the “dribbling taxi” to make
suggestions: The Jinlong Bridge-Xiayu Port section is the upper reaches of the Yulong River. The water surface is calmer and the scenery is more beautiful and original; the water Erdi Dock-workers and peasants The bridge section, which is the downstream road section, has diverging river embankments. There is a small paragraph gap in the line and it is even more exciting.
Fees: 130-180 yuan
Tips : less than 1 meter and 65 years old can not take bamboo rafts, the specific rules of the day announced implementation shall prevail.

Yu Long He Zhu Yu by network

Yu Long He Zhu Yu by network

If you want to take bamboo rafts alone, you can purchase tickets in the Ma honeycomb mall in advance.

Xingping Ancient Town Slow Time

The height of the ancient town of Xingping is comparable to that of Yangshuo West Street. Many tourists and buses are here. There are also many big sisters around the pier. In order to have a special experience here, it is better to choose a homestay or cafe to sit down and stay away from the outside world. Look out for the scenery outside the window or listen to the Aboriginal people here to tell the story of the ancient town. There are also some interesting shops on the pedestrian streets of the ancient town worth exploring.
Transportation: There is no public transportation at the moment. You can use the “dribbling taxi” to go to the
play proposal: stroll around the ancient town, then choose a homestay or cafe bar, and punch at the 20 RMB observation deck. It is recommended that you stay for 1 hour. 
Recommended companionship: Rong Di Songhua Sugar, on-site production, cheap and delicious.

Xingping Ancient Town Songhua Candy by bikego

Xingping Ancient Town by bikego

Fish singing night

In Yangshuo, as long as you are on the bank of the river, you can see local people picking up a bamboo basket. There are two black “birds” standing on the bamboo basket. It is a fishing expert! As the sun went down, the sun became red for a long time. The fishermen idly rowed a boat and patrolled every act in the lake. Only by listening to the owner, the big blackbird quickly drew into the water and harvested its loot. Almost 100%.
Although most of these fishermen have now become performers, local performances can be seen in the local area with different flavors and
traffic. There is no public transportation at this time. You can use “dribbling taxis” to
play. Suggestions: Usually All of these performances need to be paid. The price can be discussed with the fisherman and it is related to the length of time.

Fish singing night by network

In addition to seeing the scenery during the trip, the history of humanities is also an indispensable part of the journey. It is also a crowning touch for a journey that will make you memorable, so that you can better penetrate the area. So how do you arrange the rhythm of looking at beauty and cultural experience on your itinerary? It is better to choose a route designed by a professional tourism company, to avoid the troubles of finding sights on the journey, arranging transportation, accommodation, etc., and walking with senior locals to take pictures and experience.

Fourth, eat and live recommended

Eating and staying in a trip can be described as one of the most critical aspects affecting the mood. We will recommend some of the local local cuisine, the most cost-effective accommodation, to meet your needs outside your home!

Food recommendation

For food eaters, what to eat out may be more important than what to play. In the Yangshuo West Street, where commercial atmosphere is strong, you can still find some delicious and worthless shops.

Dinner class
Kee Kee Goose
Comments: The restaurant near top West Street, hot, roasted geese taste good and authentic, is a clear flow of beer in the Main Street.
Address: Southeast corner of Intersection of Pinnao Road and Guihua Road, Yangshuo County

Kee Kee Goose by bikego

Kee Kee Goose by Network

Gulin Villa
Comments: Close to the Yulong River, sitting on an outdoor beach chair can be seen on the gurgling Lijiang River, the view is excellent, the taste of the food is authentic local taste.
Address: Near Guilin Yangshuo Gongnong Bridge

Gulin Villa Specialty Dish by Network

Pizza Kitchen
Comments: Appearance is a small garden, first-class environment, taking pictures of sacred sites, quiet, features authentic Italian thin-bottom pizza.
Address: No. 113, Guihua Road, West Street, Yangshuo

Pizza Kitchen by bikego

Food source - Gongcheng tea
reviews: Yangshuo locals will go to eat the shop, authentic, not tourists. When there is a market in the morning, you may encounter local people selling stalls to sell sour bamboo shoots.
Address: 50 meters ahead of Yuyin Intersection

Weiyuan Cuisine by bikego

Coffee shop or bar
Haruki Murakami
Comments: Independent cottage, artistically tuned, surrounded by fields, wide vision, unique environment.
Address: 090 Hetao Village, Hejiao Farmhouse East

Haruki Murakami by bikego

 RNG Café
Review: Do not meet the West Street public "verbs hit times" bar, quiet atmosphere, decoration is quite chic. There are resident singers at night, the price of drinks is moderate, and the taste of alcoholic drinks is very good.
Address: Next to Guihua Bridge, No. 2 Chengzhong Road, Yangshuo

RNG Café by bikego

Accommodation recommendation

Traveling outside, staying well, having a good night's sleep can be fun! There is no shortage of various types of homestays and hotels in Yangshuo West Street. Today, we recommend to you the high cost-effective, clean and hygienic hotel or bed and breakfast to meet everyone's different needs. At the same time, it is also a quiet, convenient location.

Yangshuo Maggot International Youth Hostel (Yangshuo County, Pinnacle Road before the House Lane 23)
West Street International Youth Hostel West Street shop (Guilin Yangshuo County 102 West Street restaurant next to the mountains)

Yangshuo Bridge Inn Hotel (Backstreet No.18)
Yangshuo Old West Street Inn (No.33, Lianfeng Lane, Yangshuo Town, Yangshuo County)

Yangshuo Old West Street Inn

Yangshuo Jinding Hotel (No. 108, Building E, Sunshine 100 West Street Plaza, Diecui Road, Yangshuo County)
Yangshuyuan West Street Residence (No. 79, Zhenxi Street, Yangshuo County)

Yangshuo Jinding Hotel by network

Yangshuo Yuanyue Sheva Hotel (Yangshuo Gaotian Town No. 42-1 Qingdi Village (next to Longtan Pier)
Yangshuo Weibo Boutique Hotel (No. 38 Chengbei Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin)

Yangshuo Yuanyue Shevashe Hotel

V. Conclusion

After reading this guide, I hope that everyone can help us to explore the more interesting Guilin Yangshuo. They all like to represent this destination of Chinese landscape and culture. If there is a problem that is not mentioned in the Raiders, or if you think the gameplay is more fun, you can also leave a message with us and we will respond in a timely manner.

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