Walk along these lines, you can play all over Xi'an!

Xi'an as the ancient capital of the thirteen, the attractions are really super super, in order to play all over Xi'an, you can really spend some effort.
xian terracotta warriors and horses

East - 90% of people in Xi'an have chosen to visit here

This line includes the terracotta warriors and the two main attractions of Huaqing Gong. They are classified as a route because they are in the Xi'an tour bus tour 5 road coverage route, arranged in the day to visit the traffic more convenient, time is just right. Which visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum and watch the Huaqing Palace within the "Everlasting Regret" performance is the biggest feature of this trip.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum

Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum is divided into two parts: Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum and the emperor emperor mausoleum, the main point of view concentrated in the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, Terracotta Warriors and Horses which have three figurines pit, if your time is tense, I suggest you look at the first pit, Pit the largest and most spectacular, each pottery figurines posture, action and even facial expressions are not the same!


Huaqing Gong

Huaqing Gong because Tang Minghuang and Yang Guifei love story famous in the world. Here, in addition to the emperor and the elegant bubble of the "soup pool", the Huaqing Palace building is magnificent, attracting countless photographers in this viewfinder. In addition, Huaqing Gong inside the large real performance "song", tells the story of Tang Minghuang and Yang Guifei love story, it is worth a look.



East of the trip is just a whole day, around 8 am in front of the Xi'an Railway Station Square 5 bus ride to Huaqing pool, is expected to visit two hours. Eat lunch again to travel to the terracotta warriors and horses, is expected to visit for three hours, after dinner and then watch a "Everlasting Regret" performance, "Everlasting Regret" has always been applauded and the show, I believe that the arrangements for this day will make you feel no Virtual line.


Huashan is one of the surrounding attractions where we will come to Xi'an. As Huashan distance away, visit Huashan time is relatively long, so Huashan as a line to play alone. Huashan play a lot of law, if you are better physical, want to walk up the mountain, the best preparation for two days, the first night to climb the mountain in the mountains overnight, the next day after sunrise and then down the mountain; if you Their own strength is not so confident, it is recommended to take the cable up and down the mountain, or reported a day tour of the group, follow the professional arrangements for the tour line Huashan, is also a very good choice.

"Since ancient times Huashan a road", Xiyue Huashan known for odd risks. Nanfeng is the highest peak, just look at the picture will be shaking the "sky plank road" is the largest South peak Aspect. And Dongfeng is the best sunrise viewing, "chess pavilion", "gold lock" "kite stand up" is also here. In addition, the "black dragon ridge", "rub the cliff" and several other dangerous road is also not to miss the point of play.



Night climbing Huashan: North peak on the north peak, the only line, go to the Yuquan Park from the ancient Huashan a road, the hundred feet Gap, thousands of feet to the north peak, and then directly to the East Long Donglong watch sunrise, and then go south peak, Xifeng, and finally back to the North from the wisdom of Huashan Road or North Peak cableway down the mountain.

Day line: Xifeng on the north peak, the first by the Xifeng cableway to the most beautiful scenery of the West Peak, and then go to Nanfeng, Dongfeng, and then take the cable from the north peak down the mountain, you can see Huashan panoramic and the whole does not go back to the road for tourists Appropriate, however, cost-effective.

North line

The main attractions of the northern line of Hukou Waterfall and the Yellow Emperor Mausoleum, slightly away from Xi'an. But Hukou Waterfall and the Yellow Emperor Mausoleum is in Xi'an and Yan'an between the attractions, whether starting from Xi'an by the Yellow Emperor Mausoleum to Hukou Waterfall last to Yan'an, or from Yan'an departure to go to Xi'an, the North line play law are Is the best choice. This road is also very suitable for driving, geography and cultural tours is the biggest feature.

Yellow River Hukou


Hukou Waterfall is China is the second largest waterfall, watch the best season of Hukou Waterfall is the summer, when the rain is more spectacular. With a fourth edition of 50 yuan, in the Shaanxi side to enjoy the momentum of the Yellow River, in the west side of the multi-angle view details. The beauty of the distance is true and true here.

Yellow Emperor Mausoleum


The Yellow Emperor Mausoleum is called "the first mausoleum of the world", is the ancestor of the humanities Xuanyuan Yellow Emperor's cemetery, but also the "Historical Records" in the only record of the Yellow Emperor Mausoleum. Come here must not miss the Yellow Emperor Shibao and Beiting, by the way to find their own surname source, so that this trip to the roots of the more meaningful.


The Yellow Emperor Mausoleum and Hukou Waterfall are far away from Xi'an, and the traffic is not very convenient. Recommended by car, chartered or apply for a day tour, go to the Yellow Emperor Mausoleum, is expected to visit 2 hours, go to Hukou Waterfall. This arrangement can be done within a day of sightseeing. Public transport can choose long-distance bus or train, and then transfer.

West Line

One of the most spectacular attractions on the west is the Famen Temple and the other is the Qianling. The two threading, mainly taking into account the distance between the two spots closer, and have a rich historical and cultural connotations, time is also very match, play down just one day. Came to the temple, you can relics and unearthed cultural relics as the focus of the visit. Qianling the most out of color is Tang Gaozong Li Zhi and Wu Zetian's burial tomb there are no monument.

The Famen Temple


Famen Temple is famous for storing Sakyamuni Buddha's relics. The temple of the temple is the old temple in the northeast side of the Buddha Avenue, is also the Treasure Hall and Famen Temple underground palace location. Eight heavy letter, Yinhua two rounds of twelfth ring tin rod, Wu Zetian dress are unearthed here.



As Tang Gaozong Li Zhi and Queen Wu Zetian's burial tomb, Qianling has a rich historical connotation and cultural value. And Wu Zetianli no word monument, but also added a trace of mystery for the dry ridge, causing our infinite reverie.


Famen Temple and Qianling distance is not far, just a day trip. Morning in the West Bus Terminal can travel to the Famen Temple, after the tour in the Famen Temple to taste the characteristics of vegetarian, go to Fufeng County transfer to dry mausoleum. This section of the road is no direct bus, so the better solution is to travel by car or reported a day tour of the regiment.

In the city of Xi'an - these places must not be missed

Xi'an city also has too much to attract us to the place. For example, there are precious collections of the Shaanxi Museum of History, with prehistoric culture of the Banpo Museum, landmark on behalf of the Xi'an Wild Goose Pagoda and Charity Temple, boarded the walls of Xi'an to see the ancient city of style, go to the street to a street Pi Bingfeng Hu spicy soup. We can according to their own interests to connect to play.

Concluding remarks

Xi'an, is a perfect combination of history and modernity of the city, including the beginning from the Yangshao culture and the 21st century today. When we traveled as a passer-by to the city, we might choose the "strange" way and a variety of routes to feel her. We palmed the walls of the palms, eyes passing the tiles, the tongue tasted the delicious, the last will eventually become our exclusive memory.

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