What are the scenic spots in Tibet, but few people visit?

In the depths of Tibet also hidden a lot of unknown beauty, they are obscure, but can really appreciate the inaccessible natural scenery.
holy elephant heaven door2

The Holy Elephant Heaven Door - the ultimate location of the beauty of Tibet

The Holy Elephant Heaven Door is located on the north side of Namtso, the famous island of Chando, belonging to the area of Bangor County in the Nagqu area of Tibet. It is named after the lake with an elephant watermarking hill. Here now, has not been well known to thousands of travelers, is a secret, it is rare, beautiful scenery, will make you amazing!

The sky is very rich in the color of the lake, that touch of blue sky, Yingying clear water, clearly visible, is simply associated with the unique blue of Tibet, seamless, in the face of such a holy beauty, people can not resist! The icon is an undeveloped attraction, it has a beautiful legend, is Nam Co and Nyainqentang held a wedding place, standing on the shore, but also across the lake overlooking the Nianqing Tanggula peak, forming a must Beautiful scenery line.

Come here, we can see the stars, listen to the sound of the sound, feel a blue calm ~

holy elephant heaven door

Yamdrok and Pumo Yumtso - Met the world's most beautiful blue lake water

Yamdrok, also known as the "sheep lake", is one of the three holy lake in Tibet. The whole picture of the lake is a touch of incredible, untrue blue, its lakes and mountains of the beautiful, but also the crown must the whole of southern Tibet.


And in the southern part of Yamdrok, we will encounter the hidden beauty of Tibet - Pumo Yumtso, it belongs to the holy lake Yamdrok, due to inaccessible, not infected, Pumo Yumtso maintained its original appearance. Early into the eye, Pumo Yumtso like a bright sapphire-like, it is unprepared. Its blue lake, the reflection of this grassland, mountains, white clouds, snow mountain ... ... showing a peaceful and quiet scene, exposure to them, there is a paradise of heaven beauty.


Lebugou - raised in the southern Tibetan, the small family Jasper

To play in Tibet you might have thought, in this vast world, actually also have this full of Jiangnan charm of the small family Jasper - LeBugou. If the Tibetan force and the vast plateau scenery is amazing, then Le cloth ditch it shows the water of the Smart, the silence of the mountains, as well as heaven and earth between the rich and colorful beauty, will make you pleasantly surprised again and again! Into which you will find it is hidden in the depths of the mountains of the Peach Blossom Spring.

Lebugou is a large stretch of the eastern part of the Himalayas to the south of the Grand Canyon, this piece of beautiful land due to the border, mountain rugged, plus the mountain barrier, in the long history of little known, preserved its original beautiful style, The LeBugou is located in the southern foot of the Himalayas, the unique geographical environment created a virgin forest, diversion waterfall, flowers and meadows, snow clouds and other unique original ecological beauty, all the way forward, like going into the paradise!


Medogon - the secret lotus holy land

In Tibet, there is a famous religious scripture, said: "the Buddha of the Pure Land Baima Gang, the most beautiful among the Holy Land." This sentence in the white horse is the Medog, but also because of this sentence, Medog is the holy place to be worshiped by believers. But also to the hearts of many Tibetans sowed infinite mysterious temptation, so that ink cut into one of Tibet's most mysterious place.


"White Horse Hills", known as "hidden like a lotus like a lotus", in this piece of holy places living in the ancient Menba people, Lhoba people. It is worth mentioning that, because Medog is located in the Tibetan Plateau in the lowest elevation of the place, its mild climate, the four seasons such as spring, the scenery is quite beautiful, because few people involved, its ecological preservation is also very good.

Into the ink on the way, you will see all the way to the mountains and rivers, alpine lakes and other mix, colorful natural landscape, experience the "one mountain was four seasons, ten different days" scene.


Finally, I suggest you play the Tibetan minority in the form of chartered tours. Because the charter tour can be based on your time, want to see the attractions and other needs, customize their own line, so you can wholeheartedly into the beauty of nature. Chartered travel can also make you understand the scenery along the way are on the road, all the way to stop, enjoy the wonderful Tibet, while the local drivers are more familiar with the route, road conditions, driving up will be more secure, and not easy to go the wrong way, And save time, play more freedom.

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