What places cannot be missed in Yangshuo Travel?

Guilin Shanshui Jia Tian Xia, Yangshuo Shanshui Guilin, there is a step of scenery, colorful, from the ancient Totem Road in the north, south to Moon Hill's Shili Gallery, there is a rich nightlife known West Street, there is Liu Sanjie and Aniuge throwing hydrangea Lifelong big banyan tree and Yulong River, known as the Xiaoyan River... Let me explain in detail how to play Yangshuo~
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I. Shili Gallery: Yangshuo's most classic riding route

“Shili Gallery” is not a single attraction, but is located in an area near Yangshuo Moon Mountain and includes many attractions along the way. Because of the picturesque scenery along the road, it is called the Yangshuo Shili Gallery.
How to play: "No ride, no impotence" can't tell when Yangshuo has become China's most suitable place for cycling tours. Rent a nice bicycle in Yangshuo and walk along the Shili Gallery. Leisurely walk with friends or loved ones through the landscape gardens surrounding the county town. Abandon the dust and enjoy life slowly.
Bicycles can be rented everywhere in Yangshuo County and its surrounding areas. There are even many alliance car rental points that can be borrowed from other places.

The canola flower along the Shili Gallery

1. Usually rent a bicycle 10-20 yuan a day, ranging from 30 yuan, most car rental needs 100-200 yuan deposit, and professional high-quality mountain bikes at 70 yuan / day, including helmets; full suspension mountain Vehicles and all-carbon road vehicles require 150 yuan/day.
2. If the endurance is not enough, you can rent an electric car, estimate a good trip, enough electricity to prevent the car from stopping, delay time, and affect your mood.
3. Dedicated bicycle lanes are on the side of the national road. The traffic volume is very large and it is important to pay attention to safety. Hot and sunny weather, more dust, sun exposure is not suitable for riding, if there are children, the elderly together choose a chartered car or with the local pure play day tour group is more appropriate to solve the traffic problems at the same time can enjoy the travel group discount tickets, than There is a lot of money for riding.

II. Butterfly Spring: Dong Dance and Dance of Lady Dongzhai

Figure BY@Yuzi

Tianyi • Butterfly Spring is a stalactite that looks like a butterfly in the cave. There is also spring water flowing out, so it is called the butterfly spring. The most interesting spots in the scenic area are the song and dance performances of the Miao and Dong ethnic groups. A huge butterfly sculpture on the stone wall can be seen far away from the entrance of the scenic spot. There is a small cave in the scenic area, and the suspension bridge and slide in the mountain are very popular with the children.

Figure BY@Jasmine--L

Introduction to gameplay: 1 It is not necessary to visit caves or climb mountains for long. It is known as the "mountain climber at the top of the mountain to know Yangshuo County." After going down the hill, you can go straight to the show. 2 Compared to the natural landscape, the Dong folk song and dance performances here are even more exciting. They have the quasi-zhai flowers, golden flowers, and the main show, which can make people feel the strong ethnic customs.
Traffic Guide: Yangshuo County is a bicycle ride, about 5 km away, and the ride time is about 20 minutes; Yangshuo Bus Station takes Yangshuo-Tiantian Shuttle
Ticket: RMB 65

Third, big banyan tree: God of love long-lasting tree

Big Banyan Tree BY@Jiang Feng Fishing Fire

There were many shots in the movie "Liu Sanjie" that had been popular in China. There were many lovers in the world in the scene where Liu Sanjie and Anigege had thrown the hydrangea under the banyan tree. The tree is 17 meters high and has a diameter of 7 meters. It covers an area of ​​more than 100 square meters and has been around for more than 1,500 years.

Big Banyan Tree Scenic Area BY@涓涓水

How to play : 1 There is such a saying in the local area: "Go around the tree, live 99 years, turn around under the tree, and earn ten million." Of course, the couple will go hand in hand and walk around for a long time. 2 There is a dam intercepting the Jinbao River ferry at the ancient edge of the river. When the water rises, the water will roll over the dam surface. When the water is low, you can take off your shoes and run up to the water. The cool river flows over the feet and is thoroughly cool.
Traffic Guide: In the middle section of Shili Gallery’s cycling route, it takes about 20 minutes to drive in Yangshuo County. The county seat has a direct line
ticket from Yangshuo to Gaotian to the scenic area every 10 minutes : 20 yuan.

4. Moon Hill: The hollow cavern is like the moon

Figure BY@Viburnum

Moon Hill is an arched hilltop with a large hole on the top of the mountain. It looks like a bright moon, and represents the karst eroded peaks of Karst in Guilin.

How to play: 1 Look at the panorama of the Moon Mountain and look out at the foot of the mountain. Opposite to Moon Hill, it is the best place to view Moon Hill. The average tourist who rides tired will rest here and have a good time while eating. 2 A "Pearl" of Yangshuo Rock Climbing Site, Moon Hill has long been known by numerous rock climbers and has become a symbol of Guilin rock climbing. 3 Moon Mountain has a moon-viewing path. You can see different scenes from the first to the fifteenth along the road. If you have enough strength, you can climb to the “moon”.
Traffic Guide: The end of the Shili Gallery cycling route, about 1.5 km from Dabanshu

V. Impression of Liu Sanjie: Lao Mozi's Landscape Reality Performance

"Impression • Liu Sanjie," a large-scale real-life performance in Zhang Dao's words: It is a "show" showing the ethnic customs of Guangxi, showing the realm of heaven and humanity; now everyone in the tourism process, the various tourist attractions series Songcheng series performances gradually lost interest and did not go deeper. However, after reading “Impression • Liu Sanjie”, I really felt quite shocked. The largest landscape real-time performance requires more than a thousand actors. The background is the 12 mountains on the Lijiang River. The Lijiang River is the stage. In addition to the love stories of Liu Sanjie and Anigege, I was touched by the self-introduction of the grandfather of the fisherman at the beginning: “I’m a fisherman who has lived here for generations. During the day, I’ve been fishing, farming and planting fruit trees. Some friends called us to be actors. I am very happy.” Inexplicably moved by this self-introduction, it was originally the most obscure grassroots. Through his own efforts, he could present the most beautiful scenery in his hometown to everyone.
Ticket information: Opening time: the first opening time: 20:00 points; the second opening time: 21:35 points. There will be a plus during the holidays
Presidential seat - A1 area: 680 yuan, A2 area: 480 yuan
VIP seat - B1 area: 320 yuan, B2 area: 230 yuan
Ordinary seat - C area: 190 yuan
Traffic Guide: Theater distance Yangshuo West Street 3 Km, walk 30 minutes from West Street to the theater, 5 minutes by car.

Yangshuo County has an environmental protection battery car, motorized route, and the county area will stop waving and get on the train for 10 yuan.

Sixth, West Street: The old millennium street

“A Chinese town that concentrates the essence of Huaxia”
“An ancient street that exudes rich historical and cultural atmosphere”
“An ideal paradise for school holidays”
West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo County and it has a history of more than 1,500 years. The buildings here are simple and elegant, with different styles of bars, restaurants, craft shops and hotels. "If you don't visit West Street, it means you have not come to Yangshuo." Foreigners of different skin colors and different nationalities and tourists from all over the country gather here for a casual drink and free exchange. This is the highest proportion of foreign marriages in the country.

How to play: When you arrive in Yangshuo, you must taste the characteristic beer fish. The juice shop of the tea shop is also more popular. The variety of local fruits is abundant. In addition, near Southeast Asia, special fruits are worthy of taste. Yangshuo has a famous bar street, which is the essence of Yangshuo's nightlife and also has the title of Aventure City. If you like a quiet place, recommend the days of the pony, the rare clear it, literary sense bursting.
Traffic Guide: From Guilin to Yangshuo, you can take a direct express bus from Guilin Bus Terminal to Yangshuo. The fare is about 25 yuan, and it takes about 90 minutes. After getting off at Yangshuo Bus Station, walk 200 meters to get to West Street; West Street is a pedestrian street and it is forbidden to drive by motor vehicles. Please park your car after driving and walk into the street.

7. Yulong River: Ancient Bridge Museum on Xiaoyan River

Figure BY@ excellent good man

The attractions Yangshuo must visit are the Yulong River, which is known as the “Xiaojiang River”. It is the largest tributary of the Lancang River in Yangshuo. Many tourists even admire Yulong River for relying on bamboo poles artificially propelled. There is no motor and noise interference. This is the biggest difference from the bamboo poles on the Minjiang River. In the elementary school textbooks, the artistic conception of “On the blue waves of the voyage of a boat, people are painting in the middle reaches” is on the Yulong River.

Yulong River's rafting section will pass through many bridges. Here are a few ~
Fuli Bridges: Picturesque, beautiful, Yulong
Bridge, Fuliqiao, above the starting point of Yulong River rafting, about 1km from Jinlong Bridge, this is a The ancient bridge built in the Ming Dynasty Yongle period is as old as Yulong Bridge, the most famous Yulong River. Its reputation is better than Yulong Bridge. The scenery is not bad, but it is worthwhile to climb up and explore the area.
Jinlong Bridge: the starting point of the classic river rafting in the Yulong River
Jinlongqiao has a modern shape with bamboo rafts on both sides. It is the starting point for Yulong River rafting. The bridge is located in the northeast of Yangshuo and is 13 kilometers away. The shuttle bus from Yangshuo to Jinbao can be accessed under the Golden Dragon Bridge or from Yangshuo. There is a snack bar nearby. You can eat rice flour and buy water before drifting.
Yulong Bridge: The Yulong River's most beautiful ancient bridge
Yulong Bridge is the most famous and temperamental bridge on the Yulong River. It was built in Ming Yongle for ten years and has a history of more than 500 years. The film “Liu Sanjie” A set of shots is taken here.
Gongnong Bridge: The end of Yulong River rafting The
Gongnong Bridge is the end of Yulong River rafting. It happens to be in the middle of the famous riding route Shili Gallery, so many people ride it here.

Traffic Guide: Take the bus to Jinbao at Yangshuo Bus Station and get off at Jinlong Bridge to see the pier, about RMB 10 per person.
Opening hours: 8:00-18:00 (general appointments can be made with the time agreed upon, and no longer be laid out after dark)
Tips do not carry expensive electronic products, or use waterproof bags tightly installed to prevent Falling water causes unnecessary complaints and disputes.

Yinzi Yan: The Great Thousand of Worlds

Yinziyan is 20 kilometers away from Yangshuo County. The administrative division belongs to Zhangpu County. Silver karst cave is a typical karst landform, which runs through twelve mountain peaks and is a karst cave. The stalactites that have grown and developed in different geologic ages are gathered in the cave. The crystal clear, white and flawless, like the Galaxy in the night sky, tilts down and flicks out. Silver, diamond-like light, Hunyuan Pearl Umbrella, Monopole Sky. The uncanny workmanship of nature has been demonstrated here and there, so it is known as the "World Cave Wonders."
“To visit the Silver Rock, I did not lack money.” Many people came to see the cave of Yinziyan. Yinziyan is a karst cave that was developed in the most recent years. It is similar to the reed flume in Guilin city and is relatively well protected. The most famous landscapes are the “Three Absolute” musical Shi Ping, Guang Han Shen Gong, Snow Mountain Waterfall and “Three Treasures” Buddhist Scriptures, The One-Pillar Ryder, and the Hunyuan Pearl Umbrella.

Ticket information: RMB 80 /person
Traffic Guide: (1) Take a shuttle bus from Guilin to Zhangpu at Guilin Bus Station and get off at Yinziyan. (2) In Yangshuo, take a tour bus to Yinziyan Scenic Spot to: Every day at 8:30, 9:30, 11:30, 14:30, and 16:30, there is a special line to and from Yangzi and Yinziyan. The vehicle point is at the entrance of the Yangshuo Garden Management Office, and the entrance point of Yinziyan is at the entrance of the scenic area.
Tip: There are a lot of foods in the local districts such as horseshoe, steamed bread, sugar orange, etc. The local meat and potatoes produced by the local steamed buns have been tributes since ancient times. The small street vendors around the area can satisfy the food eaters.

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