Where does the Beijing suburbs play in summer? Come to Mulan Paddock!

It is said that Mulan Paddock is the source of water, the hometown of clouds, the world of flowers and leisure paradise, summer picnic here, not only can summer, there are a variety of grassland entertainment projects you play, rich grassland food any taste you. So, what are the mulberry wangs that are fun and delicious? How to live How to get summer? Do not worry, I use this Raiders slowly for you!

One, summer outing, why choose Mulan Paddock?

Beijing around the grassland a lot, and when the city of Beijing into the heat when the grassland also maintained a temperature of about 20 ℃, comfortable and pleasant. Which grassland to ask the most fun, the primary recommendation is the Mulan Weixian County - Ulan Bu prairie prairie.
Mulan paddock this piece of grassland belongs to the dam on the grassland, is the grassland suddenly increased and formed, is a meadow grassland. The Bashang grassland is mainly composed of magnolia paddock, Fengning dam, Zhangbei dam and Guyuan dam and other areas, but the Mulan Weixian County - Ulan Buzzo Prairie is the most beautiful, it is stronger than other dams , Grassland and lakes, the combination of forests is its greatest bright spot. Not to mention here or the Qing Dynasty Royal hunting court, since ancient times is the emperor, ministers of hunting and tourism, starting from Beijing, driving more than five hours to arrive.

Second, the magnolia paddock grassland has a good experience?

1, grassland grass skiing, stimulating and fun

Skating and skiing can give people a sense of excitement and excitement, but it is more entertaining than skiing. Sloping pastures are generally in the tens of meters high grassland slopes, standing on the top of the hill overlooking the panoramic view of the grasslands. Take a special skateboard along the slide quickly slide to the bottom of the mountain, with the slope of the changes and inertia increases, faster and faster, but also vaguely smell bursts of grass fragrance. Feel the speed of the wind at the same time, wholeheartedly into the nature, the hearts of the stagnation and depression all to be released, this pleasure, only personally experienced people know!

Slash is also a new movement similar to the grass, do not go to the northwest desert, magnolia paddock sunset flow sand can let you experience some of the charm of sand. Sitting on the sandboard, legs were bent posture, a bite of the ball dive straight, thrilling and absolutely safe. But it is worth noting that the sand may be accidentally overturned, but the sand is soft, as long as the body to maintain the softness, turn a few laps will naturally stop.

slippery sand and grass will eventually have a buffer slope so that skateboarding slowly stopped, very safe, the size of friends can be bold to try.

2, view Mongolian equestrian performances, into the warm prairie

Came to the grasslands, not only to experience a "just hit the horse over the grassland", but also must not miss the speed and strength in one of the Mongolian equestrian performances. Mongolian people love horse, but also pay attention to equestrian, performing equestrian herdsmen in a long training and Ma has become a close friend, in the performance of the perfect interpretation of "man and one". The rider can suddenly grab the horse mane turned over to fly the horse, you can suddenly jump to the foot and then jump on horseback. As well as horseback "somersault", "side hidden", "pedal hiding" and thrilling immediately stacked Lohan, etc., this professional equestrian show amazing.

Equestrian performances of different prices, but generally not expensive, not more than 50 yuan will be able to see a original ecological real equestrian performances, like the Ulan Bu prairie "Mongolian soul" equestrian performances will be accompanied by Mongolian song and dance Show oh

3, big stuttering meat bowl drink, not to miss the food experience

The enthusiasm of the Mongolians tend to come from afar for friends Mongolia Mongolian horse milk wine, the alcohol content of this wine is only 1.5 to 3 degrees, after taking the wine must first use the ring finger dipped wine to heaven, land, forehead point, To show respect Heaven, King, respect ancestors, and then can be a good product of this bowl mellow mackerel. 

Roasted the whole sheep is to the grass will be the point of food, roasted the whole sheep golden golden, crisp yellow flesh, the internal meat soft and fresh, mutton flavor fragrance, think about let the population of water DC. But a baked the whole sheep price is not low, three or four people, then roast a lamb leg on the line, ten or so weight of the whole lamb will be about 1,000 yuan. If two or three people alone to eat roasted whole sheep is not cost-effective, but some tour groups will give the experience of roasted whole sheep, there will be unique Mongolian characteristics of the sheep ceremony, the proposed selection of this high-quality characteristics of the tour, you can follow Experience many different features.

Roasted whole sheep by rainy night

In addition to roasted whole sheep, Chicken stewed mushrooms, wild yellow stewed beef, prairie clear stewed rabbit, grassland lotus leaf chicken and so on are the characteristics of the prairie grass food, one time to meet your desire to eat meat.

Third, the paddock around what is worth a visit to the attractions?

Mulan paddock area of ​​the landscape is very strong sense, not only a single grassland, there are many different from the prairie style of the attractions, is also very worth a go.

【Colorful mountain】 - watch the main attractions of secondary forest autumn scenery

Racecourse area to watch the secondary forest autumn one of the main attractions, whenever the middle of September to early October, the mountains and plains colorful, colorful mountains and hence the name. Colorful mountain is also a great photography, standing in the northwest hilltop can shoot colorful mountain panorama and the mountain of white birch; light a little stronger when you can go to the south or west side of the mountain shooting small forest; sunset can go to the mountain South of the commanding heights for backlighting.

Colorful mountain by miles

[Kang dry wild zoo] - the zoo on the prairie

Located in the core area of ​​the Ulan Buhuan Nature Reserve, there are rare wild animals such as gazelle, sika deer, roe deer and others, as well as the feeding of the pony, the pearl chicken, the friends who travel with their children can come here, the children Can be close to small animals photo.

【Ancient North Town】 - the Great Wall at the foot of the star town

The ancient town of the ancient town of scenic spots, both the ancient town of the atmosphere of the majesty, but also the tenderness of Jiangnan Water features in the town of alley walk or boat roaming is very good, the town of the door of the Sima small burning wine Square, Of the Yongshun dyeing Square, the sun on the island of the old stage and the town of the eastern end of the town of Escort is the ancient town of not to miss the attractions, antique, full of flavor.

Ancient North Town by the small hope child

① Guzhen scenic ticket for 150 yuan / person, more than 60 years old to enjoy half price concessions; scenic area is also open night, tickets for 80 yuan / person. Scenic parking fee of 10 yuan / car, not limited to, from the parking lot to the town ticket office can have sightseeing car can ride, fare 10 yuan / person. Cruise the whole process 120 yuan / person, winter open.
② town opening time 9: 00-17: 30. Summer time (5 - 10 months) time non-weekend night tour time 17: 30-22: 30, weekend night tour 17: 30-23: 00, night tour time 17: 30-21: 00; winter time non-weekend night 17: 30-20: 00, weekend night 17: 30-20: 30, ticket time 17: 30-20: 00.

Ancient North Water Town by the wind with the nature

① from the Mulan Weichang to the ancient town of water about 4 hours by car, there is no direct public transport, the general proposal with the group tour or by car.
② the ancient town of accommodation conditions are good, diverse styles, there are boutique hotels, theme hotels, ancient North Bed and Breakfast there are ordinary hotel inn, but the prices are not cheap, usually the general inn also 500-1000 yuan / room.
③ Zhenyuan Escort door there is an open-air hot springs, tired can go to the hot springs soak a foot bath, is free, you can bring their own towels, in the pool to buy 10 yuan / article.
④ downtown consumption almost all must use cash, can not credit card, visitor service center opposite the Bank of China and the Agricultural Bank of China ATM machine.

[Sima Tai Great Wall] - the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall

China's only section of the Great Wall to retain the original Great Wall, unlike the Badaling Great Wall crowded, Sima Tai Great Wall is more authentic. There are 16 plots in the east section of the Great Wall of Simatai, with 18 enchantes in the west, and only 10 of the eastern section are open (to the east 10). Every fall, in the ancient Great Wall can see the mountains of the leaves, which is the red leaves of Beijing Xiangshan is completely different feeling.

Simatai Great Wall by spit

① Simatai Great Wall Scenic Area tickets for 40 yuan / person; ancient North Town and Simatai Great Wall of the package, the fare is 110 yuan / person.
② the Great Wall every day only three tour batches, respectively, 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00 entry, winter time (November - the following year in March) open to 17:30, 18:00 Great Wall clearance; summer time (April - October) open to 18:00, 20:00 clearance.

Simatai Great Wall byItsClimb

① Simatai Great Wall Scenic Area at least one day in advance booking, if the purchase of ancient North Town and Simatai Great Wall of the package does not need to make an appointment.
② Simatai Great Wall is known for its steepness and steepness. In some places, the width of the steps can only be half of the foot. Be careful to walk slowly. Do not advise children and old people to climb the Great Wall.

Fourth, the summer travel route how to go?

There are many ways to go to the Mulan Field in the summer. Different playing times can take different routes, but it is not recommended for day trips or two-day trips. The time is too tight to play hastily and can not be fun. If you want to have fun, recommend the following fun and summer route:
Day1 Dam - Mulan Weichang
first came to the grassland, the honey faithful will be warmly welcomed by the prairie people, this day can experience a lot of grassland customs, such as By Hada, drink wine, came to obo before the priest involved in solemn rituals, to add a stone to the obo, hanging Hada, pray for peace, you can also watch the Mongolian sheep ceremony.
Day2 Mulan Weichang - Kanggan Zoo - colorful mountain - Mulan paddock the
second day of the trip the most relaxed, plenty of time to play, entertainment, many. To stimulate the tension of the skyscrapers can play enough time, but also with the grassland animals intimate contact at night can also be carried out in the grasslands of some small activities or small games. To the best of the best time in advance to the toilet, because there is not enough facilities, only the top of the mountain there is a viewing platform, almost no public toilet.
Day3 Prairie Sunrise - Saihanba - Ulan Buh Prairie The
third day is the core of the entire trip, going to the Ulan Buh Prairie, must pass through the Saihanba Scenic Area, and even if the Saihan Dam does not visit Stay to buy tickets. Today, about 80 km by car, go to the depths of the real grassland, the phone will be no signal. Honey friends remember to bring enough lunch, if you choose to travel with the organized grassland cold meal, then do not worry. It is recommended that you experience the characteristics of the grassland cold dinner, you can also enjoy the characteristics of the Mongolian barbecue. If the individual package recommended the best ride off-road vehicles, comfortable and safe, the price of local off-road vehicles is about 280 yuan / person / 4 hours, the season will raise prices to 400 yuan / person / 4 hours.
Daya Ulan Buh Prairie - Gubei Town - Simatai Great Wall
The fourth day to leave the Ulan Buh Prairie, today's time is enough, the distance is relatively easy, there are intermediate stations can be rest, to reach the ancient town of Gu Shui, but also live at the foot of the Great Wall. Town is generally from the west side of the scenic entrance to enter, and then free to play, this street about 2 km, half day to day can be. And Sima Tai Great Mountain climbing road is more steep, from the foot of the mountain to the abbey to go more than 1 km up the mountain, need some physical strength, you can walk off. In the Great Wall at the foot of the cableway can be directly to the "East 8th floor" and "East 5th floor" near the limited physical visitors can choose to ride, cableway one way 90 yuan, 160 yuan.

Five, how to live in the grasslands?

① 【Hotel】 accommodation are in the Mulan Weikang dam, the accommodation area is mainly concentrated in the Royal crossing, mechanical forest, Ulan Buh / Red Hill Army Racecourse. These places usually in the price of 120-380 yuan / room, but the weekend and 7-8 months of the tourist season, the room prices have some rise, about 180-580 yuan / room. The general choice in the Ulan Bu Tong accommodation more, because the surrounding grassland, where the center for the radiation outside the attractions are not very far away. Jun Ma field this is a cheap 100 yuan farmhouse, but without the bathroom or no heating hot water, the normal room price in the 200-300 yuan / room, but also expensive 600 yuan / room, the conditions are better. It is important to note that the room is very tight, sometimes a room is hard to find, so be sure to book a good room in advance.
② [yurt] to the prairie can not live yurts have not come to the grassland. There are two kinds of yurts, one is the traditional yurts, the other is the floor to ceiling shells. Traditional yurts inside a large, there are kang, you can live four or five people, but the disadvantage is no bathroom. And the floor window of the Mongolian package of water has a unique health, health conditions are also good. Off-season, the two kinds of yurts are 100 yuan / day, but the peak season, the traditional yurts prices may rise to 600 yuan / day, landing window Mongolia package prices will be less, about 300 yuan / day.
③ [camping] summer vacation to the mulberry field, camping a night or two is a different kind of experience, there are special camp camp, security is no problem. The campsite will generally provide fresh ingredients, lighting facilities, wash with water picnic tables and chairs, barbecue stove, hanging pots and other appliances, but still need to bring their own tents, moisture mats, sleeping bags, camps after 3 pm to be settled, barbecue facilities only evening Use, if you want to use at noon, you need to make an appointment in advance.  

Six, Beijing departure how to reach the Mulan Weichang?

  Magnolia paddock is located in Hebei Chengde paddock county, Beijing to Mulan Weichang distance of more than 400 kilometers, relatively close, the magnolia paddock spots are far apart, can only drive or car rental to play. So the tourists in Beijing to Mulan paddock, it is best to drive or with the group, by train or car to need to transfer, and the need for another car to reach the depths of the grasslands, more trouble. It is recommended in the ant honeycomb reported a quality group, save time and effort is more cost-effective.
① 【car】 from the Beijing Liuliqiao long-distance bus station, there are long reaches to reach the county town bus, departure time is the first class for the 5:40, the last class is 19:30, every 1 hour a train, About 7-8 hours by car, the fare is 104 yuan / person.
② 【Train】 Changping North Station, Beijing East Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station can take the train first to Sihe Yong Station, Changping North trips a little more, every day there are four buses, which lasted 6-7 hours, the fare is hard 90 yuan About / about the hard seat of 50 yuan / person, Sihe Wing Railway Station from the paddock county 15 kilometers away, there is a train station arrived in the paddock county, fares 5 yuan, 15 minutes by car can be reached.
③ [car] generally by car, then the recommended route is Jingcheng high-speed - Chengde - Longhua - paddock - Saihanba - Ulan cloth system. First by car to Chengde, need 3 hours, you can rest in Chengde, shopping around, do not visit to see their own arrangements. And then from Chengde to Magnolia paddock driving 1-2 hours, to the paddock can live one day, and then north to the dam area, to the Imperial crossing or Saihan dam, the distance is about 36 km, an hour or so you can go to Saihan dam. From Chengde to Saihanba scenic entrance this section of about 200 km, all provincial highway, good road conditions, but some way on the road car may be a little more. And finally to the Wulan cloth, the distance is about 300 km, driving about 4 hours. If the trip traveler is less, do not recommend by car, on the way need to spend a lot of tolls and fuel costs, very cost-effective, and driving will be tired, affect the travel experience, with the mission.

Concluding remarks

Summer, you must have enough of the city's high temperature, this summer is the time to grassland summer! Take this Raiders starting it, I will be holding the white Hada waiting for you yo!

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